List: 'Variety' Labels Entertainment’s 25 ‘Climate Movers and Shakers’


By Craig Bannister

Entertainment magazine “Variety” has published a list of “25 Climate Movers and Shakers in Entertainment” – along with monikers characterizing their climate claims to fame. Actor/Rapper Jaden Smith, for example, is labeled a “Plant-based multitasker” for “launching a free vegan food truck (named, naturally, I Love You) to serve the homeless population lining Skid Row.”

The article’s list of media climate-activist “movers and shakers,” along with their “Variety” nicknames, follows:

  • Filmmaker James Cameron and Actress/Model Suzy Amis Cameron: “Carbon reduction avatars”

  • Actor/Rapper Jaden Smith: “Plant-based multitasker”

  • T.V. Personality Bill Nye: “Viral messenger”

  • Actress Gwyneth Paltrow: “Sustainable celebrity”

  • Pearl Jam (Band): “Shredders saving Earth”

  • Actor Matt Damon: “Clean water crusader”

  • Dave Matthews Band: “Sustainable touring pioneer”

  • Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus: “Oceans and parks activist”

  • Writer/Producer Laurie David: “Documentarian with impact”

  • Actor Leonardo DiCaprio: “Philanthropist with content”

  • Musician Pharrell Williams: “Using music for the message”

  • Producer Norman Lear: “EMA co-founder, activist” (Environmental Media Assn.)

  • Actor Ed Begley Jr.: “He walks the walk”

  • Actor Don Cheadle: “Clean energy warrior”

  • Director/Actor Adam McKay: “Mobilizer for change”

  • Actor Robert Redford: “Steward of the land”

  • Network T.V. Exec Kevin Reilly: “Networker for action”

  • Actor Mark Ruffalo: “Fracking opponent”

  • Actress Emma Thompson: “Rebel for ecological justice”

  • Actress Shailene Woodley: “Grassroots connector”

  • Swedish 16 Year-Old Celebrity Greta Thunberg: “Powerful young voice”

  • Producer Marshall Herskovitz: “Fossil fuels fighter”

  • Disney Exec Alan Horn: “NRDC chairman” (Natural Resources Defense Council) and Cindy Horn: “Climate Reality Project”

  • British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough: “Veteran U.K. spokesman”