What Wall of Worry, I’m At The Complacency Summit

Last week I fired out an email to the team @ ‘roguemoney.net,’ titled “Amazed!”  My email with no edits:

The alternative media is nearly dead.  The news briefs on sites that I have scanned for over 5 years on-line are the same as they were two days ago.   Redundancy is the norm.  The awareness that change is needed in the US is at an all time high, and the awareness that action is needed is at an all time low.  I could be wrong, but this looks bad real bad.  Everyone I talk to is super positive.   My message might as well dig a hole, and shut up.  No one wants to hear my rhetoric.

I am either dead wrong or we are super screwed. WG

“W” mentioned the “wall of worry,” an old yet very important Wall Street phrase, and either “W” is a mind reader or he was in tune with my next installment.  But his reply wasn’t the one that got my attention.  Most of the answers were “yep I am seeing the same thing,” except for one, “The Russian Analyst,” and his reply really got my attention.  And it is worthy of circling back to in the “Final Thoughts” segment after laying out the case for “complacency.”  First the news and then we need to go into detail on the new acronym of the day, “GS(BC’s)x2” ...

And if all this bores you please be sure to read the Corporation A fable near the end of this installment.  The analogy is spot-on, if I do say so myself......Time for a few news snippets....

First up in the news is an SGT Report interview with Clif High, which I found to be excellent…..but one thing caught my attention (note the 56:35 mark).  Also I want to introduce GS(BC’s)x2

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LCi39NgOEA[/embedyt]

Here are some of the broader points in this excellent interview.

@ First half hour....Is heavily involved in the internet corporate moguls that are trying to beat back the "Truth Efforts" on the web, like the folks @ SGT Report.

@ 31:45...A third of broadcast personalities, and politicians may be gone by the end of the year.  All due to the corruption that these folks seem to lust for.  Some who are associated with pedophiles, and others who are associated with "monetary rip-off artists.”

@ 43:35...The beginning of the GSBC's discussion with silver kicking off the conversation, with "Bit Coin" to follow.  Also discussed is the possible need to have digital currency on hand if you are heading well outside your abode.  I now think I may need to go to a new acronym "GS(BC)x2" "Gold & Silver Bars & Coins + Bit Coin" …. (BC)x2

@ 56:35...Here Clif hits on the same theory as Wolf Gray, namely there is no way the elite want us disappeared to the point of a 90% decrease in the global population.  WG Rant:

Hey alt media dudes, take the time to officially dump some of the elite phony "failed" scare tactics, like depopulation and global warming.  In a past installment from about 2 or so years ago, ole WG went on a rant that these power hungry morons in the ranks of the elite could never want a 5 billion population reduction as they would have no one to control.  Literally no one!  As it would allow the very few remaining survivors to easily evaporate into the planetary woodwork, and leave them with nothing to control.  Thus, not enough readily available patsies for their ponzi scheme efforts via their debt paradigms.  Ignore the depopulation rhetoric.  It is my view that each of us should refocus all of our efforts into making our family corporations self contained productive entities with the future goals of being viable global entities.  In addition I think that in order to be effective in our family corporations it will necessitate the ability to transact business globally one way or another, and probably sooner than later.  Therefore, it’s just one more reason for GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) as it would be a form of transaction recognized across the globe as being reliable and safe.  Once again, I now admit it may not hurt to diversify by adding “bitcoin” into that mix..... GS(BC)x2. WG

@ 1:02:00…Here the interview goes global and goes into space as well, thus the discussion for the need of a reliable digital type of currency, A.K.A. "Bit-Coin."   Interesting stuff.  Good interview, and to be honest this part of the interview is a bit over my head.  But from a solutions perspective a little GSBC expansion into some GS(BC)x2 via "Bit-Coin" ain't going to hurt the "RM Reader Family Corporation."  Personally I have still not made that diversified move.

I have a problem with this next press briefing by Mr. Trump, and it is the same thing I worried over from day one and for that matter, I worry over this important item from the very outset when I analyze anything.  EGO!  I stored a video hyperlink for this installment highlighting a press conference by Mr. Trump and it is no longer available.  It came to my attention via the news pages of ZeroHedge, but I went to the “YouTube” page for the full screen view.  The ego on display was over the top, and the video deletion is interesting to say the least.  That being said, the title revolved around his 55% approval rating, and another attack on the msm, but that wasn’t what interested me.

Ego....Ego....Ego…..”I don't think there has ever been an American president that has done what we have in the first 4 weeks, I have made incredible progress.”   True or not, shelf the self worship Mr. T (note there is a positive sidebar on Trump below, it ain’t all negative).   Finally, in the "are you kidding me" category he said this in the same 2 minute video…. "Take a look at the stock market, it has hit record numbers!"   Really??  I mean really!

Hey partner, I remember noting during your campaign that you said the stock market was something you should start worrying about, and that Americans might even need to take their money out of the system.   See the following installment and the very first link………


First link in the above installment......


It doesn't matter just who you are,
Or where you're going or been.
Open your eyes and look into your heart.
The whole world is shaking now. Can't you feel it?
A new dawn is breaking now. Can't you see it?

I said see it, yeah, can't you see it?
Can't you see it, yeah, can't you see it?
I can see it, yeah.
Tell the truth.
Tell me who's been fooling you?
Tell the truth.
Who's been fooling who? … Eric Clapton

Quit Feeding the Complacent Patient ….WG

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KnrX3eEFSc[/embedyt]

As RM readers know, I have given Mr. Trump very high marks on my score card for doing some quality work right out of the gate.  But I don’t need to hear about it over and over from the damned author.  This ain’t junior high.   There hasn’t been a leader, EVER, that survived in a positive light or with positive outcomes when he kept his ego on higher ground than the people he was leading…… EVER!  It always bites you, and everybody else in the arse.  

I am speculating a bit, but I think I know what he is trying to compensate for.   Possibly he is ticked over not getting “tangible” credit for doing positive things, things that unfortunately the people can’t truly benefit via any immediate real life results.  Kind of like crying “Wolf” about an economic collapse for the past 5 years, even though it has ongoing evidence proving the case, evidence that most don’t seem to understand.  If my speculation is on point, may I say, hey dude I feel your pain, but put on your big boy britches and deal with it.  Don’t bring up the damned DOW to highlight your tangible results, I mean “come on man, the damned DOW!”  Anyway, his ego will create a problem if it isn’t throttled down a bit, regardless of how good his work product is.

Positive Trump Sidebar:  As I said earlier I am pleased with Trump’s efforts, and would like to add.  If the stories are true about him fighting the illicit profits from the government’s drug trade, then he certainly has his big boy britches on and properly fitted to boot.  This item will also tie in nicely a little later with a point about how the ESF may be “tapping-out.”  If this attack on the illegal drug trade is effective, it will elimination a huge portion of the dark money profits, and should certainly help facilitate the draining of their swamp full of illegal monies.   At the risk of sounding condescending, "well done Mr. President." WG

Speaking of real world economic wisdom in the face of disastrous economic numbers, here we have an interview with a man who dealt with all sorts of economic mayhem, David Stockman, the former budget director on “Team Reagan” …. Thanks to the “USA Watchdog” for another great interview….

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xgNncFHAng[/embedyt]

@ 4:05...As stated many times on the pages of 'roguemoney.net' (at least by me anyway), David Stockman paints a picture that shows Mr. Trump is inheriting a financial disaster, and one far greater than what Ronald Reagan faced in 1981.  And who would know better than this man?  So it might pay to listen to him, and ACT accordingly!

@ 5:00…Stockman says there is not a snow ball's chance in a hot place that the US economy will recover.  Mr. Stockman thinks this is the biggest suckers rally of all time (I assume he is talking about the equity/debt markets), and I agree.  Note he says that during the Reagan years massive debt was created, but it also created an economic boom of sorts.  Most economists like to stick to the government fiscal side of the economic equation, but as yours truly pointed out in prior installments, the US went through a productivity boom at the same time which, from a business perspective, fanned the fires of debt temporarily from burning down the sheeple houses.  That is my theory, not his, so if I am wrong don’t cuss him.

@ 8:10…Mr Stockman feels that when you put all of Trump's proposed business/economic ideas together, it is basically madness.  At this juncture we also hear about one of the major headlines for this interview, as he says pay attention to the date of 3/15/17 ……. The key point being that the US government debt ceiling is supposed to be frozen.  In which case he feels a train-wreck could be in the offing.  We will see what the ESF, the US Lap Dogs and the other dark money sources have to say about that though…..  another ESF review later in this installment……

@ 10:55…After 3/15/17 the market will realize it is officially on it's own, and hello to a market crash.  Interesting analysis, and we shall see ..... see very, very soon.  Like I say, will any other money sources appear from no where?

@ 12:30Here the ever vigilant “Watchdog” brings up an interesting point, that in light of this 3/15/17 theory will Trump decide we have to default?  Mr. Stockman says, Trump is a tough customer and will not likely roll over to just any ole' demand from Congress to get a debt ceiling increase.  And in this situation he says Trump has the option to allocate spending.  WOW, now that will be an “Orville Redenbacher moment for all RM readers!”  Also noteworthy, check out some of the departments that Stockman says may suffer a loss of government handouts!  The swampy smell may start dissipating sooner than later.

@ 16:49…Here he says there is going to be a recession, and there will not be any stimulus to save the day.

@ 18:00...Mr. Stockman sees Trump as the "great disruptor," not someone who will have any immediate solution.  He says the economic collapse has to happen first to achieve any viable solutions.   I agree with the collapse first theory.   He also feels Trump doesn't realize that the collapse will be many multiples of what he or his advisors envisioned.  Once again, this guy has the sort of resume that would qualify him to have a theory on this subject, a theory we should all pay attention to.

@ 20:58...The stock market will finally realize it is going to fall without any bailout.  Again, we shall see what we shall see when the real & current money sources decide whether to lend a hand.

@ 21:45At this juncture I respectfully disagree with this next theory, which is that the problems in the financial economy are more out of kilter than the "true-on-the-ground-business' economy.   I think it is a “Tie.”  I think the spend-it-before-you-get-it Sixpacks, and much of the US business leadership is way, way, way, way, way over their heads financially.  Truthfully, as I like to say, it doesn't really matter, we are splitting hairs on who is the biggest financial loser as the solutions for our safety and survival are the same .... A well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) sprinkled with some GS(BC's)x2......

@ 22:25...Continuing with the above theory.  Ironically, he feels one of the silver linings will be that main-street hasn't really recovered, thus they will not feel too much pain.  They are already beat down.  I disagree, as the human ego in the west has fed itself voraciously with debt laden meaningless items.  A temper tantrum is a likely outcome.  One that no one could measure for in advance.  After all, when adults pitch temper tantrums it is bit more disruptive than a baby in a high chair.

@ 24:43…Here it is noted that there will be a dash for the only solid monetary asset in the world, GOLD!   Let me add to that, silver and possibly some diversification into some "crypto-currency.”

Sticking with the theme that the “Trump Team” may not know what they are truly up against, take a look at this short article from James Howard Kunstler…..


The most notable excerpt for WG in the above article was this…….

So, the real issue hidden in plain sight is how America — indeed all the so-called “developed” nations — are going to navigate to a stepped-down mode of living, without slip-sliding all the way into a dark age, or something worse. JHK

As a substantive follow-up to the above article from Kunstler here is a RM statistical regular killing the “All’s well” mantra…."CAT"


I love this next Zerohedge link which uses “the canary in the coal mine” analogy to prove a point….


I find the above article interesting for one reason.  By now the coal mine has to be in total violation of the fire codes, since over the last 4 or 5 years the coal mine has to be filled to the brim with damned canaries.   In fact they may be an endangered species if you venture outside of the mine.  Canary singing or not, it is only the timing that fails me and the rest of the more informed economic crowd, as the final signatures are drying on the contracts for business/economic failure in the west.

Lately Michael Snyder seems to be hurling more “scare” titles than usual, and as such I haven’t been watching him as much.  But this article in my humble opinion is on point, and very conservative in it’s negative message to boot……


As we have harped on many times, consumer inflation is far different than the inflation numbers that are tied to commodities or most other indices.   And when I said Mr. Snyder was conservative, I meant it.  Most statistics ignore multiple forms of tax inflation, like gas tax, property taxes, and retail sales tax inflation.  But if you want a big one, how about medical care inflation, and health insurance premium inflation.  Those are huge budgetary items that are seldom figured into he deflated wallets of Mr. & Mrs. Sixpack. WG

Before getting to the primary subject matter this next link/article from Dave Kranzler connecting Amazon to the government services rolls was curious indeed.


Note the opening paragraph…..

In August, Obama’s Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, appointed Jeff Bezos to the little-known and highly secretive Defense Innovation Advisory Board.  This for me confirmed that Bezos was an integral part of the Deep State, which I began to suspect when Amazon’s cloud computing division started receiving contracts from various Deep State divisions (like the CIA).    This “advisory” board is chaired by Googles Eric Schmidt. DK

Fascism anyone?  I detect a need for some swamp draining with these dudes as well.

A Healthy Wall of Worry to be Climbed is Nowhere in Sight

“Climbing a Wall of Worry” is an old Wall Street term that is very healthy for an up trending market.  Alternatively, a feeling of “nothing could go wrong” (complacency) is tantamount to the timing of an impending disaster.  I first learned about the “Wall of Worry” from Louis Rukeyser (r.i.p.) and his Wall Street Week show in combination with his news letters.  Those resources were one of the many information tools that were helpful in the WG investment scene from several decades past.  In truth, I loved the way Rukeyser could insert a corny phrase and make economics/investing enjoyable to read.  Not an easy task to say the least.  For a more exacting description of the “Wall of Worry” note the following link from ‘investopedia.com’, and note the “Breaking down ’Wall of Worry’ paragraph in the short article……


Bottom line; “the Wall of Worry” is healthy, and not recognizing the importance of a lack of one, is beyond fool hardy. WG

For more absolute stupidity in the face of no healthy sign of a “wall of worry,” note the following link from King World News …….


Examine this excerpt and you judge for yourself.  Can you see some fools about to lose their money?

It was on January 12th, 2016, when an analyst at RBS said “Sell everything except high quality bonds…We think investors should be afraid.”  He expected a “fairly cataclysmic year ahead.” The market bottomed a month later and the S&P 500 is up 30% since. I saw on TV last night a headline titled “Best Move: Just Buy Everything?” KWN

Yes indeed, “just buy everything.”  And that will truly be “change you can depend on,” as that is all you will have left in your pockets with that brilliant strategy.  Complacency is the new normal.  Hey, forget that PE’s are at all time highs with earnings declining.  Who cares, it’s just BAD business, but it can’t stick to us, we are covered in investor proof teflon.

At the end of 2014 I did an installment with a play-by-play description of how the financial planning community has become completely paper indoctrinated, well check this out……


The above article is a great article, but only from within the confined spaces of a paper world, a western paper world.  A world with blinders on courtesy of the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).  The brains behind a western society that they engineered over several decades that should be called “Complacency Incorporated!”

The author/CFP (Certified Financial Planner) of the above article actually did his profession and the western paper system, PROUD.   And yes, I ain't kidding, he did a damn good job, but only from within the blinders of the western paper system.   Not once were the virtues of tangible assets properly defined, heck not even the go-to American upward trend only item of real-estate was addressed.  The December 2014 installment I did on a CE class (Continuing Ed for Financial Planning) made "light" of the twisted logic of paper worship.  Please note that from a western-prospective-buyer’s eyes, this guy did a good job.  But his final solutions segment is a total waste of space, note the following excerpt …..

More modest investment returns are called for which greatly changes retirement outcomes and retirement dates. This reality is altering the outcome of retirement planning. The key to meeting retirement goals rests on two simple premises:
    •    Begin saving and investing early.
    •    Invest regularly.

 Outside these two realities, the more probable outcomes for most retirees are one of four outcomes:
    •    Delaying retirement to a later date.
    •    Working part time in the early retirement years.
    •    Reducing standards of living and lifestyles.
    •    Moving to a less expensive locale or state.
Unpleasant outcomes can be avoided with proper planning and using realistic savings and investment returns. Most desired retirement goals can be achieved my making the appropriate adjustments listed above. Part of any good plan also requires monitoring and making portfolio adjustments to adapt to changing personal circumstances and different economic and investment environments. There is no substitute for proper planning, no panacea for not setting aside savings, and no windfalls for losing principal.

If you plan to avoid the four horsemen, have a plan, plan early, and start today. It is the first day of the rest of your life. Begin now! JJP

Nothing else needs to be said, except… Let me sum it up, start investing money with us dudes in the CFP ranks much much earlier in life, if you expect to have a prayer at retirement.  Hey, I got a solution, avoid these guys like the plague and buy GS(BC)x2.....!  "Gold & Silver Bars & Coins + a lil' Bit-Coin!"

Maybe I should conduct a CE (continuing education) class on proper paper vs. hard asset portfolio allocation.  I could spend millions of dollars on billboards and TV advertising with a budget for some Super Bowl ads.  It wouldn’t matter, virtually no one would show up except for people who had already done their own “due diligence” on investment allocation, including hard assets.  Their only reasons for class attendance would revolve around capturing "reaffirmation" in their sights.  Congrats to Complacency Incorporated folks, and oh, btw, have you seen the DOW lately?  Anyone in a position of power and/or appearing to be knowledgable with respect to the equity markets needs to drop that damned false rhetoric.  It eggs on too much complacency.

So how about some examples of how the new normal of complacency and the ignorance of risk is about to beat those that are unprepared over the head like a gorilla swinging a 50 pound sledge hammer.


Based on the above link all I can say is the new normal flies in the face of “climbing a wall of worry.”  The puppets of paper, the bank investment advisory wizards, are making excuses for PE’s climbing to new all time highs, and it is now a good thing.  I don’t detect enough worry over the fact that earnings are also on the decline in the face of this crap.  This is excuse making, with professional advisors tossing aside their own due diligence, when they should place the client’s needs first, not to mention the money they spend on their ‘e&o’ insurance (errors & commissions).

Or how about this “new normal” discussion from Steve St. Angelo of the ‘srsroccoreport.com’ …….


Steve rightly points out that revenues are at the lowest lows since 2010, and the DOW is doing what?  Climbing, of course, to all-time highs, and actually setting new highs for the most consecutive days ever, EVER...!  There is an attached video, but the insert in the text describing a “ponzi scheme” sums things up quite nicely (note I did listen to the interview as well).  

Redundant but proving a point:  So Mr. T., what was that you were bragging about?  Oh, that’s right, a “Ponzi scheme”….!   Keep up the other good work you have been doing and stay out of the investment world unless you have something coherent to say.  Maybe your ego is covering up the fact that you really aren’t lost to the true investment realities.  Instead, you just don’t like not getting immediate credits for your other positive works.   At the risk of sounding arrogant, “been there done that, so deal with it partner.”  Once again, for the record, I like what he has done so far, but some of his statements with respect to the economy are darn near fictitious.  Don’t egg-on your listeners atop the Wall of Worry by claiming false “victories.”  Talk about something that will eventually bite you in the arse! WG

Final Thoughts

I love the line that continually rattles around in the alternative media, “they have run out of tools in the tool box!”  Why?  Because it sums everything up quite nicely within the western fiat paper economic realm.  But an obvious point is never highlighted.  Every tool in the box is made of paper, and paper can’t loosen a bolt or torque a bolt to the proper specs in the real world.   They are shuffling around, grabbing different paper tools and nothing more, and that amazingly is the only thing they have done for well over 40 years.  Amazing, because it has worked up until now. 

I guess there is a positive to paper tools, they don't rattle against the side of the box.  It is almost worthy of a cartoon, except “heads-up” insiders like David Stockman are saying the easy money paper spigots are about to shut off, which ain't no laughing matter.  Can I get an ESF just might not be working anymore, Amen?  Time will tell, short time that is, maybe mid March 2017?  Let’s not forget the positive Trump sidebar just before the David Stockman interview, that will also kick the ESF in the crotch.

In the introduction I mentioned “The Russian Analyst” responded to my email with an interesting reply.  Interesting, because his answer was the only one that could constructively destroy the oncoming paper collapse that we are facing in the western world.  A collapse that will be further inspired by the complacency I described in my email to Team RM.   In fairness, I will edit out a few lines and hit on the primary point in his reply.  Note the following excerpt…..

The one thing Steve Quayle has said over and over that I agree with is that God will reveal the sins of the leaders to the people before He judges America.

If we are being given a temporary, at most a reprieve from a hard collapse, then for families like mine stuck in places such as xxxxx and due to a variety of other circumstances it is indeed, a tremendous mercy. But for how long ‘?’ of course is the question. JR

Folks, I think he is “spot-on.”  The only thing that will keep Americans from suffering a brutal economic beat down is an act of God.  Since I don’t pretend to know what God may be up to, I tend to do what my common senses and not my senses of complacency and false securities are telling me.  You can do as you see fit, but before you pull out the tools in your tool box, we first need to review some new evidentiary kindling for the fires of advanced preparations ….

First up in this next link, it is my view that Egon von Greyerz has it right …..


The entire article includes exhibits A-Z with respect to “they have run out of tools in the tool box!”  Again, might we be hearing the machines in the ESF slowing down or shutting off?   More on that as well in a second.  Note these two evidentiary excerpts that caught my attention from the above link…..

As central bank heads were embarking on the biggest credit expansion and money printing in history at the beginning of this century, they sold the only asset that they should have held on to. EvG

Cleary the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) made the mistake of buying a super cheap tool box with only paper inside to attack heavy duty steel fasteners, or ones made of gold and silver.  They bought their own lies hook line and sinker, or more likely, they just plain and simply lied to us.  And in the meantime protected themselves properly not “walking-the-walk, and backing the talk.”  Personally, I could care less, as a tool box properly filled with GS(BC’s)x2 will rebuild whatever engines I need fixed and their exploits therefore don’t concern me, and they shouldn’t concern you.  After all, the PPPTB will lie about their true motives, and positions in both pre and post collapse scenarios.   And that is a “lock” folks.

The second quote that helped crystallize another belief that complacency is the norm, and most likely about to come to an end was the following……

When did we last hear a Western central bank head tell its citizens that the best way of protecting themselves against the central bank’s destruction of the currency is to own gold? EvG

Professor Greyerz, call on me, I have my hand up, I know the answer to that question……… “It’s NEVER!”  After all, to promote the virtues of gold might shine a light on the cock roaches that gave us “wrong way” bad info.  I have a suggestion, if you guys & gals really need an in-your-face wake up call, then you should go attend a two day continuing ed class in financial planning.  Then ask yourself how high up the ladder does our level of indoctrination go?  It would most likely be a very illuminating experience, and would cause you to smile just like ole WG did when I read articles like the one above from Mr. Greyerz.

And for the final nail in the coffin of complacency, here is another ESF review that will clearly shed some light on the subject…..

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK-741ISz94[/embedyt]

As we listen to the following segment (part 4 of 5) on the ESF, it might be worthwhile to keep the following descriptive picture in the back of our minds:

"Everybody in the western paper world, and in particular here in the USA, is in a state of deep complacency, while unbeknownst to them the rest of the world is productively moving on without them.  With the ”MSM & Alternative Media" having both given up on their messages to only promote fear and/or stupidity, since no one is listening anymore.  The theory may be that some shock headlines will draw an audience.  If you reside in the west and base your important decisions on any form of western media, then your prospects for living in comfort will soon be very dismal.  But you can “scratch” that last sentence if you have made your own “common sense” arrangements to protect yourself and your family, thus allowing the potential of a possible prosperous future." 

@ :15...Delaying the day of reckoning and the desperation in a total all-in for the dollar's defense.  Note the introduction once again of the drain on US gold holdings.   Which is what?   An attack on EMN "Economic Mother Nature" which usually ends badly for those upholding a phony economy.   This stuff ain't that damned complicated ....... "A Ponzi scheme always comes to an end."

@ :36...Check this brain strainer out.  Any major reform to the Bretton Woods system especially the World Bank & the IMF would expose the ponzi scheme that is the ESF.  Recall the article posted several installments ago that highlighted an article by Hugo Salinas Price (see the 1/17/17 installment and the first link under the "Final Thoughts" segment which stated the US had to farm out it's industry and purposely maintain a strong home based dollar.   Here are the links...


Once again here is Hugo Salinas Price's article in that installment.....


So a strong dollar, is necessary in order to absorb the increase in products being imported, which will additionally be tied to a trade deficit that would be totally forced on the dollar.  For confirmation of this phenomena I want to interject a ZeroHedge link with some recent trade deficit data, into this ESF review…..


The above trade characteristics must be maintained or risk losing the worldwide dollar based system.  A system that the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) wanted so desperately.  A system designed to create debt slavery on a worldwide scale.   Which also brings back to light the real and most important of western based industries "paper printing" and the following quote (mentioned many times before), “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” . . . “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”  The ESF is the puppet master for the FED, IMF, and the World Bank, and is very likely an entity designed to enforce that prior Rothschild quotation.   We in the US went into an industry all right, and it was called paper printing, with those behind the scenes knowing full well it's own weaknesses.   Or did they?

@ :55...Note the mention of currency interventions.  Interestingly, by the ESF mandating that sort of operation is totally copasetic (though one has to question that logic).  It is keeping the King Dollar propped up via the dark money of drugs, the war machine, and the unwarranted inflation exported to other nations that incidentally isn't so beloved throughout the world.  Hey, but don’t forget the msm and the alternative media propping up our egos on how wonderful we are to the rest of the world.  

@ 2:05...I love this guy.  The ESF entered into currency swaps, which per the host are derivatives that allow irresponsible central banks to rack up large amounts of foreign debt to prop up their currencies.   Makes sense to me.  Note how the ESF used it's relationship with the IMF (it's control of the IMF) to accumulate more foreign denominated debt hidden from the American tax payers.  Thus tons of foreign currencies to do what?  Defend the dollar.

@ 3:03...I smell a ponzi scheme.   The clue, "Selling foreign currencies it didn't yet have."  Now that's “crapitalism” with a dash of fascism that you can depend on.   Note the catch all @ 3:14, the treasury, a.k.a. the ESF, forced governments to hold dollars.  Hello to the :36 mark above and the long winded explanation about the natural flow of industry to off shore locations to keep the paper game going.

@ 3:28...Here we go folks, right back to the :36 mark above once again.  Which is nothing more than a game to keep control of the "paper industry" in the west, and in particular the US.  "EVERY TIME A CURRENCY TRADED AT A PREMIUM TO THE DOLLAR, THE ESF ENTERED INTO A FORWARD CONTRACT TO PROP UP THE DOLLAR.....!"  And the beat goes on!  As you listen to the next minute or so, let your mind drift to a gambling casino, for that is all this 'bs' amounts to.  Even gold enters the picture in an attempt to help give the dollar an appearance of strength. 

@ 4:44...I bet Mayer Rothschild would have been proud of the next paper philosophy, or might it be Al Capone.  "In this business you have to chose between lying to people or scaring them to death."  The host says the ESF prefers lying, but wait for the points at the 10:03 mark when making your final judgments on methodology . 

@ 5:06...Nothing like double counting your gold holdings and falsifying your debt markets to make the books look good.   Hey, no problem.  It's what we do in the US version of "crapitalsim."

@ 6:15...I love this question, "What if it's true that Washington has gulled it's citizens?"   What if it's true, my arse!  Note the following rant by the host on deflation.  Very interesting.  Bottom line, when it comes to the actual purchasing power of needs based items, the dollar has lost it's value, period.  This is still true, regardless of the msm or alt. media wizards and their financial acumen.

@ 7:40...Here I want to take time for a side bar and a potential disagreement:  He mentions the chance of deflation is unlikely as long as the ESF is defending the dollar.  Forget about deflation and forget about inflation, as it matters not.  Disruption is a lock for holders of dollar paper assets.  And disruption is a given, as this superb video did not take into account the eastern "New Sheriff" on the world stage.  "DISRUPTION" is a given.  Disruption that leads to the “mother-of-all-emergencies” in the west (more on emergencies after the video review).  Getting back to the video, his analysis over the next minute or so in my view is 'spot on' when it's in respect to a dollar that is well protected with no competition.  The goal of no competition is key here in my view.  And as RM regulars know that mantle of success is in decline, the competition is not only here it is winning market share, and changing the game.   And at this point they can't be stopped.   Take action or suffer, ignore the media almost all forms of it.

@ 8:40...Note how the ESF took advantage of the academic community, and additionally used their weight to kick real business, real money, and real economics to the curb.   Again, ignore almost all forms of media these days.  "Lead America to prosperity on a permanent basis and make recessions obsolete."  That, my friends. flies in the face of "free markets with an appropriate form of attached risk,” and it is also impossible with EMN, Economic Mother Nature waiting in the wings.  Nothing is permanent, NOTHING.

@ 9:12...This guy is good.  Here he makes it his point as well that nothing is permanent.  EMN will have her way, and so will a quality form of competition when it is in the face of this type of fascism.  Note it is again my view that Trump is too late to stop this tidal wave of change.  In fact, he would have been too late if he had come on board 8 years ago.  This change, will ultimately be healthy, as well as inevitable.  But it is also survivable if one prepares in advance with real money in the background.  Otherwise, you will suffer from the “mother-of-all-emergencies” (more below).

@ 9:30...Note the discussion of the corruption of real honest economics in the US.  And for modern day proof of the dumbed-down western view of financial planning, note the review above in this installment of the article/link by a western "CFP" (Certified Financial Planner) titled "The Four Horsemen of the Retirement Apocalypse."

@ 10:03...Gee there is a surprise, foreign governments were coaxed into participating in dollar usage.  "Coaxed," nice choice of words.  Note "arm-twisting" is used later in the video.  Boy, does Dr. Jim Willie's “BLICS” come to mind here.

@ 10:38...The US lap dog enters the picture.  Ah, we are getting into weapons for money.  Wonder if drugs are around the corner?

@ 11:38...The ESF cheated countries around the world.  No way!   Sorry folks, it is hard to resist being a bit sarcastic, because the stupidity of ignoring the consequences of paper dollar complacency is inexcusable.  Now we have lying, coaxed, and just plain getting cheated.... it is all pure craptialism with a dose of fascism at it's finest.

@ 12:08...Presidential relevance is introduced, and what happens to the non-ESF compliant individual is also introduced.   OK, I have to admit that I purposely zone out on these complicated explanations and I would advise you to do the same if you wish, after all, the quote above at :36 covers it thoroughly.... “The few who understand the system will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” . . . “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”  That is what is going on here.   And guess what, it's just business, “Bad fascist paper business that is!" 

@ 13:40...Kennedy was gaining worldwide support for a new monetary system.  Not so good for his health to be sure.  BTW, does the image of Mr. Trump come to mind, as regards attacking prominent people involved in an existing system?  Food for thought.

@ 14:50...Note the mention of the steady drop of US gold reserves.  At 15:03 mob scenes for gold are described, a scene that is likely to make a come back folks.  With US dollars being rejected, gee, might history repeat itself?  Come on man, Ya think?!

@ 15:58...And the dollar is crashing against gold.  Do we see a parallel here?  Note that consumer prices were rising dramatically.  Another interesting parallel. 

@ 16:58..Now this makes perfect business/economic sense.  Red ink doesn't matter, even with respect to inflation.  Guess it's just ink, right?  Ink color must be irrelevant except for one thing, when industry gets farmed out to some future large degree, the natural trade deficit for the home team will become so large that the importers to the home-based-debt-champions require an adjustment of some sort.  We are there folks.

@ 17:20...This part is damned "Cool."

@ 17:55...The puppet Fed gets us back to debt driven prosperity under the direction of the ESF.  Note folks, we will get visions of why can't this happen again, just like the complacency champions are providing at this very moment.  The answer is simple, this time there is formidable competition, and that competition will win this 'go-round.'

ESF Summary: If you are tied heavily to the dollar get out, and don't get too complacent.  

So, it’s on the ground proof you want, proof that is illustrative of complacency amidst a western fantasy land?  Then check this out…


Jim Sinclair of ‘jsmineset.com’ recently wrote a great article on being prepared to “bug out,” a nice follow up to the last Wolf Gray installment, but this single line caught my attention……

Many emergencies are not foreseeable and arise without warning, like the recent incident with the Oroville Dam. JS

Amen, folks!  In fact, the worst emergencies wouldn’t be categorized as “worst” or in some cases even “emergencies” without some component of surprise.  Because without some measure of surprise would they truly be emergencies?   No, and to boot it all, complacency compounds the risk of a dangerous surprise event, like an emergency.  

Let me introduce you to the fable of Corporation A:

Anyone who has followed the investment world has seen the following business scenario play out.  Corporation A has gotten too top heavy, becoming really fat and happy, and they have now taken their eyes off maintaining market share.  Corporations B and C and D and many others have been working hard to successfully gain market share in the same space as Corp. A.  And many have succeeded in passing Corporation A.  

In an attempt to get back on track, Corp. A boots out it’s now failed CEO, and hires a “kick arse hot dog” as the new CEO.  The stock price rallies immediately over the change in leadership.  But guess what………

It’s a suckers rally folks.  Very soon market reality, as usual, sets in as Corps B, C & D ain’t about to give up their new leadership positions in A’s marketing/sales space, just because a new guy got into office at Corporation A.  Do we recognize a comparable situation here?  WG  

For the first time in my memory those in the western world have a major major business/financial emergency situation, and it is our good fortune that it is giving us advanced warning signs.  This is a hybrid emergency, in that it can be seen before it’s arrival, but only if your eyes are open in advance.  Outside of an act of God, nothing can change this emergency’s course.   Our emergency has revealed itself, so get back to worrying, the real world doesn’t typically bestow positive results for complacency, even if you reside in the pampered USA.

Personally, I don’t plan on following the PPPTB clowns and the complacent sheeple down the gutter.  What about you?

I know we're headed somewhere
I can see how far we've come
But still I can't remember anything
 Let's not do the wrong thing
And I'll swear it might be fun
It's a long way down
When all the knots we've tied have come undone
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
Anyplace but those I know by heart
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
I'll follow you down, but not that far
How you gonna ever find your place
Running in an artificial pace

Are they gonna find us lying face down in the sand
So what the hell now we've already been forever damned
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
Anyplace but those I know by heart
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
I'll follow you down, but not that far … Gin Blossoms
Let’s Make It Easy, Lead Don’t Follow … WG

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