Countercoup, Part 2: Trump 'Goes Nuclear', Accuses Obama of Ordering Pre and Post-Election NSA Tapping of Trump Tower Phones

The Guerrilla and the Russia Analyst warned the derp state that a countercoup was coming. But they didn't listen. So the viciously partisan, globalist directed oathbreaking of their present or former colleagues is going to smack them up the head like a two by four.

On what would have otherwise been a slow news Saturday, President Donald J. Trump followed up on his pre-State of the Union address allegation made on Fox News that his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama was behind a campaign of leaks to undermine the new Administration, with the most explosive charge yet: that President Obama personally ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower and the Trump campaign during the campaign and after DJT became president-elect. Ever skilled at turning the tables on his political adversaries who have labeled him a dictator in waiting if not literally Hitler, Trump compared Obama's actions to those of the disgraced and nearly impeached 37th president of the U.S., Richard Milhous Nixon.

In a series of early morning tweets strategically sent out as Washington's Swamp awoke, the Centipede alleged that not only did Obama abuse his powers in ordering politicized elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community to spy on a political opponent, but did so after the FISA Court which is supposed to approve all foreign intel related wiretapping of U.S. persons under NSA regulations and federal law turned Obama down. Meaning that for those like John R. Schindler who have insisted that no one in NSA or any other three letter agency would ever pursue partisan vendettas or engage in the kind of abuses typically found in banana republics or authoritarian dictatorships, there's going to be some splainin' to do. Sure, they can insist Trump has gone completely off his rocker, but remember these were the same people who insisted spies know things. Surely no one within the NSA, CIA or FBI saw a coup in progress and decided their patriotic duty, as with the characters in the post-JFK assassination thriller Seven Days in May, was to help the president expose the coup plotters?


Now you're beginning to understand you picked a fight you're not going to win, because you don't have We the People on your side. You can run 'Riyadh John' Brennan and James 'perjurer' Clapper, but you can't hide if you participated in this. You can of course scream 'RUSSIANS!' louder and insist Obama had a legitimate counterintelligence reason for tapping a man who could direct the Justice Department to investigate and perhaps indict Obama for crimes stretching from Fast and Furious to IRS gate to arming Al-Qaeda/ISIS in Syria. Good luck selling that 'cool story bro'. Especially after the protests outside Bluffdale and Ft. Meade gates form from dudes in MAGA caps demanding NSA turn over the oathbreaker criminals in their midst to face justice.

Your move, dirty deep state Mike Foxtrots. -- JWS