Donald Trump Promises End to ‘Catch and Release’ Within Weeks


By Charlie Spiering

During the flight to Washington, DC, from California, the president and Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan announced to reporters they would be able to end the practice of releasing illegals and migrants caught at the southern border into the United States.

Despite Trump’s promise to strictly enforce the border, the Department of Homeland Security continues to release nearly 130 illegal aliens and border-crossers a day.

But the president and the CBP commissioner promised to move forward on ending the practice entirely.

“We’re confident that in a couple of weeks we’re going to be able to end Catch and Release at the southwest border,” Morgan said.

Trump said he was able to end the practice without legislation passed by Congress.

“There will be no more ‘Catch and Release,'” he said. “Nobody coming into the country… And that’s without the Democrats.”

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First Trump-Putin Phone Call from White House Set for Saturday Night; Signs of Detente in the Air on Russian/American TV

First Trump-Putin Phone Call from White House Set for Saturday Night; Signs of Detente in the Air on Russian/American TV

The first phone call between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is set for Saturday evening Moscow time (around midday in Washington D.C.), January 28, according to Reuters. The call which White House National Security Adviser retired Army Gen./Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Michael T. Flynn helped to arrange, according to presidential spokesman Sean Spicer, is the first since Putin congratulated Trump on his victory shortly after November 9. It also comes as the unofficial/official NATO think tank the Atlantic Council freaks out about a reported draft executive order circulating in the Trump White House to lift some of the sanctions President Barack Hussein Obama ordered on the Russians after the return of Crimea to Russia in March 2014...

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Langley/Bezos Post Beclowns Itself One More Time in 2016, with 'Russians' Hacking a Vermont Electrical Utility #FakeNews

While President elect Donald J. Trump continued to troll the legacy media and his detractors on Friday, the Jeff Bezos billionaire owned-Washington Post aka Pravda on the Potomac aka the CIA's favorite stenographers of all time published another piece of #FakeNews.

This time, the major 'scoop' was embraced by the Governor of Vermont Peter Shumlin and the Green Mountain State's ranking Sen. Patrick Leahy, both Democrats, as further proof of the dastardly Rooskies that have President literally Hitler Drumpf in their hip pocket. The only problem? Just about every aspect of the story turned out to be false, from the notion that the malicious code found on a laptop belonging to Burlington Electric belonged to Russian state sponsored hackers as opposed to off the shelf 'script kiddie' malware, to the laptop itself having ever been connected to the electrical grid.

S novom godom Jeff Bezos and The Washington (Com)Post. Here's to many more Cold War 2.0 pushing fake news fails in 2017! - JWS

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Will @Crowdstrike #BlameRussia n Hackers If their Client @HillaryClinton Loses?

The headline screamed, "U.S. Govt Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election". The premise that the Russians might try to do such a thing despite the risks of severe retaliation in the cyber realm are seemingly accepted without question by NBC News, long identified by Sibel Edmonds and others as a 'sock puppet' for the Pentagon and CIA -- most recently in NBC's false (psyops) reporting that Turkish president turned dictator Recep Tayip Erdogan had fled Turkey and sought political asylum in Germany during the mid-July 2016 coup. But trust NBC News this time, everything they're reporting about cyber weapons ready to go to turn off the lights in Moscow if the Rooskies even think about any funny business surrounding our American elections is on the up and up...

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Lowdown Dirty Psyops, Part 3: 'Lone Gunman' Terror in Orlando, 'Russians Hacked the DNC to Get Dems Oppo File on Trump' BS

Besides the aftermath of Sunday's Orlando terrorist attack or the bizarre murder of a pro-EU Labour Party MP in Great Britain this week, few stories have drawn more attention in the mainstream and alternative media space as the alleged Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee, with the subsequent release online of the Dems' 'opposition research file' on Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. But as with the Orlando and UK murders, are there certain details about this hack that simply don't add up?

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