Washington Post's #TrumpRussia Hysteria, as Seth Rich-Wikileaks Connection Confirmed

To Push Back Against Deep State/Langley Post Disinfo, Trump Turns to H.R. McMaster

While media criticism is old hat in the alternative/new media space, we cannot help but note more regarding the timing of this report, denied by President Trump’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, that Trump somehow compromised U.S. intelligence sources and methods when speaking to the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisylak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last week in the White House. The ‘leaks’ whose substance Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Council appointee Dina Habib Powell also denied come ahead of the President’s first foreign trip in office, to the interestingly chosen trifecta of the Vatican, Israel, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also preceded the President hosting Turkey's increasingly dictatorial leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Anyone Remember ISIS? You Know Those Terrorists Who Took Down a Russian Airliner in 2015?

McMaster, who has been the subject of leaks to Mike Cernovich and Bloomberg’s Eli Lake concerning President Trump’s alleged discontent with him, was chosen to speak briefly to White House reporters. The legacy media talking heads, predictably, parsed McMaster’s statement to claim he did not deny the heart of The Washington Post’s claim, that Trump shared intelligence with the Russians concerning Islamic State plots to take down airliners, without the authorization of the source government. Left unsaid by these ‘journalists’, even as pundits grudgingly admit that a President has ultimate declassification authority, was the fact that ISIS took down a Russian-chartered Metrojet airliner over Egypt’s Sinai peninsula weeks after the Russians intervened in Syria -- and that the most likely reason a government allied with the U.S. (Saudi Arabia cough cough) would have excellent intel from inside ISIS...is because it’s been covertly funding the terrorist group.




On Tuesday morning, Trump affirmed his legal prerogative as commander and declassifying authority in chief to share intelligence with the Russians concerning common threats faced by the USA and Russia to civil aviation from ISIS in a pair of tweets. Cold War 2.0 waging fanatics -- that is most of the Washington pundit class -- insist that Russia cannot be a partner against the Islamic State in Syria even as the forces Moscow supports continue to rollback ISIS, and more darkly, seem remarkably indifferent to the Russian lives lost to the terror organization’s attacks. The most tinfoily of the #TrumpRussia ns crowd tweet that perhaps Russia and Iran, as opposed to the USA’s Sunni supremacist and takfiri-funding allies Riyadh and Doha, created ISIS (with the full support or at least connivance of players in London, Paris, and Washington). For its part, at least one general speaking for the Israeli deep state has also blurted out that Tel Aviv would rather have ISIS on the small country in the southeastern Mediterranean's northern border than Hezbollah.

As the noose gets tightened by American special forces and their Kurdish allies around the Islamic State’s so-called capital of Raqqa, more computer hard/flash drives and perhaps Saudi-shipped arms will fall linto US troops’ possession demonstrating ISIS weapons, money and recruitment pipelines flow from the GCC. If the neocons in their Riyadh and Doha funded D.C. think tanks imagine they can keep a lid on leaks out of JSOC and CENTCOM pointing to at least the usual, downplayed ‘individual Saudi princes and charities’ funding for Daesh, they are kidding themselves. Ditto for attempts by neocons in the State Department and their pals in the CIA to pretend ‘former’ Al-Qaeda of Hayat Tahrir-al-Sham (HTS) are actually ‘former’ and therefore entitled to receive U.S. manufactured and Saudi shipped TOW anti-tank missiles -- not everyone in these agencies or in JSOC in particular whose soldiers could find themselves on the receiving end of those weapons is prepared to countenance such treason.


The Tillerson Purge Is Incomplete:
More Neocon Sabotage from the Regime Change Fetishists of Foggy Bottom

Ahead of his first presidential trip abroad, after the President’s negotiations with the Russians regarding counter-ISIS operations in Syria, the State Department suddenly decided to disclose that Bashir al-Assad’s government is cremating its torture victims in a Nazi-style crematoria east of Damascus. Why the State Department chose this time to disclose such a long-held and horrific claim, for which it provided only commercial satellite photography of a large building as ‘evidence’, must surely be of interest to Trump, his aides, and those recognizing the telltale fingerprints of a neocon-fronted ‘deep state’ opposed to any end to the proxy war against Damascus. The State Department’s latest grandstanding with mainstream media blindly accepting the quality of its ‘evidence’ coincided with Russian-advised Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah forces advancing across the largely empty eastern Syrian desert deep into what had been ISIS territory, to head off the U.S. and its ‘moderate rebel’ proxies seizure of a key border crossing with Iraq.


Avoiding False Flags in the Eastern Syrian Desert, Provocations Between U.S. Forces and ‘Hezbollah’

While some in alternative media are concerned, it is unlikely that U.S. special forces would do more than defend themselves if attacked much less go on the offensive in their limited numbers against a nearby SAA/Hezbollah force, in order to prevent Damascus from maintaining the ‘Shi’a Crescent’ overland supply route from Iranian-backed militias in Iraq. Therefore the main risk of Russian advised Syrian/Hezbollah soldiers and American specops being in close proximity involves a sudden false flag, in which Hezbollah could be blamed for the deaths of American soldiers that were actually carried out by... other parties in the Mideast.


Rogue Money readers and listeners will recall that our very own W the Intelligence Insider has been warned about a false flag or actual attack event involving Hezbollah clashing with either Israeli or U.S. forces creating a wider conflict even as the Eurasian powers Russia and China seek to wind the devastating Syrian conflict down. This is precisely why direct ‘de-confliction’ contacts between the Pentagon and the Russians in Syria are so important, to prevent any attempts by a third party to stage a provocation between the two sides. From the other side of the Sykes-Picot drawn border, a strong push by pro-Iranian Iraqi PMU forces to take control of Syraqi border crossings should place more obstacles in the way of any neocon plans for a ‘Salafist principality’ in the Euphrates valley, which first came to light in a notorious declassified 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency memo obtained by Judicial Watch.

Moscow, Tehran and Damascus have been aware of such plans for years and have sought in recent weeks to freeze or reduce the Syrian conflict in the so-called ‘safe zones’ negotiated with the Turks in Astana, Kazakhstan in order to free SAA manpower for a surge in the eastern desert -- where Syria’s oil and gas reserves sit.


The Deep State Wages War Against the Truth About ‘the DNC Russian Hack’ and Wikileaks -- That the Source of the Document Dump that Humiliated Hillary and the Democrats Was Seth Rich

Returning to the home front, where the legacy media and ‘deep state’ appear to be allies at war with the Trump White House, Monday’s Seth Rich bombshell gave both sides of the spooks and hacks alliance cause to fear. The Washington area Fox affiliate WTTG TV published and Fox News Channel picked up claims by Rod Wheeler, a former D.C. homicide detective hired by the Rich family, that Seth had been in touch with Wikileaks last summer, prior to his murder by two gunshot wounds to the back. D.C. Metro police described Rich’s slaying as a robbery, despite his wallet and phone being left at the scene. Additionally, Rod Wheeler stated his source inside D.C. homicide had been ordered to stand down in the unsolved murder case and leave it to the feds, who were covering it up.


Wheeler added to the explosive claim that the FBI under now fired former Director James Comey sat on evidence from Seth Rich’s laptop proving he was in contact with Wikileaks team members (if not Julian Assange himself) based in the United Kingdom. A fact which, for those RogueMoney readers and listeners who haven’t heard London Paul discuss the subject, Britain’s GCHQ spy agency could not plead ignorance, since it has the Ecuadorian Embassy-marooned Julian Assange and his ‘free’ colleagues under continuous electronic if not physical surveillance.

Within 24 hours, a spokesman for the Rich family denied Wheeler’s claims, casting doubt that Seth had ever been in touch with Wikileaks. Speaking to Fox News, Brad Bauman attacked Wheeler’s explosive claims that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC email dump that the entire U.S. Intelligence Community’s chiefs under Obama and subsequently have staked their credibility on coming from Russia  and only state-sponsored Russian hackers. In response, pro-Trump journalist and documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich asked why a Democratic Party linked consultant in Bauman was claiming to speak for the entire Seth Rich family.


It’s too soon to state whether Wheeler’s claims, if testified under oath, can blow apart the foundation of the Democrats/MSM’s ‘OMG RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTION FOR DONALD TRUMP WHO IS PUTIN’S PUPPET’ Narrative Hillary Clinton immediately seized upon to explain her shocking November 8 defeat.

It is also unclear if the globalists behind Barack Obama, James Clapper, Jim Comey, and John Brennan and the lying media all synchronizing the ‘Russia attacked our democracy’ Narrative to permanently tarnish Trump’s historic win and destroy his presidency will tolerate their storyline being successfully undermined with the American people. After all, they’ve got a Cold War 2.0 to wage against Russia if not a third world war to start -- which necessitates brainwashing Americans into the idea of Russian hackers and agents of influence attacking their way of life from every nook and cranny. Yes, even to the point that a single humble TASS photographer invited to document a handshake between Trump and Lavrov could have planted bugs from his searched if not scanned camera in the Oval Office, literally as the Secret Service watched, because...Russians. In such a neo-McCarthyite climate, wherethe globalist and Trotskyite lunatics are patriots while the alt-Right are the new ‘Reds’, no deed no matter how dastardly or superhuman is beyond the omnipresent capabilities of the perfidious Kremlin.


Nonetheless, Mr. Wheeler and those like Larry Klayman bravely exposing cover ups of crimes and massive intelligence agency politicization/illegal surveillance should take care to put the evidence out they have as soon as possible, and/or to make clear like Julian Assange has on multiple occasions, that personally silencing them will not prevent the truth from coming to light.


UPDATE Wednesday May 17, 2017 Noon Eastern: 

Putin Trolls the American Media and the Deep State: Nothing Improper or Top Secret Was Said by Trump to Russia’s Foreign Minister, We Have Transcripts Ready for Your Congress

Last but not least, perhaps to troll the NATO Deep Staters and the US/UK/EU press that has blindly accepted whatever reports of Russian aggression in the physical and cyber realms they’ve put forward, Vladimir Putin offered to present transcripts of the Trump-Lavrov talks to the U.S. Congress, to prove no deep dark secrets were shared that compromised U.S. intelligence community relationships. While this will not entirely kill the hysteria surrounding Trump conducting any sort of diplomacy whatsoever with the Russians as American Presidents previously could do, it will encourage the media to move on to their next carefully coordinated scandal: the CYA memo drafted by the fired James Comey to which Trump has already hinted on Twitter, he has a recording as a rebuttal. In the meantime, the #SethRich hashtag and story are not going away.