Tuning Up the Silk Road

"You watch the media and you would have no idea that we are in the midst of a global genuine re-architecting of the world because everything here is about little tiny minutia of stuff happening in Washington, D.C. that nobody cares about." -- Stacy Herbert on the Keiser Report


Bravo, Stacy Herbert! You just said everything I've been wanting to say all year. I am bored to tears with Trump and Kushner and Comey and McMaster and all the rest of the Swamp because, meanwhile, in the Real World ... the biggest industrial, economic, and yes even something akin to metaphysical, revolution is lumbering steadily, staunchly, and stubbornly through EurAsia. It is focused. It is resolute. It will neither swerve nor be derailed. And it doesn't give a rat's crap that you don't see it coming.

Well, not you, the Rogue Money reader. You've seen it develop for ten years. It's the only game left in town. It's what we watch, hoping-to-god that Putin and Xi will be successful in burying our demented, inbred, bloodthirsty faceless, nameless overlords once and for all. We have to admit it. America was too fat, lazy, and drunk on her privileged hubris to realize that, one day, the Third World would wake up and simply refuse to take it on the chin any longer.

Essentially, that is exactly what Vlad intimated in his speech at the opening ceremony of the OBOR conference in Beijing last week. He said this [linked here]:


"In many countries the concept of a social state, coined in the 20th century, is now in crisis. These days, it is not only unable to ensure the steady growth of people’s wealth but can hardly maintain current levels of growth.

The disparity in socioeconomic development and the crisis the globalisation model finds itself in are fraught with negative consequences both for relations between states and for international security.

Poverty, lack of financial security, and the massive gap in the level of development between countries and regions all fuel international terrorism, extremism and illegal migration.

We will not be able to tackle these challenges unless we overcome this stagnation in global economic development."

The "stagnation in global economic development." You would think that Merkel, May, and Trump would all prick their ears at those words. But I guess their pumpkin carriage failed to pick them up for this particular ball. They sent some low-level mice to make their excuses. It's no matter. The Xi Machine knows who its friends are. President Xi said [linked here]:


"China’s Belt and Road Initiative is based on the historic roots of the Silk Road, it focuses on Asia, Europe and African continents, and is open to all friends."

"History is the best teacher. The history [of the ancient Silk Road] showed us that we can move along with mutual respect and development and towards the future of happiness, peace and harmony if we bravely walk the first step.

“The countries along the ancient Silk Road were once places with milk and honey, but now are full of turbulence, conflicts and crisis. Such conditions must be addressed. We must have mutual cooperation and a sustainable security outlook, try to tackle hot issues and insist on political resolution."

And since he knows the Brzezinski crowd is listening even while they are pouting, Xi threw this pie-at-the-face:

We will not follow the old way of geopolitical games during the push for the Belt and Road Initiative, but create a new model of win-win and cooperation. It will not form a small group undermining stability, but is set to build a big family with harmonious co-existence.”

“China is willing to share its development experience with all the rest of the world, but we will not intervene into other nation’s internal affairs, export our social system and development model, nor force others to accept them.”

Not intervene in other's affairs??!! What kind of crazy talk is that??!!

Oh and by the way, you can get the heck out of Pakistan, yes take ISIS and whatever reincarnation of Osama bin Laden that you've got stewing in some cave and just get the heck out.

India's Scowl

Let's talk about Pakistan because they are one of the crown jewels in the Belt these days. India's Modi snubbed the conference and sat in a corner glaring at Pakistan's admission into the family. I love India but I must admit that I just don't get her sometimes.


Modi sent his External Affairs Ministry spokesperson, Gopal Baglay, out to declare his misgivings [linked here]:

"Noting that India has received a formal invitation to participate in the six separate forums that China is organising as part of the Belt and Road Forum being held in Beijing on May 14-16, he said India is of the firm belief that connectivity initiatives must be based on universally recognized international norms, good governance, rule of law, openness, transparency and equality."

"Connectivity initiatives must follow principles of financial responsibility to avoid projects that would create unsustainable debt burden for communities; balanced ecological and environmental protection and preservation standards; transparent assessment of project costs; and skill and technology transfer to help long term running and maintenance of the assets created by local communities," he said.

So India is moping because they need assurance that somebody is going to adopt "financial responsibility" and "avoid projects that would create unsustainable debt burden for communities." Wow, so when did India suddenly experience a come-to-Vishnu moment? To hear India lecturing about fiscal responsibility ranks right up there with hearing Venezuela explain why it exports perfectly good food across the border while its citizens are butchering zoo animals.

Again, no matter. China has the patience of Job (who was, by the way, "an Oriental.") The minute that Putin and Xi finally pull the rug out from under the Dollar, India will realize where her Naan bread is oiled. Not to mention, well, obviously ... that whole India gold exchange thing.


The Dragon in South America

This blog in no way intends to summarize the whole conference. There are so many nuances and applause-worthy projects to consider. I'm sure the RM writers here will continue pounding out more info about the BR (Belt & Road). One thing that perhaps might wake up Americans to the Belt is how the Belt is moving into your backyard.

Yes, lest you think that the Silk Road is restricted to the other side of the world, not so fast! China realized something that Americans exploited more than one hundred years ago: connect the Pacific and the Atlantic with a railway and watch the profits pour in. China is doing just that very thing, from Chile and Peru, through Bolivia, and out towards Brazil's Atlantic. Now why didn't we think of that? Oh yeah, that whole fat, lazy hubris regime-change thing.

The words in this graphic are in Spanish but I think you get the idea. I smirked at how it skirts Paraguay, the cabalistic home of the Bush Dynasty.


Well whaddya know, the day before the BRF (Belt & Road Forum), guess who got added to the AIIB? Seven new members, bringing us to a nice round symbolic number of 77: Bahrain, Bolivia, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Samoa. Samoa? I thought America had one of those, sort of. Well, no matter. Hey maybe Hawaii will join next. Japan looks to be about ready to, as was confirmed by Harley Schlanger in this week's Rogue Money Thursday show [linked here].



You can follow the LaRouche presentations about the Belt & Road Initiative [or, BRI] here on the Schiller Institute's Youtube channel. I have created a playlist of videos they posted earlier this month [linked here]. You will find these highly informative and, of course, you won't hear this in the MSM at all.


Integration is the Word of the Day

In conclusion, I'll leave you with Putin's further remarks during the opening ceremony. He seemed happy enough to leave the glitz and rainbows to the Chinese delegation. As usual, we can count on Putin to steer the conversation towards the issue of sovereignty. As he has mentioned repeatedly, Putin is ready to transfigure the United Nations into a respectable tool of global governance while nations maintain their cultural identities:

"For the global community, we must be an example of a collective, innovative and constructive future based on justice, equality and respect for national sovereignty, international law and the unwavering principles of the United Nations.

However, desire and will alone are not enough to follow through on this agenda. Efficient tools for this type of cooperation are required. These can be created through integration.

On a final note, I would like to stress that Russia does not simply view the future of the Eurasian partnership as the mere establishment of new ties between states and economies. This partnership must shift the political and economic landscape of the continent and bring peace, stability, prosperity and a new quality of life to Eurasia.

Understandably our citizens need security, confidence in the future and the opportunity to be productive and improve the wealth and well-being of their families. It is our common duty and responsibility to ensure they have these opportunities."

And when Vlad sets his mind to "ensuring" that something gets done, he usually gets his way.

"What will you play for Trump, Mr. Putin?"
"I will choose the tune. I will choose the melody." 


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Bankster Slayer

"When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all." -- the "Kodachrome" song by Paul Simon, 1973

I grew up in a quiet, small, city east of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, in Palmdale, California. I'm not quite old enough to remember the assassination of JFK, but do remember the assassination of Brother Bobbie on an early summer's day. I was finishing up my first grade at the elementary school just up the street from our suburbia house. Maybe that was when I became self-aware that something wasn't right. When I saw the events of that day unfolding on our new color TV, I remember a thought passing through my 6.5 year old mind. And silly me assumed that everybody else was also holding this same belief because it seemed so obvious to me:


"The President and his brother must have been killed by the same people."

I don't know how a little first-grader was able to come up with that conclusion. That certainly wasn't the sort of idea you would expect to be rumbling around the brain of a little kid. But it kept rumbling in mine and still does, to this day.

The people of my generation passed through the Space Race, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Disco Era, Yuppies, the World Wide Web, and Irrational Exuberance. Throughout this entire period, a relentless Matrix Machine has been whirring in the background of our lives, unnoticed and largely unchallenged. In fact, that Machine has been whirring for centuries.

I guess it was inevitable that the 6.5 year old kid who once questioned the official doctrine of the Kennedy assassinations would one day swallow her own Red Pill. And so I did, following the 2008 Crash, as I watched the financial lives of my parents and myself collapse into disaster as the equity of our homes evaporated into the dry Arizona air.

I finally came to that moment as have so many readers and contributors of Rogue Money, that day when you finally stop and ask "Why did this happen?" I started reading, researching, listening. Gradually the bricks of The Matrix began to crumble. The monstrous beast was no longer hidden from view. 

And so I join this team of writers and readers who are all trying to Slay the Bankster Beast in their own way. We carry on with confidence because no Evil has ever stood forever against the onslaught of Truth. Undaunted, we move forward.

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I make no apologies if what you hear steps on the toes of a long-cherished paradigm. I am just A Messenger. In fact, you will find that my blogs will invite your comments to provide additional pieces of information that perhaps you may have gleaned from your own research. I have many holes that need filling.

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