New Civil War? One Antifa-targeted journalist thinks liberal terror outfit is working toward it


By Andrew West

There is no denying that our nation is in the grips of a political melee the likes of which we have never seen before.

The election of Donald Trump was the catalyst for the radical left’s recent turn toward outright violence, with many liberal voters suddenly finding themselves at odds with their friends, family, and neighbors.  His ascension marks a major schism in American politics thanks to Trump’s undeniable outsider status in Washington DC, and has riled the democratic base in unbelievable ways.

In cities such as Portland, Oregon, a far-left domestic terror group known as Antifa have become the poster child for such unrest.

During a conversation with Breitbart News’s James Delingpole, political commentator Andy Ngo offered some of his thoughts on the ideology behind Antifa’s violence. Ngo claims that Antifa, which believes that America is currently living under the fascistic dictatorship of President Donald Trump, wants to catapult society into a civil war.

“There is a symbiotic relationship between extreme anarchists and hardcore communists. And the violence they do on the street is towards furthering their war. They are actually trying to agitate for a revolution. So from the outside is may seem like stupid street violence and vandalism but they really believe that we are living in the latter days of fascism,” Ngo said. “The conflict is going to happen in the future by bringing these brutal forms of violence, either against the state, individuals, or property. Instead of inching closer and closer to that final, climatic battle, it’s going to make us run quicker there.”

Ngo has been one for the most outspoken critics of Antifa, despite the threat of being deliberately targeted by the group again in the future.