Rebalancing The DHAP Thanks To A New President In Charge

In this installment it is time to revisit the key attributes of the DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio) along with a review of any changes needed after the election of Mr. Trump.   I am also going to pull some thoughts from my DHAP ratings data in my article posted to “The Rogue Report.”   Please note that this will be material I haven’t previously detailed on the pages of ‘,’ and believe it or not, it was only a side note to the subject matter in my article for “The Rogue Report.”   The primary subject was “The Time Value of Life vs. The Time Value of Money.”   As I like to continually say, “all roads still lead to the same solutions, a personalized well thought out DHAP.”  But first, in a continuation of the last installment, we have part 3 of the ESF series, followed by a few pertinent news items.  And on a hunch, I bet I can draw “legit” DHAP prep comparisons in part 3 of the ESF video, just like was done in the prior two videos…….

This particular segment of the ESF report highlights it’s relationship and vast control over agencies, in particular the CIA.  But even within propaganda issues we can glean some interesting pointers in the real value and timing of our DHAP preparations, note the following......

@ :35...Note the reference to the true failure, at least per this video, of the CIA.  But take note, one of our own DHAP items was used for ESF/CIA funding and coercion.....Gold!  One of our DHAP staples.  The next minute or so details the vast failures of the CIA.

@ 2:01...There has been nothing that the ESF hasn't been willing to finance, regardless of the evil involved.

@ 2:30...Even in the face of abject failures, the CIA was able to turn the facts upside down and crate a supposed success story.

@ 2:38...The ESF & it's marketing arm, the CIA, (note the FED is another marketing arm) became a world propaganda network.

@ 3:28...Boy, if this one isn't true today!  Check this out.....The ESF/CIA relationships with the US media makes systemic breakdown nearly impossible.  “All’s well, all’s well!”  In addition, they have infiltrated the education system, gee there's a surprise, who would have thunk it?   This media infiltration is a DHAP heads-up if there ever was one.  Meaning: You have to think for yourself as the judge and jury used by the masses.  The US media will not give you any lead time on your DHAP preps.  Think for yourself.....!

@ 4:23...You are under mind control.  Again, no surprises here!   Additional information is provided over the next few minutes regarding the ESF/CIA (remember the CIA is a lap dog for the ESF) control of the US media propaganda.  And note around the 5:50 mark the mention of current US media hot-shots that are paid hacks.

@ 7:30..At this juncture can we envision an economic debt paradigm that is cloaked in a veneer of "total success?"  Naw-no-way...!  The solution?  RM regulars know what the solution is......DHAP anyone.

@ 7:39...And for today's "eye-opener" check this little nugget out.  How about that the other lap dog of the ESF, the FED, which has done what?  Establish currency swaps and derivatives on behalf of the ESF.  Another surprise!  In conjunction with this information note the 8:00 mark and the in-your-face lie from the offices of the FED.  Remember the prior Wolf Gray theory, the FED was losing it's ability to plug the inflation holes, and as such the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) needed a more covert answer to keep the blinders on the masses so they couldn’t view the debt based ponzi-scheme for what it was.  Enter the ESF in 1934.  For a redundant refresher: The Wolf says the FED is nothing more than a building with no juice, a building with only moronic academics to make announcements, nothing more.  A scheme that is about to blow up, and you best have your preps in order.  Again, all roads lead to the same place.   DHAP's

@ 8:39...Note how the ESF is the boss and financial arm of all propaganda network teams.  Just follow the money. These guys cutting the checks are normally in charge.  Hey, how about that, I detect a 'PMLM' (Propaganda Multi-Level-Marketing scam) here, so where are the higher court hot-dogs at?  They have always come out in the past for our protection when an “MLM” is rumored….

@ 8:46…This is one hell of an attention getter.  Pay damned close attention to the following minute or so.  Note the excellent analysis of dollar devaluation vs. gold or real money.

@ 9:45...Simply amazing, by 1956 the US's gold holdings were too small to back the dollar.

@ 10:05...Note this brilliant analogy, "other countries were building up huge claims against US gold.”  Which makes one wonder back 20 seconds to the prior notation and question whether there is a need for a DHAP in today's environment?  Ya think?!  Hence the obvious happens, the "gold-outflow' begins.  Do we envision an historical speech coming from an American president that panics the banksters somewhere not too far down the road?  Duh Huh!   The final 30 seconds or so indicate the banksters are now defending the US Dollar in the face of the fact that failure is an eventual guaranteed event for those holding dollars.  Hello, TODAY!  And yes, it is in it’s final days this time, as we finally found a way to farm too much debt outside our borders, leaving us in a position (us being US residents) to not be able to service the incoming flood of US paper.  A situation in transit right NOW!  From a timing perspective, this is a far different scenario than we faced during the Kennedy presidency.   To grab a cliche’….. “This time it’s different!”

As always, and as boring as it may be, we always come to the same solutions.....A well thought out personalized DHAP with some heavy sprinkling of GSBC's (make room for the Gold & Silver Bars & Coins ratings system below).  But the propaganda experts clearly don't want us to know that, do they....?   See how easy it is to write one of these complicated RM news reports (which ain’t that complicated).  All you have to recognize is the motives behind these guys, and it leads to the same damned solutions.  Just follow the money, "The Real Money," that is! WG

A wall of denial, is fallin' down Whoa it's fallin' so hard, down to the ground Never knew something so strong could be washed away by tears But this wall of denial was just built on fear We've all had our demons from the garden of white lies Dressed them, amused them pullin' wool over our eyes Go so far as to love them, to keep from letting them go All the while they we're killin' us but we couldn't let it show No matter what the trouble we carry round inside We're never safe from the truth but in the truth we can survive…Stevie Ray Vaughan  Life will find a way, just wait and see, I would bet on it….WG

Next up, a video that points to something ole’ WG has observed in recent installments.   The alternative media is hitting some news headwinds, now reiterated via a recognized high thinking source in the following video….

@ :55 (especially @ 1:45)...Viewership is down of late since June of 2016.  As stated many times, the "Trump Euphoria," my term not Clif's, has helped put people at ease.  When they absolutely shouldn't be…!  Cliff doesn’t specifically say that in this broadcast, but you can apply a little common sense, and it is easy to see what WG has been harping on, the alternative media message is reaching ears with earplugs of late.  The message is dying right when it needs to be shouted from the roof tops from shore to shore...!

The rest of the "heads-up" in this video from Clif shows that it is time to personally buck the news trends, and do the opposite "take action."  That is my statement, not Clif's, but I fear I am right.   You do as you see fit!   It is amazing to me that each time I apply a big “?” question mark to any piece of well thought out business/economic information, the same answers slap me in the face.  DHAP, just do it!  Pontificators need not apply. WG

In this next link from Michael Snyder, it occurs to me that he is “on-point.”  Trump needs to get on with the US economic beat down as soon as an opportune moment presents itself.   Rehashed many times on the pages of ‘rogue’

In the above link Mr. Snyder says an economic failure delayed to 2018 would be labeled as Trump's fault.   I agree, but I tend to think that if things don't go sour before the 3rd quarter of 2017 Trump could still be blamed, not Zero.  After all, the attention span of the typical sheeple ain't too far into the wild blue yonder, and with the help of an anti-Trump media, ‘pitch forks & torches’ can’t be far behind.   I can just hear it now: Mr. Sixpack, “Gee whiz Trump, all the stats were on the RISE for the last couple quarters (yeah right) you were doing so good.  You must have made a misstep you dumb ass!”  Believe me I hear it all the time, “thank God we can now rebuild!”   No idea that when major mistakes have been made they typically require some punishment.  Maybe I should use the wisdom of a 5th grader next time I get into a Sixpack economic debate.

Oh, and for those keeping score, this economic calamity has been many long decades in the making.  Even the incompetent Zero can’t be blamed entirely.   But he does make for a good scape goat.

So just where do we fit in on the worldwide economic landscape?  Recall the 12/20/16 installment and the final thoughts regarding our near 3rd world status.  In fact, in light of that, check out this concise article from Jeff Nielson in the following link regarding the US and the 3rd world……

Mr. Nielson nails it with respect to the “location-location-location” issue (my term not his, it was used in the 12/20 installment), check out this excerpt from Jeff’s article……

First World. What a nice euphemism. Of course depending on where a person lives in the world, they might want to attach a different label to that collection of nations, like The Conquerors, or simply The Exploiters. JN

I can’t argue with that one.  In fact, here is the link to the 12/20/16 installment, and a quick scroll to the “Final 3rd World Thoughts” segment reveals a few similarities.  Take the time to review the ratings criteria and how we might just fit in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th world rankings, you can feel free to name it for yourself……….

You won’t insult me if you don’t review it, after all, it even bores me, as the answers are the same…DHAP….and with that lets’ get back to the DHAP and how it might fit in with Mr. Trump as president.   We will also highlight a DHAP ratings system review.

A DHAP Rebalancing Revisit

The following link from ‘’ provides a nice segue for a revisit to the DHAP list.

In the above link, note the the reference to the 2012 warning from Jim Sinclair.   And though I don't prefer the brainstorming of the "globalist pecker head,” Jim Rickards is also referenced.   The “GPH’s” thoughts are still worthy of a review, that is until the SDR worship cranks up.  Lastly note the "real property" segment written by a WG favorite Charles Hugh Smith.  In which Mr. Smith details how difficult it is to legitimately confiscate a home and land.  Now in light of all the above wisdom, some WG DHAP sourcing family history basics are worthy of review.

If you are buying items that would red flag you, then pay in cash.  Just use cash for that one extra item per week of some of the more basic staple items like "TP & PT" (toilet paper & paper towels) for example.  Cash leaves no traces.   Mrs. WG and I did this for quite some time, buying our groceries, medical supplies, and other staples with cash.  Always buying an extra amount each and every week of important items used repetitively in our daily lives.  Once a certain level of storage had been achieved, then and only then did we go back to the more convenient credit card purchase techniques.  Why………..?

If you go through a line with a basket full of TP & PT and nothing else with a credit card purchase, might you be tracked?  I don't know, but I don't want to risk "big brother" knowing my business either.  Common sense works nicely in these situations.  Don't attract attention, period.   Now if you are getting started with your preps at this latter stage, and yes it is in the latter stages folks, it tookMrs WG & myself 2 years to achieve our goals with a stealth/steady sort of method, you may need to be a bit more bold.   Repetitive weekly needs items may need to be purchased with cash at unobtrusive levels, but from a variety of different locations.  You'll be busy going from store to store, but you may be safer and more comfortable in the long run as well.

For mental comfort just remember this key budgetary feature, everything you are piling up in your inventories is being bought at a discount, as prices will inevitably head up.  Additionally, you will eventually consume these sorts of purchases (I know, redundant from prior installments) but at discount inventory prices.   Please absorb this reality, this sort of endeavor isn't a waste of time or legal tender.   And if things get rather "Mad-Maxish,” it beats the crap out of dodging bullets just to get junior some TP.

For your consideration here is re-listing of the WG DHAP list (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio) with a unique ratings system applied (not seen on RM before)……….& please note this chart was part of my long article in the Rogue Report (you need to buy that darn thing as the other intel from each of the RM authors is awesome)……..

***Beginning of a segment from my Rogue Report article……

Below is a constructive excerpt from the 5/17/16 installment:

“The set up for the creation of the DHAP came from the “US Army Survival Manual”, the “US Army Special Forces Medical Book”, & “The Ranger Handbook”.  Clearly I have some pretty cool contacts.  Anyway, I had to apply their mobile version or something akin to a ‘BoB’ (bug out bag), and then put together a working version for the home.  Not that hard to do, since either way you are still trying to live or survive, whether it is from supplies in a bag or from supplies in a big indoor structure.   Truthfully, only minor differences exist in a case designed for survival.

The above sources position the list’s items based on two separate conditions hot or cold weather, which for them makes sense, but for us, I tried to make it more civilian, or ‘in home’ oriented.   One thing they emphasis is that footwear is super important in the military.  Though important, it may not be as important to our needs, but it still made the list.”  (end of excerpt)

* Gold & silver Bars & coins ** Numbers 1 & 9 are very important, but from a short term perspective they may not be practical, as focusing on preps where you are currently located may be more useful at this juncture.  But if you can make a move to get out of the city without long interruptions to your DHAP accumulations, then go for it, as #1 ranks way higher than a (50) if a move can be made without disrupting your ongoing plans.

Ratings Methodology for the DHAP

Ratable criteria using 0-10 scale (10 very useful & 0 equaling useless for that item)………

-(SGH) Supplement to Good Health (for DHAP #’s 2 & 3 I doubled their scores in this category): Very important! -(UB) Use in barter: Obvious usages to obtain needs based items without sacrificing too much in the exchange. -(MSL) Maintaining Standard of Living: Things that contribute to maintaining a reasonable living standard. -(P) Protection: No-Brainer -(CB) Confidence Boosting:  Items that keep your self confidence up, a big deal in my view. -(LC) Low Cost:  Practicality stand point. -(RV) Retained Value:  Holding value will pay off post the hunker down period. -(SS) Skills Sourcing:  Items like communications devices or “how to’s on paper” to assist in your goals.

The next 3 are worthy of only 0-5 in points (5 being best)……..

-(ES) Ease of Storage:  Too big but valuable will get stolen. -(EP) Ease of Portability:  If bugging out is required is it small enough to carry? -(LW) Legacy Worthy:  If you die, can it be transferred and be usable to someone you care about?

Personal Note:  The above rating system will most certainly vary based on your own comfort zones and skill sets.  But with the time to prepare coming to a close, a look at the Wolf & the Wolfpack’s “Top Ten” may be worth examining….and the winners are…

WG’s DHAP Top 10

1. “How to Sources.” including encyclopedias & boy scout manuals (78).  Folks, I was stunned this finished in first and I did my best to find a way to recount the ratings numbers with a different score.  Didn’t matter, it was high every time, and proved to me that (at least for my purposes) knowledge in a written format is very valuable.

1(tie). In a tie with “How to Sources” was “GSBC’s” (78).  And in truth I was surprised this one finished so high, but I had to give it a score of 10, in (UB), (MSL), (CB), & (VR) which guaranteed a high score.

2. Water & Water Purification (73).  This came in at came in at #2, no matter how I recounted, or re-rated.  Probably a reasonable rating. 3. Short & Long term food (B.o.B./at home) was another surprise at (71), as I expected it to be #1 above the items sitting in #1 for the moment, and actually #2 as well.  Finding water is bit easier than finding food in a crisis scenario.  The short & long food term differences vary with each person’s skills sets.  Folks who have decent gardening skills can take heirloom seeds (non GMO), and use seeds gathered from the first harvest to be applied to next season’s planting.  Those without those skills best have a good load of “mre’s” on hand (meals ready to eat, military term), which tend to have a 25+ year shelf life (very compact storage as well).  As mentioned in other ‘’ installments, preserving and canning can also be very valuable skills, something common to my parents and grand parents, but lost on today’s “just-in-time” delivery crowd.  I put food (this ratings ranking aside) as a top priority due to the over dependence on the just-in-time delivery system, which is 2 days for most items.  Folks, if things get bad, and the money flow has a few hiccups, don’t expect the deliveries and the shelves to be loaded with food every trip to your grocery mart.

4. First Aid Kit (70), finally a top 10 item that finished about where I expected it to be.

5. Communications (67).  This might have finished higher, but it’s (UB) value was poor, It’s (LC) was terrible, and so was the (EP) rating.  Briefly, the low barter rating is the fact you ain’t likely to be sitting on a huge inventory of these things, and due to their importance, letting them go in barter is not a good option.  In fact, if you have enough units to barter with, you might as well become a communications dealer.

6. Hygiene & Rugged Belt Knife (65).  Both of these makes perfect sense being around the middle of the top 10, as it scores easy 10’s in (SGH), (UB), (MSL), and (LC).  At least that is the way I scored them.  The knife didn’t get a full 10 in (UB) as it is something you probably would not trade.

7. Guns (64), this one is curious, as I expected it to be in the “Top 10”, but with a bit higher rank.  It either scored real high or real low in my ratings categories, not much middle ground.  Regardless of the ranking, personally I would recommend purchase or ownership in this vital area no matter the rating.  By the way, if you ain’t a hunter already, I would recommend chasing number 3 (food), and sticking with protection strategies only in the firearms category.  Guns are expensive, and if things get tough, edible game will be used up by the experienced hunters in very short order.  Late learning curves in hunting will be an effort in futility.

8. Ammo (63), this one being next to guns makes perfect sense.  And in the protection calibers it becomes a very wise purchase.  Once again in my view this item is a must.

9. Power or Alternative Power Sources (59) came in tied with a decent supply of wood for heating (59).  Numbers 31 & 11 in the chart above.

10. Binoculars (58).  Seeing is believing, and comforting.  Even for non-hunting, I would have some “sight-assistance” on hand.

Honorable mention:  Fishing Gear (57), Foot wear (54), & Clothing (54).  I am very surprised foot wear & clothing were not in the “Top 10”, but the fact most people already have a closet filled beyond a 2 day ‘just-in-time’ supply, kept them both out of the top rankings.

***End of the segment from my Rogue Report article…….

So let’s get to the big question in the title, “has the election of Trump changed anything in the DHAP ratings system I put together while Zero was in office?”  Absolutely not!  The basic tenets of preparing properly have remained the same.  Especially with the economic back-drop still being very dire for US residents, and that hasn’t changed.  

All that said, there is still one preparedness item (one that is not a major necessity in my view thus I didn’t list it) that wasn’t in my original list, one that may have changed with the election of Mr. Trump.  The election of Trump may have provided a sense of relief for the US residents who felt an urgent need to diversify their hard asset holdings off shore to avoid US regulators with sticky finger disease.  Why do I believe in that possibility?  Because I don’t expect Mr. Trump to violate our property rights, with a “save the nation hard asset confiscation” scheme.

Would I be surprised if “Ag/silver” becomes invaluable due to his value in the development of many new technologies, causing the government to “ask” for our help if we own it?  Not at all, but in Trump’s case, I would envision an honest and fair business offer (it appears to be his nature) to the holders of silver.  I don’t envision him trying to steal from us.  Time will tell on this item, short time that is.

            Final Thoughts

I recognize the fact that I have reviewed DHAP’s in the past, but in prior reviews I haven’t gone into much detail (and maybe none in the past outside the Rogue Report) as to which DHAP items might merit the most attention.  I decided it was time to do so in “The Rogue Report,” as I suspected we are very late in the game.  Note the Wolf’s top rated hard asset is something very simple “go-to resources” for important “how to knowledge.”  A.K.A. # 32….“How to Sources,” like ‘boy scout manuals’ for example.   

There are a variety of examples that are illustrative of “How to sources,” literally “The Rogue Report” would be one of those sources.  In fact, using “The Rogue Report” as an example, it ain’t the 2017 predictions articles that are so important in my opinion, no-no-no it is the variety of messages.  All of which do what?  Based on what I read, they inspire the need for us to get off our arses and do something.

Whether it is “The Rogue Report” being referenced or another “How to Source,” the important point is to arm yourself with “actionable knowledge” from quality reference materials.  The type of knowledge that will only come from truly high quality reference materials.   The type of things you can go back to time and again, regardless of the electrical situation. WG

What if Clif High is on to something, and the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) undertake the initiative to restrict access to the internet or any high quality alternative media resource?   Would it not then be prudent to have some other go-to sources at your disposal?  It is note worthy that I tried my damnedest to change the DHAP rating system prior to posting my article last fall, all for the purpose of attempting to boot “How to Sources” from the top position.  And no matter how I restructured the rating system it still came up # 1.

The message is clear with respect to the value of having important knowledge at your disposal, knowledge that can be gained from hard hitting quality “How to Sources.”   GET-EM, or much of your efforts could well be a total waste of time…!

             Knowledge Without Action is Pointless & Action Without Knowledge is Useless...!              Knowledge Without Action is Pointless & Action Without Knowledge is Useless...!

Move yourself You always live your life Never thinking of the future Prove yourself You are the move you make Take your chances win or loser See yourself You are the steps you take You and you, and that's the only way Shake, shake yourself You're every move you make So the story goes Owner of a lonely heart Owner of a lonely heart….Yes

         Hard Asset Smorgasbord

This installment’s variety of hard asset tips many not seem to connect one to the other.   In fact, the entire installment was a bit of a “long hard asset tip” with the DHAP analysis taking center stage.  That said, note the following from RM commenters for some additional hard asset items…

“KW” a RM regular commenter brought up the idea of finding ways to provide basic needs like warmth in a post dollar collapse environment.  Especially for the need of providing heat.  Note the following excerpt from his comments:

WG, Just a heads up as this period of turmoil could easily last 5 years or more. Do stock up on kerosene - diesel and gas will be hard to store and almost impossible to get resupplied once the USD is toast. You could use kerosene for light, cooking and warmth. This would be useful in case it turns out to be mini ice age and not global warming. A glass house would be useful for herbs. If this is part of your house, it would reduce your heating bills.

In a “Mad-Maxish” sort of scenario, or a Clif High North American “ice age scenario,” KW is spot-on with the need for warmth.  Please note, I come from an era where I never had the comfort of A/C in the house or in a car until I was out of college (and I lived in the southeastern US, a sweat shop to be sure), and it bears repeating…people can survive most heat environments in the USA, but they can’t survive the cold without relief.

So carrying KW’s analysis a step further, with or without the possibility of facing a “Mad-Maxish” scenario, I highly recommend rudimentary tools like a cross cut saw, maul, wedges, and a sledge hammer (redundant from prior installments).  Why?  Many modern American houses have a chimney in them, and provisions for warmth supplied to the chimney from the tools listed in the prior sentences could be life saving.  And aside from the cross cut saw these tools are dirt cheap.   If at all possible get them and put them in your tool shed as a part of your DHAP (#14 in the above list).

Tip: Also please take note of the following tip, hardwoods provide a longer burn and a greater BTU heating value than their softwood wood brothers.   But most hardwoods, like hickory, maple, and oak need additional curing time, with 9 months typically being an extremely bare minimum time to cure properly.

“Cris” another commenter in the prior installment asked a question regarding the advantages of “Bitcoin.”   For the record, the Wolf has yet to take the “Bitcoin” plunge, but as I told “Cris,” diversifying into some crypto currency like “Bitcoin” seems to have some merit.  After all, it is out of the the dollar and it flies in the face of any sort of paper contract that settles in dollars or other legal tender that is now predominantly “fiat.”   “Bitcoin” is DHAP diversification worthy, but the Wolf just likes playing the odds on winners, and history says “gold & silver” have the odds in their favor “BIG-TIME!”

Also, RM commenter “PS” wrote beneath my last installment that Jim Willie’s key contact “the Voice” said to load up on silver at levels of 90% vs. your level of investment into gold.  In past installments I have taken this percentage situation head-on several times.  For the record, and as mentioned before, I have been at a 75-80% level of silver vs. my levels of investment into gold, which would then translate to 20-25%.  Please note that it would be my view that initial efforts should be shaded towards a higher 90% in silver, but if “total gross weight” (silver accumulation can get cumbersome) becomes a problem, then increasing the percentage of your gold holdings is a good alternative, particularly in the smaller 1 or 2.5 or 5 gram units, as well as the 1 ounce coins (favor units that have LBMA certification).

That said, a good goal would be trying to maintain an overall percentage ratio of silver to gold at 75/25, or an even greater percentage in silver if possible.  Note that these percentage ratios are measured in total legal tender investment, note in weight.

Folks, the evidence for having a nice personal stack of your favorite pm’s has never been greater, check this out…..

Health & Hard Asset Tips:  Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit with my homeopathic friend Manfred Mueller, a guy I consider to be one of the smartest people alive.  This visit was inspired by RM commenter “Swammi,” via another notation in the comments section.  As usual Mueller didn’t disappoint, he is colorful as always.   After we got past the globalist and the problems Trump will face trying to thwart their corrupt evil games within the “Big-Pharma” community we got to the subject inspired by “Swammi.”   The subject of North American radiation ……..first a quick aside on “Big-Pharma.”

Several decades ago Mueller said that he was commissioned by a major hospital/medical facility to research the history of the pharmaceutical business structures.  Big mistake.  Talk about putting the fox in the hen house, and paying the fox fairly well to boot.  His research took him from one “Big Pharma” trust - to another trust - to another trust, and it finally ended in Belgium (he named the trust, but I failed to write it down).   Wouldn’t ya know it, guess who owned the entire corporate “Big Pharma” crowd?  Every last one!  That’s right, the entire group of companies, as in 100% worldwide.   A trust comprised of a small group with names like Rothschild & Rockefeller, now back on point (we spent 20 minutes on the “Big Pharma” trust stuff)…….

Manfred says the radiation issue, courtesy of the Fukushima nuclear failure, has reached the east coast with unreported deadly results.   In this case I never questioned his judgement or accuracy as to how these critical radiation levels had reached the eastern US.  Even though we have debated many times before, this time I stayed calm as curiosity got the better of me.  First he made a critical recommendation that we should consider if at all possible.  Anyone planning on having radiation treatments may have some issues with recovery, as they have already been getting high levels of radiation on a consistent day to day basis.  Thus his references to unexplained deaths, or his references to “deadly result.”

For example, he said the heavily populated area of “Raleigh Durham & Chapel Hill” had readings many hundreds of multiples above the norm for typical or ambient radiation readings.   He said the human body is already being subjected to radiation, and to add more via modern medicine is like gasoline on the fire.  In other words, our immune systems are being pummeled, and weakened dramatically with radiation without even crossing the hospital door thresholds.  He said he can provide homeopathic treatment that can have some effect on fighting back against radiation.  Let me know if you wish to contact him, and I will call ahead for you.

As a final note to my conversation with him, he said that Trump will likely fail against the globalist with respect to kicking the “Big Pharma” crowd in the crotch.  He said they are far bigger than he realizes.   Again, and for the record, I don’t know a damned soul I think is as smart as him, but does that mean I buy the story as “spot-on?”  Nope, life will find a way, and so will we, if we prepare for the bumps in the road ahead…!   Interestingly, he likes my thesis that life will find a way, and agrees with it in general principle.   Maybe I should have beat him over the head a bit with that theory in regards to “Big Pharma” having a winning hand over Mr. Trump.   Again, I wasn’t in debate mode, and truthfully it matters not, the solutions are still the same.   A personalized DHAP, maybe I need to come up with a jingle involving those words.

A direct & immediate tip from Mr. Manfred Mueller: Start taking high quality sources of "Chlorella" as a supplement.  It is one of the best ways to detoxify your system.  He says it is a good way (though it is a slow slow process) to get rid of mercury from our systems.  Which is very important, since it is one of the prominent toxins in most vaccines, and one of the most prominent toxins in the world for that matter.  According to Manfred, mercury is even responsible for most “gluten allergies.”  He recommends taking a look at the supplement products offered by the “Health Ranger” Mike Adams.  As always do your own research and buy the good stuff only.   On a personal note, the Wolf Gray family has been taking chlorella for almost 2 decades, especially since Mrs. WG is very sensitive to mercury.  Why do we take it, it was per the recommendations of Mr. Manfred Mueller to correct a big health related issue.   And yes, it worked.

Now on to a past hard asset report that involves item number 3 in the DHAP, summer gardening, courtesy of the Wolf Gray back yard gardening team.   We are getting ready to make our second seasonal attempt at using a barrel to grow multiple layers of delicious “Yukon Gold Potatoes.”   Last year’s yield was a 3rd of what it should have been, and we feel the primary reason it was so anemic was the soil was far too moist.  So this time, we are going to use a little less peat moss in this year’s barrel mixture.  Additionally, I will enlarge the drainage holes at the base of each barrel to assist with moisture extraction.  Here are some pictures from last year in sequence, and I will try to chronicle this year’s efforts…….

The Yukon Gold Spuds……

The first of three layers of spuds planted in their barrel……

The final stage prior to harvest with 3 layers having been planted……

A pitiful yield with soil that was way way too moist…….

All the Wolf parables, and fancy-fied theories aside there is more logic to some of the simplest of ‘country music’ than can be found anywhere else in my installments. But I do recognize that without the simple technique of getting back to the foundational principles of honesty, an honesty that is the very key to the dire need for a system of honest weights and measures, then the simplest of scenes like in this next video will not be so simple anymore.  Or even guaranteed anymore.  In fact these scenes may end up being tough to come by without an honest form of business transaction, as they are the standards that typically drench a society in honesty and simple freedoms as well.   Otherwise pictures of places like Cuba come to mind.

You have been warned once again……..

                    God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, The RM commenters, Eric DeCarbonnel, Clif High, Michael Snyder, ‘’, Jeff Nielson & '', “The Rogue Report”,  ZeroHedge, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Yes & Randy Houser