Hegelian Dialectic: The Bullshit MSM vs The Part-time Bullshit Alternative Media, It’s All in the System

The Wolf has been on a mental leave of absence, totally fed up with the idiocy of folks stuck in a bubble within a bubble, a system within a system courtesy of the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be). Thankfully they are losing control, but the system was established long ago and has a life of it’s own, one that is quite frankly no longer within the total control of the PPPTB. A life that is and has been playing itself out in real time, and for the unaware or the “bubble/system-bound” that isn’t good news. About a year ago ole’ WG penned an article titled “Tired of the Bullshit? Good, It’ Time to Get Dirty & Take the Trash Out…!” Since then the trash has gotten deeper, but only for those that are unprepared. Quick boring literary break:

Hegelianism: Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich |ˈhāgəl| (1770–1831), German philosopher. In Science of Logic (1812–16) he described the three-stage process of dialectical reasoning, on which Marx based his theory of dialectical materialism.

Hegelian Dialectic: an interpretive method in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis).

The reference to “a higher level of truth” in the previous line is curious indeed. Whose truth are we or they speaking of? God’s or someone who thinks they are God? That is an important question, but even more relevant or important would be, how is that “truth” now manifesting itself for those stuck in the contradiction phase (mentioned in the definition), in this case the US Sixpacks? Folks, if you ain’t paying attention with well tuned senses, senses that are hopefully viewing from an “outside-the-box” vantage point, or in this case an outside the bubble/system vantage point, then you are just one of the many uninformed masses taking part in a useless argument. Don’t be sad, you have plenty of friends doing the same thing, hell, even the new Prez seems to be involved. I mean “come-on man,” he actually said on or around June 14th that the US GDP is going to surprise everyone to the upside since the US economy is gaining traction (paraphrasing).

GDP gaining traction? Measured by what sir? Come on Mr. Prez, are you kidding? A frickin’ GDP that counts much of the government debt on the black side of the ledger. I proved many months ago, that the US, based on their own established guidelines, are currently 3rd world material, but we Sixpacks just don’t know it yet. I hope the Prez knows better, if not…….oh well……truthfully it doesn’t matter… the future is set. He is not in control of the economic future, and “that’s a fact Jack!” Are YOU?

The GDP narrative still works, but it will not for long, as other forces are at work. And to prove that point, just note the number of people you know personally who now don’t trust the BLS numbers for the labor markets. The GDP will also soon become a meaningless number for even the most dullard among us. Check this out……


The GDP crap will soon take it on the chin in the courtroom of public reality just like the employment numbers, but my guess is only after it’s too late for the average US Sixpack to take corrective measures. The WG wager highlighted further below will add even more color.


In this installment I will attempt to show how you might falsely feel you are one of the “informed,” and are actively taking part in the corrective process for yourself and your family. When it is very likely that all you might be doing is wasting your time and energy remaining deeply welded into the system. All the while pounding your chest via the system’s phony meaningless processes, courtesy of the MSM or the Alt media boys. Yep, you are one well informed dude or dudette, right? Could be!? But I wager some of you may be wrong!

For example, if you are tuned into the informed alternative media crowd, you already know that the Federal Reserve isn’t Federal, right? WRONG in so many damned ways! More later, with another required revisit to the powers of the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund), the true economic controller of the US financial edifice. “The Fed” is just an example of a moronic actor in our western Hegelian Dialectic play. A play put on for your benefit co-starring “The Bullshit MSM vs The Part-time Bullshit Alternative Media!” Combined with “The Fed,” they are just subtitled actors in this play. A phony play that has sadly become the primary Sixpack measuring sticks. In fact their very “judge & jury!”

Additionally this installment will attack the student loan fiasco, with the help of inside intel from a true insider (a key Wolfpack member). And in this instance it is amazing how quickly the Triple Headed Hydra rears it’s ugly head, once again. For a quick relevant aside, just remember per the alternative media, “the auto biz” is the supposed leader in the “overcapacity and forging of stagflation” categories. Though it’s a top player to be sure, it may not be the leader. Especially when “hearts-broken” are to be considered within the final product derived from a corrupt debt based business model.

The auto sector’s pain is in a tangible product form, and that very reason may put their top spot up for grabs. Take it from someone who sold intangibles for a living. The “overcapacity/stagflation” problem in the higher education system does it via despicable projections that highlight intangibles which consist of selling out of reach “hopes & dreams.” Believe me, over selling “hopes & dreams” with “almost” no chance of reaping any real benefits is true mastery in the “art of the deal.” A phony deal that is! The final product, or lack thereof, can overshadow any tangible product shenanigans from the most powerful of players like those in the auto sector.

What’s that you say, “not me or my family, Wolf. We got that ‘bs’ all figured out.” O-Kee-Dough-Kee, but hold that thought. First, the news that will lead to the power of the “System” in both tangible and intangible form………or more accurately “hidden truth form.” Followed by a “Hard Asset/Farming” update but only after the final closing lines.

News & The Hegelian Dialectic Continues to Hide the System in the Control Towers

Per the introduction, I have been fed up or put simply, pissed off. Why? Of late the western msm isn’t remotely close to the truth (never has been), and truth be known, most of the alternative media has recently abandoned the all important necessary solutions to the coming economic crisis. Why? In order to prattle on within the latest in the Hegelian Dialectic (HD). Why? Ratings. Especially since no one in the US cares anymore about the “truth/protections” afforded within hard assets, or as I like to say “the advantages afforded within a quality DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio).” And why are they switching their broadcasted product? I suspect some of these media boys have no balls, as they would lose their coveted degrees in “Know-it-all/cum laude” if they continued down the hard asset message trails without any listeners. So like a good little slave, it’s back to the (HD) “Hegelian Dialectic.” Examples you say????

Deep state vs. Trump …..my ass! Repugnican vs. Dumbocrat …..my ass! Russia vs. anybody from the west …..again my ass! Wikileaks vs. the World …..and once again, my ass! This is just a short list, there are many more Hegelian Dialectic battle lines. Meanwhile everything just listed in this paragraph, and some others that weren’t listed are just dutiful performers within the slave bound western system. Do I begrudge alternative media outlets that report on this from time to time? No, but stick with the pros like V, “The Hat Trick Letter” by Jim Willie, or London Paul and his “Sirius Report,” just to name a few. I will guarantee you this, any victor as declared by any of the media outlets in the above battle royals will have no bearing whatsoever in the coming King Dollar demise ……. NONE! In fact………

A WG Wager:  And here is a bet, one which I will happily put up for grabs, my favorite silver eagle. If the media, be it alternative or msm, states that Trump or the deep state has emerged victorious, or any of the above Hegelian actors vs. their opponents, then my wager is your physical hard asset buying days will simultaneously come to an end! Inventory will be for all intents and purposes gone. Bad news for sure as the victory by Trump or the deep state will also not stop the US/western world economic collapse. In fact, just like the drying up of physical metal for interested Sixpack buyers, I wouldn’t look for many days to pass after the declaration of this “supposed” mighty victor before there is another announcement from the media’s lips about a western economic collapse as well. And that could come from the alternative media and/or the msm. My silver eagle will never leave my hands, that bet is a lock. It’s just business.

I know, give Sean Hannity a call. After we bombed Syria in early April to retaliate for the “mystery,” bullshit is the proper word, sarin gas attack on those children, he proclaimed “The United States of America is back!” A true Hegelian Dialectic pro to the end, and I actually like him somewhat, but not so much after that dumb arsed statement. BTW, have you noticed after the alternative media (got to give them credit for this one) beat the crap out of Trump for falling prey to this false flag, that the Washington gang hasn’t mentioned that mistake at all anymore. That achievement is gone, it has disappeared, but unfortunately that is also what happened to the poor Syrians near the airport that were collateral damage via our bombing efforts. Though only single digits in reported numbers they are still dead at the hands of the enlightened Hegelian Dialectic bound crowd.

Jim Sinclair has it right…GOTS, “get out of the system.” It’s the system that is at risk and it is clearly also the problem. Thanks to HD, which is a true misdirection technique since it shields the problem from view. Many of you can’t see the problem because you are in it fighting like hell to solve it. Playing right into the Hegelian Dialectic trap, since the messengers on the tube or web are normally 180 degrees off point. For example purposes the Federal Reserve will serve as exhibit number one in the second WG rant segment right after the ESF video review, but for now let’s head on to the news and then to the student loan financial death trap.

First up and for your amusement check this out from Steve St. Angelo of the ’srsroccoreport.com’…..


If you took the time to read his article then just imagine the following….Taking a company you own public, and having a balance sheet with that many dots that can't be connected?   For the record, it is my view that the Petro-dollar has already died. The HD can’t say that, but more informed historians at a future date will so recognize the fact. In fact, if this were your company, you would already have been put out to pasture, but in this instance the company has ties to the King-Dollar.  Do we need a picture to make sense of this???????? Dollar defense once again rears it’s stinky head. Wait till you get to the ESF summary below if you want something with a stinky head.

The next news link adds fuel to an old Wolf Gray theory……


When the announcements of cost savings in the micro world precede the actions to save the equity arses in the macro business world, failure is lurking around the corner.  Though I do have to admit this has been a long gradual corner of failure, make no mistake the 1st quarter of 2017 was loaded with retail failures, and now we are seeing a variety of manufacturing failures, in particular in the auto world….

In this next news link, another from Steve St. Angelo we have an additional attack on the shale oil business model……


With regards to the above link, just remember all things are possible with "wants” based debt, and that clearly seems to also include business debt not just consumer level debt....! Ya know this shale oil farce reminds me of a youngster hitting the sack with a more experienced woman, "He's hell out of the gate but he has no staying power..!"

The date of release of this next link is very interesting indeed, especially with Trump’s GDP claims on the 14th of June.


No surprises in the above link as the gates of over capacity have been opened by the gate keeper, “Stagflation.” Give the Prez some smelling salts I think he is asleep at the system control towers. Who cares, it doesn’t matter. Oops, I hope no alternative media clown is reading this.

In the same vein, let’s throw another inflationary log onto the fire. Check this out…..


All I can say to this next link is, I smell the lambs lining up for the slaughter….Don’t worry, the Hegelian Dialectic (HD) media system will protect your lazy arses. No need to think for yourselves. As you can tell, I am still pissed. And you should be too!


What is not said in this next link interests me way more than what is said……


The real takeaway from the above article is what is not in the headline. In fact it is hiding the real reason, in my view, why China may be smiling, and it has nothing to do with "trade.....!"  It has to do with prudent business practices. It has to do with no debt beyond it's defined sovereign land lines. It also has to do with just plain damned common business sense.  The same sense you and I can apply if we get out of the system’s media program.

The common sense of knowing history and the truths that are the foundations in total collapse in light of a country’s growing disgrace.  Like bullying in an attempt to support an outgoing currency. Hello ESF. Alternatively, we should be recognizing and then using the God given common sense to implement or fortify our defensive positions in the face of this global currency change. And we can do that with WHAT?  GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins), it's just business folks, good business that is. China did it, the above article’s trade problems were something to be expected, and I suspect they saw them coming long long ago. and therefore it required them to make a decisive move to fortify their coffers! We should do the same.

This next one is a good one, but you have to take note of an excerpt from the comments section. I will cut and pasted the comment just in case it is pushed well down the ladder of comments with the passage of time......


All the various words, all the different charts, graphs, financial records are screaming the same thing. America’s wealth and all of humanity for that matter has been based on one thing. An abundant supply of easily harvestable natural resources which are nearing depletion. Only thing left is what humanity started with, it’s own physical labor because the way of man is to live for the present without sacrifice for the future. “Commenter”

The comment is on point if "Wants" are part of the data input, and considered a necessary component of data input.  "Wants" that are facilitating, via unqualified debt extensions, yielding the depletion of "easy access energy sources."  Thus, might we extrapolate that the real problem may be, the over extension of debt beyond the limits of a productive business model?  Duh huh!

Brief Rant: Extended debt for not just the masses, but businesses as well in an ill advised attempt at supplying every little thing a westerner's heart desires, which is truly a recent business phenomena (last several decades), and is a master plan for failure.   If that wasn't allowed, then "Wants" supplemented by unnecessary debts would have been avoided.  What would that have yielded?  How about a form of business harmony or balance to supply the "NEEDS" of a society.  With "Wants" pushed to the back of the bus, only to be considered within a proper balance of debt being extended. 

Pulling from past knowledge it was time to introduce the "Triple Headed Hydra" to save the day courtesy of a repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999. Let the ultimate in bubble blowing mania begin. The merger of insurance banking and brokerage. Can ya see the problem with the 1999 repeal? After all, insurance and commercial banking were never meant to have their whistles wetted with the risk instruments in the financial and/or brokerage world. What could go wrong, right? After all, it’s all about defense of the dollar. Wait till you see how far that has been taken in the ESF video below, before you give a potentially uninformed opinion.

Hey I got an idea, "IF YA CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY IT, YOU DON'T GET IT, YA CANDY ASS...!" End of rant!

Note this next fine article from Wolf Street…


First I have to ask, ”What Damned Fundamentals," followed very closely by "What Damned Market?”  The above article from "Wolf Street" is superb and asks some great "FUNDAMENTAL" questions.   But folks it ain't market fundamentals you should be worrying about here or anywhere for that matter.  It's "Business Common Sense Fundamentals" that are required and those that don't understand them will be left in a pool of insolvency……Sadly you will get nothing to help you with those key common sense traits via the media’s Hegelian Dialectic crap! Get outside the system for the proper view.

The following link is an excellent article, but it’s message is superseded in my mind by a message in the background.


First there is this gem from Egon von Greyerz. Additionally note that the highlighted area is just pure common sense:

It might be surprising that the Euro will be stronger than the dollar. Firstly, we must remember that this is a relative game. All the currencies are rubbish since they have been destroyed by money printing and credit creation. It is only a question which one will go down next. The dollar is massively overvalued and is only still standing due to its reserve status. Possibly the Euro will be temporarily stronger due to coming changes in Europe. If Greece, Italy and Spain pull out of the Eurozone, the remaining economies will be much stronger and at least short term, this would justify a stronger Euro. The imminent elections in France and the Netherlands will give us an indication but are unlikely to be conclusive. EvG

Then we have the following excerpt which on it's face is not telling the full story of what interested me.  WG's interests lie not within the explanation, but reading that explanation on face value and holding in the background the ”real tell" of a massive ”Bit Coin" rise in price.  And the "tell" is, it is a reaction with a modern day version of a way to run and hide from fiat crap.  And the "tell," clearly indicates you should run like hell as well:

Bitcoin has performed very well lately as the world tries to avoid fiat currencies. We have just seen the Bitcoin price go higher than the gold price. This is a meaningless comparison. The total market value of Bitcoin is $20 billion whilst all the gold in the world is worth around $7 trillion. Bitcoin might continue to be an excellent speculative investment but is has nothing to do with wealth preservation. It can only be stored electronically and can therefore disappear when there is a breakdown of the internet, at least temporarily. Bitcoin is very similar to paper money and has no intrinsic value. It cannot be used for any major payments crossborder. If Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies ever become big, governments will regulate this market in the same way as paper money. EvG

Ya got to love Charles Hugh Smith in this next link…..


Let me give you my 2 cents in one simple phrase when discussing the subject of Mr. Smith’s article, "Not if you are monetarily tied to same said bubble!"  The problem in the western world is cognitive dissonance, and an overdose of "super-ego!"  In short "It can't happen to me, I always win!"

Next up, the USA Watchdog, one of my favorite sources for information has an interview that highlights the “HD” narrative, which ironically helps to shield us from the true story within the system…I truly think there is a bigger story afoot…..


The striking thing about this interview is that it is in a vacuum, a vacuum of US government only.  Not to make light of it, it is extremely important, but meanwhile something bigger cometh.  A King is being dethroned. The King Dollar is now viewed in total disrespect, and the fact is it is only being held onto by sovereigns who have no other choice. Sadly for them it is still a necessity in order to continue conducting business!  But they will run from it as well as soon as they can.

There are so many fronts to a western US failure, but the unstoppable "force to this failure" is undeniable. The eastern powerhouse nations taking the world's economic reigns firmly in hand.  It seems of late that China is the forgotten player in the wake of the Russia/USA political ties. It’s all a magic act via a phony “HD” play.  Bottom line, China has the most honest chips (honest or otherwise) on the economic gambling/business table, and are most probably, truth be known, running the economic show.  Quietly but surely.

If you combine the US government's impossible debt issues along with the western business/economic ongoing closures and failures, a near term period of US difficulty that is unavoidable for the msm is an absolute lock.  No skill in that prediction, the actual failures are already happening right now, and once history is written in proper context I suspect the government corruption will be (though a key player) small in comparison to the economic failures courtesy of the US fascist takeover. Corruption will just be part of the Hegelian Dialectic play that will be filled with a much larger message pure evil.

History will tell of a more important larger entity that includes a beastly combination of both business and government. Within this fascist house will be the forces that handed themselves the reigns of power, only for it to later be lost via mismanagement to the eastern powerhouses. All while many Hegelian Dialectic bound Sixpacks and other westerners will be fighting a ghost of an enemy with no preparations at hand. Failure guaranteed just like the failed retailers who are dropping like flies trapped in a freezer. The macro and micro merger, bound by failure will be a sight to behold.

The ESF a Top System Manipulator

And the prior WG mini-rant my friends segues nicely to part 5 of 5 in the ESF studies we have undertaken here at RM. A review of parts 1-4 can hopefully be found in prior installments, if they weren’t deleted in the switch from a prior website format.


@ :01...For those of you that continue to ask this question "Why deficits don't seem to matter?" Check this out......an explanation by the host of how the "dark money" pool works. Again, this is proof positive that the Fed. Reserve is a meaningless front operation and a lap dog for the ESF.  And just so I don't sound condescending, I to used to often wonder how is it that the money printing doesn't follow the rule of real price discovery, or real markets to settle currency disputes/differences, which would result in inflation for the US Sixpacks?  The ESF, that's how. This will also tie into the subject matter alluded to in the title and the intro., by using the Federal Reserve as a true example of a "Hegelian Dialectic" actor that helps takes your eye off the larger picture, the true picture.  THE SYSTEM....!  More a little later.

@ 1:16...Note how the ESF's mandate, "dollar defense" (covered in parts 1-4 in prior installments) is continued, and thus for those that have inquiring minds can be disguised under a flag of patriotism. How about Iraq in 2000 announcing they were abandoning the dollar. We know what followed that event. The lists since 1934 are long, but for a modern day summary see the "Daily Economist" in this recent article.....


@ 3:03...So just what products and services were utilized from dollar trading all in an attempt for dollar defense to beat back the ravages of inflation on the US Sixpacks?  As the host illustrates, you can see it wasn't of a legal nature after all. It had to be off the books or the markets would tank the US economic edifice. Which is buttressed by the "King Dollar." Again, we have no markets or true price discovery. Witness the reported (via reliable sources) current triple digits of paper futures contracts per ounce of gold or silver coins. Which, btw, is another method by the PPPTB, to defend the "King Dollar." The US and the western world have no markets, they have a "SYSTEM".... Note how a few seconds later (this video series is packed with rapid fire info) how the US proceeded to make other nations "lap dogs" and thus dependent on the “King Dollar.”

@ 4:15...Note the Afghan connection. As RM regulars know the ‘hard-drug’ trade out of Afghanistan was at a low double digits as a percentage of the world’s drug trade, but after 9/11 it went to a current reported 90+% of total world ‘hard-drug’ trade. And on cue, the "Hegelian Dialect" directed msm vs. alt. media noise continues, making us feel really really informed, but the real story goes unreported.

@ 4:30...And the relevant ”Hegelian Dialectic" has what in the public eye?  "El Chapo" front and center, big "F...ing" deal. He is an obvious pawn in defense of the US King. A useful idiot. Hey, it's all part of the "System," a system we are convinced we have to use in order to make our best efforts at making our families feel safe.  YEAH RIGHT!

@ 5:25...Hey, I smell a version of corrupt "imminent domain"....And what honest citizen would argue the point of drug dealer property seizures. Boy Madoff was right when he alluded to himself being a "little leaguer" in the ponzi-scheme biz.

@ 5:43...This one is hard to prove or disprove via the laws of common sense, or common business sense, but DAYUM...!

@ 6:33...Currency sniffing dogs.  Don't mess with the “King,” dollar that is folks.  And what's the media story?  The war on drugs, to service our feelings of being on the side of good vs. evil.  Another “Hegelian Dialectic” show piece for the masses, and the "System" marches on. And just 12 seconds later I’m this segment the ESF hits a "grand-slam".... I don't think this B.C.C.I. will be confused with the pre-Glass Steagall repeal commercial banking centers???????? Do you?

@ 8:59...Just like my homeopathic associate Mr. Manfred Mueller told me almost two decades ago, the HIV virus was supplemented by huge lies. The real problem was a break down of the immune system via government promoted drug trafficking. Once again we are caught in the good vs. evil story that has nothing to do with the truth. It's all in the "System" folks. Ironically the ESF and the dark money dudes were victims of their own great marketing plans as the AIDS virus scare with references to dirty needles could threaten their profit centers. Problem solved with false culprits via homosexual activity among males. Hey? Are you still trusting the western system?

@ 11:55...Note this one, a very brief one liner, but it speaks volumes. The PPPTB (he doesn't say that exactly) didn't count on the web's ability to get truthful information out.  But, that's if anyone can break from the meaning behind the meaning in the title of this installment.  Bottom line, put on your common sense thinking caps. At 12:28 note how he references that CNN is in the CIA's pocket, but if that was the only one the very necessary "Hegelian Dialectic" business model would be broken. Hey, ya need something "Fair & Balanced" right, something that is full of shit as well to make the script something that traps everyone into "The System?”  The US Sixpacks are now a captured operation.

@ 12:48...Fill the public's eyes with smut, but nothing that comes close to the real evil that resides under the headlines. The Hegelian Dialectic System rides once again. Wait a second Wolf, what could be worse than child molestation? Something we are going after right now?  Indeed, kudos to Team Trump btw, but what’s going on elsewhere is likely much worse. Wake the hell up folks!!!!!!  How can that be “worse” you say? The very fact that it went on under our own self indulgent noses, that’s how. Our self indulgent egos falsely needing "Wants," and feeding that monkey on our backs with a debt binge.  How will that thought hit our brain-stems WG?  Only on and after deeper reflection shortly after the bulk of the populous is "BROKE" and the “how the "F" did this whole frickin’ mess happen question emerges!” And the freight train hits us head on. Can you hear it’ whistles yet? The whistle is blowing. More in a second, back to the ESF & "The System."

@ 13:10...Enter the King Dollar savior the "Super Note!" Recall the many times we at RM have noted the flood of US paper returning home and what happens in the US debt world? But of course the yield goes down and the price goes up the exact damned opposite of what should happen. At this point we get the answer, one pondered and harped on by WG for some time now. The summer interview with "The Guerrilla in 2015” comes to mind.  Not only does the ESF absorb incoming paper with dark money, they use a counterfeit technique as well. Once again, Madoff was right. I’m not championing Madoff btw. If Faux news reported this, would anyone actually buy into it?  I got a short answer, "Hell No!"  They can't even buy into the fact every single fiat currency in world history eventually fails, and a major shift is currently well well underway to supplant the reigning King. So how are they going to believe we are printing press counterfeiters?

@ 14:14...When it comes to the blame game for phony money printing, it must be time for an intro to the US's "useful idiots." And ain't it just grand we are the one group in the world that can detect these counterfeit pieces of paper currency? Are your common sense bells ringing?  Pretty slick too, especially if foreigners come to the US with these piece of shit/counterfeit dollars, because the owners will be branded as possible terrorists with counterfeit paper. Remember, we are less than 5% of the world's population, and some other pretty powerful dudes are on to our phony games. 

Recall the IMF denial for China's entry to their broke club only to be reversed by Chris Lagarde, oops I forgot Christine L...!  Remember why it was reversed?  In several short months the Chinese ditched 250 billion in US paper. Entry granted, by crackee….!  And as a useful side note, what did the 10 year note do during this time period?  It rose of course with a decline in yields...!!!!!!!  It's baked into the system. The HD message was miles from the truth, as usual.

@ 15:22...Uh Oh, time for the elephant in the room once again. DRUGS!  Just remember folks, it will "probably" dawn on most Sixpacks that this happened on their watch, but unfortunately that will only happen after "The Hegelian Dialectic System" via CNN or MSLSD or Faux news makes them aware of it.  A sad day indeed, as it will most likely coincide with the day you can no longer protect yourself with hard assets.  They will be long gone, only a few shiny morsels left to fight over.  I got a potentially profitable business model for ya… “stone grinders.”  I got a feeling they will be popular as the pitch forks will need proper tuning to join forces with their brother in arms the torches.

@ 15:48...Time to bring Afghanistan into the picture again. The next two minutes are mind numbing for US residents specifically.  Anything catch your trained eye for calendar dates?  Well just note the graph @ 16:20. Pay attention to the following minute or so and recall the ESF mandates.  Uh Oh, I smell a big event coming to defend the dollar. And as RMer's know, what is the ESF's mandate?  Dollar defense! Google the damned thing if you don't like my explanation.  It dates back to the US's first debt default in 1933 which resulted in the creation of the ESF.

@ 18:01...After a cavalcade of buffoonish statements some real answers are offered.  Business logic says that at the 18:15 mark the narrator sums up one of the motives quite nicely.  I say every time you see a news release of some old couple getting bashed over the heads for drug money or children dying from drug use, try going outside the system for the answer.  Why going outside?  Because they have you within the "Hegelian Dialectic" of CNN vs. Faux News or Repugnican vs. Dumbocrat, or the deep state vs. Trump, hey I hear Hitlery Knocking on the door beat her back too. It keeps you within your own safe house to deal with the issues right? Issues you think you have under control via the HD mantras purported on the msm and even the alternative media! And that’s the goal. And even if it isn’t, the collapse is coming, and only God himself could stop it.           

Get outside the box and think…about this?  THIS IS ALL BEING DONE IN DEFENSE OF THE KING DOLLAR...!

That line is a bit hard to swallow for a God fearing nation, but it is the reality, and business logic offers no other logical explanations.  And your solution is what?  Orderly or even disorderly flight from counter party risk assets, and into tangible hard assets with no counter party risk.

@ 18:53...Job well done. We control 93% of the world's opium and the bashing of old dudes for drug money along side the death of kids continues (just to name a few obvious death methods related to drugs). Hey calm down, WG, our King is safe right?  Wrong!  The PPPTB hadn't counted on the rise of the east, and the current new century of the east. The King is dying.

@ 19:33...Time to revisit the true nature of a ponzi scheme.  BTW, in the graph illustrated by our narrator, we in the US public are true mvp's as we take up two of the categories at once....."suckers & general public" ....Note around a minute later how the author gets into the subject of what I have harped on forever "wanna-be's" (wait until the 21:05 mark, kind of funny)......A Wolfism is about to be proved in a second, the suckers and the general public available for fleecing is drying up, and meanwhile China and Russia keep productively marching on. More in a minute with specifics.

@ 21:08...Here we go folks, getting into the crux of the matter. BTW, I feel it is still bankers that suck, but the worst of the lot, the ones that count are unknown and well above the Lloyd Blankfein's of the world. I suspect he sucks as well. Matters not though, it's an all powerful train out of control, and it's called "The System!"  The bad banker deception is part n' parcel to the system's Hegelian Dialectic by-lines, but they are running out of deceptive covers.  If you haven’t open your common sense eyes folks.

The bad news for the guys who started this is that once the street level economic beat down is recognized by the news media, there will be a lot of people wanting answers. People with sharpened pitch forks, people who thought they had a handle on things with their efforts at reigning in “The Fed” among other bankster issues.  And the only efficient answer for those failed efforts is?  You guessed it, GSBC's (Gold & Silver Bars & Coins) in physical form.  I know I am redundant as hell but I am right in this case, and Trump hasn't one single prayer in the world to stop this oncoming train wreck. Get it! 

BTW, for the record once again, I voted for Mr. Trump, and I don't think he is a willing participant in the ponzi scheme that is media covered 24/7 within the system's Hegelian Dialectic diatribes.  I also don't think he is a "useful idiot" who doesn't get it. Instead he is, I suspect, someone who once seated within the oval office doors soon became saddened by a problem that will have to play itself out.  True or not, it doesn't matter, as the train of western paper failure will happen and actually is right now….more examples to follow in a second.....

@ 23:54...The host in my view is correct, the dollar fraud is falling apart as the foreign participants are being given an alternative to pure evil. Thus it is the primary reason no one in the west can stop this fiat failure. Failure you all have to prepare for on your own.  Note he follows with the day of reckoning is at hand, and it is once again my view, that hand started exposing itself in 2008.  But in a second I am going to give a huge example of how the Triple Headed Hydra, which was created in 1999 was also a glaring signal that wise people should have recognized. Please note, I didn't see it back then, because I was caught up in the Hegelian Dialectic of the investment paper maestros.

@ 24:19...Here another elephant or "white elephant" in the room is mentioned….” options" .... you can also think "derivatives" folks. From here the next minute hits a US economic reality check moment. 

@ 25:01…Here he seems to be in tune with the Wolf Gray analysis in a prior installment.

@ 25:18...Here we can see a useful idiot in full bloom (note the associated dates in the clips). Conscious bothering Mr. Greenspan, or maybe fear of future pitch forks and torches? Who knows, and frankly who cares. It doesn't change your near term solutions. It’s just evidentiary fuel to the fiat failure fires for the King Dollar. 

@ 26:01…The WG sense of smell also detects the scent of lighter fluid being applied to the torches.

WG Rant Number 2: Time for a key example of the Hegelian Dialectic’s purposeful shielding of reality. The misdirection has been applied by the msm and given an assist by some of the more uninformed alternative media bozos. Let’s make the Federal Reserve the centerpiece for this argument. As shown in the above video, and many times in the past, the Fed is now just a front operation, a dog and pony show in other words, a part of the misdirection in the Hegelian Dialectic (HD). For example……

The msm idolizes “The Fed” and avoids talking badly of them, as they worship their almighty powers. Meanwhile, the alternative media loves to talk about how “The Fed” is not federal but instead they are outside Federal control and more of a commercial banking nature. Spot on if it weren’t for one thing, “Time, and a debt default in 1933!" The same wizards of the alternative media crowd crow on and on about how the US is a fascist state. Which they are and that means what?

Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism,[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce….

As RMer’s know, fascism is the merger of state and corporate powers. Then by extrapolation of these definitions, the Federal Reserve within a fascist state is both Federal and commercial. But in actuality, it is part of the Hegelian Dialectic arguing point to take attention off the real issues that matter. One that is “The System,” and the system truly owns what? “The Fed” and Commerce and you as well if you are not properly prepared. “The Fed” has been a puppet of the ESF since 1934, a front operation, and now an actor in the Hegelian play. A play designed to make us in the viewing audience feel a measure of control. A control by the masters to slowly lull you to sleep. Asleep within the system boundaries.

Wake up, and arm yourself with an assortment of non-counterparts risk assets in a physical form, NOW! The play is about to end. But before getting off my soap box, let’s hit on another example…….The End of Rant #2

Student Loans and An Ongoing Education Debacle

During the recent higher education spring break period I had a chance to sit down with a key Wolfpack associate. A gent who is extremely familiar with the control levers of the finances within the US’s university or “higher education” systems. Most RM regulars are very familiar with the student loan problems, as in well over 1 trillion of money at risk. And btw, that is the proper term, “at risk.” If you don’t think going to college is a part of the phony western Hegelian Dialectic play, then I guess you missed the “everyone is entitled to a college degree liberal mantra over the past couple of decades. Supplemented by the Repugnicans view that everyone should strive for a college degree to improve yourself and your chances at success in life. After all Repugnicans swear we are the exceptional nation, HD in full view once again. Both views are clearly flawed and part of the HD system. First some supporting evidence and then a summary of an amazing interview with a pretty sharp dude…..

Though this next link headlines the auto sector it is an excellent example of financial failure in the tangible products markets. Intangibles are harder to perceive accurately. Additionally note in the following link the headline references to “it’s the economy stupid.” Ole’ WG is waking up to the fact that it ain’t just “the economy stupid,” because the economy and autos in this instance are only a possible small portion and/or even a distraction (Hegleian Dialectic) from an even bigger failure to come. Forget to come, it’s happening all around us…..check this out….


An excerpt from the above article from Investment Research Dynamics, which applies a little bit of technical expertise to the WG theories:

You can see that the rate of bank lending to businesses is falling, doing a cliff-dive. These are primarily senior secured and revolving credit loans that sit at the top of the capital structure. If bank lending is slowing down like this, it means two things: 1) the ability of businesses to repay new loans is declining and 2) the asset values used to secure new loans will likely decline. DK

In addition, note this other excerpt:

The second graph shows the year over year percentage change in auto loans. The implications there are fairly self- explanatory. Auto sales are slowing down because the “universe” of potential prime and subprime rated car buyers, new and used cars, has been largely exhausted. In fact, with the default rate on subprime auto loans beginning to hit double- digits, the next phase in the automobile credit market will likely be credit implosion crisis. DK

Do we detect a problem here? Ford must have, thus the reason for their recent layoffs in their commercial trucks divisions. This isn't just an example of pricing yourself out of the market, it is pricing yourself out of a market that has no buyers left.  In fact there haven't been any qualified buyers to speak of in the auto world for several years now......!  Note the same will be proven to be very very true of education as well (more in a second).

As mentioned many times before, we have multiple contributors to the overall US debt fiasco, and as usual it is comprised of decent portion of the buyers who are announcing their own lack of desire to pay back anything on existing purchases.  Now that is business change (“change” is all we will get to) you can't believe in, and it is worse than you think....!

The msm and the alternative media bozos have made sure they have played nicely in the Hegelian Dialectic debt based sand-box so as not disrupt the more valuable “System.” The real truth is too frightening for their listeners. Listeners that would abandon them, happening now btw, if they told the real truths about the actual financial numbers or the declining numbers that are actually tuned in to their phony broadcasts.

You Can't Hide From The Truth Forever Mr. Media Punk......!

You Can't Hide From The Truth Forever Mr. Media Punk......!

Before getting to the interview summary with my Wolfpack associate, here is a little factoid from ZeroHedge……


This last paragraph in the above link puts it in our faces, to say the least.....

Congrats, taxpayers...you'll soon have the privilege of repaying $137 billion worth of debt spent by entitled millennials on binge-drinking trips Cancun and drugs...life, after all, is just a little bit better when we spread the wealth around....

Speaking of debt binges of the student loan variety check this out……


Folks I got “mentally/physically ripped” with my pals on spring break as well. But never, ever, did I think someone else was supposed to pay for it. If I had the money fine. If not, then I was shit out of luck. Wait a second, why shouldn’t they blow the money that is eventually going to be funded by “we the people,” especially after these students went through 8 years of witnessing the Mighty Zero do it? The most vacationing dude I ever saw in the oval office, or is that the most golfing dude, or both? That’s the way it is right? We get vacations each and every year whether we can afford them or not, due to an entitled attitude provided by????? “The System” and it’s actors on display 24/7 in the Hegelian Dialectic masterpiece of western failure.

The system, and it’s subsequent failure is an unstoppable force at the moment and at the risk of being redundant, Trump hasn’t a prayer of slowing it down, and in fact check this out……


This is nice work by Mr. T…! The above link is an example of good business maneuvering. All-in-all Trump is doing some good things, but I am convinced that even he knows (also per guys who know as well from a deeper level politically) that no matter how many smart things he does, the western financial edifice will come crumbling down. In fact, I think he recognizes it is already crumbling. If he has any real brains he will go against the intuitive grain and let it fall “FASTER.” Thus the rebuild comes that much sooner.

Now for the ultimate in upside down business philosophy. I hate to throw this cut at the Prez but maybe he was using the following link from “Wikipedia” when he made his GDP projections last week.


The first paragraph in the above link is the laugher of the century..........

Student loans in the United States are a form of financial aid used to help more students access higher education. Student loan debt has been growing rapidly since 2006, rising to nearly $1.4 trillion by late 2016, roughly 7.5% GDP. Approximately 43 million have student loans, with an average balance of $30,000.

The indoctrination statement that is totally off the financial logic playing field is as follows, ”roughly 7.5% of GDP."  Which begs the question, are they saying it equals out to roughly 7.5% of total GDP, or that it is equal to and an actual portion of the total GDP at roughly 7.5%?  Truthfully, why interject it unless they were making it an actual part of GDP?  This total 'bs' is beyond amazing. Maybe it’s not that amazing, after all, the Hegelian Dialectic play via the msm & in particular CN’BS’ have on prior occasions stated that the tax on the UCA act (unaffordable care act) is one of the largest components of the GDP.

Hey Mr. T, best not get rid of ZeroCare or the bottom will fall out of our phony GDP.

The interview: My Wolfpack associate is tied to the costs of filling dorm rooms for a major university in the US education system. In other words, he is very in-tune with what it takes to be on the black side of the university ledgers. He also attends meetings on a nationwide basis and tells me the same problem, the one he was about to expose me to, exists from sea to shinning sea.

The conversation started with me mentioning that I was noticing a lot of dorm buildings, much more than normal, going up at the universities I passed by. He said it was going to blow up in the financiers faces, and blow up big-time on a nationwide basis. He saw my antenna go up.

He followed with a rant that the overcapacity and stagflation I speak of (on RM radio with V & in particular as regards the auto business) is also heading our way in the higher education system. He said the excess cars on those lots are the same as those excess dorm rooms you see going up, and the over indebted auto buyers who are tapped out and disappearing are comparable to the prospective new enrollees at the university door steps. He said the ‘bs’ that everyone needs and is entitled to a higher degree in worthlessness, in a nation with no job marketability, while the the truth is the real job market is D.O.A…is coming to an end right now as we were enjoying our meals. Forget a mouthful, that’s a mind full!

Though I was not that surprised, I was about to get a punch between the common sense business eyes. He also told me the university systems within the US need to be at a 96% occupancy rate on a consistent basis to break even. Folks, that is like a 100 room hotel needing 96 rooms filled 24/7 to break even. Jaw agape, he then shocked me by reassuring me that was the average nationwide.

Though I didn’t express this thought to him, my mind was racing with an idea that was alluded to at the beginning of this installment. This ain’t a damned car, a tangible product of sorts, this is the over hyping of “hopes & dreams” of young men and women while knowing damned full well it is going to blow up in their faces. Along with their “hopes & dreams.” Though the total numbers (1 trillion dollars plus) for the student loan problems are running neck & neck with the subprime auto loan issues, they are far more evil and even frickin’ dangerous as they are dealing with a lot of youthful pent up energies. Likely to very soon be pissed once they know they were ripped off.

I then asked him what was the average cost of education now for an undergraduate degree, and he said north of 30K. For the record, he has put multiple youngins’ through college, and the youngest is enrolled right now, so from a personal and professional level he knows what the heck he is talking about. I asked when did he notice the price for a higher education start to really ramp up at a level north of the “advertised” inflation rates in the US. He said something on the order of over 10 years ago. This conversation is about to get comically interesting, and make the Wolf Gray look pretty smart. I like that part, as it doesn’t happen often enough to suit me.

I said to him wouldn’t it be interesting if the costs really started to ramp up with the birth of the “Triple Headed Hydra,” the bubble blowing beast that was released courtesy of the 1999 repeal of the Glass Steagall act? A true event of fascist brilliance, and bubble blowing wizardry with the merger of “Ins./brokerag/banking.” I told him when I left our lunch meeting that I was going to do a Google search regarding this timing issue. I had no clue what I was going to run into. WG

Check this crap out…… Here is an actual screen shot of the Google search I did right after getting back to the Wolf’s den, and as it was entered 3 months ago….


The 3rd one on the list “Student Debt part 2” from ‘onlinecolleges.net’….’ is of interest, and here is the actual link….


The second paragraph after the subtitle “Contemporary Trends” in the above link is filled with amazing coincidences…….

First, tuition rates skyrocketed in recent years. From 1999-2009, average tuition at public four-year colleges increased 73%, and in many states, tuition has continued to sharply rise. One reason for this is that state governments have spent, on average, 28% less on higher ed since the recession began in 2008.

Any date stand out? How about the birth date of the “Triple Headed Hydra!” I called my friend back and we both had a good laugh over it, but in reality it ain’t no joke folks. Clearly it was a planned con with a marketing plan that included a massive media and human mind game blitz that screamed everyone is entitled to a university or some other form of higher education. Reality being drowned out, as it didn’t hardly exist. Instead the other team in the HD farce said we’re exceptional we’re number 1 and always have been, join the #1 team today. The last three lines comprise the system and the “Hegelian Dialectic” (HD) argument. And when con men are the only ones at the marketing and sales helm, the HD (back to the definition in the intro) doesn’t yield a truth, it instead “HIDES A LIE.”

The university buildings are flying up in a true overcapacity failure, misguided by greed. A greed that recognized a day would arrive when the bill wouldn’t get paid in a conventional manner. No worries for the PPPTB though, they never planned on paying for anything. But someone will soon, as in possibly right now. Parents that cosigned for their child’s dreams, and/or the public who will most probably foot the final bill will realize, it was just a chance at a unproductive 4 year party. The primary product’s buyers, the students, are going to be forced to recognize partying hearty with no future jobs to pay for the party, is truly a party devoid of any hope of a life style that they may have dreamed of.  And it is going up in a blast furnace filled with ponzi-scheme counter party risk paper crap.

Folks, this is one of the worst f…ing cons in the intangible products realm I have ever seen, or in any realm. Playing on a parent’s love and heart strings to provide the best for their children, but by overcharging the hell out of the product. I have said ever since making V’s acquaintance that the biggest miscarriage of the business world happened when the financial risk realm spilled over into the commercial banking world, and the insurance world. Thanks PPPTB, we love that “Triple Headed Hydra!” The Hegelian Dialectic show goes on, but there is no “Truth” except for the unknown elite players the PPPTB.  

The rest of us from the president on down are just pawns in a lie.  Your alternative ..... Wake the hell up and take action!

Final Thoughts

The “shows/plays” detailed above are nothing but a Hegelian Dialectic play of lies to hide the truth, but that fact makes it a perversion of the definition in the intro above, and that has got the Wolf Gray po’d of late. Much of the alternative media is playing right into this game by abandoning the truth in the message that needs to get out. Which is, “Get out now, Paul Revere style, with a message of proper preparations via hard assets.”

Many within the alternative media crowd have gone nearly 100% political, or Walter Cronkite because their know-it-all capabilities and egos were hurt when the msm, and their own audiences didn’t announce certain economic failures during the time frames that their high IQ alt. media minds had forecasted. Candy asses the whole lot, not able to handle the associated ego beat downs. They hammer the “deep state”, hammer the msm, hammer the libtards, hammer the non-action Repugnicans, hammer “The Fed,” but ignore examples of the real truth like the story of the ESF. The lists go on and on, and so does the economic failure in the west, with necessary but now unpopular solutions no where to be found.

Let’s forget the Hegelian Dialectic actors and the +/- dispute regarding the Federal Reserve, the +/- of the auto world, the +/- of the student loan ongoing failures, let’s take a look at Wolf Gray’s recent record!........

I said the first quarter would see a ramp up in economic failure rates in the business community to undeniable levels, and the failures would be full steam ahead during the summer months of 2017. Do the retail failures, the banking layoffs, the auto sector layoffs, and the lack of jobs for the undergrads hitting the streets for a job make me right? Not based on the msm or the alternative media crowd who are trapped in the same frickin’ damned “Hegelian Dialectic” play. Not even messages by the sometimes HD trapped Prez who likes to visit the “Hegelian Dialectic” playbook from time to time give me a positive prognostication signal.

Here’s a factoid, maybe I was right or maybe I was wrong. It will be up to the historians, they will be the ones to set the record straight. As long as you, and the “you” applies in particular to the west and the US Sixpacks, are stuck viewing the standard msm alternative media battle field with no emphasis on the fiat King Dollar demise that is inevitable there will never be a failure that satisfies each and every viewer of the ongoing “Hegelian Dialectic” LIE! Eventually historians with a love for the truth will set the dates and records straight. Hell, I still say my super-ordinary 5th grader in the future will set it straight by telling the teacher,...

“the failures really started to ramp up in 2008, so why couldn’t they see it by 2012, or 2013, or 2014, or 2015, or 2016, or even 2017?” 5th Grader

Yep, maybe I was right or maybe I was wrong, but one thing is for absolute certain, and no historians are needed. I am dead right on an unavoidable failure for the US King Dollar and pain for those who hold too many of her associated paper instruments with counter party risks tied to them. That message should keep being pounded, and if you can’t do that even though you know it to be the truth, then check in with the other stooges at “Libby’s Banking, Hair, Nail Care & Lobotomy Servicing Center,” your gutless table awaits you. If that last message bothers you, all I can say is good…it was meant for your sorry ass, sport. Looking for answers, go look in the damn mirror....!

Wherever you are running to, or whatever you might even be running from, you will eventually have someone run to you after the “Hegelian Dialectic” message reaches an inevitable end that fails you/them…….

When lies become the truth

That's when I run to you

This world keeps spinning faster

Into a new disaster so I run to you

I run to you baby

And when it all starts coming undone

Baby you're the only one I run to

I run to you ……. Lady Antebellum

When They Run To You, And They Will ..... You Best Have The Answers

When They Run To You, And They Will ..... You Best Have The Answers


A full disclosure: An additional reason for a recent WG absence included the fact that the switch to a new RM website 3 months ago randomly eliminated key and important items. At least they were important to me. One is the randomly (varies per past installments) missing WG standard closing statement with a twist on a classic Vince Lombardi quote, and sadly the other was a most important consistent closing credit in every installment, a tip of the hat to Wolf Gray Sr. (rip). The reasons I have for doing this writing gig are as follows: (1) The off hand shot or hope that I might just be helping people, please note “to date” I have refused payment for services rendered, and (2) To have things included in each installment that make me smile. Two of those “smile” items mentioned above were randomly omitted (nothing on purpose) in the website switch, and though by accident, I was still missing necessary motivation. With that in mind, let me smile again…..

God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!                               

                           Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Credits to the Thoughts of: Opie


God Bless all of you….

Wolf Gray

Hard Asset & Farming Tip

Many will say this isn’t hard asset oriented. But food is most definitely a hard asset, or at least a necessary asset in my view. And if even if there is never a western economic collapse, yeah fat chance, knowing a trick to grow quality natural food in a small space can’t hurt a thing. Last season I reported on growing layers of potatoes in old trash barrels. Last year our results weren’t spectacular, but Mr.s WG said we did it wrong in multiple ways, and one (one that surprised me) was the planting of potato spuds at each new 6-8 inch layer of dirt after enough green is exposed until it is piled a few inches from the top of the barrel. This time it is only the bottom layer of mixed soil 6- 8 inches loaded with spuds, and as the greenery gets high enough a new layer is added of saw dust only (no spuds) until we get to the top. We shall see what we shall see, but I am not optimistic that this technique will be any better. Enclosed are pictures of the barrels sitting in the herb garden and just behind the regular garden.

I will keep you posted on any failures or successes…….