MSM Trick Zerohedge, Drudge with Joint Russia-Iran 'Red Line' Statement

Peter Lavelle, Alexander Mercouris and the team at The Duran have denounced as fake a report circulated by Reuters, the UK Sunday Express and The Independent, as well as Israel's Haaretz newspaper stating that Russia and Iran had issued a joint communique after Friday's Tomahawk missile strike threatening retaliation for further U.S. aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic.  In the latest example of #fakenews traveling around the world before the truth can get its boots on, leading new media aggregators Zerohedge and the big headline popping Drudge Report followed the legacy media's lead in presenting the Arabic-language document as authentic.

Фейк Новости:
Someone's Putting Words in Putin's Mouth the Russian Government Didn't Say

The giveaway that the document may have had a non-Arab or Russo-Iranian-Syrian coalition source was in its use of the American-ism 'red lines' which gave the Drudge Report its latest Cold War 2.0 heating up headline:


A fake news story has been circulating on both mainstream media and alt-media saying that Russia and Iran have issued a joint threat to ‘use force’ in the event of the US targeting Syrian forces again. It was also reported that the issue was quoted as being a ‘red line’, a term generally used by the United States...

The Sunday Express and Zero Hedge both cite something called  Ilam al Harbi media as the source of information for the story.

A quick English language Google search for ‘Ilam al Harbi’ comes up with several articles from Yemen Press, none of which lead to a story about the Putin/Rouhani phone call or anything else concerning Russia/Iranian responses to the US attack on Syria.

Additionally there is a Saudi based telecom company called al-Harbi whose website can be found here. It is not a news website in any way shape or form.

A report from the usually reliable Al-Masdar news has produced an Arabic language document purportedly from a joint military command centre used by Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Although, Iran, Russia and Syria do share intelligence and cooperate in the Syrian war against terrorism, the existence of the specific ‘joint command centre’ in question, seems to be misleading and inaccurate if not entirely fabricated in this context...

Because the document is in Arabic, it is unlikely to have originated in either Russia or Iran.

The actual content of the well documented phone call between the Russian and Iranian Presidents entirely contradicts the dubious document and is totally in line with official and de-facto Russian and Iranian policy.

Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani pledged to continue support for the Syrian government in its war against terrorism. The two leaders additionally pledged to cooperate further on issues of regional stability.

They also called for an investigation into the chemical attack which America used as the proximate cause of the missile strike on Syria.


Here's what the Iranians actually said along with the Russians--
they called for an impartial international investigation of chemical attacks in Syria 

Without authentication from either the Russian or Iranian governments, the document appears to be either a badly timed threat from someone connected to Hezbollah or the Syrian government, or an orchestrated hoax. The Russia Analyst strongly leans towards the latter explanation, as does The Duran, both for reasons of syntax -- Arabs and Iranians and Russians don't use Americanisms like 'red line' -- and timing. To The Duran's arguments about why the mainstream media outlets should have done basic journalism 101 due diligence and treated the document more skepticism (no official statements or comments from either Moscow or Tehran matching it), we can add one more important point. The disinformation machine is ramping up in the U.S., even as the rhetoric about President Trump as Putin's Siberian handpicked candidate has somewhat cooled off.

As War on the Rocks #NeverTrump er Ryan Evans tweets, the Russians must be experiencing 'buyer's remorse' -- nevermind that Putin spokesmen like Dmitry Peskov said that Trump was not their guy to begin with and that Moscow didn't expect any quick lifting of sanctions after the inauguration, the D.C. Swamp's Narrative dies hard. But as that Narrative is quietly dropped, new narratives and shiny distractions for Americans, including wars and rumors of wars from the Levant to the Korean peninsula, must be manufactured. As Team RogueMoney's mentor W the Intelligence Insider says, it's all a magic act, and tricking the usually reliable boys at Zerohedge or Matt Drudge into linking to fake news peddled by the mainstream media is just minor sleight of hand in the show... 

Are the Neocons Learning to Stop Worrying and Love the Tomahawks Launching Trump?


The reason for the 'Trump-RUSSIANS!' Narrative cooling down is of course, a significant portion of the same neocons who were pushing it like Weekly Standard editor at large Bill Kristol, former White House speechwriter David Frum, ex-CIA and House Foreign Relations Committee Muslim Brotherhood whisperer Evan McMullin are all pleased with President Trump's Tomahawk missile strike on the 'Assad regime'. Of course, like Sen. John "McInsane" McCain they all aren't satisfied with hitting an almost deserted base in the Homs desert but want moar war until Bashir al Assad is removed or at least, the U.S. has established an illegal and quasi-permanent occupation zone across eastern and northern Syria under the guise of humanitarian intervention. The partition plan that, not coincidentally, think tanks like the Brookings (Doha Center) Institute and various other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) funded institutions have been calling for since it became clear Assad would not be quickly deposed in 2012-13.

Nonetheless, the belated praise for Trump by neocons who were only recently implying he was Putin's puppet and neo-liberal interventionists who formerly worked at Obama's State Department admitting that Obama himself never had the nerve to directly strike Assad's forces after the 2013 Ghouta gas attack is quite revealing. It illustrates a level of consensus if not direct control over messaging across Washington and the legacy media that all but the most authoritarian regimes on this planet would struggle to achieve. Certainly the messages coming out of Moscow even accepting the premise of Kremlin marching orders down to the lowest media outlet are more mixed than the nearly unanimous acceptance of both the legality and morality of the U.S. attacking yet another once sovereign Middle Eastern state. Syria happens to be one of the states along with Iraq, Sudan, Yemen and Iran retired Gen. Wesley Clark infamously told Democracy Now! was on the Dick Cheney/Pentagon hit list as early as 9/12/2001. But of course, Clark's recollection of American planning at the highest levels to take down multiple regimes in the span of a few years is said to be crazy conspiracy talk...


Note the vitriol directed at @TulsiGabbard here:
because one antiwar female Democrat in Congress questioning U.S. Syria policy is one way too many!


The Faulty Logic of 'Assad Gassed His Own People' in 2017: How Did the Syrian Regime Manage to Hide CWs from Inspectors and the Obama Administration Since 2013-14? Naturally, #BlameRussia!

Ironically, the neocons who have been most critical of the alleged totalitarian impulses of 'Putin's Russia' see no contradiction between their stated love of democracy with its room for dissenting views, and their broad based cheerleading for war that brooks no dissenting voices who aren't 'useful idiots' for the Kremlin. This series of tweets by one Andrew Exum illustrates how said contradiction is resolved, through brooking zero doubt about the quality of post-Iraq had WMDs U.S. intelligence (one of candidate Trump's greatest sins, along with his 'I could get along with Putin' heresies) or the history of Syrian 'rebels' own chemical weapons usage. For that matter, the Exums deem that we shall not ask common sense questions not requiring expert knowledge of chemical warfare, such as how the White Helmets manage to handle dying victims of sarin nerve agent without themselves absorbing the deadly toxin on their skin...

The unspoken assumption of Exum's 'show proof that it was Assad and not the rebels releasing the toxic gas? We don't need no stinkin proof because sources and methods and dead babies on social media!' tweets is that Assad was clever enough to hide a chemical weapons program after the U.S. and Russia with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons had rid the country of his arsenal with the State Department insisting the job was completed between 2013-2015. But what Exum is actually saying is that either the Obama Administration lied, or it was incompetent when it insisted Assad had surrendered his chemical arms under threat of war. 

To explain away such problems with the current U.S. position regarding Damascus' assumed guilt, the most sycophantic of Deep State shills at the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed or in Congress like Rep. Adam Schiff are implying that the chemicals must have come directly from Russia to evade the OPCW inspections at Syrian air force bases like Al-Shayrat. The Associated Press, which like the BBC and perhaps Reuters is complicit in Kiev's cover up of Ukrainian combat deaths since 2014, is assisting the Administration (read: if Mike Cernovich is correct, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster) and three letter agencies in pushing the 'Russians helped Assad use banned chemical weapons' Narrative. This is also known as doubling down on one lie by telling more lies to prop it up (if the Russians were helping the Syrians maintain a covert chemical warhead arsenal, why are we only hearing about it now?):

A senior United States official speaking to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity has said that the US has concluded that Russia knew ahead of time about the chemical attack that took place in Syria last week.

In what officials said may have been an attempt to cover-up the use of chemical weapons, a Russian-made jet bombed a hospital where victims of the attack in Khan Sheikoun were seeking treatment. Hours before, a drone had flown over the hospital - though it was unknown at the time whether the drone was operated by Russian or Syrian authorities.

The senior official told the AP that the drone was Russian-operated and that they must have known in advance that the attack would happen and that the victims would seek treatment.

The chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun allegedly purportrated by the Russia-backed Assad regime was the impetus behind Trump firing missiles at an airbase from which the jets that attacked the town are believed to have taken off.

The accusation is likely to make Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's upcoming visit to Moscow even more tumultuous.

Notice that one 'journalist' Ben Smith who tweets this story out implying the Russians helped Assad maintain and use chemical weapons...just because they're dastardly Rooskies with no logical military objective is Ben Smith. Who happens to be the same derp state sock puppet who got Buzzfeed sued for publishing ex-MI6 man Christopher Steele's infamous 'dodgy (FAKEINT) dossier' about Trump and hookers pissing the mattress in Moscow:


The Syria War Push and Virginia State Sen. Richard Black's Election Opponent Dr. Jill McCabe:
Where the Derp State Presstitutes and Washington Intrigues of Comey's No. 2 Overlap 

Another interesting overlap the Russia Analyst noticed this weekend between the 'Trump-RUSSIANS!' 'investigations' and the globalists/neocons march to war with Syria that has used the bogus allegations of collusion with the Kremlin as a pressure point: Andrew McCabe. That's right, the deputy FBI director who allegedly said a few weeks ago 'f--- Trump' to his aides has a wife who happens to be running for state senate in Virginia as a Democrat. RogueMoney readers will recall that a major donor to Dr. Jill McCabe's campaign is none other than Clintons' fundraiser extraordinaire Terry McAuliffe. That in of itself ought to have forced McCabe to recuse himself from his boss James Comey's investigation into the Deep State/media fabricated '#Russiagate' 'scandal', on account of Hillary's people pushing that Narrative to deflect from the Clinton Foundation's own REAL ties to Russia. But in MSM land, conflict of interests real or mostly potential rules are only enforced against conservatives or Republicans, like Attorney General Sessions or Rep. Devin Nunes.


Such hypocrisy is par for the course, if you're part of the derp state club, your motives including real ties to foreign governments via millions donated to foundations to buy American foreign policy (including what the Saudis and Qataris got for their money spent in D.C. when it comes to Libya and Syria) are above suspicion. What the Russia Analyst didn't realize until this weekend is who Dr. McCabe is running for Virginia state senate against: none other than incumbent Richard Black, who got on the CIA and the Establishment's crap list for going to Damascus as a private citizen and denouncing the U.S. sponsorship of jihadists (including Al-Qaeda and US-IS) in the years if not decades-old project to overthrow the Syrian government.  Take a good look as some disparate pieces of the D.C. Swamp-land puzzle start to come together and globalist strings appear behind the three letter agency puppets' backs:


The Shakiness of the D.C. Syria Narrative, as Left and Right Converge in Disgust at Trump's 180 While the Establishment Attacks Populists and Anti-Globalists as Kremlin Dupes

Nonetheless, the urgency of continuing the stampede toward escalation is growing. The Establishment realizes as shamelessly as it lies or turns the Narrative on a dime in Orwellian fashion, that a lot of Democrats who were telling themselves the impeachment hearings against KGB agent agent Donat Trollstoyevski Drumpf were about to start any minute are confused to see Sen. Chuck Schumer if not Hillary! herself praising Trump's 180 on intervening against Assad. The #AltRight punching bag Richard Spencer is trolling anti-fa leftoids by holding anti Syria war rallies outside the White House, chanting 'fire Kushner' as the black hoodie clad kids confusedly seem to endorse humanitarian wars of choice like Uncle Georgy Schwartz wants them to...on Twitter, the #AltRight accounts yet to be banned point out that the Trump-RUSSIANS bullshit volume was turned waaaaay down in the legacy media the moment The Donald strikes at one of Israel's oldest and closest enemies.

'Ex' CIA guy, like ex-FBI guy Clint Watts, accuses 'Far left/right' of being supported by Russia...a disturbing pattern of ex-spookdom's fanatical defense of a radicalized, globalist 'center' emerges


The Costs to the Establishment of Using Then Quickly Dropping the 'Trump-RUSSIANS!' Narrative as a Cudgel to Goad The Donald into Unpopular Wars and Risky Confrontation with Moscow & Beijing

So not only are their ideological headaches, whereby the sheeple cannot keep the stories told to them by CNN and (P)MSNBC straight (well, except for those woke Louise Mensch or Lawrence O'Donnell fans who keep the flame of pure Trump-Putin in cahoots conspiracy theory burning bright), but also explosive truth mines about the 'rebels' gassing and murdering civilians to stage the incident standing in the way of the death race to Damascus (or at least Deir Ez Zor). It would be ironic if, in the name of demonstrating that he's not a Putin puppet, Trump committed an actually impeachable rather than imaginary offense, and did so in collusion with foreign powers like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which-- unlike the Russians -- have real and not fantastic influence over American politicians.

Perhaps Trump's most dedicated adversaries believe in their own 4D chess game -- pushing The Donald into the Swamp from which there is no escape instead of draining it along with their corrupt livelihoods. But as we've said before about the collateral damage from the 'Trump-RUSSIANS!' game, which necessarily requires the Establishment to embrace a logic of 'conspiracy theory for me but not for thee', the final outcome may be a discrediting of all conventional party politics as we've known it. Certainly, if Trump continues to wade deeper into the Syrian and Yemeni quagmires, millions of his supporters will conclude voting changes nothing -- the Deep State warmongers always get (at least most of) what they want. Ultimately such a disillusionment with the democratic process itself is corrosive of the Establishment and serves no purpose, other than that of the globalists seeking to discredit and remove the husk of a hated American government they no longer have any use for on the world stage.

It's a shame that individuals like Clint Watts or 'Mr. Smith' are too blind to globalism to see the danger of their own Cold War 2.0 neuroses. At least, the players in the first Cold War like Herman Kahn so memorably lampooned in Dr. Strangelove had imagined the doomsday machine and their own demise or existence in post-apocalyptic bunkers. The collapse of faith in institutions and in the tacit consent plus recruiting the three letter agencies require to maintain themselves would be the ultimate suicidal embrace of reflexive control, beyond the wildest dreams of the old KGB to execute. But not beyond the insane dreams of the globalists who funded the Bolshevik forebears of active measures in 1917...and who invented the reflexive control doctrine under the guise of the Hegelian (1930s red vs. brown, 1950s-1980s Cold War) dialectic.

Former CIA Agent Girardi:
My Sources Know the 'Intelligence' Used to Justify Al-Shayrat Strike is Fake

Phil Giraldi, a respected former CIA officer and member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), explained on the Scott Horton Show this week how shoddy the 'intelligence' used to justify Trump's reported change of heart really is. If Giraldi who apparently has excellent sources knows, then so do many other former CIA agents unafraid to speak out like Robert David Steele or Larry Johnson. Eventually the Big Lie that 'Assad gassed his own people' at Khan Skheikhoun:

Philip Giraldi– I am hearing from sources on the ground, in the Middle East, the people who are intimately familiar with the intelligence available are saying that the essential narrative we are all hearing about the Syrian government or the Russians using chemical weapons on innocent civilians is a sham. The intelligence confirms pretty much the account the Russians have been giving since last night which is that they hit a warehouse where al Qaida rebels were storing chemicals of their own and it basically caused an explosion that resulted in the casualties. Apparently the intelligence on this is very clear, and people both in the Agency and in the military who are aware of the intelligence are freaking out about this because essentially Trump completely misrepresented what he should already have known — but maybe didn’t–and they’re afraid this is moving towards a situation that could easily turn into an armed conflict.

Scott Horton– Tell me everything you can about your sources or how you are learning about this?

Philip Giraldi– Okay. These are essentially sources that are right on top of the issue right in the Middle East. They’re people who are stationed there with the military and the Intelligence agencies that are aware and have seen the intelligence And, as I say, they are coming back to contacts over here in the US essentially that they astonished at how this is being played by the administration and by the media and in some cases people are considering going public to stop it. They’re that concerned about it, that upset by what’s going on.

Scott Horton– So current CIA officers are thinking about going public right now?

Philip Giraldi– They are, because they’re that concerned about the way this thing is moving. They are military and intelligence personnel who are stationed in the Middle East and are active duty and they are seeing the intelligence the US government has in its hands about what happened in Syria, and the intelligence indicates that it was not an attack by the Syrian government using chemical weapons… There was an attack but it was with conventional weapons–a bomb– and the bomb ignited the chemicals that were already in place that had been put in there by the terrorist group affiliated with al Qaida.

Scott Horton– You say this thing is moving really fast. How fast is this thing moving?

Philip Giraldi– It’s moving really fast. Apparently the concern among the people who are active duty personnel is that the White House is anticipating doing something to take steps against the Syrian government. What that might consist of nobody knows. But Trump was sending a fairly clear signal yesterday and so was our ambassador to the UN [Nikki neocon Haley] about the heinousness of this act. Trump talked about crossing numerous “red lines” and they are essentially fearful that this is going to escalate . Now bear in mind, Assad had no motive for doing this. If anything, he had a negative motive. The Trump said there was no longer any reason to remove him from office, well, this was a big win for him. To turn around and use chemical weapons 48 hours later, does not fit ant reasonable scenario, although I’ve seen some floated out there, but they are quite ridiculous.” (T he Scott Horton Show)

The White Helmets -- Al-Qaeda allied, British intelligence funded jihadist crisis actors and liars


If the globalists are going to finally get their illegal war of aggression against the Assad government, they'd better hurry up with it this spring...because the very mechanism of three letter agency leaks they used to goad Trump into his foolish act of obeisance to their wishes can facilitate a breakdown of their Narrative. Too many people inside CIA and among American allies' intelligence agencies like those of Germany know that America is entering a Mideast war on the basis of another 'weapons of mass destruction' lie. Consider German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel's remarks on ZDF TV which have not been reported here in the U.S., strongly suggesting someone in the BND has told him Khan Sheikhoun was a false flag operation:

German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, urged the United States to refrain from carrying out any further strikes in Syria, saying it will only escalate the crisis in the war-torn country.

In an interview with the German TV Channel ZDF, Gabriel said that more US military intervention would only worsen the situation in Syria and result in an even greater number of casualties, noting that the European diplomats intend to warn Washington about the escalation of the conflict, during a meeting with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, next week.

Gabriel also said that the conflict in Syria can only be solved through dialogue and with participation of all major regional and global powers, including Iran, Russia, the Saudi regime and the United States.


As V the Guerrilla Economist said on the Monday April 11 Mornings With V program, the next few weeks of war fever and tensions will be decisive for Trump's presidency and the world. Vladimir Putin has cancelled his planned meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson today, but Tillerson still plans to meet his counterpart Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow. Let us pray that, having sought to appease the beast with a few Tomhawk missiles, Trump has the courage to resist the march to war even in the face of globalist threats to himself and his loved ones...