In Order To Play In The Western Paper System One Must Pay Into The System, Continually…!

Quick Overview: Once the world began a full blown transition into a global economy, the sovereign entities at the top of the heap took center stage. Competitive forces competing in a non-violent manner for business market share on the world stage is now more important than ever. To have major trade deficits with key world players is akin to putting yourself behind the curve. To put it bluntly, you are constantly playing “catch-up!”

If you happen to have the advantage of being the world’s reserve currency, like the USA, then you can “temporarily” stave off the final nail in your economic coffin. For reference, that would be the massive nail that defines a “needs” based product inflation. “ TEMPORARILY” is the operative word in the prior sentences.

Meanwhile, if one of the major sovereign players owns your paper, and is also one of your largest import sources, then you can introduce yourself to him, as he is the new “economic sheriff” in town. This fact has been conveniently hidden from the western media message of late, but nothing is different than the message was prior to it’s hibernation, except that the “new sheriff’s” position of strength just keeps improving. End of overview ……..

First I need to address a slight WG oversight in last week’s installment, one brought to remedy thanks to an astute RM reader, named Cris. The answer I sent in the comments section ties in nicely with the Hegelian Dialectic western magic act, but should have been mentioned in one of the installment’s many rants.

Thanks Cris, and that’s a great link you posted. In fact, it reminds me that I left out one of the greatest Hegelian Dialectic farces of them all with respect to the truth. And in this case the indoctrination is truly complete even among most alternative media/hard asset philosophers. I will have to put it in the next installment somewhere. To put it simply, as I have stated on V’s show at least 3 times…….

Gold & silver doesn’t cost anything. Except the premium. The indoctrination of it having a market price tied to it is a joke, especially since the PHONY market is one of the star actors in the “HD” play on stage. GSBC’s are not a “lawn mower or car or some other purchased product.” As not one of those can be taken abroad, at least not very easily, and used as real money to purchase some form of goods & services. I can take GSBC’s to almost any corner of the globe and make a purchase with it, can we say the same thing about the dollar? Hell, if I was a dude from Spain or any other nation, and I came to the US and visited some “exchange window,” I would be nervous as hell with my GSBC’s in hand, and not due to the terrorist possibilities either. Instead, it would be having to exchange my valuable money for paper crap. This “Gold costs” phrase is the ultimate in a phony magic act. In fact, it should be the reverse, and it actually was less than a century ago. It’s holding dollars that cost you something, not gold.

It’s an exchange, fiat paper to real money period: from bad to good or from weak to strong, or from not so well recognized to internationally recognized ….Gold doesn’t cost 12 or 13 hundred and silver doesn’t cost 16 or 17 bucks, that’s the exchange value for something I can use as money nearly anywhere in the world, period.

The system has trapped our minds, literally within our language and dialect. Hey I stepped into “one,” hence the Hegelian Dialectic…..WG

Primary Titled Subject Matter Intro: Recently I had a illuminating conversation with a former competitor within the financial products sales circuit. He was surprised that I had given up my license, especially after the time and “MONEY” spent to earn some really cool initials after my name. “CFP, CLU, ChFC,” which they mean what? Not a damned thing, that’s what.

What I liked to tell people was, they were on my stationary and business cards to keep the vampires from getting in the way of closing a deal. Meaning, if a potential client doesn’t have the classic excuse of “I need to check with my wife/husband” available, then you may have to meet their on demand vampires, “attorneys, cpa’s, and possibly some others with big meaningless name plates.” Sometimes these sorts of professionals can be really uninformed, obnoxious know-it-alls, but thanks to my cool initials they can become more agreeable. So how does that tie into this title?

Thanks to our conversation it occurred to me that in order to play I had to pay, and pay a plenty. And upon further reflection, it was obvious that I wasn’t the only one. In fact, we have all been feeding the welfare whores at the government trough ever since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, courtesy of the famous 1910 meeting in Jekyll Island. But the trough is drying up, and it’s just another sign of the unstoppable King Dollar demise, which is all that matters to us. We tally up some more facts based in truth to inspire actionable efforts on the home front, more after the news……..


This next link forces one to ask the question, “maybe dreams do come true?”

Getting a little more serious, and maybe I am dreaming or maybe the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) is now using the media to gauge the public before pulling the plug. Check this link out……

In fact, the link above causes me to ask what the heck is going on with the 4 part series on the history channel, “America’s War on Drugs?” It clearly implicates the CIA, and the Bush and Clinton crime syndicates. Mrs. WG said to me, “This is just like the stuff you, “the Wolfpack,” and the RM Team talk about all the time. Wow it’s true!” Mrs. WG is a pretty “sharp cookie,” but the portion of her statement that got my attention the most is/was a perfect example of the final judge and jury bathed in the Hegelian Dialectic (HD). An ‘HD’ statement that is required for validation, just as highlighted in the last installment.

Why a series like that made the history channel at this particular point in time is curious indeed, is there a hidden motive or message? Interestingly, I don’t give a flying rats arse. The phony media has no bearing on my common sense business moves, but it goes to show that once the “documentary boys” dot the i’s we all say, “hey, it’s all true!”

Folks, that last statement will be far too late if it comes after a media message from US officialdom, especially when it is in regards to the western King Dollar demise. Too late for actionable alternatives, and that’s a fact Jack!

Next up, it appears that the White House has a gambler’s nature and decided to say, “Hey, if you aren’t successful the first time, maybe it’s time to double down on stupidity and just hope for the best!” Check this out…..

OK, I get it. The government is bloated and out of control, running in opposite directions, and my man Mr. T is having a tough time getting things in proper order, but this line is surely waiting in the west wing….. “The Buck Stops Here!” Which segues nicely to this little gem…..

This paragraph from the above link stands out for ole’ WG……

Known as a hawk on issues related to Iran, last month in London Mattis recalled a statement he made in 2012 in which he stated that the three gravest threats to American national security were “Iran, Iran, Iran,” an echo of Liberman’s statement at the Munich Security Conference in February that main challenges facing the region were “Iran, Iran, Iran.”

WG, quit attacking the US. I mean, look at your picture headlining this article, aren’t you a proud American? Yes, but hiding from the truth which is “Pipelines, pipelines, pipelines” is pointless. Oh and btw how many countries is it Iran has invaded lately? Think the last “former” president and nicknames for your answer……

This next link from Zerohedge is excellent, but needs to continue beating the drums that no research works when there are no markets. The thinning out of employed experts is just a part of the process in the economic failure of the paper markets. It’s just more evidence for your review folks, that is all it is. All eyes need to be opened. Anyway, who needs experts when it's the QE points of future entry that matter, combined with the “algos” that are required for expert research. Which is some sort of oxymoron……So check this next gem out……

This next guy is a member of the “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” (to be listed later for your review once again with updates). He is one of the most astute market analysts I have had the privilege of keeping track of…..note the quote highlighted below the link……

From John Hussman’s (free) weekly market comment series ……

With no material change to our investment outlook, I’ll keep this comment brief. On the basis of the most reliable valuation measures we identify (those most tightly correlated with actual subsequent 10-12 year S&P 500 total returns), current market valuations stand about 140-165% above historical norms. No market cycle in history, even those prior to the mid-1960s when interest rates were similarly low, has failed bring valuations within 25% of these norms, or lower, over the completion of the market cycle. On a 12-year horizon, we project likely S&P 500 nominal total returns averaging close to zero, with the likelihood of an interim market loss on the order of 50-60% over the completion of the current cycle. JH

As we reflect on his second line in the paragraph above, "current market valuations stand about 140%-!65%" we need to keep one thing in mind, ya can't have market valuations if you have no frickin' market.  Hell, the PE ratios might as well be around 500 for the dividend paying hotshots of the DOW Industrial's, let alone the high flying "FANG’s”…..! Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, & Google……

Damn the PE Torpedoes Nothing Can Stop The Equity Markets Now....!

Damn the PE Torpedoes Nothing Can Stop The Equity Markets Now....!

Speaking of analysis, how about this next one from the “The Drudge of the Economic World” ZeroHedge……

As stated by ZH in the above link, no one seems to give a crap about these disastrous numbers. After all, paper asset prices are providing celebratory champagne moments at every quarterly report for each and every western paper worshiping dullard.  And so what of the fact we now have a record number of working age people not in the workforce .... I mean who cares?   They do, that's who…..check out the real deal in the link below……

Go to table A-16 at the bottom of the report in the link above.  The good news is, the charts are telling us that we keep getting better at getting worse. Nice to be numero uno, right? It's just meaningless noise though as most can't hear it over the "bubbly" pouring out over truly truly meaningless quarterly statements designed to entrap the mind and body. An entrapment that assists the Wolf Gray's sheeple corralling theory, as described multiple times over that past couple years.

Next in another example of overcapacity in the US economy check out this link, illustrating where demand refuses to go…..

So what’s the “word,” WG? Buckle up, buttercup, this is the key fundamental driver of any economy, IN FAILURE…!

In fact, for verification, note the prior installments and the multiple references to the superb articles by Steve St. Angelo of the ’’. Articles that highlight that the Saudis and the US “frackin’ gang” are in big trouble with profitability that has clearly already given up. It’s just the real business tea leaves folks, business harped on now for over a couple years.

This next link is home to an excellent article. As discussed regularly, when looking for evidence of the shift to the eastern powerhouse nations for business productivity and a brighter future for all, one need not look any further than the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and the BRI (Best & Road Initiative).  The bully is standing alone, with it's currency being rejected on the global stage.  Oops, I forgot the bully is the USSA.

This one paragraph pulled from the above link says a mouthful regarding the shift in participation, and participants.  And make no mistake about it, I don't care what the ledger says regarding China's business partners, I would wager that the list is far longer than being reported.....

This should not come as a surprise, since even countries like Jordan and Israel have been taken into account by Beijing for important infrastructure projects related to the transport of desalinated water to regions with a high rate of drought. With Israel, the Chinese partnership is stronger than ever, counting on various factors such as technological development and the expansion of several Israeli ports to connect more Chinese maritime routes with destinations in the Mediterranean like Piraeus in Greece and probably Venice in Italy. Turkey's entry into the SCO is mainly aimed at gathering the region's major oil and gas suppliers and consumers under a single umbrella guaranteed by the SCO. These operations take time and a degree of cooperation that is hard to maintain, although the resolution of the situation in Syria, in addition to the crisis in the Gulf between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, could accelerate synergies and easily facilitate them. SC

I pulled this particular paragraph because of a strangely quiet big name player shows up, Israel.  Nothing new though, as this has been reported multiple times in the past, with highlights of Russia having been an active partner as well with Israel. Are you/we reading the tea leaves folks?

As reported by others @ '' there is yet another significant achievement by the SCO. The following rather significant additions by the new titan of business cooperatives the SCO, now includes Pakistan and India.  Of course, Russia also played a key role in this "put aside your differences in order to make some real money" agreement between the two on again off again enemies.  So can we all say, "the dollar failure handwriting is on the wall?” If not, just what wall are we/you facing?

The “signs” are everywhere. I can’t resist this musical message…..

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind

Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign? Five Man Electric Band


More Reality Checks For Our Evidentiary Paper Failure Timeline

Several of the above links should have provided adequate “western reality checks,” but if not, then there are these gems. First from our friends at Moody’s and as discussed several weeks ago on RM radio with the Team…..

The Chinese government debt to GDP ratio is what? 36.7%, which required a debt downgrade. And just what is the US’s? 110% and rising, and even that is not reported properly. That’s no surprise, even though the US should be rated “JUNK(-)” …..! But this is well beyond the “give me a break” category because the US actually gets a AAA rating from Moody’s.

But as per Ken Schortgen Jr., on the same previously mentioned show, “Moody’s is owned by who? Why, its the “Welfare Whore,” big daddy Warren Buffett.” I added the “Welfare Whore” moniker, not Ken. Truthfully, I wouldn’t care if it was owned by Captain Kirk, the ratings collusion is in-your-face to say the least. This is, to put it mildly, an outrageous and preposterous “paper ratings defense” of the dollar. Which means a reflection on 3rd World status is in the offing, later in this very installment…..but first take note of this common sense business reality check…..

Business is business folks, and finding ways to do it safely is a key element to good business. Even our ancestors in the old wild west got that very business fact. That’s a partial reason why they kept moving, and also why they drove out the outlaws with names like John Hardin. We Americans don’t take shit too well, so names like Earp enter the picture to make it a safer environment. But even guys like him were run out town if they got to high and mighty. On that note, check out the following from article from “The Daily Economist,” and think about an outgoing bully……

Clearly the lap dog of the US, Japan is reading the proper wall with regards to the handwriting on it. And meanwhile you can find gems like this if you do your own research on all the “business reality checks” staring at us…….

Speaking of economic tea leaves that are rotten, does anybody not get the significance of the state of Connecticut possibly going bankrupt? I sure as hell do. It is from my former playground of resource products. It is significant because Connecticut’s primary claim to business and economic fame comes from the the sales of “financial products.” And equally significant is that this news disappeared from the news print and airwaves almost as quick as it arrived.

‘Props’ to ZeroHedge, an alternative media player in the Hegleian Dialectic, that got the significance of this Connecticut pending failure right. Sadly, no-one gets the significance. They are silently addicted to a system they don’t even know exists. So meanwhile, and right on cue, Illinois is screaming, “don’t leave us out, we feel we are “broker” than they are.” Ironically, Connecticut has left the headline zone. It will come roaring back, I bet, In fact, it actually does by the end of this article, ironically since it takes me several days to do these things…hot news always catches me by surprise!

Is it’s disappearance due to the fact it is a “financial product state,” and you can’t have a financial product state’s failure dominating the headlines? Paper has to reign supreme folks! At least for the media moment. Reflect back to the Moodys segment above in financial ratings ’bs’….. 3rd world rehash coming in a moment…..

Next up, a great article from former team Reagan member Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I bashed this guy about 2 and a half years ago when he had a headline that insinuated that the US military were murderers. The military follows orders, to question those orders can lead to “second guessing and DEATH!” It’s the guys/gals giving those orders who should have the negative nameplates and headlines. Otherwise, I like Mr. Robert’s work, like this next link……

The above article falls in line with the last installment in which I stated, “who cares about the "Deep State vs. Trump, it's just Hegelian dialectic (HD) noise."  This article from Dr. Roberts illustrates to me that this is very high level HD noise, and it is a noise that does carry some weight.  Does it matter?  Yes, but permit me to add…… does it change the effective outcome for the need for proper preparations for westerners and in particular the US Sixpacks?  Absolutely not, it’s nothing more than some additional tea leaves of failure whistling in the wind.

It's high level noise, that very sadly and frankly still indicates that regardless of which way the wind blows due to the choices Mr. Trump makes, the US is screwed, to quote a former WG classmate.  The US is not in control of it's financial destination anymore.  Outside of that fact they can lessen the blow by getting on with the collapsing of the bubble blowing machinery. As WG stated about 6 months ago, by sucking the air out of the over indebted system. 

Unfortunately, if Mr. T keeps making stupid statements like the one about the US GDP heading skyward, and the economy being on the mend, then he will have taken ownership of the US's upcoming financial status (also a recent quote per Bill Holter of '' which I totally agree with).  Perfectly played Mr. T, right into the predictions made by the western bankster leadership from 1988 via a Rothschild based magazine that predicted a gold phoenix rising from the ashes in 2018 to save the day. And why would I say that?

Folks, the collapse will happen. But with these sorts of foolish phony financial statements, you have taken it off the bankster's doorstep of ownership. Meaning two things are a lock: either China, and it's eastern partners are recognized worldwide as the new sheriff in town on the world's economic stage (already are btw only the US lapdog media says otherwise) while the dollar is in it's failure mode. And/or at the same time the banksters come back as the western regional saviors after some preliminary pain with their dramatic 2018 entrance. 

China and Russia win regardless as we are on the wrong side of the negotiating table. Western pain that will clearly need some financial saviors to rise from the self induced ashes.  That last one can't happen without pain and ashes in advance.  And an overnight version of that will not suffice!   And 2018 is when?????

So one way or another, a beat down cometh for westerners and in particular stubborn holders of dollar based instruments. Already happening, as evidenced in last week's installment.  And what does all that 'bs' I just ran by you mean?   All the brilliant analysis by Mr. Roberts or anyone else for that matter, including yours truly, will not change the outcome for "paper bound buffoons,” and neither can Trump.  The only thing we can control, the level of personal financial punishment.  So do the smart thing and make your own common sense business like preparations. But do it outside the western system's controlling factors.  

Get rid of counter-party risk US paper crap, like the treasury debt instruments, and the US dollar, and replace it with tangible hard assets.  Don't fight history, 600+ (some sources say several thousand) fiat based currencies have died, died to the tune of 100% of those on record having failed.  100%. The dollar will be no different. 

The "King Dollar" Titanic is going down, and the idiots on board can be heard saying, "Who could have seen this coming?" How about every single person with a functioning brain stem that understands the logic of 100% odds of a certain outcomes when particular criteria are fully satisfied.  But at least you "paper worshiping Titanic bound dudes & dudettes" can comfort one another in your pain, no one being dumber than the other.  Taking Selfies to the end.  Except don't look for me partner, I for one, am in a life boat rowing my arse as fast as I can away from this crap.  I suggest you do the same.

Paying Just To Play in the Western Paper Bound System

In 1978 WG earned an engineering undergrad degree, but I was forced to take a quick detour into the “Financial Services Biz” due to the poor jobs market. Interestingly, my alma mater has yet to ask for my degree back or require me to do all kinds of continuing education crap to keep the sheepskin in my possession. Not so with the finical services biz, especially with higher education achievements signified by the initials in the opening intro to this installment.

Every couple of years I was required to take expensive, higher education courses (this was in addition to the insurance cont. ed. ‘bs’, which was lower cost) courtesy of the same outfits that awarded me my designations. How ironic? Meaning, If I were to be caught handing out cards, our sending out stationary with those designations after my name, while not having paid homage to the financial educational wizards of paper, I would be tarred and feathered.

Want to take a guess as to when this continuing ed, profit pilfering supplemented by required “errors and omissions” insurance/business tax racket (not really a tax but it might as well be) started to ramp up in popularity? If you read the last installment, just use it as a guide. How about in the late 90’s. Yep, he and I came up with the same basic dating, as in around the time of the 1999 repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. The birth date of the legendary Triple Headed Hydra (brokerage/insurance/banking) of bubble blowing!

In fact, with regards to the insurance portions of our licensees, we both agreed that most carriers didn’t even require overpriced “e & o” (errors & omissions insurance) in order to sell their products until the late 90’s. After 1999, and in particular after 9/11, these excess fees piled up everywhere thanks to over regulation in order to make sure we “sales-piss-ants” complied with Federal money laundering rules. Gee, there’s an oxymoron. The government, of all institutions, protecting the public from us and any money laundering scams via our licensure requirements and applicable excessive fees. Put simply, it’s just a money collection scam via the fascist business models.

You get to pay 1000’s of dollars per year in order to play in the world that I used to work in.

What does that have to do with us non financial dudes & dudettes, WG? If we pay up, then guess what, “YOU PAY UP AS WELL!” How about Zero-Care? For now, let’s forget that pointed little item. How about when you pay off all your debt, are you free to play without paying the overlords to be “safe” within the system? You know the answer, just take into context the issue of taxes, taxes in a multitude of sneaky forms, like at the gas pump and everywhere else. You can’t even get an estimate for the monthly fees from the morons at the communications companies in the west anymore. Has this ever happened to you?

“Well Mr. WG, your long distance charges will be “X,” and your local charges will be “Y”… but please be advised that is not inclusive of federal taxes and fees!” WG, “Thank you, but what will the grand total be including the federal taxes and fess?” You know what the answer is, there ain’t one. So what, WG, who cares? Here’s so what. I am old enough to remember, when they could total up that crap to within a couple cents or so, but not anymore….! A true sign that they, they being the fascist business model architects, are running out of ways to pilfer our puppet arses without us making a run on the hardware stores for “PF & T’s”……..pitch forks and torches.

Speaking of pilferers check this out…..low and behold it’s “The Welfare Whore”……

This guy is a blithering idiot.  Isn’t it easy for a rich man on the public dole to hand out advice?  What a piece of shit.

That’s right, you are paying him to be rich. Ya got to pay to play. Just like you pay the other fascist leadership boys like the FANG gang, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. All beneficiaries of the Triple Headed Hydra and it’s inflated piece of crap business models. Business models that robbed from the real world of business, and gifted to the phony paper world of business. Sorry I am ranting…..

This next link is interesting, and the facts read somewhat true, but don’t tell the real story, note that number 2 put a big smirk on my face …..

I can guarantee you from being a repeat attendee at the "continuing ed." financial indoctrination meetings, that there isn't a single clue almost anywhere within the world of finical pros with respect to the true value in hard assets.  Saving for retirement with what folks?  I mean come-on man! 999 out of 1,000 financial wizards in the US wouldn't have a clue, as they would baffle you with sophisticated words like "modern portfolio theory," or the 1952 Markowitz program.  Hey, no problem, you will have plenty of company and will soon recognize that you are investing in your future the same way the other numb nutzes are after attending the next "neat guy/neat gal" gathering.   No one has a clue in the west as the economic collapse train is bearing down on them.

Take That Paper Crap And Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine Punk ....!

Take That Paper Crap And Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine Punk ....!

Just keep paying to play, that’s all you are doing as the corralling (as highlighted in other installments) reaches a fevered pitch. Next up is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts once again. BTW, there is no particular reasons to the support material and articles I supply to these installments other than they catch my eye in a way that says they might just provide some impetus for readers to take substantive action. And that is the WG goal.

The last segment will provide a different angle regarding the “Hard Asset Tip.” But on to the interview with Dr. Roberts, with a revisit to 3rd world western defined wizardry and magic.


@ 1:09... Here is a great analysis of the story that reaches the people in the economy, and rest assured it ain’t what academics are reporting on the value of interest rates.  Dr. Roberts rightly points out that the rates have been raised in such small amounts with respect to inflation (real inflation) that real rates have actually declined. 

@ 2:48... Any improvements in the economy?  Dr. Roberts’s answer is that it's all fake news which adds more fuel to the fire of it's nothingness.  He goes straight to the BLS numbers which is old news to most RM regulars, but worthy of mention for any new readers.  He also pulls some more accurate numbers from John Williams of "Shadow Stats," and it ain't no 4.7% unemployment rate, instead it is closer to 23%.  Personally, I would actually feel safe betting that is low-balled big time, thanks to a little voice in my ear that keeps talking about the near 100 million working age folks not in the work force. Next they discuss the "Business birth death" rate, an item that emotes absolute magic, nothing more.

@ 9:35... Can Trump turn things around economically?  Dr. Roberts says (paraphrasing with my words), big corporations are thinking only about short term easy profits by killing the domestic consumer via manufacturing and engineering jobs being moved offshore, and Trump can't overrule that form of business momentum, momentum that is already well well under way.  In short, "NO!" Let WG add his version, "quit thinking short term you greedy fascist knot-heads, you have allowed the competition long term thinking to kick our butts, but it’s no sweat off your back’s as I suspect you are just “hedging” away…!”

@ 14:44... As stated in prior installments, the US is a 3rd world country.  It's just the msm/alternative media that have delayed the kick-off events.  Note their discussion of a key 3rd world characteristics (I highlighted 8 in a prior installment) the jobs market has very, very little middle class jobs.  The middle class is dying, again, an important 3rd world characteristic. 

For greater clarity on the 3rd world, please go to the prior installment linked below, and head to the segment titled "Final 3rd World Thoughts" ..........

Quick Side Note: Per my Hat Trick Letter subscription, it would appear the trash business is on the decline. Especially when the items that are now not being emptied, are from the large dumpster variety. Per Dr. Willie via on the ground intel from one of his subscribers (I love on the ground intel), a major waste removal company has had a 62% drop in the numbers of large waste containers to be emptied. I got it!!!!! Since unemployment is so so so low maybe they are making these huge improvements in the employment numbers by “illegals” doing the waste removal by hand. No trucks needed. Next stop the 3rd world, oops I forgot we are already there.

@ 16:41... Dr. Roberts feels that the US economic system is "washed-up" ..... nothing can be done to save it.   Exactamundo! And that is why Trump needs to get on with the “economic-truth” so those with a spine can fight for a rebuild to a successful foundation for the US economic edifice.

@ 17:12... The question at this juncture is who is in control of the country, the USA?  Dr. Roberts is a stickler for his belief, (he has said this many times in the past) that it is the military security complex that controls the USA, and as such, they are the reason Trump is having so much trouble putting a story of truth to a proper relationship with Russia.  A discussion of the Israeli powers over the US military industrial complex is also included in this segment.  Finally Dr. Roberts does mention the big banks as part of evil in the control towers.  Note he mentions the NY Fed. And I ask you, what is next door to them? Why it’s the US Treasury and what is it the controller of?  The ESF, the most powerful western entity in the western world, But as usual, outside of Rob Kirby and a few others, no one likes to mention that very fact.

@ 23:00... At this point Dr. Roberts makes a point that I think is crucial to the understanding of what has truly been the primary product of the US’s manufacturing/exporting business models..... “DOLLARS.”  The central point is we export very little of value, unless you count non-intrinsic valued US paper as important.  In which case, you are clueless as well. Which btw, same said US paper is being dumped by our trading partners who are tired of the printing 'bs', and the lack of any real business product value, via the much more important natural resources provided by the planet.  Thus "real goods and services."

@ 26:05... Dr. Roberts agrees with WG that the recent crypto currency rise is due to the need for safe havens, unpublished btw on the msm airways in an attempt to get away from the fiat paper printing insanity. 

@ 27:25... A general question is asked, are we truly going after the terrorists or is it just meaningless rhetoric with no changes to any of the past US buffoonery?  As an example, he says Zero used ISIS to take out Gaddafi.  Dr. Roberts says that Russia and Syria have actually won the current advertised war, but conversely the US rhetoric from the Trump administration is apparently just another effort at fomenting the Syrian conflict.  Meanwhile, he also notes that the Russians appear to be drawing a line in the sand for the US leadership.  This may get ugly, but I still would bet on no major conflicts.

@ 32:42... Here in just 18 seconds Dr. Roberts lays out a high level, PhD-like analysis of the US leadership skill sets.  Good stuff folks.  “IDIOTS!” Now that reaches the heart of the matter.  I seem to remember several other favorite WG deep thinkers that have said that very same thing.  WG, you are being facetious with an important issue.  NOPE, I am illustrating how easy it is to see these ultra important issues, while at the same time I see so little action within the Sixpack communities to protect oneself from same said frickin' idiocy!

@ 33:00... Dr. Roberts adds his opinion on the western announced next Syrian chemical attack.  He feels it is all about firing up the US Sixpacks. I felt this is worthy of mentioning, even though RM friends and associates have hit on it heavily of late.  Why bother?  Because he is another connected dude, formerly a high ranking member of "Team Reagan."  Thus more quality ammunition that says … “prepare!”

But never fear, if we do something really brilliant, like another chemical false flag attack, maybe we can hear another chorus of "The Untied States of America is Back” once again, just like they were on 4/06/17. 

Time to address a little redneck logic with a WGism', don't forget to look at a simple map, and note the location of Syria to Turkey, Iran, and major bodies of water like "the Med."  Pipelines, baby, pipelines!  One main question keeps sounding off in my noggin, "do we ever quit meddling in people's business?"

Next up, one has to ask is there a big meeting of world leaders on the horizon? (of course we know a G20 is coming up)…?

I smell some grandstanding once again in preparation for big meetings ahead. Kind of like meeting with a Chinese big wig right after bombing one of their key trade partners in early April as a bogus show of strength, wouldn’t you say?. If this guy really is negotiating behind the scenes for equitable trade arrangements with other nations, he sure has me fooled.

Has it occurred to anyone, that with Japan leaning towards gaining as much favor with China as they possible can with no red flags, that there is only one member of the bankrupt cartoonish G-7 left with any industrial clout, and even that clout is by self-advertisement only? The USSA….. an economic legend in their own minds, and exempted of 3rd world status by their own delusional definitions!

And as a follow up check out this next headline……

Clearly there has to be a big meeting coming up somewhere.  As noted above, the last time this guy had a major meeting scheduled he bombed an airport over a false flag event, and followed with a contentious meeting with Xi Jinping in early April.

I still have to admit that many times things really can be moving in opposite directions, in direct violation of the principles ascribed in the counter moves highlighted above. Not the US / South China Sea chaotic apparent aggression or posturing. But for contrast, just note the above buffoonish moves by Mr. Trump, and then try to explain the important trade moves being made with Matt Potting (of Team Trump) to make inroads with China in the OBOR initiative (credits to my ’’ premium content reports for this info), the biggest commerce project in world history.

Based on the above paragraph, it’s like the US leadership suffers from a bout of schizophrenia. One minute on the opposite page from China, and the next day or minute @ 12:01 am, “we’re with ya partner, go China, go China, go. We’re right behind ya.” I/we have been saying for some time, ignore the media noise and pay attention to common sense business up’s or down’s. Like the rising numbers of “charge-off’s” on US credit card customers. Common sense, just use some common sense folks.

So is Trump “Punk-ing Out?” On the international scene, it would appear the answer is YES, as he seems bound by a moronic dollar hegemony approach, with a chorus in the background of “it’s our failed way or the highway buster.” The rest of the world’s key economic nations are turning east, and dollar dumping may soon become a new olympic sport. It sure looks as if Mr. T can’t stop feeding his ego, this still rings in my ears, “We have done more than any Presidential team in world history.”

What a load of, EGO. In fact, the more he runs into congressional roadblocks, the more he punks-out, but still keeps on bragging. Honestly, I haven’t given up on him yet, but he is getting really boring, and very neoconish. Appears a WG favorite music message is up once again………


After all he wouldn’t do anything like this would he, to feed a grandstanding ego?

Yep I can see President Eisenhower jumping off the top ropes delivering a head-butt…..Gee whiz Mr. T …. I hope this is a joke! Though it is humorous, certainly Mr. T didn't spend his own time working on this stuff.  WG you are getting all bent out of shape over nothing, after all, I bet the Russians and Chinese do these sorts of things all the time with "Bad Vlad" highlighting his "1 & a half" off the top rope to deliver a flying knee.  Yeah I bet so, I bet it is all over the Russian's favorite media websites.  And you know the Chinese go for these sorts of antics, after all there's Godzilla & Mothra, oops that's Japan.  Ya can't top the USA we are the enlightened and progressive entertainment crew focusing on the real news!  Yeah right!  Back to the proper storyline …

“The Hard Asset Tip with the Final Thoughts” below will show the type of news that really matters when predicting the trends that will affect each of us. But before getting there, why is it that I think Trump (just another in many reasons btw) hasn’t a prayer of stopping the 20 ton falling knife of King Dollar failure? For some expert support check out the article below from David Stockman……

The 20 ton knife can’t be stopped because the public’s ego drove it to levels that no one can "recognize,” thanks to desires for self indulgent bling and ”wants" that blinded their vision. “Recognize” how WG?  As being totally foolhardy, and totally impossible to reconcile.  In the above link, Stockman hits on some key points, and appeals to my memories of standard monetary desires.   Again, what’s missing in the article…?!

An analysis of the ability of how “the-bogus-paper-carpetbagger-bullshit-artists” were able to sell the Sixpacks on a false belief that they were entitled to anything and everything as long as the price was right.  This enlightenment required a heavy dose of "MD" .... massive debt to one's purchasing capabilities in order to be successful. And once the bogus carpetbaggers can’t find a way to entice the buyers anymore, like now with stagflation on the scene, they just went warp speed on their slick set-up (set up long ago) as the welfare whores on the back end of the deal via taxes, government contracts (like free phones, free my ares), and various forms of bail outs/ins.  And in real terms, check out this conservative (my opinion) debt viewpoint from Mr. Stockman ......

But it also means that the U.S. economy is now lugging two turns of extra debt compared to the historic norm. Mainstream opinion, of course, says “so what?” DS

Great line, and might I add per WG's observations the "Hegelian-Dialectic" has already done it's damage within the Sixpack common sensory receptors.  Which leaves only one potential saving grace, one tool left in the economic tool belt, one that is needed in the west and the USSA.  Needed A.S.A.P.  Regulars to these pages realize just what delicate corrective tool is necessary, an "economic beat-down sledge-hammer."  It will happen, and let me restate, it will not be a simple couple week event.  Depending on where you live in the US, the sledge hammer has already paid a visit.  It will not stay away from your community either, of that you can be sure.  Who says so?  Your/Our egos, that's who, each of us entitled to every debt inspired “want” we desire. 

If it hasn't already come a knockin,’ make no mistake, a reckoning is scheduled to come to a neighborhood near you, and you have been warned once again!


Hard Asset Tip & Final Thoughts

For over 3 years now ole WG has been throwing out ideas for a properly structured DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio), so this time around it will be done a little differently. The bigger picture reasons to take action will be highlighted hoping to inspire one to act, as opposed to an actual hard asset. I will leave you to fill in the hard asset blanks. In most cases, and in this case as well, I am speaking towards those with their paper ties to the western paper financial structures, and in particular the US economic edifices.

Before listing just a couple of the news releases that highlight these facts with in-your-face information, please take advantage of the fact that I did have a somewhat successful financial services background. A background that gives me a slight leg up on most of you in understanding where the really valuable information comes from. The information from sources that are laced with the truth, like those within the “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” (WGFSPC). Do I think each and every one of these experts is spot-on with everything they mention? No. For example, not all of them have been perfect on their timing issues with regards to an event that signifies the Sixpack world will finally “get it.”

The WGFSPC: My corporate advisory team consists of the likes of Wolf Gray Senior & grandpa Wolf Gray (common sense solutions team ingrained in my memory banks), James the Russian Analyst (eastern geopolitics), “The Economic SilverBack” &/or Jim Willie (the overall geopolitical economic trail w/“W” in the background), Rob Kirby (debt & paper corruption trails), James Wesley Rawls (survival techniques), Ken Schortgen Jr. & John Hussman (economic minutia), and last, but far from least, the WolfPack, which now includes “You” the RM commenters (on the ground business sources). *** for additions to the original listing made in Sept. of 2014………………

***The Sirius Report & London Paul (geo-political expert & global economics), Clif High & “The ALTA Report (predictive linguistics), John Williams Shadow Stats (truth to US economic ‘bs’), ‘’ Jim Sinclair/Bill Holter (geo-political expert & global economics), BanksterSlayer (the mystical numbers racket of the evil doers), Steve St. Angelo ’’ (brilliant energy analysis applied to global economics).

Do I trust everything each of these experts say? No. But a little common sense will get you past most internal/external objections and allow for proper actions in your planning. When they talk, I normally do my best to take the time to listen, and I politely recommend that you do the same. Now for the specifics on the world scene, that are highlighted with vast historical importance that will hopefully aid in your decision making……

Regarding the above link, and as mentioned in the hot months of 2014, this is one of the single biggest in-your-face game changers in recent memory.  With a middle finger aimed towards the west.  Here you have the natural resource powerhouse Russia, and the manufacturing powerhouse China saying, “Catch me if you can!'

Want an exclamation point added to the massive sea change of world leadership that says to us westerners to, “act now!!!??” Then check out this next link….

Though energy issues are still the biggest game in town, and abound on a worldwide scale, the guys in control these days are now clearly those highlighted in the two previous links. With an honest appraisal of world events, these headlines would have been major major news.  But in a Sixpack world blinded by a deluge of debt inspired “wants,” it escapes actionable view. But not the view of WG or his “WGFSPC.”

Or how about the view via a little WG “business 101” for evidentiary motivation to proceed with optimization of your DHAP of to just plain begin one…….

At the risk of being repetitive, but not at risk for being meaningless in the evidence of these shifts: The US is running out of prospective business partners, and low and behold they had to dig into it’s dead and dying inventory of old business duds. Enter a real piece of world garbage, Saudi Arabia. Actually, we sought them out. A true sign of weakness. But it gets worse in the next paragraph. Amazingly and predictability, after the “supposed” sale of military arms to the bankrupt petro-dollar business associate, then came the demonizing of a huge LNG supplier, Qatar.

But the real value in this pointless attack is that Qatar is pro-Iran, and Iran is what? One “bad mamma jamma” in the energy world. So in a business sense that revolves around honest rules, it’s pointless. But in the world of business intimidation it is predictable. I am comfortable with the meaning in the prior sentence, thanks to common business sense that is also verified with quality intel from my WGFSPC team members, and in particular London Paul and his Sirius Report a while back.

In addition check out this zinger, from the ever intrepid Jim Willie via my “Hat Trick Letter” subscription.  His research indicates that the arms deals were nothing but a big shit sandwich. A sandwich filled with nothing but letters of intent and IOU’s. Nothingness! I say once again pipelines, baby, a load of Pipeline Posturing!

Maybe Klatu, from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” can set us straight in the clip below. Just substitute "Our currency was dying" at the 19 second mark for enlightenment.

We in the west are being played like a fine violin. Played in a way that ironically requires us to pay in order to play, when instead we should be embroiled in hard work via honest pursuits, pursuits that are highlighted by attempts at improving our family's lot in life. This stuff ain’t the economy’s fault, it ain’t the greedy bought and paid for government’s fault (is somewhat though), it ain’t the greedy bought and paid for business leaders fault (is somewhat though), it is primarily the fault of those that comprise the uninitiated within “we the people.” Reminds me of what should be a typical conversation regarding an underfunded Sixpack vacation, in it’s beginning stages:  Kid, "Mom are we there yet?"  Mom, "Where sugar?"  Kid, "The brink!" A 5th grader could get this stuff in proper perspective folks.

At the last minute, some recent news indicates that N.J. joined a few other states in the “we got financial issues” group…..You can't make this crap up folks, so let's add N.J. to the list of the financially embattled!

Ask yourself this simple question, do these sorts of things happen when we are rollicking in good times? Prudence, financial prudence with one’s own funds, that is, may be the only financial diversification needed. The signs are everywhere…..

Who Are Those Other Guys Sitting Up Here Watching The Chaos, Oh Yeah They Are Corporate Insiders

Who Are Those Other Guys Sitting Up Here Watching The Chaos, Oh Yeah They Are Corporate Insiders

If you link the “existing/past” evidence highlighted in the energy deals above (and note I said “existing & past”) point to the potential negative effects on the western economic back-drop, then I would strongly maintain that not taking action is akin to just plain giving up……

It doesn't mean much

It doesn't mean anything at all

The life I've left behind me

Is a cold room

I've crossed the last line

From where I can't return

Where every step I took in faith

Betrayed me

And led me from my home

Sweet surrender Is all that I have to give..Sarah McLachlan

Stay Within The System, Go Ahead Surrender .....!

Stay Within The System, Go Ahead Surrender .....!


God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the Thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, Cris, The Wolfpack, ZeroHedge, David Stockman, Jim Willie & “The Hat Trick Letter, London Paul & The Sirius Report, ‘’ & Bill Holter, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, X22 Report, John Hussman, ‘’, ‘’, The Daily Economist, ‘’, King World News, ‘’, Sarah McLachlan & David Bowie/Queen & Five Man Electric Band