Google has already publicly displayed disloyalty to the United States.

The company now claims to have achieved quantum supremacy.

If China comes out on top of the current tech arms race, the world could be absorbed into a high tech tyranny the globe has never seen.

Artificial intelligence, human enhancement, and quantum computing arms races are currently shaping the future. The values and culture that we embrace – and are willing to fight for – will determine how these technologies are deployed.

The Chinese and American models (under the Trump admin) are battling for the future.

report from CNBC today says that China’s surveillance tech is “spreading globally.”

Chinese spy tech has reportedly been embedded into Amazon and Apple computer chips.

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Boris Johnson will speak to Trump if US refuses to waive immunity for diplomat’s wife

LONDON — Boris Johnson has urged the U.S. to reconsider giving immunity to the wife of a diplomat who is a suspect in a fatal road crash in the U.K. — and will raise the issue with Donald Trump if that doesn't happen.

Teenager Harry Dunn died when his motorbike collided with a car near an RAF base in Northamptonshire on August 27, the prime minister's spokesperson said on Monday.

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Opinion: The real reason for Trump’s meltdowns


By Paul Brandus:

It’s easy to see why President Trump’s latest meltdown — on display for all to see in the East Room Wednesday — makes it easy for commentators to say that the 73-year-old man has lost his marbles. He’s “unhinged,” they say with a not-small amount of glee. 

You can decide for yourself whether this is so. Meantime, I’ll offer some additional thoughts that may help explain his behavior. 

I’ve said this before: Trump spent most of his life as the CEO of a privately held company. Yes, there were those disastrous years between 1995 and 2004 when Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts was a public company (investors lost about 90% of their money) . But, for the bulk of his career, Trump has preferred to run things in private. This means no public accountability, no quarterly 10-Qs or annual 10-Ks to file with the feds. Immersed in this transparency-free zone for half a century, he has always believed that he wasn’t required to answer to anybody. And until announcing his candidacy in 2015, he was right.

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Boris Johnson gives 'final deal' to Brussels

Boris Johnson gives 'final deal' to Brussels

Johanna Ross, Journalist

In the proposal, Johnson stresses that a failure to achieve a withdrawal agreement with the EU would represent ‘a failure of statecraft for which we would all be responsible’. He also makes it clear that the UK would not accept the Irish backstop proposal put forward in previous deals by Theresa May and instead outlines an alternative vision for the Irish border - a series of customs checkpoints beyond the frontier between north and south.


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Sanders unveils plan to tax companies with high-earning CEOs

Sen. Bernie Sanders. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Holly Otterbein writes:

Bernie Sanders has a new plan to reduce the widening gap between the rich and poor.

The presidential candidate and decadeslong crusader against income inequality unveiled a proposal Monday to raise taxes on businesses whose CEOs make at least 50 times more than their median workers.

The boost in corporate taxes would be imposed on companies that bring in $100 million or more in annual revenue.

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Political Scientist: Trudeau ‘Blackface’ Scandal Could Cost Him the Election



By Paul Joseph Watson

A political scientist predicts that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ scandal could cost him the upcoming election.

Canadians go to the polls on October 21, 2019, to elect members of the House of Commons to the 43rd Canadian Parliament. Polls show a tight race between Trudeau’s Liberal party and the opposition Conservatives.

Over the past 24 hours, two separate photos and a video have emerged of Trudeau dressing up in ‘blackface’ on three separate occasions.

In the video, Trudeau’s entire arms and legs are ‘blacked up’ as he performs exaggerated gestures in an apparent attempt to mimic or mock black people.

Another image is taken from when Trudeau performed the Banana Boat Song (Day-O) as part of a talent show in a Jamaican accent while blacked up and wearing an afro wig.

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Donald Trump Promises End to ‘Catch and Release’ Within Weeks


By Charlie Spiering

During the flight to Washington, DC, from California, the president and Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan announced to reporters they would be able to end the practice of releasing illegals and migrants caught at the southern border into the United States.

Despite Trump’s promise to strictly enforce the border, the Department of Homeland Security continues to release nearly 130 illegal aliens and border-crossers a day.

But the president and the CBP commissioner promised to move forward on ending the practice entirely.

“We’re confident that in a couple of weeks we’re going to be able to end Catch and Release at the southwest border,” Morgan said.

Trump said he was able to end the practice without legislation passed by Congress.

“There will be no more ‘Catch and Release,'” he said. “Nobody coming into the country… And that’s without the Democrats.”

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‘LOCKED AND LOADED’ Saudi Arabia attack – Donald Trump draws up plans for military strike on Iran as Tehran vows to shoot down US planes as war fears grow



By Patrick Knox

DONALD Trump is drawing up a hit-list as he hatches plans to clobber Iran following the attacks on the world’s largest oil plant in Saudi Arabia. 

The US President is said to have been given a “menu” of options by Pentagon chiefs that includes air raids and crippling cyber attacks.

Trump has said his military was “locked and loaded” as the Middle East moves to the brink of a vicious new war, which threatens most of the world's oil supplies and shipping. 

He also announced he has ordered treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin to "substantially increase sanctions" in a bid to further squeeze Iran's faltering economy.

But Iran denies involvement and defiantly vowed to shoot down US warplanes. 

In a letter to the United States via the Swiss Embassy, Iran said any move by America against Iran "will get immediate reaction".

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Shocking Report Shows Democrats in Congress Directing Tech Censorship Against Conservatives

By Paul Joseph Watson

A shocking new video report exposes how the widespread Big Tech censorship of conservatives was a scheme hatched by Silicon Valley and Democratic lawmakers from the very start.

The mass banning and censorship of Infowars and other conservative personalities and news outlets was preceded by Democrats in Congress demanding blanket silencing in the name of stopping “hate” and “harassment”.

Of course it all had nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fallout from Trump’s 2016 success and preventing him from winning re-election in 2020.

The long term goal is to prevent anyone other than Democrats winning ever again by defaming, financially sabotaging and digitally disappearing their ideological adversaries.

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Sanders campaign wracked by dissension


By Holly Otterbein and Trent Spiner

A staff shakeup and loss of an endorsement to Elizabeth Warren has allies warning of deeper problems.

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Some of Bernie Sanders’ fiercest supporters are sounding the alarm that the campaign is bogged down by disorganization, personality clashes, and poor communication between state operations and national headquarters.

After a pair of setbacks this week — the acrimonious shakeup of his staff in New Hampshire on Sunday and loss of the Working Families Party's endorsement to Elizabeth Warren a day later — Sanders’ allies and former aides are worried that recent disappointments are not one-off stumbles but rather emblematic of larger problems in his bid for the White House. The concerns are particularly acute in New Hampshire.

“Seeing the campaign not be able to outshine Warren with WFP progressives doesn’t have me questioning WFP’s process,” said Rafael Shimunov, a former national creative director for WFP and 2016 Sanders volunteer. “It has me questioning where the Bernie campaign could have done better, because I want to make sure the strongest candidate unmasks Biden and unseats Trump.”

The worries come as the campaign enters a critical, more urgent phase. After Labor Day, more voters typically tune into the election and begin to make up their minds. Expectations for Sanders are sky-high, especially in New Hampshire, where he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 22 percentage points. 

But Warren has jumped in the national polls to tie Sanders for second place, and Joe Biden has proven harder to knock off his first-place perch than his rivals expected.

“In 2016, Bernie was the David who beat Goliath in New Hampshire — the expectations this time around are incomparable,” said Andrew Feldman, a Democratic strategist with close ties to labor groups. “It would be a mistake to try to replicate the type of campaign that Sanders ran in New Hampshire in 2016 because the dynamics of this race are completely different. For Sanders to be successful, a professional operation is critical.”

Jeff Weaver, a top Sanders adviser, told POLITICO that numerous rank-and-file members in the Working Families Party support Sanders and that his ground game in New Hampshire and other early states is strong. Sanders has 14 times as many identified voters in the Granite State than it had at this time in 2016, according to his campaign, and is doubling his field staff there from 26 to 50 employees. He also said the campaign’s national and states staff are in daily contact, and that he has a regular “states call” in which he asks his aides across the country to be honest about the problems they’re seeing.

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Muslim Mayor of Prospect Park, N.J., Enraged at Being Questioned by Border Patrol on Return from Turkey

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

By Robert Spencer

Mohamed Khairullah is back, and he’s mad.

Khairullah, the mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey, recently enjoyed a junket to Turkey to visit relatives who are, according to the North Jersey Record, “Syrians displaced by war.” (Khairullah himself fled Syria in 1980.) Khairullah and his family “visited a beach, historic sites around Istanbul and a mosque.” The mayor also made the trip into a working vacation: Khairullah “met with mayors of different towns to talk about government and business.” But the warm glow of his holiday vanished when he flew into JFK International Airport, and was, he claims, held for no less than three hours for questioning. It was, he says, “hurtful.”

“It was definitely a hurtful moment where I’m thinking in my mind that this is not the America that I know,” said Khairullah. “I am very familiar with our laws and Constitution, and everything that was going on there was a violation.”

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Jackson Lee: House Members Will Have to Start 'Flooding' the Senate to Get Gun Control

By Nicholas Ballasy

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said members of the House of Representatives would have to start "flooding" the Senate in order to get gun control measures passed.

"I don't know what else it takes but I don't believe we can stop at the door of the United States House. I believe there will have to be an emergence of members of the House flooding the United States Senate for Senator McConnell to understand that these initiatives today, my gun storage bill, my bill that I've introduced dealing with the caliber weapon, I've held an AR-15 in my hand, I wish I had it. It is as heavy as 10 boxes that you might be moving and the bullet that is utilized, a .50-caliber, these kinds of bullets need to be licensed and do not need to be on the street," she said recently on Capitol Hill.

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Trump suggests Iran responsible for Saudi oil attack

Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

By Caitlin Oprysko

President Donald Trump on Monday hinted at potential new evidence that could prove Iran was behind a series of drone attacks in Saudia Arabia that struck the heart of its oil production, pointing to prior controversies that he said cast doubt on Iran's denials.

“Remember when Iran shot down a drone, saying knowingly that it was in their 'airspace' when, in fact, it was nowhere close,” he asked in a tweet, referring to Iran’s downing of an unmanned U.S. aircraft three months ago.

“They stuck strongly to that story knowing that it was a very big lie. Now they say that they had nothing to do with the attack on Saudi Arabia,” he continued, adding: “We’ll see?”

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ABC: Trump ‘At the Center’ of All the Political Violence Right Now

2019-09-13 at 12.02 PM.png

By Nicholas Fondacaro

ABC’s This Week wasted little on Sunday painting the violence and death of the last few days as the product of the President they couldn’t stand. Host and Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos stated as much at the top of the program. After giving a rundown of the violence of the week, he declared it all occurred “against the backdrop of the ugliest political climate in modern times. At the center, an unapologetically incendiary President untrammeled by traditional norms of civility.

Blaming President Trump’s heated words for the physical violence of others was the undercurrent of the entire program. As Stephanopoulos brought on the “powerhouse roundtable”, the network’s favorite faux Republican Matthew Dowd unloaded on Trump. “I think much of it has been predictable in this,” he claimed as he quoted Jedi Master Yoda on the path to the dark side. “And I think what he has done over the course of the last few years is help foment this.”

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UMich Survey Shows Depressed Democrats Weighing Down Sentiment

By Tyler Durden

After August's collapse, UMich Sentiment survey was expected to bounce a little (most notably in a rebound of expectations) and a little it did.

Oddly, the headline beat expectations handily (92.0 vs 90.8 exp and up from prior 89.8), but both current and future expectations disappointed expectations (current 106.9 vs 107.8 and future 82.4 vs 85.2 exp).

Source: Bloomburg

Source: Bloomburg

"The data do indicate that consumers anticipate that the Fed will cut interest rates next week, with net declines in interest rates more frequently expected at present than anytime since the depths of the Great Recession in February 2009 (see the chart). These expectations are likely to diminish the impact on spending from a quarter-point rate cut, but if rates remain unchanged, it may increase negative reactions by consumers."

It appears the weakness is driven by Democrats (weakest since the survey began)...

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Russia targets opposition leader Navalny with mass raids


By Anna Malpas

Moscow (AFP) - Russian investigators on Thursday raided dozens of regional offices of top protest leader Alexei Navalny as well as the homes of his supporters after mass opposition rallies this summer.

Navalny said the raids were the result of Kremlin "hysteria" after allies of President Vladimir Putin suffered major losses in local elections in Moscow on Sunday.

Navalny, who had instructed supporters to vote strategically to push out pro-Kremlin candidates, said on YouTube: "Putin got upset and is stomping his feet."

"That's what we're seeing in 41 cities across the whole country," he added, looking tired and drawn in the video hastily shot on his mobile phone.

He said the raids were being carried out at more than 200 addresses in "the biggest police operation in Russia's modern history".

Police, investigators, national guard and security services were all involved and seized equipment such as phones and computers, he said.

Navalny has credited his strategic voting campaign for the ruling party losing almost a third of its seats in elections for Moscow city parliament, writing in a blog entry: "Why such hysteria? Two words: smart voting."

The charismatic leader said the raids were targeting his network of campaign offices and the homes of campaign coordinators and their relatives, as well as his Anti-Corruption Foundation, which has worked to expose officials' questionable wealth.

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The New American Oil Empire Built on Sand. The “Fracking Revolution”


By F. William Engdahl

Over the course of the past decade the United States, following decades of relative stagnation in oil production, has surprised many to become the largest oil producer in the world, exceeding Russia as well as Saudi Arabia. 

Latest daily production is just above 12.1 million barrels a day. In November 2018 for the first time in decades the US became a net oil exporter. 

The geopolitical implications to this energy boom in a world where oil determines the growth of entire economies, would appear to be great. Almost all the increase owes to the exploitation of what is called shale oil, unconventional oil found in shale rock formations. The US Department of Energy projects a rise to 8.8 million barrels daily from US shale oil alone, a new record. Now though, we are seeing the first clear signs that the “shale boom” could implode even faster than it rose. The implications for American foreign policy and global geopolitics and economics are significant.

The ‘Fracking’ Revolution

The idea of extracting oil or natural gas embedded in shale rocks has been known for years. However shale oil, or tight oil as it is known, first became economical with introduction of new horizontal drilling techniques combined with oil prices of $100 a barrel or more. This was about two decades ago. 

In hydraulic fracturing or fracking, oil embedded in shale rock thousands of feet down is injected with a high pressure mix of water, lots of it, mixed with chemicals and sand. The de facto sand blasting creates fissures where oil can flow into the oil pipeline. The actual drilling of a shale well is only about 30-40% of the total cost. Up to 55-70% are from completion which includes actual fracking. The independent oil consultancy, Wood Mackenzie, recently estimated that the USA held an impressive 60% of all world shale reserves that are economically viable at oil prices of $60 per barrel or less.

Now it begins to get interesting. The current price for the West Texas Intermediate marker grade of oil is around $58 a barrel, where it has been for months. The price has not shot up as many expected despite the disruptions in Venezuela, in Iran and around the Persian Gulf. This puts shale well production, much of which today is in the Permian basin in West Texas or Bakken in North Dakota, at a delicate point. 

When Saudi Arabia and the Arab OPEC producers decided to flood the market in 2014 with cheap oil in order to force the US shale producers into bankruptcy, the results were disastrous for the OPEC countries financially, but new technology advances allowed the major part of US shale oil production to survive at far lower prices. That, combined with a Federal Reserve Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), made borrowing to produce oil attractive for shale companies. Now, with two years of gradual Fed rate increase policies, shale companies are beginning to show signs of major stress.

Economic Troubles

Little known is the fact that despite all technological advances and economies of scale, the USA shale oil industry as a whole has yet to turn a net profit. At a juncture when world GDP growth begins to look very bleak, whether in China or in the EU or Emerging Markets like Brazil or Argentina or Turkey, US shale companies face a critical juncture. 

The year 2018, according to projections of the International Energy Agency was supposed to be the year that the shale industry finally turned a profit. The IEA wrote in early 2018 that “higher prices and operational improvements are putting the US shale sector on track to achieve positive free cash flow in 2018 for the first time ever.” Since it began, until the Saudi price crash, that is from 2000-2014, US shale companies as a whole according to IEA estimates, already generated a cumulative negative free cash flow of more than $200 billion. With glowing predictions for a “new Saudi Arabia, and banks willing to lend to after the 2008 financial crisis, money poured into shale. Companies claimed once infrastructure was in place the profits would soon flow. It didn’t. Despite over two years of rising world oil prices, some 33 US publicly traded shale companies had a combined negative cash flow of $3.9 billion in the first half of 2018.

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