CJ with @RoryTDC: As Our World Collapses It’s All Coming Together

In case you missed it posted on July 6, 2017 at The Daily Coin, we are reposting Rory's summary of his interview with Team Rogue Money's ProducerCJ below. We have also included CJ and V's appearance on the X22 Report with Dave from July 1, 2017. - JWS


We are living in one of the more interesting times in history. The global uprising by the people is hard to deny, unless, of course, you get all of your news from the dead-stream media. As local, national and global economies continue to slip further into the abyss citizens of nations around the world are beginning to stand up, unite and become much more vocal about the embedded corruption, globalism and the truth of their individual circumstance.

The people in the U.S., while a great many are still feeding at the trough of ignorance, a great many have begun the awakening process and are now beginning to be fully engaged in what is happening. If we look at some of the more “mundane” situations, like a Trump tweet dictating a full day of news, we see the people react and respond in a way that was almost unheard of two years ago. We see undercover videos exposing lies at the very top of so-called news organizations. We see the people believing what they see and hear, in the new media, and are beginning to understand the depth and breadth of lies, deceit and propaganda. We, the new media, are making serious strides in helping people to understand the truth from the false.

I sat down with Producer CJ, one of the members of the Rogue Money Team, to find out his views on what is happening with the cryptocurrencies, gold backed cryptocurrencies and to find out what CJ thinks about the Belt and Road Initiative headed by China. My view on the cryptocurrencies is no secret, I see them as a threat to our sovereignty by way of a cashless society. I can’t think of any bankster that has ever, going back to Christ in the Temple, allowing a competing currency. Why would digital currencies be any different?

Our economy is falling apart and many people seem to be calling for an economic recession. I would argue we have been in an economic depression since, at least, 2015 if not going all the way back to 2008. Had the Federal Reserve not hijacked the Treasury Department and held them ransom to the tune of $16-23 TRILLION our banking system would have collapsed and our economy would have gone with it. It should have happened, but, as we know, the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the Treasury, continue to steal our wealth through rigged markets and out of control inflation. What are we going to do about this situation?

Trump has stated that he would have policies in place to stimulate the economy and return millions of jobs to America from foreign soil. This is not going to happen. Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are going to be performing the task that humans used to do for a salary. We must begin seeking our individual passion and turning those passions into a sustainable income. If we don’t we will become 100% dependent on the government for what they want us to have, when they want us to have it.

A person can manufacture just about anything necessary for life, including a home, with a 3D printer. Currently, about the only items that can not be made with a 3D printer are food items. Body parts, trinkets of every size, shape and function and everything in between can be made in ones garage. This is merely one of millions of situations that a person could do to produce an income.

A lot of these jobs that the Administration [Trump Administration] is talking about, a lot of these jobs aren’t coming back. We are watching a pivotal moment of watching technology greatly impact about every industry whether it’s retail or manufacturing. -- Producer CJ ~The Daily Coin

Everywhere you look in the Eastern world plans are being made, task are being performed and developments are moving at break-neck speed. How is this possible? Why is this happening in China, India, Russia and a wide range of smaller countries in the far East and Eastern Europe but not happening in the Western “developed” world? These countries are not indebted up to their great-great-great grandchildren’s eyebrows. These countries actually have capital for investment on a grand scale. The West has investment dollars, but all the dollars seem to only produce bombs, fighter jets that can’t fly and war ships that can’t sail. How are the roads in your neighborhood; what about the education system; water system? That’s what I thought – plenty of funding for death and destruction but little to nothing for what matters to the people.

I think it’s very important that people to stop waiting for government to find the solutions or be the solutions. It’s not going to happen.Your time is more well spent…if things aren’t right in your local community or your state run for public office become involved with that.

We are seeing right now a mass awakening that’s occurring, globally. Stop waiting for the government to find those solutions for you individually, ’cause it’s not going to happen. Be the change you want to see occurring in the world around you. Producer CJ ~The Daily Coin

We cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.