A Countercoup is Coming

The last coup d'etat CIA/State Department attempted. It didn't work out so well. The last coup d'etat CIA/State Department attempted. It didn't work out so well.

John R. Schindler and 'Sources' Are Pathological Liars -- But Anyone Who Can Google John's USNWC Junk Pic Escapades Not On Board With This (That's) Soft (BTW) Coup Knew That

Getting Trump and Labeling The Donald a 'Russian Agent' Before Trump's Swamp Drainers Start Purging CIA/State Dept. of Muslim Brotherhood/Syrian Jihadist Armorers

It seems many of the same people whose politics are, in the words of retired Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst and Army Col. Pat Lang 'Borgist', grossly overestimating their own political strength, much less how many heavily armed deplorables across the sea of red that makes up the U.S. map would tolerate a real coup d'etat against Trump. Just as the Washington swamp dwellers thought Trump couldn't win the GOP primaries, and if he rolled the Republican Establishment, he'd never defeat Madame it's my turn Clinton in the general election. When the results came in and the candidate who promised voters he'd do what he could to 'get along with Russia, get along with Putin' to the polite applause of thousands won, the reaction in certain Deep State quarters was furious.

Apparently swearing an oath to the Constitution and not the president, according to these individuals, means they as elite members of the 4th branch of government have a God or Langley given veto over their new Commander in Chief's campaign promise of detente with Moscow (as an aside, it's bizarre to imagine that the present day Russian Federation has done more harm to the United States than the Soviet Union of President Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev's SALT 1/detente era, which had just sponsored the North Vietnamese in killing 55,000+ Americans over a span of ten years). More importantly, lurking behind all the sound and fury over Russia or Iran policy, are fears on the part of now former CIA Director John Brennan, Senator John McCain and others that their own judgement if not loyalties could be questioned if they didn't shape the Beltway battle space first, by having any leaks implicating them in the arming Al-Qaeda to topple Assad in Syria be dismissed as the handiwork of the 'Russian agents in the White House'.

In other words, at least some portion of the Deep State obsessed with regime change to the point, like retired Gen. David Petraeus, of openly calling for the U.S. to ally with the 'moderate' Al-Qaeda against the Russian and Iranian backed Damascus regime, had to wage a preemptive bureaucratic war against Trump before the Trumpistas could bring them down. That, along with Flynn and his son Mike Jr's taking seriously at least some of the allegations of pedophile rings connected to the Clintons including on 'Epstein island' that the former president frequently visited motivated the desire to take down Flynn over what in any other Administration or country in question besides Russia (with whom the incoming Obama transition team led by Michael McFaul had broad 'reset' related contacts in 2008-2009!) would be a non-story.

The March of the Democrat/Dirty Deep State Failures Prior to the Flynn Debacle

In December, the Democrats and their GOPe allies tried to encourage electors to break trust with the voters of their states and turn rogue against Trump. Despite the pleas of B and D list Hollywood celebrities, this effort failed miserably, yielding more disgruntled Bernie Sanders Democrats opposing the choice of their party than #NeverTrump Republicans. This pathetic effort only underscored, on the heels of Trump's world shocking victory, the impotence of a dying legacy media led by the #FakeNews peddlers of the C(linton) N(ews) N(etwork). So, the legacy media were out to prove their continued relevance, and all they needed was a steady morphine drip drip of leaks from spooks happy to make up whatever the fanatically anti-Trump newsies desired regarding smoking gun revelations about Trump -- even 'dossiers' that couldn't be printed without libel suits.

By January before Obama left office the 'Russians hacked the election for Trump' narrative had ballooned, thanks to Democrats' rage and the CIA of John Brennan and DCI James "I perjured myself before Congress" Clapper, into a Godzilla-sized Dolchstoßlegende -- a Russian 'stab in the back' myth to explain their humiliating defeat on November 8. All of the holes poked by cyber researchers like Jeffrey Carr in the case made by Atlantic Council-connected (NATO's foreign government funded think tank lobbying Washington for more Cold War 2) Dmitry Alperovich (whose wife worked for Obama's DHS) and his Crowdstrike firm hired to tell the Democrats what they wanted to hear were glossed over. Claims by a former British Ambassador to former Soviet Central Asia's Uzbekistan Craig Murray he personally witnessed the transfer of data by physical persons acting on behalf of disgruntled Democratic Party insiders, as well as pleas to investigate the curiously timed murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, were drowned out by shouts of 'THE RUSSIANS HACKED THE ELECTION FOR TRUMP!'

The result has been the present alliance made in hell of George Soros army of trolls and rent-a-mob professional protesters, Social Justice Warrior journos facing irrelevance if not unemployment if Trump gets a second term, plus 'I'd rather have the deep state than Trump state' neocons like Bill Kristol, Democrats and fanatical Russia haters such as John R. Schindler trying to take down a President, heedless to the costs to America's global standing and reputation for 'rule of law' rather than the rule of spooks. When Trump sarcastically compared the behavior of the NSA/FBI leaking against him to that of the Russian security services that are said to rule Russia for Putin in a tweet sent Wednesday morning, he was not wrong that the insult would hit the mark. But there is far more damaging allegations coming against some of those, like John Brennan, who waged a soft coup against a president who they feared would uncover their own aid and comfort to America's jihadist enemies.

The Idiocy of the Flynn Controversy: At Worst, Flynn is Guilty of Misstatements to the Vice President, the 'Russians Could've Blackmailed Him!' Narrative Makes Zero Sense

Second, the lame duck Obama Administration did everything within its power short of starting a shooting war to further poison relations with nuclear-armed to the teeth Russia, by expelling 35 Russian diplomats (some of them undoubtedly SVR intelligence officers) in hopes that Russia's President would engage in tit for tat expulsion of American diplomatic personnel. When Putin stunned the Obama lame ducks by refusing to take the bait, suspicion immediately fell on phone calls made to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kiselyak by White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn -- a man already hated (and as we'll see, feared with good reason) by elements of the CIA and Obama loyalists.

The fact that it hardly makes any sense that a former DIA director would be unaware that Kiselyak's calls were all tapped by the FBI/NSA, is not permitted to interfere with the ludicrous narrative put forward by the cabal of Brennan, Clapper, and since fired for gross insubordination acting AG Sally Yates that somehow the Russians could've blackmailed Flynn for statements made on a call that NSA/FBI had immediate playback and transcripts of. Transcripts that have yet to be released by the super duper patriotic spooks now impugning Flynn's integrity and claiming (without proof from the transcript) he made promises to the Russian Ambassador to drop Obama-imposed sanctions that remain in place. What exactly aside from words which have been increasingly overriden with the usual condemnation of Moscow's 'occupation' of overwhelmingly pro-Russian Crimea and 'support for separatists in Donbass' has Putin received in return for...what exactly?

Furthermore, neither John R. Schindler nor any of Flynn's other haters has mentioned the fact that because of '#Moscow Mike's 'treasonous' encouragement of Kiselylak not to have the Russians make any rash moves in response, 35 American diplomats including not a few CIA official covers were NOT expelled from the Russian Federation with their families on 72 hours notice! Somehow of course, CIA operatives remaining at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow rather than being kicked out by the Russians as the Obama Administration clearly hoped would be the Russian reaction is now a VERY BAD THING, because....why? Oh that's right the whole point was to goad Putin into retaliating and make improving U.S.-Russian relations even harder by the lame duck vacating the Oval Office. Flynn messed with the plan, but that is far from his biggest sin in the eyes of the dirty Deep Staters.

The Reason John R. Schindler and Those the @20CONmittee Shills for Hate/Fear Flynn: Flynn  Publically Accused Portions of the CIA Under Obama of Arming Terrorists

While Flynn's acceptance of a fee from his speaking bureau to attend an RT tenth anniversary gala and sitting at the same table as Putin can be questioned, the real origins of Deep State and Obamanista hatred for Flynn predate his curiously timed trip as a former DIA chief turned private citizen to Moscow. What John R. Schindler and other Flynn haters always leave out of their smears of '#MoscowMike' is the Lt. General's 2015 allegations on Al-Jazeera TV (the network run out of U.S. ally Qatar) that the Obama Administration made a 'willful decision' to accommodate the initial rise of the Islamic State in order to pressure both Assad and the Iranian-backed government in Baghdad.

The release by Judicial Watch in 2015 of a declassified memo, poo pooed by John R. Schindler and many others but widely circulated in the new media, described as early as 2012 U.S. and its Sunni Gulf allies policy to create a 'Salafist principality' in eastern Syria and western Iraq. By late 2014 the world of course, knew that same principality as the emerging ISIS Caliphate. Of course, if Flynn were a Russian agent, his co-authoring a book slamming Russia for its alliance with Iran the backer of Hezbollah with notorious neocon propagandist Michael Ledeen would seem to be a clever ruse. In reality, Flynn may have been wrong about many things or left things to be desired in his management style, but the true reasons he was hated involved him being a patriot who blew the whistle on the Obama/Brennan CIA arming of America's jihadist enemies from Libya to the Levant.

The 'Salafist Principality' Memo Drawn Up by DIA Under Flynn's Command That Exposed Obama Administration's Anticipation of the Caliphate Before ISIS Set It Up

Subsequent revelations about the Pentagon's inability to account for thousands of bombing raids not only in Afghanistan but in Syraq since the start of the Obama Administration's counter 'ISIL' campaign in 2014, as well as US airpower leaving the Caliphate's vast oil smuggling tanker fleet into NATO member state Turkey untouched until the Russians embarrassingly bombed them in late 2015, would tend to support the thesis that the Obama White House and CIA waged as half-assed and go-slow a campaign against Daesh as possible. Many of the unaccounted for bombing raids Military Times reporters exposed, were likely hitting meaningless or empty desert targets rather than seriously hindering, for example, ISIS' takeover of the ancient archaeological site of Palmyra in 2015, before direct Russian intervention in Syria.

All of this was proceeding as planned with Damascus' territory shrinking under the combined 'moderate rebel' and ISIS jihadist onslaught, until those damned Russians ruined everything by directly intervening and telling the world at the UN that the Obama campaign against ISIS (other than a few symbolic battles fought by the Kurds) was a failure. Lame duck Secretary of State John Kerry's admission to a secretly recorded group of Syrian 'opposition activists' at the UN late last year also revealed that Kerry and the Obama Administration had hoped ISIS spectacular military successes would force Assad into some sort of deal with D.C.

Naturally, ever since Russia began bombing targets in Syria Washington has accused the Russians of never doing enough against ISIS, while giving itself and its Sunni Gulf allies in Riyadh and Doha a pass for the incredibly slow pace of their highly touted offensives against the super terrorist army. The Russians even with their military improvements, after all, don't have the same level of resources that the most powerful air force in the world can bring to the table, and yet Moscow was blamed for Palmyra falling to Daesh once more even when US airpower was nowhere to be found, and gave zero close air support to the NATO member Turks assault on IS-held Al Bab either (sullenly opening the door for broadening the nascent Russo-Turkish military cooperation). Such contradictions are explained away or better yet deflected, by the likes of John R. Schindler claiming that ISIS is secretly supported by Syria, Iran or perhaps the Russians themselves -- never under any circumstances by U.S. Sunni Gulf allies who've actually funded ISIS.

Reality Check for the 20CONMittee's Zombified Twitter Following Regarding Claims to Having Super Secret Insider Intel, and That a Deep State Coup Will Save America from Trump

Now the legacy media and Trump haters have their first 'scalp' from Lt. Gen. Flynn's resignation, and seem hellbent to continue humiliating this 33-year-veteran and patriot by stripping him of his security clearance, their hubris is approaching a dangerous peak. For by leaving the retired Lieutenant General with nothing to lose but the approval of his former boss should he refuse to keep silent, they have eliminated whatever incentives Flynn had to not go after his enemies left in the Deep State and without. With the eager assistance of Fox News Sean Hannity or anyone else willing to bring him on and start naming names of his foes in the perma-and revolving door post bureaucracy swamp, teeing off on 'Riyadh' John Brennan (who allegedly converted to Islam and became very close to the Saudi royals indeed while CIA station chief during the 1990s).

Ex-spook clowns like John R. Schindler love to pretend they still have access to highly classified data (they don't, or at least they aren't supposed to). Schindler boasts that spies know things and if you mess with the 'US Intelligence Community', like some tribe it will rise up as one man against any politician who dares criticize the 'IC'. New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, whose sociopathic personality is well known to Trump from behind the scenes, made a similar threat before this explosion of leaks. But Schindler's arrogance belies insecurity that not everyone at CIA, his alma mater the NSA, and especially the domestically empowered to make actual arrests FBI are on board with a soft coup against President Trump.

You see John, there are spies at DIA who still respect Flynn who know things too. Things that would make Brennan and possibly Morrell as well fearful of public speaking engagements without people showing up calling them Al-Qaeda allied jihadist arming oathbreakers to theiur faces, like the deplorable Marine in Arizona who called Sen. McCain a jihadi supporting traitor when McInsane the Hanoi Songbird was beating the drums for war against Damascus in 2013. There also ambitious junior CIA officers who know exactly which supervisors are leaking and would be ready to inform the FBI about it.

To put it in blunt terms that Schindler and his army of at times paid Democrat Party/neocon Twitter room temperature IQ troll followers can understand, they might have significant portions of the three letter agencies and the presstitutes on their side. What they don't have are enough of the people with the guns, whether FBI agents, the United States Secret Service, and more broadly, the military and the so-called deplorable gun owners and Republican held sheriff's departments plus veterans living in that sea of red counties beyond the Beltway.

Seven Days in May and the Turkish Coup Fail: CIA's Skills at Overthrowing Govmts Have Clearly Degraded Since Its Heyday from the 1950s to the 1970s

Should a soft coup suddenly become a hard one, whether of the November 22, 1963 or recent Turkish variety, it is doubtful to us that all coup plotters will make it alive to trial. In no small part because the Deep State may prefer a rash of 'suicides' across northern Virginia and Maryland's CIA/NSA bedroom communities to explaining in open trials that prominent individuals at these institutions turned traitor, just like in the John Frankenheimer thriller Seven Days in May. Notwithstanding Schindler's fantasies of shooting bubbas wearing red MAGA caps while holding the wire around Ft. Meade, a second American Civil War provoked by what would still be just a few thousand elitists overwhelmingly concentrated in and around Washington D.C. would not end well for the instigators.

Just ask the NATO loyal, Incirlik Air Force based Turkish officers who knew their American colleagues well if not to the point of revealing their plans to topple Erdogan how that ended for them. Now realize America isn't Turkey, or Ukraine, and we have the 2nd Amendment in addition to still strong voting tallies for Mr. Trump from the combat arms if not the upper echelons of the officer corps. Those who doubt this can recall the enthusiastic reception the president elect received last year at the Army Navy football game in Baltimore, followed by Unz Review writer Steve Sailer's quip to Trump haters, "Still think you could pull off a military coup?"

To further disabuse the Schindler clowns and many others we've written about at this space of their fantasies, here's how team Trump within and without the Administration can fight back, and make the dirty Deep State hurt without firing a shot.


1) Trump loyalists will set 'canary traps' for leakers to start nailing WaPost/NYT sources

Whether or not Reince Preibus the alleged House Speaker Paul Ryan/GOPe loyalist plant at the White House gets fired, there are many techniques for nailing leakers developed since the so-called 'Plumbers' of the Watergate era.  These would include producing documents with special tabs/electronic markers (ironically if you're a Schindler fanboy, not unlike the system NSA implemented after the Snowden leaks), and creating fake memos outlining positive improvements in relations with Russia in the full knowledge that no Trump hating eternal Cold Warrior who's regularly speaking to WaPost/NYT reporters can resist leaking the version circulated in narrow groups. In this case, the compartmentalization that the super genius spooks that talk to the likes of the WSJ's Shane Harris believe will protect them from being outed and fired works against them, by narrowing down the list of suspected leakers.

2) Have Trump allies in Congress will demand accountability from CIA Director Mike Pompeo and perhaps, ask him point blank on the record whether Obama/Brennan holdovers are leaking to undermine the President, including through 'leaked' falsehoods

3) Greenlight Peter Thiel sponsoring (like Hulk Hogan crushing Gawker) lawsuits of Russo-American businessman Alexei Gubarev against Buzzfeed and libel suits by Trump's attorney Michael Cohen falsely accused of meeting with the FSB in Prague. Publicize the suit in plaintiff friendly British courts (with winks and nods to the Trump friendly and euroskeptic UK Daily Mail and Express tabloids), with maximum discovery and testimony under oath sought. The goal is to make it a matter of public record if the same globalist billionaires funding Trump's adversaries domestically like ex-Jeb! operative @TheRickWison also paid for the 'dodgy dossier' of Christopher Steele. This will expose the #NeverTrump agitprop network, plus its murky ties to 'former' spooks like Steele touting their MI6 or other three letter agency alum credentials to 'cred' up dezinformatsiya for the presstitutes.

4) Announce on Twitter that Trump is considering Sen. Rand Paul's longtime advocacy of auditing the Federal Reserve, should Janet Yellen continue to make noises about rate hikes to crunch any Trump recovery.

5) Have Attorney General Sessions give a press conference and expand investigations into child sex trafficking rings in major cities across the country but especially in New York and Washington D.C.

6) Open a Congressional investigation co-chaired by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (R-HI) into the flow of arms to so-called 'moderate rebels' in Syria, from 2011 on, with the emphasis on subpoenaing as many documents and emails as possible to Brennan or White House National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes warning them that their beloved 'moderates' were sharing CIA weapons with Al-Qaeda, and later folded into ISIS. Nail Brennan loyalists on obstruction of justice charges if they delete or destroy evidence pertaining to the CIA's arm train and equip program and internal intelligence community/Pentagon criticisms that it was arming terrorists.

7) Open Justice Department investigations of Evan McMullin's contacts with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood after he left CIA. Include Soros org/radical Islamists go between Mouz Moustafa and possibly Salafi-Trotskyite 'journalist' and Atlantic Council fellow Michael D. Weiss in these inquiries. If the Logan Act is so important as to enforce against an incoming National Security Adviser carrying out the orders of his boss the president elect of the United States, then does it apply to ex-CIA guys arming battlefield blood brothers of Al-Qaeda?

8) Have Trump tweet that the current Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) law should be amended to Include think tanks that take money from foreign governments (without naming the Atlantic Council and Brookings Doha center among others, let surrogates do that). This will put pressure on Bellingcat, Charles 'Doha' Lister and other Trump haters on the Gulf Cooperation Council/moderate Syria jihadi sugar daddy payroll who are fanatically opposed to any U.S.-Russian military cooperation against ISIS....because such cooperation poses a direct threat of deescalation for the Cold War 2.0 their military industrial complex donors need to keep going in Ukraine and along Russia's borders with NATO.

9) Open Justice Department investigations into UKRAINIAN Meddling in the U.S election, Starting with the hacking of John Podesta's Gmail From a Kyiv Star IP (Ukrainian hackers false flag hoisting/playing at being Russians?) and including indicting American citizen Democrat/Ukraine Embassy operative Andrea Chalupa for failing to register as a foreign agent

10) Announce President Trump will, at least by the third anniversary of the tragedy this July 14, declassify U.S. satellite photography of BUKs whether Ukrainian or Russian operating in or near the Donbass shortly before or after the shoot down of MH17 and watch Kiev's friends begin to scream louder that Trump's a Russian agent. Make it clear that Sens. McCain and Graham cannot protect their pets in Kiev any longer from NOT receiving visas with plenty of publicity for such humiliations. If cultists of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera and those who revere mass murderers of Poles during WWII from the UPA love Ukraine so much, that they can't wait to flee the country with their ill gotten loot, let them go to Canada!

This is just a short list of our recommendations -- we have many other ideas, including firing back at European Union Stratcom East smears of the President of the United States as a Russian agent and attacks on Breitbart News, including through Congressmen like Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) who meet with Marine Le Pen, and telling punks like Jakub Kalensky to stop using EU taxpayers' money to troll American patriots.

In his first weeks Trump successfully 'flooded the zone', that is he overwhelmed the OODA loop of his political opponents through a blitzkrieg of executive orders. A similar audacity is needed to put not so much individual Deep State leakers as the puppet masters coordinating the leak and media campaign back on their heels. In doing so, Trump may not only save his presidency, but spare the United States the horrors of a cold civil war going hot.