Countercoup, Part 5: After Comey, Sessions Hearings the #TrumpRussia Con is Failing


James Comey's testimony, long on accusations and insinuations against President Donald J. Trump but short on proof that POTUS obstructed justice, turned out to be a major disappointment for the legacy media that promoted it. Chris Matthews of the ultra-liberal Trump bashing network MSNBC admitted that the theory of collusion between Trump and the Russians to 'hack the election' was in tatters. Retired Harvard University legal scholar Alan Dershowitz told the Trump haters at CNN that Trump could not be indicted for obstruction of justice solely for exercising his constitutional authority, as head of the executive branch, to fire James Comey as FBI Director.



No Proof of Trump-Russia Collusion or Obstruction of Justice, Only Comey's Insinuations

As for Comey himself, the former FBI Director and Clinton crime family protecting derp stater admitted to leaking his private if not executive privileged conversations with the President to friends, who turned Comey's version of what was said over to the press. One of these friends was Benjamin Wittes of the pro-Democratic deep state Lawfare blog. More explosively, Comey opened himself up to legal jeopardy over potential perjury in prior Congressional testimony, contradicting his number two Andrew McCabe's testimony that no pressure was put on him by the Trump Justice Department to abandon the 'Russian election interference' investigation, and for violation of his FBI employment agreement on confidentiality. Comey was left to whine that Trump and his Administration had defamed him, and damaged the FBI's reputation by claiming that Comey hurt the agency's morale. Of course, complaints that Comey was coddling the Clintons began leaking from the Bureau prior to the election, not just after Trump's win shocked the Washington Establishment -- a chronology the 2017 Comey championing rather than 2016 Comey condemning Democrat hacks with press passes ignored.

The Comey-Mueller Mutual Admiration Society and Comey's Potentially Illegal Leaks


Comey's defenders were left sputtering that the fired FBI director had repeatedly affirmed the 'fact' of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and that Comey had called Trump a liar. The President's response was to hint again that he had recordings of his conversations with Comey, to which the ex-director cockily declared 'Lordy I hope there are tapes'. This of course, is a bluff by Comey and his derp state/Trump hating media backers, since Comey's entire argument for obstruction of justice rests on his feelings/interpretations of a conversation alone with the President, rather than any actual evidence of obstructing actions by Administration officials. The only thing known for sure as of this posting is that the U.S. Secret Service says it does not have recordings of the private Trump-Comey conversation. Meaning the President may have used a personal recording device to protect himself from Comey's subsequent write up and self-serving leaked recollections of their conversation. For more on the crookedness of Comey, read this summary by Mike Whitney at Unz Review.



Did Comey Know About Illegal Surveillance of then Candidate Donald Trump and Other Politicians, Federal Judges and Supreme Court Justices?

It should be noted that during the weekend the President was returning from his first trip abroad as POTUS, witnesses observed weird red if not ultraviolet light blinking from the windows of the White House -- fueling speculation that the President ordered his private security staff if not the USSS to sweep the executive mansion for bugs, presumably planted in the walls during the previous Administration. The leaking of calls and conversations, such as those between the President and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kisylak, where only a handful of people were present to hear everything could have fueled Trump's suspicions of electronic surveillance.


On that front, Circa News and Fox News host Sean Hannity are reporting that whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who worked as a government contractor on massive servers for both the CIA and NSA, is suing James Comey over warrantless surveillance of prominent Americans, which Montgomery has stated included Trump both before and after he ran for president. Montgomery has accused both former Director of National Intelligence and the NSA James Clapper and Obama's CIA Director John Brennan of managing the  illegal, off the books surveillance. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has questioned whether he, as a prominent NSA critic, was spied on by the agency at Obama's behest. But the Democrats and Tucker Carlson-hating derp state spokesmen like @20Committee don't want to talk about deep state abuses of Americans Constitutional rights, because the three letter agencies are heroically defending America from Russian hackers lurking everywhere:



Sessions Takes Apart Comey's Whining About Trump Allegedly Intimidating an FBI Director, Denies Any Collusion or Improper Contacts During the Campaign with the Russians 


On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions contradicted Comey's assertions about what he said and when regarding being alone with the President. He explained his reasons for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, and strongly denied any collusion or improper contacts with the Russians while serving as a United States Senator from Alabama and adviser to the Trump campaign.


According to Sessions he only met with Ambassador Kisylak twice during the campaign, and the third meeting Comey implied happened between the two men at a Trump foreign policy speech inside the Mayflower Hotel in late April 2016 didn't in fact happen, only a perfunctory greeting while the two men were in close proximity. This in turn led Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), a hawkish neocon on Russia, to mock Democrats and their social media justice warrior trolls insinuations that Sessions had plotted with Kisylak to have Russia support Trump in the election, while surrounded by hundreds of potential witnesses:


Will Trump or Supporters Muster the Will for a Full-Fledged Countercoup Against the Deep State?

It remains to be seen if we will see the full fledged countercoup those who prayed for Mr. Trump to drain the swamp have hoped for -- but we know prominent voices like Pat Buchanan (to whom Trump privately apologized during the campaign) and former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer are calling for a lawful crackdown on deep state leaks and subversion of the elected branches. Buchanan in particular is sounding the alarm along with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich regarding Comey's ties to Russia election investigation independent counsel and former FBI director under George W. Bush, Robert Mueller.

Buchanan also cites the State Department careerists and Obama holdovers revolt against any effort by the incoming President to modify or relax sanctions on Russia as he considered during the campaign as another example of unelected bureaucrats undermining the President:

President Trump may be chief of state, head of government and commander in chief, but his administration is shot through with disloyalists plotting to bring him down.

We are approaching something of a civil war where the capital city seeks the overthrow of the sovereign and its own restoration.

Thus far, it is a nonviolent struggle, though street clashes between pro- and anti-Trump forces are increasingly marked by fistfights and brawls. Police are having difficulty keeping people apart. A few have been arrested carrying concealed weapons.

That the objective of this city is to bring Trump down via a deep state-media coup is no secret. Few deny it.

Last week, fired Director of the FBI James Comey, a successor to J. Edgar Hoover, admitted under oath that he used a cutout to leak to The New York Times an Oval Office conversation with the president.

Goal: have the Times story trigger the appointment of a special prosecutor to bring down the president.

Comey wanted a special prosecutor to target Trump, despite his knowledge, from his own FBI investigation, that Trump was innocent of the pervasive charge that he colluded with the Kremlin in the hacking of the DNC.

Comey's deceit was designed to enlist the police powers of the state to bring down his president. And it worked. For the special counsel named, with broad powers to pursue Trump, is Comey's friend and predecessor at the FBI, Robert Mueller.

As Newt Gingrich said Sunday: "Look at who Mueller's starting to hire. ... (T)hese are people that ... look to me like they're ... setting up to go after Trump ... including people, by the way, who have been reprimanded for hiding from the defense information into major cases. ...

"This is going to be a witch hunt." 

Another example. According to Daily Kos, Trump planned a swift lifting of sanctions on Russia after inauguration and a summit meeting with Vladimir Putin to prevent a second Cold War.

The State Department was tasked with working out the details.

Instead, says Daniel Fried, the coordinator for sanctions policy, he received "panicky" calls of "Please, my God, can you stop this?"

Operatives at State, disloyal to the president and hostile to the Russia policy on which he had been elected, collaborated with elements in Congress to sabotage any detente. They succeeded.

"It would have been a win-win for Moscow," said Tom Malinowski of State, who boasted last week of his role in blocking a rapprochement with Russia. State employees sabotaged one of the principal policies for which Americans had voted, and they substituted their own.

Not in memory have there been so many leaks to injure a president from within his own government, and not just political leaks, but leaks of confidential, classified and secret documents. The leaks are coming out of the supposedly secure investigative and intelligence agencies of the U.S. government.

The media, the beneficiaries of these leaks, are giving cover to those breaking the law. The real criminal "collusion" in Washington is between Big Media and the deep state, colluding to destroy a president they detest and to sink the policies they oppose.

Now that Washington's efforts to sabotage Russian-backed Syrian government offensives against ISIS appear to be over, going after 'Riyadh' John 'ibn Saud' Brennan for his arming of Al-Qaeda or ISIS terrorists under the guise of supporting 'moderate rebels' in Syria would be a good step. So too, would further documentation of Comey's cover ups of Clinton family crimes dating back to the 1990s and any Comey involvement with Brennan and Jim Clapper's illegal domestic surveillance programs. Clapper in particular exposed himself as a partisan hack just this week, accusing Trump while visiting Australia of far more serious crimes than those which brought down President Nixon in the (FBI/Deep State orchestrated) Watergate scandal. As Fox News Lou Dobbs pointed out, Clapper had already admitted to seeing zero evidence as DNI of any collusion between the Russians and Trump, but made the reckless allegation anyway.

The Former CIA Analyst Author of 'Imperial Hubris' Tells It Like It Is

We leave RogueMoney readers with Mr. Scheuer's call for a tough and long overdue crackdown on the derp staters and their standard of laws only apply to the little people, not to the Clintons or Comeys:

Mr. Trump, God love you for what have done and are trying to do to resuscitate the republic. We need more jobs, a better stock market, no unnecessary wars, the end of government-mandated multiculturalism and diversity, rebuilt infrastructure, elimination of illegal aliens and street gangs, a border wall, lower taxes, the repeal of hate-speech laws, fairer trade, a lengthy ban on all immigration, an end to abortion, and minimal federal regulations. All of these things are indispensable.

But more urgently important than all of these needs, Mr. Trump, is for Americans to see you and Attorney General Sessions vigorously use the now unenforced law to, figuratively, draw a vast effusion of blood from the utterly lawless American elite. Both of you already have in your possessions the basis for indictments of:

–James Comey for perjury, and he and all FBI officials who conspired with him to support the Clinton campaign

–All three Clintons, both Obamas, and Loretta Lynch

–The Clinton Foundation, its leadership team, some of its contributors, and all of the State Department and other national government officials who willing aided the Foundation while Clinton was Secretary of State

–John Podesta and his DNC leadership team,

–Eric Holder and all those DoJ officials involved in Fast&Furious

–Lois Learner and the IRS officials who persecuted conservatives

–All leakers of classified information, most especially serving and former senior U.S. Intelligence Community officials

–George Soros and all U.S.-citizen, billionaire big shots who fund the violence of Democratic demonstrators

–All the Democratic operatives who have rigged voter lists and otherwise assisted the dead and illegal aliens to vote

–All of the mayors, governors, judges, police chiefs, ministers, priests, NGOs, and university leaders who establish and maintain “sanctuary” domains

–The people who killed DNC employee Seth Rich, as well those responsible for the long list of murders of people who crossed the Clintons

You must, President Trump and Judge Sessions, move quickly on the issue of enforcing the law against the bipartisan U.S. political elite and incarcerating those who are convicted — no pardons, no plea bargains, no probation, no omissions.

All the other improvements for the republic aspired to by the Trump administration are important, even essential. But none is as important than beginning to enforce the law against the gangster-dominated American elite. Legally draw their blood, gentlemen, or they will reverse whatever advances you accomplish for the republic when they rig the next election and defeat you. That result will bring on civil war.

And recall, Mr. Trump and Judge Sessions, that you are defenders of the republic and that your oaths-of-office and the Constitution require you to make sure all of the laws are enforced. The citizenry demands no more than that you do your duty.

If you fail to do so, you leave Americans only one option. Their legitimate means of eliminating the gangster-elite, when the law fails or is not applied, is provided by our Founders and the 1st and 2nd Amendments they bequeathed to their posterity.