War Party Flails Against the New Reality Defined by the Singapore and Helsinki Summits

War Party Flails Against the New Reality Defined by the Singapore and Helsinki Summits

On Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin said while in South Africa for the BRICS Summit that he had invited U.S. President Donald Trump to Moscow for talks. The Administration reciprocated later in the day, saying Putin is welcome to visit the White House next year. Despite major Senate opposition and hysterical press and social media cries of ‘treason!’, the two sides are slowly working towards easing tensions. The response from the British-led trans-Atlantic deep state and their front men in Congress has been to propose more sanctions and accuse Moscow of hacking into the U.S. power grid and the campaign of Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

The deep state dead-enders are doubling down on the Russiagate scandal, with former attorney Michael Cohen contradicting his previous Senate testimony and public denials that candidate Trump did not know about a summer 2016 meeting between his son Donald Jr. and Fusion GPS paid “Russian government lawyer” provocateur Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower (Ms. Veselnitskaya was coached by Fusion GPS CEO Glenn Simpson before the meeting and after it). The President tweeted out that Cohen has likely hired old Clintons crony Lanny Davis and turned on his former patron to save himself and his Ukrainian-born father in law from an indictment over fraud in their New York taxi business — charges that, like the indictments against former campaign chair Paul Manafort, have nothing to do with Russia collusion. But they have everything to do with special counsel Robert Mueller’s desperation to find any witness who can testify for him against President Trump.

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Xinhua photo from the Helsinki Summit by: Lehtikuva’s (Finnish news agency) Antti Aimo-Koivisto

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Hysteria Dominates Official Response in U.S. to Trump-Putin Summit

Hysteria Dominates Official Response in U.S. to Trump-Putin Summit

July 20 -- In reaction to the outpouring of rage, bitterness and hysteria towards him following his successful summit and press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet on July 18 which further angered his opponents.  "Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia," he wrote.  "They would rather go to war than see this.  It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Responding to this in her July 19 Schiller Institute webcast, Helga Zepp LaRouche said it is not simply "Trump Derangement Syndrome...some of these people really have a deranged mind...they are deranged; because any peace-loving person in the world, should be happy about this," referring to the result of the summit (*****see article on summit).

How then should one assess the overwhelming rancor toward Trump exhibited by his political opponents in both parties, the intelligence community and the mainstream media?  Is it possible that the anti-Trump networks really would prefer to go to war with Russia, than to engage in dialogue?  And does this represent the view of the American people?

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"The President Trump Europeans Do Not Know" Roger Stone's video address to the June 30-July 1, 2018 Schiller Institute conference at Bad Soden (near Frankfurt), Germany

"The President Trump Europeans Do Not Know" Roger Stone's video address to the June 30-July 1, 2018 Schiller Institute conference at Bad Soden (near Frankfurt), Germany

Roger J. Stone Jr. was unable to attend the recent international Schiller Institute conference in Bad Soden, Germany, but spoke to attendees via video conference. The reason Stone is limited in his travel budget and time these days is Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump, launched to block any shift against a policy of permanent Cold War II against Russia and China. Stone’s friend and former lobbying colleague Paul Manafort is being held in Virginia federal solitary confinement 23 hours a day — a vindictive measure not justified by any conduct or threat posed by or to the 69-year-old, issued as a punishment for Manafort refusing to bear false witness against Donald Trump or his former campaign associates.

We’re proud to say Stone was a guest on the RogueMoneyRadio program back in March 2016, when hardly anyone in the legacy media gave Donald Trump any chance of defeating the Clintons well oiled political machine. Thanks to Harley Schlanger and the Schiller Institute, RogueMoney is re-posting the video of Stone’s remarks and a transcript below. You can watch more of the webcast here. — JWS

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Memo to President Trump: Time to End the Special Relationship; Declassify All British Spawned Documents Concerning Your 2016 Campaign

Memo to President Trump: Time to End the Special Relationship; Declassify All British Spawned Documents Concerning Your 2016 Campaign

By Barbara Boyd of LaRouchePAC.com PDF version
Saturday, May 26, 2018

As of this writing, the U.S. media has its knickers in a complete knot because of “Spygate,” the scandal evolving from the President of the United States exercising his constitutional powers to declassify secret intelligence documents bearing on the completely illegal investigation of his 2016 presidential campaign by the Obama White House, Obama’s intelligence chiefs, and their masters in the City of London.

In the view of the Anglo-American establishment, Trump is once again being insubordinate, refusing to be told what to do, unlike every American President since the death of FDR, with the exception of John F. Kennedy. So-called “experts” have been trotted out to sniff about “unsubstantiated,” “baseless” and “wild,” accusations, and “conspiracy theories,” propagated by the “unhinged” President of the United States. He aims, they say, to undermine the “rule of law,” which, according to them, emanates solely from the personage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. These experts are taking their cues from former DNI James Clapper and Obama’s CIA Chief John Brennan and include numerous former staffers for Special Counsel Robert Mueller when he was at the FBI, who have become official commentators on CNN and other cable ventures. As we shall show you below, this amounts to letting the future inmates run the institution. They warn how dangerous and illegal the President is being in demanding that the “independent” Justice Department submit to oversight by the Congress and how dictatorial he has become by asserting that the President of the United States can declassify documents about a coup being run against his presidency. Turning Abe Lincoln on his head, they seem to think they can fool all the people, all the time.

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U.S. Troops Directly Involved on Ground in Saudis Losing War in Yemen

U.S. Troops Directly Involved on Ground in Saudis Losing War in Yemen

Last week The New York Times confirmed what those of us in the alternative or new media already knew: that American troops have engaged in combat missions against the Ansar Allah or Houthis resistance in Yemen. “God is great, death to the US, death to Israel, curse the Jews, and victory for Islam" is the Houthis battlefield slogan, heard in countless videos posted online of the Zaidi Shi’a militants destroying Saudi armor and block posts.

Direct contributions to a humanitarian catastrophe in what was already before this war the poorest country in the Arab world, have undermined Washington and London’s claims to hold the moral high ground over the Assad government in Syria. The British government is facing a lawsuit from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) over its deep involvement not just in providing but servicing arms at Saudi air bases. The threat to Saudi bases and the Anglo-American contractors working at them from the Houthis increasingly sophisticated drones and ballistic missile bombardments is leading the Trump Administration to provide American troops in a direct combat role. According to the NYT, the Houthis underground missile storage and production facilities are the highest priority target for special operations raids. But what happens when the Houthis who’ve certainly watched Black Hawk Down set a trap using dummy inflatable rockets as bait? Or how will the Trump Administration respond if Iran takes vengeance for its personnel bombed by Israel in Syria by helping the Houthis launch suicide boat or infiltrator attacks against American and UAE forces based at Socotra Island, near the strategic Bab al Mandeb strait?

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The Time Has Come To Eliminate Poverty, and Provide a Future for Our Children

The Time Has Come To Eliminate Poverty, and Provide a Future for Our Children

The reported departure of National Security Adviser and soon to be retired three star general H.R. McMaster from the Trump White House may be a positive sign. However, cabinet members and neocon advisers like UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who have egged on this President against his better instincts and campaign promises to get further bogged down in illegally occupying Syria, using defeated Daesh remnants as a pretext to keep thousands of troops in the country while admitting that Iran is the real target of this occupation, remain in place. The danger of a false flag, further aggression carried out by Israel or Washington's NATO ally Turkey, or even inadvertent clashes between American and Russian forces quickly escalating remains intolerable. The long suffering Syrian people, as well as citizens of all countries interested in global peace and stability, deserve better.

While not everyone on TeamRogueMoney would agree with President Xi abolishing term limits in China, we recognize that Washington not Beijing is the leading destabilizing force around the world today. -- JWS

[President Xi Jinping welcomes US President Donald Trump at a ceremony at the square near the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Nov 9, 2017. -- Above photo by Xu Jingxing/China Daily]

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Nunes Bombshell—Closing in on the Beast, Establishment Screams Like Stuck Pigs

Nunes Bombshell—Closing in on the Beast, Establishment Screams Like Stuck Pigs

Happy New Year to Harley Schlanger, Helga Zepp LaRouche, her husband Lyndon LaRouche, to Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) writers/editors, and to the volunteer singers/classical musicians of the Schiller Institute NYC!

Over the past year, Harley and LaRouchePAC's analyses of the Russiagate soft coup against President Trump and its linkages to British intelligence and the dying petrodollar geopolitical paradigm have been an indispensable contribution to RogueMoney.net. After months of stonewalling the Congressional committees investigating alleged but never proven Russian interference in the 2016 election and Obama Administration spying on the Trump campaign under false pretenses, the truth is starting to come out.

Following Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who had formerly been an ally of Sen. John McCain and among the President's biggest GOP critics, telling Fox News that the so-called Steele Dossier of Democrat funded oppo research garbage was used to obtain FISA warrants in 2016, the FBI deep staters around retiring Deputy Director Andrew McCabe rushed out their CYA story in The New York Times this weekend. But as the Conservative Treehouse site points out, the claim that a single boastful campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos and a tip from 5Eyes intel partner Australia provided a hearsay pretext in July 2016 for the FBI to open its investigation under then Director James Comey into supposed Trump campaign links to Russia doesn't pass the laugh test. The Bureau's agents didn't bother to interview Papadopoulos until over six months later. In other words, the deep staters are scrambling to cover their tracks and protect themselves from a pending Justice Department Inspector General (IG) report as well as Congressional subpeonas into FBI use/sponsorship of the dirty dossier under the direction of Comey, McCabe and the Bureau's since exposed as a bitterly anti-Trump, anti-Bernie Sanders and pro-Hillary partisan counterintelligence chief, Peter Strzok.

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FBI Coup Plotters Escalate with the Race Card — Trump Being Set up for Riots and Assassination

FBI Coup Plotters Escalate with the Race Card — Trump Being Set up for Riots and Assassination

Thursday's terrorist attack ISIS is taking credit for in Barcelona, Catalunia (see Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers important article on the numerology of this atrocity) has barely dented the frenzied media coverage of President Donald Trump's allegedly insufficient denunciations of the Klu Klux Klan and neo-Nazism after the tragic death of a young woman in Charlottesville, Virginia. The legacy media is attempting to pressure, or more accurately choreograph, a growing number of supposedly moderate Republicans like Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) into denouncing the president, as the most partisan Democrats demand impeachment or more than hint at his assassination. Meanwhile, Vice News, a media outlet that made a name for itself covering the Maidan mayhem in Ukraine and the subsequent war in Donbass, is provocatively calling for a Taliban-style destruction of Mount Rushmore.

Click on the extended post to listen to the Thursday, August 17, 2017 edition of Hanging with Harley on RogueMoney Radio, and for video of NSA whistleblower William Binney's takedown of the US intelligence (Clapper/Brennan) assessment 'Russia hacked the DNC' on Tucker Carlson's August 14 Fox News show.

-- JWS

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Countercoup 6: Did @Crowdstrike Fabricate '#RussianHacking by #Guccifer2.0'? Did Peegate Dossier Authors at FusionGPS Arrange for 'Kremlin Connected Lawyer's Meeting' with Donald Trump Jr.?

July 10, 2017 marked the one year anniversary of Seth Conrad Rich's murder in what Metro D.C. police have said was a 'botched robbery' in our nation's capitol. Despite fanatical denials by the mainstream media and pressure on Seth Rich's family by a paid Democratic party consultant, suspicions linger that the two shots in the back, wallet and phone left behind slaying during which Rich reportedly was alive upon arrival at a D.C. hospital was no random street crime, but had everything to do with Rich's work at the Democratic National Committee (DNC). For his part, while not directly citing Rich as a source, Wikileaks Julian Assange and his organization are adamant in speaking to Fox News' Sean Hannity and anyone else who will listen, that their sources from inside the DNC were neither hackers nor Russians. New Zealand-based former hacker Kim Dotcom has stated he is ready to present proof that Rich was WL's source to Russia investigation special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller...

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How Trump Can Defeat the Coup Plot

Now that it has been confirmed that Trump will meet with both Xi Jinping and Putin during the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, one can expect more actions to disrupt his efforts.  The shooting down of a Syrian jet, which seems to have been done on the command of local U.S. military officials, may be the first of even more provocative actions, designed to sabotage his diplomatic efforts.

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Syraq SITREP 19: #RussianNavy Launches More #Kalibr Cruise Missiles at #ISIS

Syraq SITREP 19: #RussianNavy Launches More #Kalibr Cruise Missiles at #ISIS

One week after a U.S. Navy F/18E shot down a Syrian Air Force SU-22 bomber, leading Moscow to declare that American-led Coalition aircraft could be tracked as hostiles via air or surface to air missile radars, the Russians struck Islamic State terrorists with a barrage of Kalibr missiles. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, six low flying cruise missiles were fired from the Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorovich frigates in the eastern Mediterranean. The missile strikes came one day after rumors circulated online that a U.S. RQ4 Global Hawk long range drone, which was reported crashed in northern California, was actually shot down over the Mediterranean by Russian air defense systems based in the Latakia coastal region of Syria.

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Battle of Syraq SITREP Addendum: Russians Accuse U.S. of Having 'Covert Operatives Directing Terrorist Operations' in Syria

Battle of Syraq SITREP Addendum: Russians Accuse U.S. of Having 'Covert Operatives Directing Terrorist Operations' in Syria

As the calendar shifts from Black Moon September to October Surprise season, and while Team RogueMoney has been keeping you up to date with the latest on the Deutsche Bank death watch, the Russia Analyst has been closely observing 'death race Damascus'. While our initial instinct is that Washington is mostly bluffing and putting out hot air about military action against Syrian and by extension Russian forces in response to Damascus' offensive against jihadist held east Aleppo, we remain concerned that the stage is being set via massive propaganda for some sort of provocateur-ed confrontation between American and Russian jets or surface to air missiles over Syria.

Certainly, the threats issued by the U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby declaring Wednesday that Russians will suffer more of their servicemen coming home in 'body bags' and terrorist attacks on their cities and interests (read: Russian embassies and oil workers in Iraq or elsewhere in the Mideast) have been splashed all over Russian television. So too have top Russian commanders and diplomats' response that they take threats to the lives of their citizens very seriously and that the State Department's language is hysterical and completely inappropriate to those who call themselves diplomats. Meanwhile, The New York Times the old Grey Whore 'paper of record' for the country which has backed every U.S. war since Desert Storm if not Vietnam is now demanding in lockstep with the Manhattan-based Council on Foreign Relations what CJCS Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford admitted would start a war with Russia -- military action to stop Syrian and Russian operations.

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Jihadists Suffer Defeat Southwest of Aleppo, Israeli Disinfo Reports 2013 Air Strikes near Damascus as New, ISIS Threatens Russia While Taking Credit for Suicide Blasts in Lebanon

The Syrian Arab Army's victory in lifting the nearly three-year siege of the Kuweires military airport backed by weeks of Russian air strikes is paying off for the SAA and its Iranian/Iraqi Shi'a allies. Pro-Syria rebel sources are admitting the southwestern flank of the jihadists' stronghold in Aleppo buckled Thursday, with the loss of two key towns defending the approaches to the city.With the SAA's elite Tiger forces and the battle hardened Iraqi Shi'a fighters under the command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Gen. Qassem Soleimani advancing on the Aleppo-Raqqa highway, not only Daesh but also the 'moderate' jihadist groups inside Aleppo risk losing their precious supply lines from Turkey to an early winter offensive. Given this fact it's no wonder supporters of the non-ISIS jihadists on Twitter like #JihadiJulian Roepcke of the German NATO propaganda rag Bild can scarcely conceal the panic in the rebels' ranks.








By negotiating with the Jordanians to cut off the supplies for the jihadists south of Damascus and Daraa and alleging that some 'moderate' Syrian rebels provided the Russian air force with targeting data on the other groups, Russian psychological warfare aims to break apart whatever weak cohesiveness the jihadist forces had and make them suspect each other of selling out to the enemy. RT and pro-Syrian government media/social media outlets are spreading reports about the heretofore barely existent 'moderates' of the 'Free Syrian Army' or other groups negotiating directly with Moscow. The Russian air force has also bombed jihadist targets nearly within sight of the Israel-controlled Golan Heights over the last two weeks, sending the message to the Salafists that their unofficial 'air cover' from the Israeli Air Force and IDF artillery fire is gone.

Israel Makes Up Air Strikes with old Footage from 2013 (and Pre-Russian Air Force in Latakia) to Appease Its Neocon Fan Base in the U.S./UK

Speaking of Israel, some Israeli media sources, neocons and 'Free Syrian Army' fanboys on Twitter were boasting that the IAF had hit the Damascus airport with an air strike earlier this week. As it turned out, pro-Syrian government Internet warriors quickly revealed that the video supposedly depicting the strike tweeted by 'FSA' social media accounts actually dated back to 2013. Oops! Somebody call @EliotHiggins and the @Bellingcat team! Oh wait, they're not interested in debunking these fakes...


Neocons are clearly losing big and on the verge of losing the Anglo-American globalist empire for which they've striven all these years, but they won't go away without a fight and advocating for all out WWIII...


As the Russia Analyst suspected when the first 'reports' of Israeli strikes since Russia's intervention in Syria were posted last weekend, it appears there's an ongoing disinformation campaign to convince American and British neocons that the Israelis are violating Syrian air space routinely despite the Russian presence. In fact, we believe the Israelis may be lying to appease neocon politicians like Sen. John McCain or Ms. John McCain Lindsey 'Queenie' Graham who are furious over Russia having imposed a de facto no fly zone over Assad controlled territory. As the 1980s pop song goes, 'tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies' and in this case McCain/Graham would rather have Bibi lie to them and to an audience at the American Enterprise Institute than admit the truth -- that he cut a deal with Putin. Otherwise Russian jets would not be dropping bombs just a few miles from Israeli Army Golani Brigade observation posts.



Trump: "If Putin wants to knock the hell out of ISIS, let him" -- while loser Jeb Bush pathetically denies that Russia has been targeting the Islamic State Trump also says why should the U.S. care so much about Ukraine if Germany and other NATO allies are doing so little there as Bush interrupts. Between giving out oil in return for lost limbs and Jeb starting WWIII to supposedly save Mideast Christians from Assad who's actually fighting the jihadists killing and torturing Christians, this exchange highlights the inanity and stupidity of the Stupid Party and American politics today


Even many pro-Shi'a Muslim and alternative media outlets fell for the latest Israeli psyop that they'd hit a target near Damascus nobody filmed except for the 'rebels', who may have shown pictures of damage from artillery, mortars or even a Russian air strike

While the likes of McCain and Graham still believe in the invincibility of the IAF/USAF, the Israeli Air Force's generals know better than to risk the reputation of their F-16 and F-15Is against Russian electronic jamming NATO's own deputy commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges described as 'eye watering' and beyond present U.S. Army capabilities.


Better check your sources @IsraelBreaking and Debka...


Good luck with that no fly zone: Russian S-400 surface to air missile batteries allegedly spotted at Moscow's air base near Latakia.


As the Russia Analyst Predicted, the Russian/Syrian/Iranian Winter Offensive is Well Underway

Given the history of many Arab armies as well as jihadist forces, when confidence in commanders is lost, panic tends to spread quickly through the ranks and positions that had been fiercely defended crumble. In U.S. military jargon coined during the First Gulf War, the mixture of psyops intended to demoralize the enemy and force applied at key points of weakness like the southern suburbs of Aleppo or the highway from the city to ISIS Raqqa stronghold is known as 'Effects-based operations'. As the Russian general staff carefully studied Operation Desert Storm, we can expect moves like 'Stormin Norman's' famous left hook to rout Saddam Hussein's army in late February 1991 applied against ISIS vulnerable southern flank near the ancient city of Palmyria, now that Daesh is under pressure from the Kurds and the SAA in the north.


Meanwhile, stinging from its battlefield defeats and arms cache losses to Russian airpower, Daesh took credit for a double tap suicide bombing attack that left scores of people dead in Beirut, the capitol of Lebanon.


The initial New York Times headline on the blasts that may have involved two other bombers who failed to detonate described the neighborhood hit as a 'Hezbollah stronghold':


After receiving some angry tweets pointing out that the victims were civilians, NYT reporter Ann Barnard and her editors swung into damage control mode:


Meanwhile at least one correspondent for the Qatari-royal family funded news network Al-Jazeera tweeted this about Sunni sectarian jihadists killing scores of Shi'a Muslims:


and some Sunni sectarians, stinging from the humiliation of Daesh and the various jihadist groups around Aleppo at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and Iranians, were celebrating the terrorist attacks as a message sent to Hezbollah:



Daesh also released a new video threatening terrorist attacks inside Russia and another from their Sinai franchise with the usual bombast about wiping Israel off the map:


ISIS threatens new attacks after allegedly downing the Russian MetroJet charter airliner, Egypt vows full transparency, invites U.S. investigators