Juncker’s lunacy and UK snap elections may lead Britain to ditch EU without an Article 50 agreement

It has been nearly one year after the British people made their historic vote to exit the European Union, and in that time the UK has seen many changes, and even more questions arise from the event that is simply being termed as The Brexit.

First David Cameron, the Prime Minister who ran on a platform of giving the people the choice of whether or not to stay in the Union, resigned shortly after the Yes vote and was replaced with a leader who is fully behind the people’s will to return their future to that of a sovereign nation.  And it took PM Theresa May less than nine months to sign and hand over the Article 50 documents which would begin the exit process, and start the negotiations with the European Council (EC) on what the UK would have access to once they officially left the coalition.

However, for perhaps the very same reasons why the British people chose to leave the EU, the EC bureaucrats have not been happy in the temerity of the UK daring to leave the hegemony of their oligarchical control, and as such are doing their best to make Article 50 negotiations a living hell for Prime Minister May, and the rest of the British people.  And these actions could be leading to what some are calling Plan B for the UK, and that is to simply ditch negotiations and leave the EU without any signed formal agreements.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council went after Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission for Juncker’s leak of his dinner meeting with UK prime minister Theresa May.

Following ill-fated dinner meeting, Juncker phoned Angela Merkel “Theresa May Lives in a Different Galaxy”. Someone, presumably Juncker’s chief of staff, Martin Selmayr, leaked the results of the dinner meeting and Juncker’s phone call to the German press.

Since then, Juncker stated, “Brexit will never be a success”.  In a Speech on Friday, delivered in French, Juncker also stated the “English language is losing importance”. Finally, Juncker stated he will not spend more than 30 minutes a week dealing with Brexit.

The implication from all this is fairly clear. The Commission is trying to sabotage the process, not very intelligently, while the European Council at least lives in the hope that a deal could be possible. We find it very hard to understand what other purpose this leak could have had than to achieve maximum provocation.

The hostilities will now accelerate work on a plan B within the UK, that would allow the UK to exit the EU without an Article 50 agreement. We still think that an agreement should be possible – but not along the lines of the EU’s hastily updated negotiating mandate. The draft mandates that had been leaked previously at least constituted a viable basis for negotiations. This has now become more of a gamble. – Mish Talk

So what exactly is Plan B for the UK?  First off, we must look at something that Prime Minister May did recently when she out of the blue called for snap elections to try to solidify her support in parliament for her goals in the Brexit proceedings.

Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain on Tuesday called for an early election in less than two months, clearly anxious that her thin majority in Parliament would weaken her hand in complicated negotiations on the British exit from the European Union.

Mrs. May’s proposal for a snap election on June 8 broke her oft-repeated vow not to call an early vote and was aimed at exploiting her popularity to gain more parliamentary seats. This would strengthen her political backing in the negotiations for Britain’s departure, known as Brexit. – New York Times

Thus dependent upon the outcome of this election, May’s position when facing the EC could become inevitably much better, or much worse dependent upon the size of her support following the election.

And Prime Minister May will need strong support if Britain is forced into their nuclear ‘Plan B’ option, which would simply be to walk away from the negotiations and the EU, and try to function within a hostile European coalition that would seek to undermine them at every turn.

And this undermining is already taking place since for example many European governments are demanding British airlines change their home bases from London or Heathrow to ones in an EU member state, and banks that use London as their headquarters would need to change it to a country within the EU if they want to continue to do business with coalition members.

Britain’s trump card and saving grace should they choose Plan B would be the nation of China, and the Far Eastern power’s willingness to accept any and all economies bent on joining their burgeoning Asian partnerships.  And the UK has an easy example to follow since it was this very type of partnership that Russia created with China that not only allowed them to survive the sanctions imposed upon them by the United States and Europe, but to actually grow and thrive since the sanctions actually freed them from contractual agreements with the West that they otherwise would have had to honor, and which were of a much greater benefit to the EU than they were to Russia.

The UK wants to take the high road when it comes to negotiations tied to leaving the European Union, but the actions of EC head Jean-Claude Juncker and others are making it obvious the coalition has made Brexit a personal affront to their utopian dream of a technocratic Europe.  And in the end it will probably be better for Britain to simply leave the EU and deal with the short term ramifications of isolation that would occur if they bail out without achieving some form of agreement because in the end, the likelihood of the EU being around in the near future is a bet where the odds are by far in the UK’s favor.