Payback for Assassinated Givi and Motorola? Ukrainian 'ATO' General Dies of 'Heart Attack' in Kiev Office

Thousands Turn Out in Donetsk to Mourn Local Hero 'Givi'

In Donetsk thousands of people turned out Saturday to mourn the Ilovaisk, Donbass born local, fighter Mikhail Sergeyevich Tolstykh (Михаи́л Серге́евич Толсты́х) who was known by his radio callsign of 'Givi'. The turnout for his funeral, by many mourners who clearly were still in shock and knew him personally, should put paid to the Kiev propaganda claims that Givi was a 'terrorist' or 'local gangster' who joined the DPR cause purely for opportunistic reasons, to make himself from a former store security guard into a 'warlord'.

The Heart of a Volunteer is the Heart of a Lion

Givi had no political ambitions to rival any of the LDPR leadership. He was not perfect, and in the heat of battle for the Donetsk Airport's ruins, after many of his men had been killed, he punched several Ukrainian POWs. Givi could've easily fled at the start of the war to find decent paid work in Russia or to Kiev-ruled Ukraine. Like thousands of other volunteers, he chose to stay and fight for his homeland. It is the hearts of volunteers -- not just the occasional help of the so-called 'Northern Wind' or 'vacationers' from Russia -- that has broken the teeth of the Kiev government's conscript and neo-Nazi battalions in battle after battle over the last 2 1/2 years. When given the necessary tools, men who fight for their homes and loved ones right behind them will always outfight if not whip those who serve only for a draft notice or a mercenary's pay. 

The post-West's military academicians and technocrats of war often present warfare as defined by technology, or that the race goes to the swiftest. But that has never been true, wars have always been fought, won and lost, by men. Having bludgeoned and bled to near-death (with the western allies merely delivering the coup de grace in 1944) the mightiest and most technologically advanced army the world had yet seen, which had conquered western and southern Europe with ease, the Russians know this better than any tribe on earth.

There is much more that can be said, some of it has already been written by my friend Andre Raevsky aka The Saker here, regarding whether the war in Donbass and larger Cold War 2.0 of which it's one battlefront will finally end in 2017. We cannot be sure that the Kiev regime is finished, even if it takes another severe beating on the battlefield with the thaw of spring just around the corner. But we do know the soldiers of the Donbass republics and their Cossack brothers who've crossed the border from the Kuban, are ready to fight.

On the other side, while there are many thousands eager to attack, there are also tens of thousands more wishing and praying just to complete their enlistment and get the hell away from the frontlines. It is not difficult to see, with a little help from Mother Russia in terms of jamming and taking down U.S. provided UAF Raven drones and/or counter-battery fire and the voentorg spigots pouring in arms, the outcome of the looming clash: Kiev and its sponsors like Sen. John McCain who push more Ukrainian men forward to their deaths will be defeated again.

Donbass artillery and mortar fire maps for February 1, 2017 (source: Essence of Time - EoT)

There is a distinct possibility that 2017 will see a fundamental and crucial transformation of the war in the Ukraine. For one thing, whether the final Ukronazi attack every materializes or not, if it does it will be the last “hurray” of a decaying and dying Ukraine. Whether with or without direct Russian assistance, I predict that the Ukronazis will be comprehensively defeated. Once the military component is removed, by one way or another, the central question will become “how pays for the mess”, with both the USA and Russia pointing their fingers are Europe in general and at Germany especially. If the final Urkonazis attack never materializes, then the regime will most probably implode internally at which point all key players will have so step in and agree on plan to rebuilt at least the very basic part of the Ukrainian society. Europe will have no choice but to accept yet another huge wave of refugees.

As for the Russians, it appears that their position is now as follows: the only option the regime in Kiev is to abide by the Minsk-2 Agreement. That, of course, would mean a “soft suicide” for the Urkonazi regime. If not, then a “hard suicide”, including a possible limited Russian intervention or the recognition of the independence of the DNR/LNR by Moscow becomes a distinct possibility. Either way, the Russian/Novorussian patience appears to have reached its limit.

The Saker