Atlantic Council & MSM Smear RM Guest Posobiec for Reporting #MacronLeaks

The media/Establishment darling and 39-year-old former Rothschild investment banker is said to be the strong favorite over nationalist challenger Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s French presidential election. At the risk of asking Hillary Clinton’s notorious question of ‘what difference, at this point, does it make?’ the logic of dumping nine gigabytes of Mr. Macron’s campaign emails and files onto the anonymous web on a Friday, barely 48 hours before the French will vote, is not immediately clear. Some have suggested that the ‘Russian hackers’ intent as the candidates faced a legally mandated blackout period from campaigning this weekend was simply to damage Mr. Macron’s anticipated presidency of France, rather than boost the prospects for Marine Le Pen.


Regardless, state sponsored Russian hackers are being blamed by Mr. Macron’s campaign and the press, even on the basis of flimsy, easily faked ‘evidence’ such as Cyrillic gibberish in the metadata of released files. More pertinent to French politics, some of the documents appear to support allegations which Mr. Macron has repeatedly denied, that he maintains offshore account/s in the Caribbean. Mr. Macron has denied having an account in the Bahamas, whereas some documents appear to show one in the leeward island of Nevis. In response, the in-the-LeClerc-tank for Macron outlet France24 rushed to declare one particular set of docs to be forgeries, with an emphasis on alleged layering and photoshopping -- which could’ve come in handy a few years back, had it been applied to a certain released long form Hawaii birth certificate. The French electoral commission has warned media outlets in the EU country not to publish any of the documents in whole or in part, as they may contain fakes and could subject the publishers to libel suits.

In Washington, in what was at least formerly understood to be outside the jurisdiction of French electoral laws, Jack Posobiec reported on these documents.

Mr. Posobiec’s reporting for The Rebel cites Jessica Gomez, a professional auditor formerly with the Big Three accounting firms, who declared Macron’s signature and numerous bits of data in the alleged ‘La Providence LLC’ offshore account trove matched authenticated details about Macron. The name of the limited liability company allegedly set up by Mr. Macron, La Providence, is the same as the high school in Amiens where young Macron met his future wife, a school teacher who is 25 years his elder, Bridgette Trogneux. At that time, the 16-year-old Macron’s parents urged the 40-year-old Trogneux to stay away from their teenaged son.

Following the lead of the Atlantic Council’s Ben Nimmo, a ‘researcher’ best known for unsuccessfully waging war on the ‘Russia wants war -- look how close they put their country to our bases’ Internet meme, The New York Times and then Reuters placed Jack Posobiec at the center of their Twitter-driven narrative about the pro-Le Pen ‘Alt Right’ amplifying the purloined data from an alleged Russian hack against Macron. The problem being that the premise that Russian and only Russian state sponsored hackers could’ve dumped the nine gigabytes of Macron data online has not been proven -- a point Reuters was forced to concede even as it turned to the ‘usual suspect’ cyber security firms involved in ‘confirming’ that ‘the Russians hacked the DNC’ like Fire eye.

Another cyber security firm, Crowdstrike, claimed to have identified the GRU and FSB directed hacker groups which breached the Democratic National Committee’s servers in 2015-16. However, to date there is no proof the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the corrupted leadership of director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe (whose wife accepted a large campaign donation from Hillary Clinton’s fundraiser Terry McAuliffe) had the Bureau authenticate Crowdstrike’s findings by examining the servers the DNC refused to turn over to the FBI. Crowdstrike is led by CEO Dmitry Alperovich, whose wife worked for the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security and who serves on the board of NATO’s quasi-private, partly foreign government and military industrial complex funded think tank, the Atlantic Council -- Mr. Nimmo’s employer. Thanks to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) not (yet) being applied to think tanks, the Atlantic Council has never had to register under the American FARA law. One of the Atlantic Council’s major donors in the $250,000-$1,000,000 range is Thomson Reuters, the parent corporation of Reuters news.

Mr. Posobiec, while reporting on the documents contents’ with necessary caveats, has no connection to whoever (including possibly disgruntled insiders, ala the DNC leaks about screwing over Bernie Sanders) posted them on Pastebin and/or the dark web (this UK Daily Mail headline claiming otherwise could be construed as defamatory). Including claims that Mr. Macron is receiving massive support from the mainstream media because he is, and has been since 2006, a tool of the CIA spun off soft power organization the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its European think tank grant recipients.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop the network of #TrumpRussia conspira-trolls, including followers of the former British Conservative Party MP Louise Mensch or ex-NSA and U.S. Naval War College Professor John R. Schindler, from smearing U.S. Navy veteran Posobiec as a tool of the Russians. One of those smearing Mr. Posobiec, Christo Grozev, is a Bulgarian national living in Austria who boasts on Twitter of owning radio stations in Ukraine, including at least one broadcasting in the Ukrainian language ‘into the ATO zone’ of the Donbass war.

According to Grozev, Posobiec and his significant other Tanya attended an ‘orgy’ at the Cinco de Milo bash hosted by notorious gay provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and attended by former Trump adviser Roger Stone in Miami. In fact, the Cinco de Milo bash was simply a big party held at a former 'cocaine mansion' as Milo describes it to promote his new media ventures. Mr. Grozev wrote, “What’s with U.S. alt-right hooking up with Russian wives/girlfriends? Slav-Aryan fetish, or active measures?”

According to screenshots posted by Posobiec on his Twitter account, Reuters cited the anti-Slavic (as in hating his mostly Russophilic countrymen), Bulgarian NATO/EU conspira-troll Grozev as an example of social media users ‘linking’ Posobiec to the Russian security services online. That Mr. Grozev is also a #TrumpRussians troll was not mentioned by Reuters in the communications between them and Posobiec that Jack posted online. Nor did Reuters or the NYT note the number of tweeted death threats or fantasies of the French security service the DGSE taking revenge on an American citizen...for practicing journalism about a French politician on U.S. soil.



Thankfully, despite the suggestions of ‘woke’ #TrumpRussia MSNBC programming regular Malcolm Nance or the bow-tie wearing former Estonian president Ilves Toomas, so-called defenders of the free world and Atlanticism have yet to revoke the First Amendment (though hopefully someone will ask Toomas to his face if he was musing about French security services hacking and/or threatening Americans of the 'alt-right' persuasion in these tweets). Nor is a weak, strutting globalist clown like Macron likely as French President to order his government to target the self-proclaimed leader of the #SlavRight -- so long (we think) that Donald Trump is in the White House.