This Is What Social Media Is Doing To Us…


By Michael Snyder

Scientific study after scientific study is showing that too much time on social media can be extremely harmful both mentally and physically. But even though most of us know this, very few of us actually alter our behavior in a meaningful way. When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other major social media platforms first emerged, we welcomed them with open arms. They were a lot of fun and they allowed us to interact with family, friends and society as a whole in ways that we had never been able to do before. But they were also extremely addictive, and they rapidly became transformed into dumping grounds for just about everything toxic, negative and malevolent that you can possibly imagine. Today, many of us spend far more time on social media than we do with real people, and as you will see below, that has enormous implications for our future.

A growing body of scientific research clearly indicates that spending too much time on social media can be very bad for us.  For example, just consider what a long-term study that was conducted by Gallup over a period of two years ultimately concluded

Holly Shakya, assistant professor at UC San Diego, and Yale professor Nicholas Christakis spent two years following 5,208 adults who are part of a Gallup long-term study. After asking permission, they monitored these subjects’ Facebook use directly from Facebook, rather than asking subjects to report their own use. (People often don’t realize how much time they spend on the social network.) And they checked in with subjects on their emotional and physical well-being, as well as their body-mass index (BMI), three times over the course of two years.

“Overall, our results showed that, while real-world social networks were positively associated with overall well-being, the use of Facebook was negatively associated with overall well-being,” the researchers wrote in a Harvard Business Review article. “These results were particularly strong for mental health; most measures of Facebook use in one year predicted a decrease in mental health in a later year.”

That doesn’t sound good at all.

If you knew that something was going to consistently degrade both your mental and physical well-being, would you engage in that activity every single day?

And yet most of us simply cannot go 24 hours without checking our social media accounts.

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Bitcoin’s Popular Twitter Handle Abandoned BCH for BTC?

By Sead Fadilpašić

There’s hardly a single inhabitant of Cryptoland who is not aware of the clash between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ever since (or likely even before), in 2017, BCH was created as a hard fork of BTC. However, an interesting and sudden thing happened, as the popular @Bitcoin Twitter handle, that has 967,000 followers and is known for its ardent support of BCH, now seems to be supporting BTC.

People have noticed that, practically overnight, 

  • numerous posts relating to and supporting BCH and its community were deleted

  • BCH-related accounts were unfollowed

  • the Bitcoin whitepaper redirects to Bitcoin-focused website, and not to pro-BCH

  • the pinned tweet, explaining what BCH is, with @Bitcoin defending it in the comments as a better solution than BTC, was removed

  • what remained are the older pro-BTC tweets.

Old @Bitcoin | source:

Old @Bitcoin | source:

New @Bitcoin| source:

New @Bitcoin| source:

Given that nobody knows what happened, as expected, people started coming up with their own theories. Some say that Roger Ver, the main proponent of BCH and founder of, might’ve returned to BTC, others suggested that Ver sold the account for a lot of money, while some say that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey might be behind this, due to his investment in Lightning Network developer Lightning Labs.

Meanwhile, Autonomous Bitcoin AI #2357 tweeted that Ver previously claimed to know the current owner of the controversial handle: “So, he either must know what happened with the account or there was a fallout between them. Yet he doesn't reveal any information and lets his employees run rampant on r/btc with conspiracy theories instead.”

Roger Ver✔@rogerkver

I've never owned the @Bitcoin account. It is owned by someone involved in Bitcoin since 2009. He supports #BCH, is well known in the Bitcoin ecosystem, but doesn't want to deal with incessant trolling so he has chosen not to make his identity public.

12:22 PM - Apr 9, 2018 · Tokyo-to, Japan

BashCo, moderator of r/Bitcoin subreddit, said that @Bitcoin perhaps “went all in on Bcash on Roger and Craig’s (Craig Wright) advice, and is now broke and angry”, with some disagreeing: 


Maybe @bitcoin went all in on Bcash on Roger and Craig’s advice, and is now broke and angry. Would be great to hear what really happened. …

Autonomous Bitcoin AI #2357

Replying to @2357_is_prime and 2 others

Roger claimed in the past that he knows the current owner of the handle. So, he either must know what happened with the account or there was a fallout between them. Yet he doesn't reveal any information and lets his employees run rampant on r/btc with conspiracy theories instead.


How would they be broke over the past 6 months it's only increased 450% or even holding since the November hashwar drop only puts you at a 10% gain. Over the last 3 months they've only regained money. Your bias and agenda pushing is showing and it's making you stupid.

4:25 AM - Aug 20, 2019

However, on the question if there’s anything that can be done to save @Bitcoin, Ver himself seems to have replied with “I don’t know.”

We have asked Ver for comment and will update the article if he responds. 

Furthermore, the host of YouTube channel BTC Sessions claims that @Bitcoin has been sending messages to users who’ve blocked the handle, saying: “The @bitcoin account just DM'd me and said he'd love it if any maximalists that have the account blocked would begin to un-block him. Seems a bitcoiner is once again behind the helm. Color me surprised.”

John Carvalho

If @Bitcoin follows me back, then you know it has truly been freed from Roger.

Meanwhile, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is poking fun at the matter, suggesting his own theory.

Charlie Lee [LTC]✔@SatoshiLite

I have no proof of this, but I think the owner of @bitcoin must have had a romantic relationship with Roger Ver and recently broke up with Roger. That's the only thing that can explain why @bitcoin stopped supporting BCH.

2:58 AM - Aug 20, 2019

Back in June, reported that some members of the cryptoland started to speculate that Bitcoin Cash is "on the brink of the collapse and developer coup is under way". Ver denied these statements telling us that “It is fake news”, and that at they have “nearly a hundred people all working on Bitcoin Cash including protocol development.”

BCH is fourth on the list by total market capitalization. At pixel time (12:56 AM UTC), it trades at c. USD 317 and is down by 2% in the past 24 hours, by 6% in the past week and by 43% in the past 12 months.


Twitter, Facebook suspend China-linked disinformation campaigns targeting Hong Kong


By Cristiano Lima

Twitter and Facebook today announced takedowns of Chinese government-linked disinformation campaigns that sought to undermine the protests in Hong Kong.

Twitter said in a blog post it has suspended 936 accounts originating in China that were part of a “significant state-backed information operation focused on the situation in Hong Kong,” where protesters have taken to the streets to oppose a bill that would allow local authorities to extradite criminal suspects to mainland China.

“Overall, these accounts were deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong, including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the ground,” the company said. The accounts were suspended for violating a number of the social network’s policies, including its rules against spam and fake accounts.

The takedown represents a small fraction of the activity discovered by Twitter, however, which said it took down “a larger, spammy network of approximately 200,000 accounts” before they became “substantially active” on the platform. Twitter is banned in China, but the company said some of the accounts were able to circumvent the ban by using virtual private networks, or VPNs.

Working off a tip from Twitter, Facebook cybersecurity chief Nathaniel Gleicher said his company suspended five accounts, seven pages and three groups with “links to individuals associated with the Chinese government” that “frequently posted about local political news and issues including topics like the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.” The pages amassed at least 15,000 followers and the groups at least 2,000 members.


Russia's Manipulation of Twitter was Far Vaster than Believed


Tim Starks reports:

Russia's infamous troll farm conducted a campaign on Twitter before the 2016 elections that was larger, more coordinated and more effective than previously known, research from cybersecurity firm Symantec out Wednesday concluded.

The Internet Research Agency campaign may not only have had more sway — reaching large numbers of real users — than previously thought, it also demonstrated ample patience and might have generated income for some of the phony accounts, Symantec found.

The company analyzed a massive data set Twitter released in October 2018 on nearly 3,900 accounts and 10 million tweets.

The research discovered that the average lag between account creation and first tweet was 177 days. The most retweeted account garnered 6 million retweets, and less than 2,000 of those came from within the IRA-linked network of accounts. The huge delay points to a lot of patient preparation, and the retweets indicate that a lot of unaffiliated Twitter users were amplifying the IRA's message.

While most of the accounts were automated, they frequently demonstrated evidence of manual manipulation, such as slight wording changes in an apparent bid to dodge detection, according to Symantec.

"While this propaganda campaign has often been referred to as the work of trolls, the release of the dataset makes it obvious that it was far more than that," the company wrote. "It was planned months in advance and the operators had the resources to create and manage a vast disinformation network."


Alliance for Securing Democrats: Hamilton68 Hacks #BlameRussia for #ReleasetheMemo Trending on Twitter

Alliance for Securing Democrats: Hamilton68 Hacks #BlameRussia for #ReleasetheMemo Trending on Twitter

This week Republicans in Congress took to the House floor and demanded the release of a classified memo demonstrating what they say are gross abuses by the Obama Justice Department of the FISA courts to spy on the Trump campaign. With Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) declaring that some people will go to jail over what the document will reveal, the talking points of the Democrats and their media allies was predictable: the GOP was trying to discredit the FBI and investigation into RussiaGate, and Russian bots rather than fed up Americans were making #ReleasetheMemo trend Thursday into Friday on Twitter.

No organization has been doing more to paint a pseudo-scientific veneer of respectability over unproven claims that anti-deep state and Obama Administration hash tags were coming out of the dreaded Russian Internet troll farms than the German Marshall Fund's Hamilton68 project. Yet the question of why a think tank partly funded by the German taxpayers is, in the name of supposedly non-partisan defense of democracy, meddling in American partisan politics by having its fellows like Andrew Weisburd  (@Webradius) vigorously pushing agitprop about a Kremlin-GOP alliance online, is not asked by reporters. Instead, the mainstream media uncritically repeats Hamilton68's risible claims that almost any hash tag bashing the Democrats or linking to stories by TruePundit, GatewayPundit, Breitbart or even Fox News is amplified by 'Russian bots'. With mainstream media never challenging Hamilton68's Cialis commercial type Clint Watts, it was left to Wikileaks' Julian Assange to call BS on the 68ers 'everyone we don't agree with is a Russian bot' or is amplified by Russian bots shtick.

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The Clint Watts Con, Part II: Alliance for (Deep State) Democracy Claims to Expose Russian Trolls Backing Cernovich/Alex Jones Twitter Hashtags, Offers No Proof

The Clint Watts Con, Part II: Alliance for (Deep State) Democracy Claims to Expose Russian Trolls Backing Cernovich/Alex Jones Twitter Hashtags, Offers No Proof

Arch-neocon Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard and several 'ex' spooks of the Deep State want you to know that Russian trolls are using the same hash tags as alleged 'altright' figures like Mike Cernovich. If you see the hash tag #FireMcMaster trending on Twitter, it absolutely must be the work of Russian trolls. Legacy media outlets will accept without question that the Kremlin's cyber warriors have a keen interest in Trump White House infighting, regardless of the neutered Administration's inability to stop a fresh round of veto-proof Russia sanctions.

To all the bored middle aged ladies tweeting and instagram-ming while wearing their 'Dance Like Russia Isn't Watching' and 'TrumpPutin2016' t-shirts, dreaming of a date with Clint Watts, I guess the Kremlin's dastardly plot to install KGB agent Donalt Ivanovich Trollstoyevski into the highest American office to make Russia Great Again has been foiled. Your #TheResistance hashtags and eager re-tweeting of an ex-FBI agent who ought to be starring in Cialis ads rather than testifying to U.S. Senators about Rooskies hiding behind every pro-Trump tweet has proven too much for the GRU/SVR to overcome.

On the other hand, if you think #FireMcMaster just might be the work of actual Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich fans, #MAGA tweeting red blooded Americans pushing these tags without any need for Russian assistance, well then perhaps YOU TOO are on Putin's payroll. Either you believe in the selfless patriotism of Hamilton68's promoters, or a former 'Internet Haganah' guy in his Carbondale, Illinois attic will start calling you a dupe of Russian Активные мероприятия.  It's your choice dear reader, but pay no attention to the German Marshall Fund/Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) donors -- and very partisan, bitterly anti-Trump 'former' Американские чекисты like ex CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell behind the 'Alliance for Democracy' curtain...

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Mr. Kalensky Goes to Washington: Will Team Trump Ask Brussels Why EU Taxpayers Are Funding Trump/Breitbart Bashing Neocon Fanatics?

The European Union is waging a cold war not only against Russia's alleged 'firehose of falsehood' propaganda machine, but also against President Donald Trump and the populist conservative media platform his counselor Steve Bannon formerly led, Breitbart. Sure there are disclaimers on the Twitter feed of the EU Stratcom East Task Force, established in November 2015, disavowing that @EUvsDisinfo represents any official position of the European Union, the European Parliament or the various EUro-bureaucracies. You can find a similar disavowal of any official position on the Twitter feed of Jakub Kalensky, the young and fanatically anti-Trump Czech ex-journalist who leads up the now expanding EU Stratcom East team.

The question is, as EU taxpayer funds are used to smear an American media outlet that has nothing to do with the Kremlin or Russian government funding, and in fact has been highly critical of Vladimir Putin, what is Breitbart's just and proper recourse? When Kalensky tweet-trolls the leader of the free world all day as basically a Russian agent, promoting ludicrous Moscow hookers dossier conspiracy theories even the ex-MI6 author of the 'dossier' won't defend, while claiming to sit in judgement on all counter-Establishment claims allegedly spread by Kremlin trolls, how will the Trump White House respond? Will the newly sworn in political appointees at the U.S. State Department under Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tell the EU Ambassador to the United States David O'Sullivan to have EU Stratcom East knock off the French/German taxpayer funded anti-Trump agitprop, and stop meddling in U.S. domestic affairs?

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Happy Old New Year! Reagan-Gorby Style Reykjavik Summit Denied by Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer

Happy Old New Year! Reagan-Gorby Style Reykjavik Summit Denied by Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer

Late Saturday night, Zerohedge cited Bloomberg reporting that Donald J. Trump's first trip abroad as President would be to the Icelandic capitol of Reykjavik, where President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary (later President) Mikhail Gorbachev famously held a summit putting ALL nuclear arms issues on the table between the USA and USSR in October 1986. However, according to President elect Trump's spokesman Sean Spicer the reports which also included the Washington based newspaper The Hill were false -- although the Icelanders told Russia's TASS news agency they were ready to host such talks. Trump's first trip abroad as president has yet to be announced and may not be until after Friday's inauguration. 

The timing of the reports comes days after The Washington (Langley mouthpiece) Post David Ignatius accused Trump's National Security Adviser, who did not require Senate confirmation, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn of improper communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak. According to the WaPost's intelligence 'sources' Flynn spoke with Kislyak several times by phone on the day President Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S., allegedly in retaliation for Russian hacking related to the elections and mistreatment of American envoys in Russia. But Trump spokesman Spicer denies the conversations were at all improper or usurping the lame duck Obama Administration, and instead concerned Flynn extending holiday greetings and condolences to the Russian people on the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble in a plane crash a few days before. Spicer also said Flynn was trying to arrange a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump after Trump is to take office.

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Cold Turkey: How War on the Rocks' Contributors Clint Watts and Andrew Weisburd Lied By Omission About the Incirlik Power Cutoff (But Trust Them, Russia Hacked the Election for Trump)

Cold Turkey: How War on the Rocks' Contributors Clint Watts and Andrew Weisburd Lied By Omission About the Incirlik Power Cutoff (But Trust Them, Russia Hacked the Election for Trump)

Back in mid-July after the failed putsch against Turkish president turned dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Team RogueMoney and other alt-media gave extensive coverage to what was going on at the Incirlik Air Base, where many of the alleged coup plotters in Turkey's military served alongside U.S. counterparts before being arrested for treason. One of the oddities we noticed at the time was how some military oriented media such as Stars and Stripes were forced into covering the cutoff of electricity to the base, a key installation for the hosting of American B61 tactical nuclear bombs in Europe, due to the legitimate concerns of family and friends about the U.S. servicemen sweating in the summer heat without air conditioning at the facility.

However, to read articles published by Clinton Watts or Andrew Weisburd written for War on the Rocks (WoTR) and The Daily Beast, you'd think any doubts expressed on Facebook or Twitter about the security of Incirlik, its large tactical nuclear arsenal and the American servicemen and women there were all fabricated by sophisticated Russian propaganda trolls. In the aftermath of a Turkish policeman's assassination of a Russian Ambassador raising the question of Islamist if not ISIS infiltration of Turkey's security forces, and the prospect of the next attack (one that won't be sickeningly welcomed by a columnist for the NY Daily News) being against a U.S. diplomat or facility like Incirlik, Watts' and Weisburd's poo-pooing of last July's power cutoff merits another look. So too, does the faux Atlanticist, globalist agenda the two men are pushing -- which comes perilously close to advocating a fulltime, U.S. government run propaganda machine to attack the alt-media in real time for allegedly repeating Russian government-produced agitprop.

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NEW YORK (RM) -- The Russia Analyst is on Gab -- a 300 character per post, free speech microblogging platform that's gaining thousands of users every day, as people get fed up with the Social Justice (Cold) Warrior and Democrat/Legacy Media/Big Silicon Valley driven #FakeNews censorship at Twitter. If you're on Twitter and wish to sign up for the Gab wait list, just go to @JoinGab

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Will @Crowdstrike #BlameRussia n Hackers If their Client @HillaryClinton Loses?

The headline screamed, "U.S. Govt Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election". The premise that the Russians might try to do such a thing despite the risks of severe retaliation in the cyber realm are seemingly accepted without question by NBC News, long identified by Sibel Edmonds and others as a 'sock puppet' for the Pentagon and CIA -- most recently in NBC's false (psyops) reporting that Turkish president turned dictator Recep Tayip Erdogan had fled Turkey and sought political asylum in Germany during the mid-July 2016 coup. But trust NBC News this time, everything they're reporting about cyber weapons ready to go to turn off the lights in Moscow if the Rooskies even think about any funny business surrounding our American elections is on the up and up...

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After FBI Director Announces Re-Opened Investigation of Hillary's Classified Emails, Democrats Accuse FBI of Siding With...Who Else? Vladimir Putin

By now nearly all RogueMoney readers have heard about the FBI Director James Comey's bombshell announcement on Friday that the Bureau's investigation into Hillary Clinton's placement of classified data on her personal server and email accounts and those of aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills has reopened. The case was reopened thanks to the FBI discovering Abedin emails containing information from Mrs. Clinton during an investigation of the alleged sexting to underage girls antics of Abedin's estranged husband, the aptly named former New York 9th Congressional district Represenative Anthony Weiner.

This development naturally led to a host of weiner and other  puns on Twitter regarding the sex-crazed ex-Congressman's tendencies perhaps saving the world from a Hillary election, and hence World War 3 with Russia and China. But many of Hillary's die-hard supporters, seeing the sudden 'adjustment' of laughably skewed ABC News polls that had Clinton up by 12 points to a mere two point lead this weekend, are freaking out. These Dems are now accusing the FBI Director, whom they previously praised as a sober lawman when he declined to recommend Clinton's prosecution, of siding with...who else? the ultimate bogeyman of Vladimir Putin, against Hillary...

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