Countercoup 6: Did @Crowdstrike Fabricate '#RussianHacking by #Guccifer2.0'? Did Peegate Dossier Authors at FusionGPS Arrange for 'Kremlin Connected Lawyer's Meeting' with Donald Trump Jr.?


Setting aside the unsolved Seth Rich murder, there is a separate bombshell threatening to blow apart the mainstream media and the largely accepted by Congress 'slam dunk' case that the Russian government 'hacked the election'. And unlike the Rich case, it doesn't revolve around any lost or covered up forensic evidence, or a cooperative but terrified witness having to come forward.



The Crowdstrike Cookie Crumbles:
Trying and Failing to Explain Why FBI Didn't Get the DNC Server

The credibility of the U.S. Intelligence Community (US IC) assessment produced by the politicized by the Obama Administration directors of four agencies (CIA/FBI/NSA and ODNI), rather than the long (and falsely) repeated claim of unanimity among 17 rests on two foundations: alleged NSA or 5Eyes partner 'trunk' data which (sorry Reality Winner) will likely remain forever classified to 'protect sources and methods', and IT forensics conducted by a single company: Crowdstrike. Sure, ThreatConnect a separate cyber security firm claimed to have authenticated Crowdstrike's findings that the DNC 'hackers' left behind traces consistent with an alleged state sponsored Russian hacking group dubbed 'Fancy Bear'. But the connections between Crowdstrike's USSR-born CEO Dmitry Alperovich, the military industrial complex/foreign government funded NATO think tank the Atlantic Council, and Alperovich's wife at the Obama Department of Homeland Security have raised questions about the firm since last year.

Crowdstrike's Ukrainian Army Artilleryists 'Hacked by GRU' Story:
A Bad Screw Up of Cyber-Attribution or a Flagrant Falsehood?

More important than suspected partisan political allegiances or Cold War 2.0 axes to grind with Moscow, two serious problems have developed since last summer for Alperovitch and his company's credibility. The first is the company's identification of the GRU FancyBear hackers it says were behind the DNC breach and data dump as having also hacked iPads and other personal devices of Ukrainian Army artilleryists from late 2014 to 2016. The Russian military sponsored or directed FancyBear hackers goal, according to the Crowdstrike report released in December, was to identify the positions of Ukrainian self-propelled and towed artillery on the Donbass battlefield to facilitate Russian proxies destroying them. Crowdstrike erroneously cited a report by the UK based think tank the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) claiming that the Ukrainian military had suffered losses of up to 80% of its prewar stocks of its deployable, 1980s Soviet Army vintage D-30 howitzers.

However, in a major embarrassment for a cyber security firm so closely tied to the pro-Kiev Atlantic Council, the Ukrainians denied the level of losses and that the Russian military had hacked any app used by artillery officers to improve their battlefield accuracy. After looking at the story, the Russia Analyst determined the most likely explanation for heavy losses of Ukrainian artillery pieces was a combination of several factors, and likely had little to do with any hacking of UAF officers' iPads or tablets. While GRU signals intelligence officers based in Donetsk likely did hack into Ukraine's cellphone towers network to better triangulate UAF positions from the Kiev forces cellular signals (a technique likely beyond the capabilities of formerly Ukrainian citizen hackers native to the breakaway republics), this has nothing to do with the specific exploit that Crowdstrike alleged had been used by FancyBear.

Skeptics like Jeffrey Carr documented within days of the original Crowdstrike report that the exploits cited in it were available 'in the wild' to Russian and Ukrainian hackers alike, without being necessarily attributable to Russian state sponsored actors. One explanation for Ukrainian artillery losses, however falsified by Kiev's (thousands of UAF casualties hiding) Ministry of Defense, likely had to do with cannons shipped off to Syrian jihadists 'moderate' and otherwise via Odessa and Turkey. These were probably being counted by enterprising and corrupt UAF officers as 'destroyed in the ATO', since many artillery pieces were cannibalized for spare parts or lost in the heaviest fighting around the so-called 'Southern Cauldron' south of Ilovaisk and at Debaltsevo between July 2014 and February 2015. Another explanation, and one that has considerable evidence to support it, is crushing counter-battery fire from the so-called 'vacationers' visiting Donbass -- or Russian Army artillery based near the border during the pivotal battles of mid-to-late summer 2014.

POTUS Tweets: Why Didn't FBI Ever Obtain the DNC Server and Rely on Crowdstrike Instead?

The second major problem for Crowdstrike's credibility is far better known than the Ukrainian artilleryists getting hacked by Russian forces that Kiev says didn't happen. That is, the presidential highlighted failure of the FBI to obtain the actual DNC server, and the agency's reliance under since fired director James Comey on Crowdstrike for alleged forensics proving Russian government hacking. This supposed non-issue with the entire case against the Russians 'meddling in the election' has been persistently challenged by President Trump and his political allies, especially Fox News host Sean Hannity and his regular guest, talk radio host Laura Ingraham:



The response from anti-Trump and especially ex-US IC #NeverTrump ers has been to ignore the oddness of trying to have the cyber equivalent to a murder investigation without a body. Instead, they rely on the unseen and likely to never be released data the NSA may have as well as the supposedly impeccable professional background of Crowdstrike's management to maintain a weakening Narrative, one that Trump has doubted and the Russians have consistently denied. Russian President Vladimir Putin denied any election meddling to Trump's face during last week's G20 meeting in Hamburg, and claimed at the subsequent press conference that Trump accepted his denial -- an account disputed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Here for example, is a less partisan source, and one that has been highly critical of Washington's 'Borg'ist foreign policy Establishment at retired Army Col. Pat Lang's Turcopolier blog, trying to explain the FBI's failure to obtain the server from the DNC. Writer 'TTG', who believes that Russia indeed hacked the DNC and/or waged information warfare against the U.S. in 2015-16, had this to say:

You, David Habakkuk and many others seem to rely on the questionable parentage and demeanor of Dimitri Alperovitch to justify your conviction that Russia had nothing to do with the DNC or Podesta hacks or did not attempt to influence our 2016 election.  Beyond your reasonable and justifiable skepticism of the IC, I think you’re all trying too hard to exonerate Putin and prevent any besmirchment of the immaculate glory of Trump’s election to the Presidency of the United States.

Alperovitch did not run the team investigating the DNC hack. It was Shawn Henry, a twenty plus year veteran FBI agent. He was assistant director of the FBI's Cyber Division from 2008 to 2010 and is credited with boosting the FBI's computer crime and cybersecurity capabilities. I was intimately familiar with the FBI Cyber Division, their robust capabilities and the respect they received from their parent organization. I was envious of their resources and organizational support. While in the FBI, Henry was already tracking the activities of Russian intelligence and criminal hackers. That continued once he retired from the FBI and began working at CrowdStrike. Those in the FBI who took CrowdStrike’s research probably did so because of Henry’s reputation. 

And why didn’t the DNC turn their email servers over to the FBI? For one thing, remember that Hillary Clinton was under FBI investigation at the time for her own email troubles. She and the DNC saw no upside to turning over anything that the FBI could use against her in that investigation. That’s just as prudent as Trump not voluntarily handing over detailed records of his business and financial dealings with Russians. This is especially true since Mueller has assembled a team of experienced federal prosecutors, not investigators.

Comey's Reliance on Crowdstrike and Failure to Get a Justice Dept. Subpoena for the DNC Server

TTG's claim that the Democrats feared there might be incriminating material for the FBI to find on the DNC server seems persuasive, but doesn't quite wash with Comey's tendency to absolve Hillary Clinton from prosecution based on her alleged state of mind. That of course, despite the media and his friends campaign to portray him as a non-partisan lawman, spared Attorney General Loretta Lynch from having to take the politically difficult course after her infamous private jet meeting with Bill Clinton last summer of saving candidate Hillary from legal consequences for her home bathroom server storage of highly classified data. Comey's reopening of the investigation into the Clinton email server, widely blamed by Democrats for Hillary's loss before the Russian hacking excuse took preeminence in the media, turned out to be little more than a gesture by an FBI director hoping to hedge his bets as the pre-election polling tightened in Trump's favor.

Comey's political games and attempts to cover for the Clinton crime family while promoting the Deep State #MuhRussia vendetta against Trump justly cost him his job. Now Comey stands accused of leaking classified data in memos to a friend, who gave them to The New York Times. But this is far from his most serious betrayal of the public trust as FBI Director, if the latest bombshell analysis of the #DNCLeaks data is correct.


Guccifer 2.0 as Lone Wolf Hacker Out to Expose DNC Corruption, a Russian Intelligence-Created Persona? Research Strongly Suggest BOTH IDs Are Fraudulent and #DNCLeaks Was an Inside Job

Two individuals -- one named and one anonymous -- have come forward with cyber forensics expertise demonstrating that someone must have had physical access to the DNC system computers, in order to download the DNC Leaks dump released into the wild by the person or persons claiming to be 'Guccifer 2.0'. According to British cyber researcher Adam Carter and a source known as The Forensicator, no overseas hacker, whether Russian or Romanian, altered metadata linked to what the US IC's January 2017 assessment said was a Russian intel created 'persona' Guccifer 2.0 behind last summer's #DNCLeaks email dump. Instead the data was uploaded using a USB drive by someone physically accessing the DNC data operating on U.S. Eastern Time:

Disobedient Media previously reported that Crowdstrike is the only group that has directly analyzed the DNC servers. Other groups including Threat Connect have used the information provided by Crowdstrike to claim that Russians hacked the DNC. However, their evaluation was based solely on information ultimately provided by Crowdstrike; this places the company in the unique position of being the only direct source of evidence that a hack occurred.

The group’s President Shawn Henry is a retired executive assistant director of the FBI while their co-founder and CTO, Dmitri Alperovitch, is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, which as we have reported, is linked to George Soros. Carter has stated on his website that “At present, it looks a LOT like Shawn Henry & Dmitri Alperovitch (CrowdStrike executives), working for either the HRC campaign or DNC leadership were very likely to have been behind the Guccifer 2.0 operation.” Carter’s website was described by Wikileaks as a useful source of primary information specifically regarding Guccifer 2.0.

Carter recently spoke to Disobedient Media, explaining that he had been contacted by The Forensicator, who had published a document which contained a detailed analysis of the data published by Guccifer 2.0 as  “NGP-VAN.”

The document states that the files that eventually published as “NGP-VAN” by Guccifer 2.0 were first copied to a system located in the Eastern Time Zone, with this conclusion supported by the observation that “the .7z file times, after adjustment to East Coast time fall into the range of the file times in the .rar files.” This constitutes the first of a number of points of analysis which suggests that the information eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona was not obtained by a Russian hacker.


Try and 'debunk' this to salvage @Crowdstrike and the Dem-corrupted Deep State's collapsing case, Mr. 'ex' GCHQ @PwnAlltheThings: 


The 'Ex' GCHQ British Connection --
@PwnAlltheThings, WSJ 'Scoops' About an Independent Republican's Efforts to Obtain Hillary's Disappeared Bathroom Server Emails, and the Ben Wittes/Jim Comey Plot Against Trump

Adam Carter has previously written a summary published by Disobedient Media in June 2017, carefully dissecting the timeline of the alleged DNC hack and the release of internal emails by 'Guccifer 2.0', as well as problems journalists quickly and (too) easily identified with the persona's claims to be a Romanian. At the time, when journalists pointed out Guccifer 2.0 did not appear to understand questions posed to him by reporters over encrypted chat programs in the Romanian language, the Russia Analyst assumed G2.0's mother tongue was Russian, but as a Moldovan SSR born man he self-identified as ethnically Romanian. Alternatively, we surmised G2.0 had obtained a Romanian passport for Schengen zone work or family reasons, just like tens of thousands of his Moldovan countrymen (some Romanians have historic claims on Moldovan territory and ultra-nationalists resent what they see as Russian occupation since 1992 of the unrecognized statelet of Transnistria aka the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic). 

Despite G2.0's protestations of disagreements with Russian foreign policy (a hint of distaste for the PMR?) as a self-identified Romanian, our theory of G2.0 as a Moldovan hacker for hire or a lone wolf who perhaps, had turned to the Russian security services for protection once he got in over his head could not be substantiated. According to Adam Carter, G2.0 is very likely a made up persona, not invented by Russian cyberspies, but by someone working with the DNC (to create a 'Russians!' distraction from Seth Rich's murder?) or alternatively, Crowdstrike employees. The use of indefinite articles like a native English speaker and/or his improving rather than degrading English as online conversations went on with reporters and Republicans looking for DNC dirt reaching out to him was a giveaway that G.20 was likely neither Romanian nor Russian, but someone playing a role and acting the part of 'Eastern Bloc' hacker.

Other bits of metadata found in G2.0's publically released metadata, such as the Cyrillic name and patronymic 'Feliks Edmundovich' (short for 'Iron' Feliks Dzherzhinsky, the first chairman of the Soviet secret police during the Bolshevik terror) was seized on by ThreatConnect and reporters sympathetic to the Crowdstrike #RussiansHacking Hillary for Trump narrative as fingerprints of a Russian state-sponsored or directed cyber attack. The question as to WHY Russian pros working for GRU/SVR would leave behind such proudly sovok  traces was downplayed, or cited as proof the Russians brazenly wished to leave behind an electronic calling card to taunt U.S. spooks.


In addition to Crowdstrike and Threatconnect, reporters being carefully shepherded to the conclusion that Russians and only hackers sponsored by the Russian state could've breached the DNC or dumped its emails to Wikileaks and on the newly created web site relied on another 'independent' source for confirmation: Matt Tait. Better known by his Twitter handle of @PwnAlltheThings. Why do we mention Mr. Tait's careful promotion of the #RussianHacking theory last summer here? Because Mr. Tait recently published an article in Lawfare, a Democratic party friendly national security blog titled "The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians".


Who publishes Lawfare, you may ask? Why of course, Benjamin Wittes, a figure who became prominent on Twitter since last year with a large following of #TheResistance activists determined to uncover proof that Trump had been installed in the White House by the Kremlin. Wittes recent 'tick tock' promises on Twitter of shocking revelations regarding President Trump or his campaign's alleged collusion with the Russians turned out of course, to be duds, albeit nothing-burgers promoted by the Dow Jones owned Wall Street Journal, whose owner Rupert Murdoch and the late Fox News boss Roger Ailes had been at odds with Trump since the New Yorker decided to run for president in 2015. Naturally, Lawfare and is fiercely defending Comey against charges that he illegally leaked information and/or violated certain FBI non-disclosure agreements

In @PwnAlltheThings account of email exchanges with Peter W. Smith, a Republican investor from the wealthy Chicago north shore suburb of Lake Forest who died weeks before Tait published his recollections (and thus wasn't around to dispute them), the 'former' GCHQ analyst provides no actual evidence Smith was in touch with Russian government operatives. Neither does the WSJ article which inspired Tait to come forward, on a website that just happens to be published by a close Comey ally and card carrying member of the Democratic Party Deep State. The best Tait could claim is that Smith didn't care who may have obtained Hillary's bathroom server emails, even if they were Russian intelligence service supported hackers. But Tait like his friend and Comey- buddy Wittes, has no proof Smith obtained any actual Hillary emails via anonymous interlocutors on the 'dark web' or elsewhere from anyone, much less the Russians, nor that Trump campaign staff directed his efforts. As former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy observed in National Review (a publication, it must be repeated here, that published an entire issue devoted to the #NeverTrump cause):

Smith’s desire to obtain the hacked emails, if there were any, peaked around Labor Day 2016 — i.e., during the last weeks of the campaign. This was many months after the FBI had taken physical custody of Clinton’s homebrew server and other devices containing her e-mails. It was also two months after the Bureau’s then-director, James Comey, had told the country that the FBI had found no evidence that Clinton had been hacked . . . but that her carelessness about communications security, coupled with the proficiency of hackers in avoiding detection, meant her e-mails could well have been compromised throughout her years as secretary of state.

In other words, Peter W. Smith was one of about 320 million people in the United States who figured that Clinton’s e-mails had been hacked — by Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, the NSA, the latest iteration of “Guccifer,” and maybe even that nerdy kid down at Starbucks with “Feel the Bern” stickers on his laptop. Besides having no relationship with Trump, Smith also had no relationship with the Russian regime. Besides not knowing whether the Clinton e-mails were actually hacked, he also had no idea whether the Kremlin or anyone close to Vladimir Putin had obtained the e-mails. In short, he wouldn’t have been able to tell you whether Trump and Putin were colluding with each other because he wasn’t colluding with either one of them. But — here comes the blockbuster info — Smith was colluding with Michael Flynn. Or at least he kinda, sorta was . . . except for, you know, the Journal’s grudging acknowledgement that, well, okay, Smith never actually told the paper that Flynn was involved in what the report calls “Smith’s operation.”


Is the Soft Coup Against Trump an Example of BoG -- British Occupied Government?

'In other words', the Tait story promoted by Wittes after the Lawfare publisher hyped it on Twitter is just more of the #TrumpRussia screaming headlines backed by little more than baseless claims or outright bullshit we've seen since January 20.  But the pattern of a great deal of this bullshit swirling around friends of the now fired FBI director Comey or his pal the newly appointed special prosecutor Robert Mueller has been well-established. So too, as our friend Harley Schlanger and the good people at LaRouchePAC have noticed, is the pattern of British nationals pushing falsified #TrumpRussia claims or supposed intel since 2015, when Judge Andrew Napolitano and others have alleged GCHQ was spying on candidate Trump. That is, Mr. Tait's 'former' 5Eyes employer:

Matt Tait is the CEO and founder of Capital Alpha Security, a UK based security consultancy which focuses on research into software vulnerabilities, exploit mitigations and applied cryptography. Prior to founding Capital Alpha Security, Tait worked for Google Project Zero, was a principal security consultant for iSEC Partners, and NGS Secure, and worked as an information security specialist for GCHQ. 

Of course, some of the Brits pushing #TrumpRussia conspira-idiocy have proven embarrassing to their handlers. Heat Street, the 'conservative' ezine edited by Louise Mensch and funded by the aforementioned Murdoch media empire, recently folded. Some said it was due to a lack of clicks and interest in an already crowded right leaning media space, but others viewed Heat Street's demise as directly due to its editor Louise Mensch's 'everyone associated with Trump or doubting my claims is a Russian agent' lunacy on Twitter. The ex-Tory MP has previously admitted to taking a lot of drugs when she was a young and nubile rock and roll groupie in England, so perhaps she was viewed as a wasting asset by her low down dirty psyops handlers.

Steele Rain --
the Fusion GPS Set Up of Donald Trump Jr. as 'Meeting with a Pro-Kremlin Russian Lawyer'?

Last but not least, another British connection to the allegations against Trump that is 'out in the open', is of course, is the 'dodgy dossier' concocted by 'ex' MI6 agent Christopher Steele. Mr. Steele has under legal pressure in British libel court disavowed some of his dossier's findings, claiming the document was never intended for public release after Buzzfeed's editor Ben Smith published it. However, the question as to why an opposition research firm run by ex-Wall Street Journal reporters (the WSJ/Murdoch connection again) called Fusion GPS hired Mr. Steele to 'prove' Trump's connections to the Kremlin, would also have done work with a Russian lawyer opposed to the 2012 Sergey Magnitsky Act named Natalia Veselnitskaya, is most curious. For her part, Ms. Veselnitskaya denies representing the Russian government, or anyone but herself in the meeting with Don Jr. (she has not worked for any governmental entity in Russia since leaving the Moscow City prosecutor's office in 2002). Ms. Veselnitskaya insists that she only wished to discuss her issue of the Magnitsky Act and its effect on the Russian government banning Americans from adopting children from Russia, and that she never offered any dirt on Hillary Clinton's ties to Russians.

Was Donald Trump Jr. 'set up' and baited into a meeting with Ms.  Veselnitskaya in June 2016, with the promise of kompromat on Hillary Clinton's connections to Russia (connections already established via Peter Schweitzer's book Clinton Cash detailing Russian oligarch donations to the Clinton Foundation)? Some 'ex' spooks touted in the legacy media think so, but have no proof that it was the Kremlin's security services rather than Fusion GPS doing the dangling, via the bizarre-looking publicist Rob Goldstone. Mr. Goldstone works for Trump's 2013 Miss Universe beauty pageant business partner the Russian-Azeri oligarch Aras Iskenderovich Agalarov, or specifically his pop star son Emin

The President’s eldest son said he met lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, after being told she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms Clinton. He said it soon become clear she had no such information and rather wanted to press him about her effort to overturn the Magnitsky Act, a US law that blacklists several Russians linked to the 2009 murder of another Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky.

A spokesman for the President’s legal team told The Independent they now believed Ms Veselnitskaya and her colleagues had misrepresented who they were and who they worked for.

In a statement, Mark Corallo added: “Specifically, we have learned that the person who sought the meeting is associated with Fusion GPS, a firm which according to public reports, was retained by Democratic operatives to develop opposition research on the President and which commissioned the phony Steele dossier.”

Fusion GPS, which is based in Washington DC and was established by former Wall Street Journal reporters Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, found itself in the spotlight earlier this year after it emerged it was behind an “oppo research” dossier containing unproven and often salacious allegations about Mr Trump.


The 'ex' British intelligence aided soft coup to overturn the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States, supported by social justice warriors and eternal Cold War demanding deep staters alike, isn't going all that well. The best the coup plotters have managed to accomplish is demonstrate Trump's inability to readily or easily deliver on his campaign promise of improved relations with Russia -- the President cannot even fire his own UN Ambassador when she seeks to undermine his policy of detente after meeting with Putin in Hamburg.


Since James Comey's supposedly damning testimony, the U.S. Senate and House committees established to investigate Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 election have failed to turn up any evidence of collusion between Mr. Trump, his associates, and the Kremlin. CNN, the 'Clinton News Network', has been exposed by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas as cynically admitting behind the cameras that they have no proof of Trump-Russia collusion, but push the story for ratings anyway (ratings it turns out, often are worse than Nick at Nite reruns of 1990s sitcoms like Friends, underlying the failing network's desperation).

The New York Times latest story citing what it says are 'three sources' about Donald Trump Jr. having been warned in an email about Kremlin efforts to aid the Trump campaign prior to his fruitless, ten minute-length meeting with Ms.  Veselnitskaya is just another pathetic effort to produce some 'evidence' of #TrumpRussia collusion. Despite the story's overnight prominence on the Drudge Report, the email has yet to be produced and it's likely to miss the mark again -- a dying legacy media's last wannabe Watergate hurrah.


To Msrs. Steele, Tait, and Alperovitch -- and those allied to them coordinating leaks after leaving office like Ben Rhodes, James Comey and 'Riyadh' John Brennan -- we just have a few words left: tick, tock. Some GOP Congressmen are not cowed by your cult of the unimpeachable supposedly non-partisan U.S. 'intelligence community' and have had enough of the derp state attempting to overturn an election by leak (and through disinformation generated by foreign intelligence agencies including those of Estonia, Ukraine and Great Britain):

"This is not just standard Washington fair" [Rep. Ron] DeSantis [R-FL] said. "It's happening on such a scale with this president that it's much different."

"Really, it has a whiff of people inside the bureaucracy who do not accept the election results, so they're rebelling against the elected president by leaking and doing things to damage him politically," the lawmaker explained. "It's unprecedented, certainly in modern American history. The way you stop the leaks is if people are leaking info that is classified, and that's a crime, DOJ has got to pursue that."

"If the bureaucracy is going to weaponize this stuff, I think Congress is going to be much less willing to give them the authority to do this," DeSantis said. "It is a big deal, and if no one is held accountable it's going to continue to happen."

And here are his thoughts on Comey...

"Congress needs to press Sessions and other people to make sure they are investigating this because the American people need the truth," DeSantis told the Free Beacon in a wide-ranging interview. "If he did violate any laws, he needs to be held accountable. If you're violating laws in service of doing political warfare, that is just absolutely unacceptable, particularly for someone who held such a high position in the government."

"Not only is he leaking this stuff, not only were the memos done in the course of his employment and likely government property, he may have disclosed classified information in this quest to basically wage a vendetta against the president because the president fired him and to try and create a special counsel," DeSantis said.

"This guy is really a creature of the swamp. He maneuvers around D.C. in ways that are very similar to how D.C. insiders operate," DeSantis said of Comey. "He's one of the best in those regards."

"Comey has made a concerted effort to not disclose these memos," DeSantis revealed. "I think Congress obviously has a right to get them."

UPDATE 7:20 p.m. Eastern 07/11/2017

Donald Trump Jr. has released the email from the publicist Rob Goldstone, who set up his meeting with the Russian attorney, to preempt the NYT's plan to publish it (and from whom they obtained it, if not Goldstone, is unknown outside the paper):




UPDATE 2 11:51 p.m. Eastern Time 07/11/2017 Don Jr.  appeared on Fox News' Sean Hannity show Tuesday night to defend himself: