How Trump Can Defeat the Coup Plot

Although RogueMoney has spent a lot of time covering this topic, we believe it's important to shine a light on the very real power struggle underway in Washington, even as much of the world seeks to move away from the dying petrodollar and war driven paradigm. This week's Washington Post (aka the CIA's favorite mouthpiece newspaper)'s 8,000 word Ben Rhodes and Thomas Donilon sourced 'story' about Obama's alleged weakness in the face of Russia 'hacking the election' and Langley's supposed smoking gun proof that Vladimir Putin gave direct orders to damage Hillary Clinton's electoral prospects would be worthy of a spy movie farce if it weren't so dangerous.

As V the Guerrilla Economist likes to say desperate people do desperate, stupid things and the stakes for various deep state players -- especially the deep state front men troika of ISIS-USUS/AlCIAeda arming former CIA Director John Brennan, the fanatical Russophobe and perjurer before Congress about NSA mass surveillance Jim Clapper, and the Clinton crime family accomplice and now New York Times visiting fired-by-Trump FBI Director James Comey. -- JWS



There is an old joke, often repeated by leaders of South and Central American nations facing regime change threats from U.S. intelligence agencies, as to why there have been no coups in the United States: "Because," they quip, "there is no U.S. Embassy in Washington, D.C.!"

With the continuing, escalating drive to remove President Trump, it has become clear that, as long as the intelligence agencies of the "Deep State" are operating under the direction of their partners in British intelligence networks, with the full backing of the major U.S. "news" media, it is not necessary to have a U.S. Embassy in Washington, to pull off a coup.  What is underway is a coup-in-the- open, as demonstrated by recent statements and testimony from three of the leaders of the coup, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former FBI Director James Comey.  While each asserted their certainty that Trump has engaged in illegal and potentially impeachable acts, they all admitted they have "no evidence" to prove it.

Further, in their elaboration, they demonstrated that the real issue in the efforts to remove Trump is their complete opposition to the strategic direction taken by Trump, especially regarding his commitment to establish a working partnership with Russia.  Brennan stated, in testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on May 23, that he was concerned about any contacts of Trump officials with Russians, "because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals," adding that those "on a treasonous path (that is, who speak with Russian officials!) don't realize they're on that path until it is too late."  In other words, exchanging a few words with the Russian ambassador can turn one into a spy or a mole, without one even being aware of it!

Brennan admitted that he became aware of "suspicious interactions" between Russian officials and Trump campaign figures from a briefing by Robert Hannigan, the chief of Britain's central spy agency, the GCHQ, which had been monitoring Trump's activities since at least the summer of 2015, before he had announced his candidacy.  By the summer of 2016, as a result of reports from the Brits, Brennan established a "counterintelligence task force," including the CIA, NSA Director Rogers, Comey of the FBI, and Clapper. In comments made in Australia, the self-admitted liar Clapper sounded the same anti-Russian theme. Accusing Russia and Trump of engaging in an "assault on our institutions," he said what Russia did in "meddling" in the 2016 election "was unprecedented in its directness and aggressiveness...The Russians are not our friends," he added, saying it is in "Russia's genes to be opposed, diametrically opposed, to the U.S. and western democracies." 

In attacking Trump's efforts for collaboration with Putin, Clapper dismissed the likelihood that this could succeed, asserting there are "irreconcilable differences" between the U.S. and Russia.  When pressed on whether there is evidence of collusion, he said, "Is there a smoking gun with all the smoke?  I don't know the answer to that." Clapper said that Trump's firing of Comey is "egregious and inexcusable," describing his co-conspirator as a "personal friend and a personal hero of mine." After the most recent ejaculation of this nonsense, with Comey's lying testimony in Senate hearings on June 8 -- which included his own Cold War-style anti-Russian diatribes, reminiscent of former disgraced FBI Director and committed Russophobe J.  Edgar Hoover -- senior American statesman Lyndon LaRouche issued a call for a decisive response from the American people.  He said on June 9 that "it is time for the people to speak and end this disruptive and highly dangerous attempted coup.  It is also time for the coup plotters to be investigated, including the treasonous news media."


The attempt by Democratic Senators on June 13, to trap Attorney General Sessions into an inadvertent admission that Trump was engaged in a cover-up, fell flat, as former Reagan administration official David Stockman described it as producing a "nothing burger."   On the morning of the Sessions' testimony, the anti-Trump media escalated, reporting that Trump might fire the special counsel, former FBI Director and Comey intimate Robert Mueller, based on the usual anonymous sources.  This was followed on June 15 by a front-page headline in The Washington Post, "Trump's Actions Now a Focus of Mueller Inquiry," which asserted -- based again, on anonymous sources -- that the Special Counsel was looking into whether Trump was "obstructing" the investigation into alleged collusion with Russia.

This is what Roger Stone, an adviser to Presidents Nixon and Reagan, and a catalyst for Trump's presidential campaign, called "bringing out the Watergate playbook."  He was referring to the tactic used to drive Nixon out of office, accusing him of obstructing justice into a probe of a burglary of the DNC headquarters during the 1972 presidential campaign, which was never proven to have been ordered by Nixon.  The botched burglary, carried out by Deep State operatives in the CIA, most of whom had been involved in the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961, became the basis for what LaRouche identified at the time as a coup against Nixon.  Stone insists that the removal of Nixon was based on opposition to his policy of détente with the Soviet Union, and his opening of diplomatic relations with China.

In the face of this assault, Trump dismissed the latest charges of "obstruction"  with a tweet saying, "this Russian thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story."  Secretary of State Tillerson is pressing ahead with personal diplomacy with Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov, in preparation for a likely meeting between Trump and Putin at next month's G20 summit in Hamburg, and there is increasing coordination between the U.S. and Russian military in the campaign against ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria, with the Jihadists retreating and facing a decisive defeat. Yet, seemingly oblivious to the reality that the coup has nothing to do with meddling in the election, or obstruction, the U.S. Senate passed by a 98-2 margin a call for increased sanctions against Russia for "meddling" in the election, reunifying with Crimea, and supporting Syria in its war against jihadist terrorists!


What is driving the obsessive push for Trump's removal, which includes repeated and specific references to assassination, is the recognition by the City of London/Wall Street-based oligarchy that their global, free trade, imperial system is collapsing; that there is a replacement emerging, which is becoming unstoppable, centered on China's organizing of a global Land-Bridge, with growing support internationally; and that Trump has been moving in collaboration with this new potential. Now that it has been confirmed that Trump will meet with both Xi Jinping and Putin during the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, one can expect more actions to disrupt his efforts.  The shooting down of a Syrian jet, which seems to have been done on the command of local military officials.
In his short time as President, in the face of vicious and implacable hostility, Trump has taken unmistakable steps in this direction. Among his first directives was withdrawing the U.S. from Obama's anti-China Trans-Pacific Partnership "free trade" agreement.  He has also defied the anti-Russian hysteria by taking promising steps to coordinate an anti-terror campaign with Putin, and has opened the way for U.S. collaboration with China in the One Belt One Road global infrastructure policy.  Rejecting the Paris Climate Agreement, based on fake science, was another significant development, which triggered more bitter recriminations from the globalists. Now that it has been confirmed that Trump will meet with both Xi Jinping and Putin during the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, one can expect more actions to disrupt his efforts.  The shooting down of a Syrian jet, which seems to have been done on the command of local U.S. military officials, may be the first of even more provocative actions, designed to sabotage his diplomatic efforts.


With the steps taken thus far, Trump is doing many of the things long proposed by Lyndon H. LaRouche, as presented in LaRouche's Four Laws, but he hasn't gone far enough.  He has pledged to rebuild the crumbling American infrastructure, but has not acted on his pledge to restore Glass-Steagall -- the necessary first step to generate the credit needed to achieve his infrastructure and re-industrialization pledge, which would create millions of new, productive, decent-paying jobs. He has established cooperative relations with China, but has not fully joined the Belt and Road Initiative, to put U.S. industry back to work around the world building nations, including the U.S.  He has called for restoring American leadership in space, and in scientific discovery, echoing the inspiring words of President Kennedy, but to fund for these projects, he must immediately shut down the speculative bubble and restore Hamiltonian credit. It is because President Trump is publicly committed to these things, and to ending the British imperial division of the world into "East vs. West," that the guns are out to remove him from office, or to arrange his assassination.
In calling for a "decisive response" from the American people against the coup, LaRouche is reminding those who may have forgotten, in the face of "fake news" and daily recriminations, why Trump was elected in the first place.  The American people have had enough of permanent warfare, economic disintegration, arrogant, blatant lying in the mass media, the drug epidemic touching virtually every family in the nation, and a pervasive sense of hopelessness, following sixteen years of Bush and Obama.  LaRouche said the obvious next move is for Trump to urgently move ahead with a Chinese-style push for infrastructure development in New York City, in collaboration with the Chinese, to begin to deliver on his campaign promises. At the same time, he should identify openly and directly the British-Deep State networks behind the coup, and the reasons, as identified above, for their desperate efforts.  Given such leadership, not only can the coup be defeated, but the U.S. can play a leading role in assuring that the "win-win" benefits of the New Paradigm may be realized for all humanity.