Fear of Strategic Breakout Fuels Drive For Trump Impeachment

With the conclusion of the world historic Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) conference in Beijing, it is fair to report that the event consolidated nothing less than a new strategic realignment in world affairs.  There is now a bold dynamic coming out of Beijing, with Eurasia at the center, with an approach to economic development based on expanding mutually beneficial projects which circle the globe, many of which are already underway, and bringing tangible results to the participants.

Helga Zepp LaRouche, one of the intellectual architects of the emerging World Land-Bridge, who attended the conference in Beijing, described this process as “the beginning of a new era of history, representing a total break with the old geopolitics of the British Empire, which pitted West against East, and North against South.”  She reported on the enthusiasm of the participants, and the optimism they exuded.  This project “will grow,” she said, “and it will not go away,” despite the efforts of its opponents to downplay its significance or sabotage it.  These opponents, she added, are coordinating their assault on the BRI on behalf of London-based financial and intelligence institutions, and they are “up to their old tricks,” as can be seen in their attacks on the Trump administration.

In numerous public statements, including in many interviews in China, Mrs. LaRouche has emphasized the importance of American involvement in the BRI, saying that if President Trump brings the U.S. into the new paradigm defined by the Silk Road, he could become one of America’s greatest Presidents.   An American delegation was deployed by Trump to Beijing, headed by Matthew Pottinger, the senior director for Asia on the National Security Council.  Pottinger established an “American Belt and Road Working Group,” to encourage U.S. firms to participate in the Silk Road process. He also invited China to attend the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, D.C. on June 18-20, to bring Chinese participants into direct investment opportunities in the U.S.

Escalation Against Trump

One would think that these first steps toward U.S. engagement in the BRI process, combined with the growing collaboration between the Trump administration and Russia, would be a cause for celebration.  Instead of increasing tension, blustering threats, senseless sanctions, and deployments of military forces to the South China Sea and the western borders of Russia, which heightened the war danger under the direction of Obama and endorsed by Hillary Clinton, Trump is making a determined effort to break from this dangerous geopolitical geometry and shift relations toward dialogue based on mutual interests.

Yet, it is precisely this shift toward cooperation with the new strategic paradigm which is behind the now furious efforts to paralyze the Trump Presidency or even to remove Trump from office.  This assault on the U.S. Presidency originates and is being driven by the same upper echelons of the British establishment which also were deployed against President Clinton during his second term and which had previously initiated the legal and other actions against Lyndon LaRouche in the 1980s.  What is being played out now is not an “internal” U.S. political scandal, but a strategic global battle in the context of the earthshaking developments emanating from the Belt-and-Road initiative.

Inside the United States, an array of British stooges, which include a cabal of neocons, Clinton Democrats and the intelligence community – the so-called Deep State – with full backing from the mainstream media, are now whipping up an entirely fraudulent media-generated demand to remove Trump from office.  When their initial charge that Putin was responsible for Trump’s election through “meddling” and “hacking” collapsed, for lack of evidence, they responded by creating new provocations to escalate the assault.  The latest “causes” for impeachment are the charge that Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey was to prevent Comey from finding evidence of “collusion” between Trump and Putin in rigging the election, after Trump failed to get Comey to back off the investigation of Michael Flynn; and the claim that Trump released classified intelligence to the Russians, during his Oval Office meeting with Foreign Minister Lavrov, and outgoing Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.

These charges have dominated virtually the whole news cycle since May 15, with the usual culprits, the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN leading the assault.  It has become clear that the intention of those plotting the coup against Trump is to force enough Republicans to back away from Trump to enable an impeachment to pass the House, and convict Trump in a trial in the Senate – both of which are controlled by Republicans.  This strategy has been revealed in numerous articles, for example in Bloomberg’s “Politics” blog on May 17: “For now, the rest of the Republican wall is holding tight, which has helped Trump survive before.  But it held for Nixon too, until the pressure grew too great,” that is, until he was forced to resign, due to threat of impeachment.

In reality, all of this talk of “immanent” impeachment is nothing but hollow bravado driven by fear and panic.  What must be grasped here is the level of freak-out and desperation emanating from London and their friends in Washington and New York.  In truth, no U.S. President has ever been impeached by a House of Representatives controlled by his own party, and no U.S. President, in the history of the nation, has ever been convicted in the U.S. Senate and removed from office.  Add to that historic record the fact that all of the allegations against Trump are contrived gibberish and that the people screaming for his impeachment have presented not one iota of wrongdoing, and the level of desperation – desperation stemming from Trump’s escalating efforts to normalize relations with Russia and China – becomes glaringly obvious.

There are many, including the President himself, who have pointed out that the this is nothing but a “witch hunt,” that no evidence of “collusion” has been produced.  According to a self-admission from the GCHQ, the center of British intelligence, it has been tracking the “Trump and the Russians” story since June 2015, nearly two years ago – without yet producing a single shred of evidence of collusion.  The FBI has been involved since at least the Spring of 2016.  All their involvement has generated is a series of leaks of classified documents smearing Trump, based on anonymous (i.e. unverifiable) sources.  In the last year, Comey has played a central role in this witch-hunt, working with British-Saudi agent John Brennan, the former CIA Director, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. 

Instead of praising Comey as an “honest” investigator, who has “notes” from his meeting with Trump which purportedly show “obstruction of justice” by the President, Comey should be asked to provide the notes of his meetings with Brennan, Clapper and others – including with those who promoted the fake dossier of “ex”-MI6 operative Christopher Steele – to show his collusion in the coup attempt against Trump!

Perhaps Russia’s President Putin put it best, when he said that the accusations that Trump provided “sensitive” intelligence to the Russians are “nonsense,” and that those spreading them “are either stupid or dangerous.”  Watching the internal struggle in the U.S., he said that, at first, “it looked ridiculous.  Today it is not just sad, it causes concern because people who generate such nonsense, can generate even bigger nonsense.” 

The “Watergate Playbook”

In commenting on this situation, a well-placed insider with a long history in U.S. presidential politics expressed deep anger at the escalating attacks on Trump.  To him, this is an obvious attempt to prevent Trump from following through with the strategic break with the neocons and globalists he promised during his campaign. The improved relations with Putin and Xi have not just led to increased consultation, but collaboration in the war on terror, on global “hot spots,” such as North Korea, and on trade and economic policy.  The openness of the administration to the BRI  is fueling their fear that the breakout is “careening out of their control.”  He added that LaRouche’s emphasis on Glass Steagall also seems to be gaining support inside the White House. 

“Trump is moving to put the U.S. in a position to forge a path to peace and prosperity,” he said, citing as an example the rejection of “regime change” in a recent speech by Secretary of State Tillerson.  “Yet none of this is covered in the media, and the attention of the White House is being consumed in dealing with these ‘Fake News’ scandals.”

This senior statesman, pointing directly to the “Watergate Playbook” now being employed, stated:

They are ramping up the pressure on Republicans, to secure enough votes to impeach Trump.  With the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel – hardly a “neutral” figure, given his former position, and the role he played after the attacks of 9/11 in constructing the surveillance state that Trump is fighting – one can expect the pace of the push for impeachment to accelerate.

Centered on the “Russia issue,” there is a “media crescendo reminiscent of the Watergate coup against Nixon.”  He referred to Sen. McCain, who has been part of the coup from the beginning, telling “The Hill” newspaper that the Trump scandals are reaching “Watergate size and scale.”  The proliferation in the last days of references to “cover up,” “obstruction of justice,” etc. – this is the “Watergate Playbook.”  Just watch the media, he added. They have been treacherous from the beginning, but it keeps getting worse.  Concurring with Putin, he concluded that “the elites behind this coup must think the American people are really stupid.  It is now up to the administration to make clear, in all its public statements, the nature of this strategic break that you are speaking about, and that it is participating in.”

The fury coming from the trans-Atlantic establishment against President Trump is very clear.  Yet, as Pat Buchanan recalled in a recent column, by the time anyone in Congress even uttered the word “impeachment” in regard to Richard Nixon, more than two dozen Nixon White House, Cabinet and campaign officers had either been convicted of federal crimes or were facing indictment and trial and his Vice-President had resigned after pleading nolo contendere to charges of tax evasion.  This is a far cry from the contentless huffing and puffing being thrown against President Trump.

This is all part of a desperate attempt to divert attention from the bankruptcy of the system that London and Wall Street are defending, and a flight-forward effort to prevent the emergence of a new strategic alignment.  They intend to keep citizens of the Trans-Atlantic region trapped under a bubble of belief that there is “no alternative” to their failed system.  Those pushing for impeachment are doing so from a position of weakness.  Their hysterical efforts demonstrate that they know that, if the choice between their collapsing system and the New Paradigm emerging around the BRI were known, the pathetic effort to replay Watergate, and plunge the U.S. into ungovernable chaos, would be rejected by a majority of Americans.