It's Been A Fun Ride but still around - GADFLY #growasaperson


By CJ “El Cuco”

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Thinking back the past two years it’s been an amazing journey: creating Rogue Money YouTube Channel creating and distributing the majority of Rogue content.  The amazing guests, shows and network we have built with Rogue. And most importantly YOU, the listener. Without you, nothing else matters and I mean that! As Rogue News transitions we will evolve and continue on. The relationships with the original Rogue contributors: Wolf, Ken Schortgen Jr. Bankster Slayer and James, The Russian Analyst have moved on and now it’s my time to evolve.

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We soon will be launching an entire new platform that will be driven around the spirit of liberty, freedom and away from the censoring and manipulation of corporate giants of Google, YouTube, etc. We will maintain a presence there however I no longer feel the need to be feeding the belly of the beast that chooses to enslave creators.

With new relationships we will evolve and be better than ever! The timing has never been more important and that timing is NOW.  I hope that you will join me with what we are creating. I also ask that you follow my work by following me on Twitter at:  I will also be expanding the content on and the YouTube Channel: and my personal channel:

God bless each and every one of you. Let’s move forward for ourselves and our families.