Missionaries Make Perfect Spies

"Certain aspects of these groups’ financial activities raise poignant questions about 'whether such organizations could serve as a cover for intelligence activity conducted by unfriendly states.'" -- Sputnik News quoting from Roman Silantyev, June 12, 2017

Earlier this month on June 6th, the Church of Scientology in Russia suffered yet another bout of harassment from the Federal Security Service (FSB), successor of the KGB. I say "another" because this "church," or what I would better describe as a "psychology clinic," has endured scrutiny by Russian officials off and on for many years. In spite of the ongoing investigations, the organization has always come out unscathed. No accusation ever seems to stick to them for reasons about which I will speculate further along in this blog.

The Sputnik version of this latest incident added some keen insight that indicates that the Russian government sees much more than the usual tax-revenue infractions being committed by the Church. In the statement offered by Roman Silantyev, a religious studies expert, he sees the recent moves being taken by Russia against various foreign-based religious groups as "an adequate reaction by the state to the changing foreign political situation." Silantyev went on to say: 

"When the US openly declares Russia its main enemy, making such statements on a regular basis, the attitude towards religious groups based on potential (or, to be honest, real) adversary’s territory tends to change," Silantyev said.

Certain aspects of these groups’ financial activities raise poignant questions about 'whether such organizations could serve as a cover for intelligence activity conducted by unfriendly states.'

Whoa! And thus with one stroke of the pen we have one of the greatest insights I have yet seen offered by any observer of organized religion: Missionaries make the best spies.

Where Do All Those Confessions Go?

I sat here pondering Silantyev's give-away in the light of what is known about how Scientology works. It was L. Ron Hubbard who, after studying mental health patients, devised the system of Dianetics which was a way of helping a person cleanse their mind from the debilitating effects of recreational drugs. Keep that on the back burner for a moment: agencies like the CIA are engaged in massive drug-trafficking and even more nefarious chemical-induced mind control protocols to gain control where needed or to impose blackmail where needed on various targeted subjects. Scientology, on the other hand, seems to be the antithesis to the CIA's game-board. Through Dianetics, an adherent of the course lets go of recreational druggery and begins training his mental will [my Antarctica readers will remember that wording in the myth about the "Vril"] to identify and purge the negative aspects of your inner spirituality.

The student, or "pre-clear" as they are called, sits down with a trainer, or "auditor," who will engage the student in a structured question-and-answer session to help the student self-identify those areas that are causing him trouble. The auditor will use the device pictured here, called an E-meter, and place it into the hands of the student. The device is something like a biofeedback machine that helps the auditor and student measure electric impulses as they proceed through the conversation. Some have said that the E-meter functions like a polygraph machine though this is denied by the Church. However, the analogy of this device to a polygraph machine is not without merit.

Now step back from a moment and consider what that implies. The "pre-clear", or student, pours out his heart in this recorded interview while being led along by a trained auditor and the electrical feedback from the E-meter. Can you imagine how such a voluntary truth-serum system would be cherished by priests as they sit behind a confessional curtain? Imagine the details that could be drawn out by an interrogation system that flags particular areas of a person's life as worthy of more discussion.

The Church invokes its status as an official religion to keep those recorded interviews confidential. The Auditors cannot be compelled to reveal what they've heard from these audit sessions just as courts tend to recognize the confidentiality of a typical confessional.

The "pre-clear" certainly knows that the interview is being recorded and filed away for use as part of his own self-analytical therapy. But what if he was unaware that secret microphones were also being hidden away in that same room so that there was the "official" recording being made of the interview but also an "unofficial" recording of the interview?

And what if a government intel agency became aware of the existence of those "unofficial" recordings? Would they consider such files to be a useful asset to the State? My Sixth Sense feels that it most certainly would. Here is where my own high-octane speculation kicked in. If you were an FSB official seeking to get a leg up on any intel on Russian oligarchs, but wanted to obtain that information through, shall we say, "unofficial" channels, where would you go?

How about taking advantage of an institution where oligarchs go to spill their mental guts, an institution that primarily attracts oligarchs due to the steep cost of the fees? And wouldn't you know it, but, the cost of advancing through all 16 levels of the full Scientology program happens to cost about one million rubles. That figure can be found if you use the Google Translate function to read the video description under this Youtube video. This, by the way, is what a raid of your business by the FSB feels like in St. Petersburg.


As a matter of fact, Russian authorities have been raiding or harassing Scientology offices annually, like clockwork, for many years. I'm wondering if the "raid" is really more of a regularly scheduled "pick-up" of files and audio recordings.

Why bug a church when they're doing it for themselves?

In June of 2016, the UK Guardian reported another raid:

The Federal Security Service (FSB) said officers “conducted simultaneous searches” at 14 addresses in Moscow and St Petersburg as part of an apparent investigation into alleged illegal business dealings by the Church of Scientology in Russia’s second city.

“Objects and documents were found and seized that proved the version of the investigators about the marketing functions for goods and services of the Church of Scientology of Saint Petersburg in violation of the law,” a statement carried by Russian news agencies said.

In August of 2015, Moscow investigators launched a raid of a Scientology facility and did in fact take possession of those files for a few weeks. RT.com reported:

Police sources say a raid on the Moscow headquarters of the Church of Scientology earlier this year revealed spy equipment installed in reconciliation rooms. A leak claims the recordings could allegedly be used to blackmail parishioners of the church.

Illegal audio and video recording equipment was planted in the headquarters of a religious organization situated on Taganskaya Street in downtown Moscow, says Russia’s Investigative Committee representative Yulia Ivanova.

Technical devices have been allegedly detected in rooms where confidential conversations with people – so-called 'auditing' – took place, LifeNews reported. According to its police sources, Moscow's Church of Scientology recorded interviews between visitors and auditors allegedly to later blackmail the former.

A police source told RIA Novosti that “most probably, the recordings were later analyzed to reveal a ‘touchy subject’ of wealthy visitors and to hold it against them. Possibly also to blackmail, which now is the subject of an investigation.

People were not only asked about their marital status, religious beliefs, interests, income and hobbies, but for instance, if this or that person had previously served in the military, Scientologists found out the particular number of his unit and the exact whereabouts of the weapons storage sites.

A veritable treasure trove of intel on wealthy Russian clients, all yours for the taking! Just get a search warrant and go pick it up! And just imagine the QUALITY of that intel! As part of the client's' voluntary auditing session, the E-meter is a device that is similar to a polygraph machine, though the Church denies that this its precise function. Nevertheless, the quality of the data must be tremendously useful because it is truthful. This is the clever part about the whole scheme: the client has no motivation to lie because he believes that he is there for his own benefit. The Church has thus devised a way to extract pristine intel AND get the client to pay for it!

In July of 2011 -- funny that this always happens in the summertime -- the Shchyolkovo court ruled that "What is Scientology?" and other books by L. Ron Hubbard "contain calls for extremist activities," according to the Prosecutor General's office. In this news article by the Kyiv Post, it was noted also that "Russia is home to 'tens of thousands' of Scientology devotees. Russian media have claimed that some powerful businessmen and officials are among Scientology adepts."

Wikileaks has previously released some interesting information about Russian authorities' interest in the Scientology organization. It was interesting to note that the confidential client files were returned by Russian authorities to the Church after a short while. Just long enough to make copies? This cable from May 2009, found on the Wikileaks website, published this:

"According to Church representatives, the Kazakhstani authorities claimed that the [E-meter auditing] technology could be used as a lie detector, a claim which is denied by the Church. The files that were confiscated contain personal data, and may only be returned if the individual requests his or her personal file from the authorities. In Scientology, an individual usually does not have access to his or her own file, and it is usually only reviewed by those trained by the Church, the Scientologists explained."

"Church members described the current situation as not particularly good, but believe that there are some positive signs for them in Kazakhstan. A small branch of the Church did receive all of its confiscated files back, and all Church members were allowed to individually petition the courts."

White as Snow

Blackmail operations - where have we heard that before? Regular readers of Rogue Money already know the answer to that question. We have posted several blogs with information from men like Robert David Steele and Ronald Bernard that show, clearly, that BLACKMAIL is the grease that keeps the wheels of the Deep State running. It is the main reason why a war is raging right now by those who are making valiant efforts to take down international pedophile networks and those who are fighting to retain their global power over the ebb-and-flow of global credit systems.

For extra credit, you might want to dive into the real-life history of Operation Snow White. This was a covert program of infiltration that members of the Church of Scientology undertook of 136 government agencies during the 1970's to purge unfavorable government files about the church. Ok, admit it, anybody who can successfully infiltrate 136 American government agencies back in the 1970's -- BEFORE the Internet, mind you -- must have come to the attention of the Kremlin at some point. Why let a seasoned intel agency go to waste?


And don't think that the phrase Deep State only applies to the U.S. and U.K. Students of the occult history of secret societies and organized religion realize that this is a game that has been played since the first letters-of-credit were exchanged by agents of the Babylonian temples with the gold exporters in Egypt and India. Dependable intel is a vital ingredient to that system.

So, while headlines in Russia regularly report the annual search-and-seizures of Teflon Scientology offices, I have a feeling that this latest round will end up just as the others did. In fact, I believe that we can imagine a few reasons why Russia would be interested in more intel on their oligarchs now than they ever have before. With the looming shadow of the Great Petrodollar Upset, I would think that Putin is on track to keep tabs on just about anybody in Russia who might be tempted to interfere. And anybody who can hack the CIA, get discovered, and yet continue operating publicly can't be all that bad.

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"The President and his brother must have been killed by the same people."

I don't know how a little first-grader was able to come up with that conclusion. That certainly wasn't the sort of idea you would expect to be rumbling around the brain of a little kid. But it kept rumbling in mine and still does, to this day.

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I guess it was inevitable that the 6.5 year old kid who once questioned the official doctrine of the Kennedy assassinations would one day swallow her own Red Pill. And so I did, following the 2008 Crash, as I watched the financial lives of my parents and myself collapse into disaster as the equity of our homes evaporated into the dry Arizona air.

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