‘LOCKED AND LOADED’ Saudi Arabia attack – Donald Trump draws up plans for military strike on Iran as Tehran vows to shoot down US planes as war fears grow



By Patrick Knox

DONALD Trump is drawing up a hit-list as he hatches plans to clobber Iran following the attacks on the world’s largest oil plant in Saudi Arabia. 

The US President is said to have been given a “menu” of options by Pentagon chiefs that includes air raids and crippling cyber attacks.

Trump has said his military was “locked and loaded” as the Middle East moves to the brink of a vicious new war, which threatens most of the world's oil supplies and shipping. 

He also announced he has ordered treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin to "substantially increase sanctions" in a bid to further squeeze Iran's faltering economy.

But Iran denies involvement and defiantly vowed to shoot down US warplanes. 

In a letter to the United States via the Swiss Embassy, Iran said any move by America against Iran "will get immediate reaction".

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