President Trump’s Inner Circle looking more like a group of ‘Hollow Men’

One of the biggest problems with filling a Presidential cabinet with older politicians and generals is that they are extremely limited in being able to see and adapt to a changing world.  And while the eventual rise of Vladimir Putin in Russia helped that country to progress and thrive because they cast off the trappings of the former Soviet Union for productivity and international cooperation, the U.S. has remained trapped in a ‘Cold War’ mentality which has been run for the past 30 years by a group of what we might term, ‘Hollow Men’.

The term Hollow Men signifies individuals who have a complete lack of imagination, and function in a pattern that is easily deduced in nearly every scenario that comes about.  They have little or no sophistication despite the fact they try to impress upon the world that they are ‘experts’ and the most viable candidates to lead and rule.  Some Hollow Men are simply ideologues, like with Barack Obama’s former Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, who tried to shape the U.S. into some form of Communist and Green utopia by destroying many vestiges of the free market and Constitutional system.  While others are neo-conservative warmongers who bought in lock, stock, and barrel to Paul Wolfowitz’s Doctrine of the U.S. being the sole Superpower which by fiat should determine the policies for every nation state.

And ironically it is these and other rigid and limited mindsets that have allowed Russia, China, their growing coalitions within the BRICS, and other established economic unions to prosper at the expense of the United States, and to rapidly bring about a scenario where Washington will soon be forced to capitulate to them, or be left with no choice but to instigate an all-out war.

Enveloped in layers of subtle sophistication, there's no way to know the deeper terms Beijing and Moscow have agreed upon behind those innumerable Putin-Xi Jinping high-level meetings.

Diplomats, off the record, occasionally let it slip there may have been a coded message delivered to NATO to the effect that if one of the strategic members is seriously harassed — be it in Ukraine or in the South China Sea – NATO will have to deal with both. – Sputnik News

Over the past several years the Russo-Sino alliance has slowly enveloped many long-standing Western allies and enemies, offering them different benefits dependent upon their unique makeup and domestic needs.  For a nation such as Syria, cooperation with Russia has helped protect them from the machinations of radical Wahhabism inflicted upon them under the guise of ‘Syrian Rebels’ and the ISIS caliphate, while at the same time helping to grow their stature by being a focal point for a new oil pipeline to connect Eastern energy resources to the West.

China in the meantime is slowly taking over the African continent by using its wealth to build infrastructure and trade partnerships which could have easily been done by the West a century ago if they weren’t of the mindset of pillaging versus developing.  And in each separate instance that nurtures and grows, those nations that Russia and China co-opt into their sphere of influence are not burdened with foreign policy demands that relieve them of their rights to self-determination.

Recent events undertaken by President Trump’s ‘Hollow Men’ in both Syria and with North Korea show the world that the White House remains very easy to read, and without any real sophistication in attempting to counter the moves being done slowly and methodically by Putin and Jinping on the geo-political map.

For now, let's concentrate on two instances of how the partnership works in practice, and why Washington is clueless on how to deal with it.

The General Office of the CCP – directly subordinated to Xi — only holds this kind of ultra-high-level annual consultations with Moscow, and no other player. Needless to add, Li Zhanshu reports directly to Xi as much as Vaino reports directly to Putin. That is as highly strategic as it gets.

That also happens to tie directly to one of the latest episodes featuring The Hollow (Trump) Men, in this case Trump's bumbling/bombastic National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. HR McMaster.

In a nutshell, McMaster's spin, jolly regurgitated by US corporate media, is that Trump has developed such a "special chemistry" with Xi after their Tomahawks-with-chocolate cake summit in Mar-a-Lago that Trump has managed to split the Russia-China entente on Syria and isolate Russia in the UN Security Council.

It would have taken only a few minutes for McMaster to read the BRICS joint communiqué on Syria for him to learn that the BRICS are behind Russia.

No wonder a vastly experienced Indian geopolitical observer felt compelled to note that, "Trump and McMaster look somewhat like two country bumpkins who lost their way in the metropolis." – Sputnik News

The fact of the matter is, so far there is little difference between the policies of Donald Trump and his predecessors Barack Obama and George W. Bush since their direction was dictated by the same Hollow Men who have been running the world going back to the time of Vietnam.  And with the new President having already shown his cards to both Putin and Jinping very early in his administration, the two progressive leaders have quickly come to realize that the U.S. has no intention of joining the new frontier being forged out of the remains of the 20th century, and that their only fear will be in the neo-cons being able to incite war before they are able to accomplish their task of collecting a critical mass of nations who can with the click of a mouse, devastate the West by eliminating their power to rule through the means of dollar hegemony.