Muslim Mayor of Prospect Park, N.J., Enraged at Being Questioned by Border Patrol on Return from Turkey

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

By Robert Spencer

Mohamed Khairullah is back, and he’s mad.

Khairullah, the mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey, recently enjoyed a junket to Turkey to visit relatives who are, according to the North Jersey Record, “Syrians displaced by war.” (Khairullah himself fled Syria in 1980.) Khairullah and his family “visited a beach, historic sites around Istanbul and a mosque.” The mayor also made the trip into a working vacation: Khairullah “met with mayors of different towns to talk about government and business.” But the warm glow of his holiday vanished when he flew into JFK International Airport, and was, he claims, held for no less than three hours for questioning. It was, he says, “hurtful.”

“It was definitely a hurtful moment where I’m thinking in my mind that this is not the America that I know,” said Khairullah. “I am very familiar with our laws and Constitution, and everything that was going on there was a violation.”

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