The Far Side could be back from extinction, and the timing's so right

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By Bonnie Burton

Looks like Gary Larson's popular syndicated comic is making a comeback after 24 years.

Everyone in the US who read the newspaper funny pages from 1980-1995 will likely remember the witty, single-panel comic The Far Side by Gary Larson. Well, good news. According to the official Far Side website, more Far Side comics are on the way.

The website, run by Andrews McMeel Universal, posted a Far Side comic illustration with the sentence "Uncommon, unreal, and (soon-to-be) unfrozen. A new online era of The Far Side is coming!" The website didn't provide any additional information on when or how Larson's comic will return, and Andrews McMeel Universal didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

But at a time when tragedy and cruelty seem to dominate headlines, one this is certain: We could use Larson's oddball humor now more than ever. The Far Side pointed out the ludicrous side of being human, and the secret genius of animals. Cows drove cars when farmers weren't looking. Scientists played hilarious tricks on one another.

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