The Trend is Your Friend

Mrs. WG tries to correct my English errors with each installment, and leads off with the same question, “What’s this installment about?”  And my response is the same each time, “The same damned thing!”   Once she finishes her edits (note normally there are too many to mention), she says that the ideas flowed pretty well, and made good sense.  I appreciate her comments, but in truth, it is still the same stuff over and over, with a slightly different evidentiary trail.  A new painting that leads down the same road.   So let’s look at the “evidentiary trail” once again.

Courtesy Mulligans for the False Wisdom of Hindsight is About to Hit A Worldwide Expiration Date, So Prepare Yourselves!

Recently I read Clif High’s “ALTA Report” in great detail, and followed that up with an interesting conversation with one of my key Wolfpack associates.   His views were of interest, but my answer to one of his questions was even more telling, and a “spin-off” from the prior paragraph.  He asked what were my overall views, and my answer……?  I don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all, but I spend all my time reviewing this stuff, and have done so extensively for over 5 years now.  It is all running together and seems very easy to understand from a solutions perspective, and that is all that matters anymore.  In short, 75% of Clif’s very detailed work is well beyond my control, and the remaining 25% is leading me to the same answers or solutions over and over.  Put simply, get to work on a well thought out personalized DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio) with a heavy dose of GSBC’s (Gold & Silver Bars & Coins).

Does that mean ole’ WG ignores the information from inside sources and high level thinkers like Clif High?  Of course not, but 100% of the time the same solutions come to the fore.  That being said, I still find myself continually reaffirming my thoughts via key sources like the very well connected London Paul of the ‘’   Like a brief conversation I had with him over the weekend.   

WG, “Western thought, and in particular the thoughts of those that reside in the USA, continue to be “FOX News vs. CNN, or Dumbocrats vs. Repugnicans, or right vs. left……leaving most people completely oblivious to the system failures that are on the doorstep…!”   His reply is, “Exactly right WG!”  After a lot of “agreeds” are exchanged I apologize for preaching to the choir, but as detailed in prior installment, though the choir may be full, the western pews of knowledge are empty as the choir sings the same ole’ song.

This was followed with some greater detail, but the gist of the remainder of the conversation is, “the trend is your friend, if you are following the proper trend setters!”   Those busy cleaning up the trash are not trend setters of the new paradigm (WG’s take).  The best the west can do in the near term is clean up the trash and then get on with the rebuild.  Thankfully it appears Mr. Trump does get that aspect of the US’s problems.   Meanwhile, as I communicated to London Paul (I am most of the time looking for affirmation), “most would be properly advised to follow the leads of those who are taking best advantage of their manufacturing resources, their natural resources, and busy extricating themselves from dishonest monetary frameworks.  RM regulars know where this is headed.

All that said, recent news items are still worthy of providing some key timing indicators, allowing us to see and properly prepare for the future.  Yielding trends that are currently being ignored by those that arrogantly feel they have a “handle-on-things.”  A sort of illness that will lead very quickly to “modern day serfdom & failure.”  It is happening right now, and I have referred to it as a form of “corralling the masses.”  Before getting into the news and the subject matter, and it is my view that even on our own turf (US residents in this description) Mr. Trump can not stop this “corralling” process.   He can only help provide the legal avenues and or tools for us to plan an escape.  An escape via our own efforts.  One that is becoming easier and easier to see and implement if you recognize the prevailing “Trends.”

The more evidence recognized, the more honest trends come to light, and the more minds that will convert from ‘thinking… talking… doing” in their DHAP preparations.   So it is still necessary to keep pounding the drums.  Drums that tell you if your ears are open to the truth, all contractual forms of paper that provide final settlement in dollars needs to be eliminated if at all possible.  More later detailing how this ties to the new timing signals from the “honest money trend setters.”   With one trend source surprising to yours truly (we go back once again to the ESF)…….

The Future Belongs to God & Your Future Happiness Belongs to You. Ignore the News Rhetoric & Prepare Yourselves!


                                                      Trends in the News

This installment could be a record low for the number of items in the Wolf’s news reviews.   Why?   Once again and drawing upon an earlier installment, the events are coming at us rapid fire, but they are saying the same damned thing.    The signs are the same.  They are just getting bigger and more in your face.  In fact many of you may have noticed, that key alternative media news outlets are running out of experts to interview. 

A smaller pool of the same guys keep showing up week after week, as some of the former messengers have disappeared, possibly due to, “R.A.M.L.” repetitive-alternative-media-laryngitis.  Their predictive skills having withered, they have gone into hiding.   Not realizing that the real important alternative media value is in the evidentiary trail of western fiat paper failure, not it’s penultimate timing.

First up, a Wolf news regular these days, Mr. Dave Kranzler (with some mention of Wolf Street) provides details in the following link which states that the facts shouldn’t be mentioned as they will confuse the TRENDS of FIAT PAPER……

Gee Wiz, Mr. Kranzler.  Don’t confuse us paper sheeple with the facts, we are following fiat paper trends.  If our paper trend trails are wrong, then where are the honest trends, sir?  Nowhere to be found in any of the western msm media outlets that’s for damned sure folks.  And why might that be?  Follow the money folks, each of them have their very survival tied to paper stock prices and paper contracts.   Conservative or liberal it matters not, they are tied to paper pricing structures.   FOX or CNN, it still matters not, and I would safely bet my favorite silver eagle that none of them have the majority of their portfolios (maybe none) tied to real money, GSBC’s….. So, is it any surprise that the rising gold trend setters like China are reported to be the biggest debt failures on the planet by nearly all msm US media and alternative media outlets?  Duh huh!

In the comical section, is anyone surprised, post the “brilliant Zero era,” that a headline like this would hit the wires……

Regarding the above headlines from ZeroHedge, let’s get real…..”Who could have seen this one coming?  Someone with an IQ above room temperature maybe…!”  The trend here is “western negative noise aimed at the Trump team will continue at full throttle to take the eyes off the eastern rise to honest money power.”   More in the final thoughts, describing what I see as a final “eastern/western timing trend” in the evidentiary trail to near term western fiat paper failure, and the rise of honest money.

In the next link we have a version of the value of the indicators in stealth paper market trends……As in there ain’t any value.

What can you glean from the data and charts highlighted in the above link?  Nothing folks, absolutely nothing.  Except that there is no market and therefore there are no discernible trends.  A WG long time investment theory, when there isn’t any trend to be found, it is time to abandon your investment theories and many of your holdings.  Time to visit the sidelines.  From PE ratios to volatility indices, nothing from prior market history mimics the current paper investment movements.  A simple solution is taking form, find a place for your hard earned monies with a trend that follows some form of logic.  Paper oriented sources aren’t logically anymore.

Speaking of logic, is there a trend to be seen in the following link?

By this point RM regulars aren’t confounded by the 50% failure rate mentioned in the above link, note this excerpt:

New calculations show that more than half of all borrowers from 1,000 different institutions have defaulted on or not paid back a single dollar of their loans over the last seven years. TAM

Is there a trend here?  Yeah, “western system failure.”   Failure from a variety of angles.  But most importantly, a failure of paper bubble blowing is now showing up in it’s very final stages, in particular with respect to the student loan paper business model.   And make no mistake, it was designed as a bankster business to earn some easy “vig,” cloaked in “doing good for American youth.”  Everyone deserves a house, everyone deserves a car or two or three, everyone deserves a college education….NOT!  No one, not you nor I deserve “wants,” the trend of failure and it’s end-game timing is clearly becoming evident.  Time to look for trends with a positive mojo.   We’re getting there.

                                                           Final Thoughts

Folks the saying “The Trend is Your Friend,” has been a mainstay in the Wall Street investment world for many years.  It still is, and it also applies to the “real money” world (real money being GSBC’s not legal tender) provided you know where to look for the clues to the critical trends that are evolving.   Trust me, the msm isn’t your go-to source for honest trend friendly information.  

Several decades ago the trend was ever upward in the paper equity markets, and it had some honest support by an honest measure of high corporate productivity.  High productivity is, a true antidote to inflation, an antidote to potential declines in corporate balance sheets and or their capital formation.  As productivity began to decline, the paper manipulators had to create another form of money making scheme, enter the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999.  Presto-chango, the magic of paper protection is saved from declining productivity levels courtesy of the new “Triple Headed Hydra.”  Thanks to the merger of ‘insurance/banking/brokerage,” the “super-bubble” era emerged.   WG

The “super bubble” era eventually would create a trend of real paper economic decline, and where there is a decline, a positive trend in an honest counterpart will likely emerge.  Check out the following link from ZeroHedge regarding productivity……

The above link interests me with respect to one item, and it is not the actual fact, that productivity is down.  It is the fact that it flies in the face of an equity market on the up trend for the last 8 years.   Corporate productivity tends to combat inflation, so for the market to rise inflation must be muted or productivity must be in an up-trend.  As we all know via key sources like John Williams of “Shadow Stats,” consumer inflation with respect to most “needs” based products is still rising in the face of weak productivity.   Yielding what?  If you take into account the above link, it is my view that it’s yielding a dishonest trend, a phony trend, a trend that should not be followed with “good money after bad.”   At least that is what I see when I look to the west.  

So what do the news trends have to offer, as the news outlets are the only sources to glean any trend setting information?   The following seems clear……..

From an alternative media perspective desperation grows due to any form of recognizable victory for western precious metals prices.  The alternative media shit stained headlines are now being thrown at the wall to see just what may stick.  BTW, a prediction which came true from “yours truly, but slightly “timing impaired” since I was a year ahead of schedule.  For example, these sorts of headlines now abound: “China is in debt desperation as Trump hammers their export potential,” or something of that sort.  A year or so ago, some of these same dudes & dudettes need to remember their former headlines, “ignore the msm noise as China has very little or any external debt.”  A key real economic characteristic that has now been forgotten as their readership is drying up in a “Trump euphoria.”  Additionally, it is aided by a heavy does of the western belief of “we are number one and as such no one else in the world matters.”

Interestingly, this sort of media trend is counterintuitive, and likely means an “Honest form of monetary transaction” is about to reach your doorstep.”   Speaking of counterintuitive, check this out…….

Gee WG, just look at the Trump euphoria depicted in the above link, might it have it’s own upward business momentum?  Yeah for those with no business acumen hell bent to increase their debt loads.  But counterintuitive trends aren’t always convincing, so let’s move to the trend-worthy.

The Wolf considers V and other sources like London Paul to be great sounding boards, sounding boards to verify that my thoughts aren’t straying from the current ascending trends.  Their deep knowledge, gained from experience as well as key inside sources, provide finer details that will very likely have the benefit of being great trend indicators (again check out the ‘’).  Follow that up with a dose of common redneck business logic, and a clear undisputed view of the future trends and realities comes into view.

WG Timing Aside:  The cause & effect with respect to the timing of events in the business/economics of the micro vs. the macro world is tight with little if any separation.   It is a WG thesis that when the lag times for similar events between the micro vs. macro worlds are very small, and getting smaller (they are based on the above conversations) the time grows shorter for once’s ability to make peaceful preparations.

From London Paul to Rogue Money, to a variety of other reliable sources, Japan is making nice with China.  The rumor of this key tid-bit has been reported on many times in past installments.   If there isn’t any clearer message to western residents (particularly in the US) that a sea of change in the end game of the financial system’s transaction platforms is well underway, then I don’t know what is.   The exit doors for informed major players, now including a key US lapdog, are opening towards CIPS (China/Cross Border-Interbank-Payment-System) system transactions as opposed to SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). 

This is huge.  The major lap dog is looking elsewhere for a more honest form of business transaction.  Or are they simply getting away from the system to soon be mothballed, thus concurrently needing to join a newer more progressive business structure for international monetary transaction?  

The trend seems clear.   But I still think it is time to revisit the Wolf’s favorite 5th grader for logic in the trend world.   WG, “Would you think it is a big deal when the bully of the classroom loses their grip on one of their top lieutenants to a new hot shot in the classroom?”   5th grader, “Yep!”   WG, “More importantly would you consider it a sign of a major new trend in the top gods in the classroom?”  5th grader, “Yep!” All joking aside, there you have it folks, it’s official.

Why is this move by Japan so important to US citizens?  It is a major trend change to one of the last big players to show signs of a shift in economic activity away from the bully in charge.  It is a giant red flag, and thanks to insights from a 5th grader, it is possibly one of the final red flags that the US dollar has lost it’s mojo on the world stage.  

Truthfully, for the informed among us another red flag was hardly necessary, but this one is in-your-face.  A declining direction that will continue for the King Dollar, permanently!  Just more proof of “Big-boys” joining in on a new trend that provides proof of the “King Dollar’s” consistent decline in usages, which fits nicely with reports of US paper flooding home.  The frickin’ evidence trail is HUGE!   And soon to be a final, soon to be easy to see, and soon to be a sign that a standard of living decline is undeniable anymore.

We know this, Wolf, get to it already.  This is a giant neon ‘trend/timing’ sign folks.   A sign that one of the “Big-boys” doesn’t want to be caught holding an outgoing form of toilet paper, the US dollar.  They desired a reliable/safe system for off-loading their US paper trash and for conducting future international transactions.  And SWIFT hardly fits the bill, dollar bill that is.  It is obvious that holding fewer dollars in their reserves is in the background to this strategic move.  Might it be wise to mimic this sort of TREND SETTING action?  As far as I am concerned, who cares if it appears wise?  It appears to be an unquestioned certainty as regards an ongoing trend among the “Big-boys.”   Trend direction at this point is easy to see, and timing is SOON to be recognized to even the most unaware among us.

Other major players are rapidly dumping the former “King” along with any and all forms of paper that could be settled in dollars.  For safety this would clearly require a different vehicle of monetary transaction settlement.  Want a good trend comparison for us western home gamers in financial system extraction techniques?  Hello to all holders of retirement plans in the US, just to name one of the types of US counterpart risk contracts settled predominately in dollars.  In fact, think of just how many contracts you hold that settle in US dollars?  It is a bit scary, to be honest.

Past installments have mentioned the wisdom of “not following the crowd,” but that applies more specifically to the western crowds.  In this case, if you are following the more informed “Trends” of the eastern crowds, that rule is somewhat ‘null & void’. WG

Lets forget CIPS vs. SWIFT, it’s truly just more in a large pile of accumulating evidence items.  What is the more impressive for one Wolf Gray is the overarching theme that would apply to a plan of action for us peons on western soil?  The need for dumping of our personal fiat paper, in particular US dollars, for exchange into a form of hard asset is now of primary importance.  And at the risk of being redundant, just what are the real trend setting world big shots loading up on?   GSBC’s, gold & silver bars & coins!   

The trend in dumping is primarily fiat, and on a large scale it is typically dollars with just as much importance applied to anything to be “settled” in dollars.  These “future dollar-settlement” accounts should be converted to more usable hard assets, A.S.A.P.  Don’t take that lightly, as these accounts many times carry greater balances than your on-demand pre-tax accounts.   Again, the trend setters among the “Big-boys” are doing just that, getting away from dollar settlement in any and all forms.  

When I say don’t take it lightly, many a world leader has strayed from the iron grip of the dollar in settlement, only to receive a “Colombian Neck Tie.”  For one of the US’s lap dogs to take this sort of leap of faith tells me that they suspect it is an absolute necessity, it is a near term need necessity regardless of the ties to be worn.   As we all know the world is turning to a “needs based solutions” concept, western wants in the laughable rear view mirror.

The game is changing, and the “new-trend” is your friend.  The monetary and financial trends as represented by the more heads-up players from the east, that is.   The ascending trend is obvious, the ascending trend has been given-up on by the alternative media, and the ascending trend has never even been reported by the msm.   Make no mistake about it, once again the trend is your friend, you just have to look in the right directions.   

And for some “heavy duty” corroborative evidence we head back to the ESF video series alluded to in the last installment….. As you review this, if you are like me, you might ask, is it a coincidence as to the players in this financial stage play or is it something of significance?   You can make up your own mind, just remember, it doesn’t change anything with respect to the solutions that are available, it only makes indications as to potential changes in timing.

Just like in the last installment, keep in the back of your mind the common sense theory of how has the US not suffered greater standard of living declines as dollars have continually rushed ashore?  Another source of dollar absorption had to exist.  Meanwhile, a huge trend was being established, but this trend is about to do an 'about-face' on the status quo.  Out of the box thinkers only please, here is a quick review of the ESF part 2 of 5 (hell might eventually do the entire 5 part series) with a trend that illustrates an ironic "boomerang effect!"

@ :18...Here we have a key point for outside the box thinking for a full circle "trend about face."  Note the reference to the ESF funding China to fend off the Japanese.   More after the final of these video points, as everything appears to come full circle to today's amazing trends…..Trends that seem to provide some timing clues.

@ :44...The Secretary of the Treasury (ESF commander in chief) has no obligation to comply with any US officials. 

@ 1:00...The ESF has nearly unlimited control of US credit operations.  He didn't exactly say that, my common sense did.  Note the following history, and the ESF's ability to do things off the books as well.  International finance is the cover for the ESF.  They are about to be the ultimate financial "vampire squid".....

@ 2:18...Note that Harry Dexter White, the director of the ESF had total access and control of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) the US's first intelligence agency.  The OSS's black propaganda was financed by, you guessed it, the ESF.

@ 2:45...This next one deserves a "Holy Shit," drain this damn swamp Mr. T.   The ESF designed Bretton Woods, the IMF, and the World Bank.  Now that is a "Financial Vampire Squid."   The very beginnings of an "international monetary stabilization fund," but wisely not so publicly labeled.   Not so hard to envision or to even sell with a world in tatters from the war.  The next part is great and a picture is worth a 1,000 words………

@ 3:30...Note the dudes in the picture, and the event identified.   WOW!   Hello IMF & World Bank!   Hello King Dollar hegemony, hello Keynesian banking!   It’s now full speed ahead, and no one could stop it.   The ESF uses not just the Federal Reserve as a mouth-piece-neutered-agency, it also uses the IMF and the World Banking structure as well. 

@ 4:45...The ESF's money is used to fund the IMF, and thus they have control over it.  But don't feel left out, US sheeple tax payer money is used as well.  Heck, in truth, it was the stealth original 1934 funding source for the ESF via transfused inflation via gold repricing from 20 to 35 dollars.   So who is surprised by the IMF funding, no one at RM, that's for sure.  

@ 4:58...And who better to be the first 'executive director' of the IMF?  The ESF's Harry Dexter White, that's who!  Now you have the introduction of an international form of the ESF, yet still under the control of the ESF.   My eyes are crossing once again.

@ 5:33...The ESF finances covert ops, and the IMF or World Bank pays them back.  Now that is amazing, but not surprising.  A 360 cash flow chart for sure.

@ 6:05...Spooky point....this guy, who Rob Kirby says is deceased, is requesting donations.

@ 6:27...The ESF funding is untraceable.  Why?  Literally it is the law, that they can't have any oversight.

@ 7:18...Don't feel left out, your tax dollars were at work as well.  Note the references to the Marshall Plan in the chart.   In truth, I fully suspect US sheeple tax funds were utilized in all aspects as well.  Note the illicit operations as well, like drug trafficking.  In addition, a notation is made of the War Powers Act allowing the confiscation of Nazi hard assets in particular gold.  No surprises there, that's for sure, except that it is the dark money kings in control, the ESF.

@ 8:20...The ESF is under no government oversight, in fact, it is above it.  Even the CIA gets investigated by congress, but that is not the case for the ESF.  It is apparently above the law.  Reviewing the Fed's books is meaningless, except for one thing.  A review would likely reveal untold holes in their books.  Inexplicable holes, that may bring about a swamp draining review of the ESF.   From last week’s installment, drain the swamp fully Mr. T!

@ 8:48...America's darkest secrets are buried where Congress never looks and never asks questions, the ESF.  Thus the continued pounding of table for an auditing of the only source Congress can audit, the “FED."  Time to come full circle.......

Full Circle:  Coincidence?  The trend from 1934 to 2008 was an upside for the US dollar.  At the 18 second mark in the above video, a reference was made to funding China's ability to fend off the Japanese.  Ironically, this was during the initial stages of a positive trend for the dollar.  Take note of the big world stage players involved some 70+ years ago in this example, "China & Japan."  Somewhat ironic isn't it, that now 70+ years later Japan, the mightiest of US lap-dogs, is "flipping-off" the dollar's system exchange foundations in a shift from the SWIFT form of a transition settlement to the Chinese created CIPS system.  Same actors at the beginning (1934) and same actors at the end of the show highlighting these changes in financial trends.  Coincidence? 

Folks, the major trends shifted in 2008.  And just like the original trend timing indicators of US dollar growth via many covert operations like the ESF with funding to China in the face of Japan, we now have what one wolf Gray feels is an end game trend indicator, as things come a full 360 degrees.  Full circle, ironically with the same world players, full circle with Japan in the mix once again,   Full circle, but in this case it is China and the Yuan (RMB) that are trending positively.  The new “Hot Ticket,” the new winning team.  Make no mistake, this shift by Japan to join with China ain't just an indication that “they want to diversify their sources for transactions.”  It is an in-your-face, we need to get on board with the new positive trending game in town, ditching the outgoing neutered King Dollar.  Done in the face of fear, done due to the very necessity of financial survival.

Refer back to the 5th grader for your timing keys.  The classroom bully is losing it's control over it's highest ranking lieutenant.  If that ain't an end game sign, especially for the original bully that rode the 1934-2008 trend, then I truly don't know what is.  In fact, try taking on the task of naming one more prescient.  The trend is useful, provided you can see it.  It’s course changed in 2008, and it is my view the final destinations for many of us are just around the corner.  The biggest of lap dogs just said so.  After which point most preparations will be somewhat meaningless or completely unobtainable. WG

With all the above analysis in mind, the trend is still your friend, if you can take off the western paper blinders and recognize it….!  One thing is for sure, the trend for the future winners is out of paper, and in particular, out of any paper contracts that settle in dollars.   Doing the latter may be easier said than done, but no effort will guarantee higher levels of failure and personal pain.  In this instance, with a strong probability of no do-overs available to any of those sleeping on a pile of their past quarterly statement success stories.

                                Another working day has ended
                                Only the rush hour hell to face
                                Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes
                                Contestants in a suicidal race ….. The Police
                       Trends are aplenty, but don’t feel “All’s boring & well”  WG


                                                          Hard Asset Tip

The Wolf Gray detects, via his acute sense of economic on-the-ground sense of smell, some additional signs that time is growing short for easy access to DHAP preparations………. Preparations that in the interest of time and product availability must be heeded.  Heeded for what one day may be written as “the greatest buy of the century!”  Timing evidence ahead……

An astute RM reader named Gene commented on one of Ken’s articles, “Will Trump collapse the system to fix it (paraphrasing)?”  Or more directly, “ are you for Trump collapsing the system?”  Ken did provide some good answers, and I would like to add…….

It is quite clear that the western financial system will collapse on itself.  No other options exist and that is with or without Trump.  It has been my view for almost 2 and a half years that no one in power in the west can stop the collapse, thus to a degree Trump has no control of it’s very “collapse.”   No control, except with respect to one collapse parameter, it’s penultimate timing.  WG

I could be wrong, but I figure Mr. Trump recognizes an old saying, “the sooner the better.”   Plus, it’s seems to be his nature to attack problems straight away.  Gene also wrote in his question, won’t a quick collapse be at the cost of many lives (paraphrasing)?  I would surmise that it is anybody’s “best-guess,” but the good news is, from all appearances thus far, we have a man in high-office intent on rebuilding things.  That in and of itself bodes well, but only for those that “survive and then thrive.”  Advanced preparations are clearly a requirement.   

I want to make another timing prediction, that comes from some of Clif High’s predictions with a “tip of the hat” to Dr. Jim Willie.  In a recent interview, Dr. Willie was asked if he knew of Clif High’s work.  The answer was yes, and he made an interesting observation, that much of Clif’s work is accurate except to the point of timing.  For example there are unforeseen interruptions that his “predictive linguistics” can’t take into account accurately, like the unanticipated powerful bankster interventions that many times change the natural course of things (paraphrasing).”

WG observation:  Regarding the above paragraph, the banksters are darn near ineffective now, apparently too busy conducting CYA, and Clif’s recent reports via the immediacy data show things tightening up from a timing perspective.  And so does my own red-neck common business senses.   

And if it is being a team player that “trips-your-trigger,” then I want to mention an answer to RM commenter Jerry5 in my last installment:

Trump is doing, based on my score card an A+ job thus far, possibly even worthy of a WG 100 academic score. But it doesn't change the bigger world economic picture, all those things are now out of his control. I suspect we all need to lend him a hand and do for ourselves it will make it all better for each American as we fight to the other side.

So just what does that have to do with overall success, and how might that help to motivate the team oriented folks?   Trump will have his plate full, and the more Americans who can do for themselves the way “Real-Americans” used to do things, the less time he will be spending on unproductive activities.  I know what you are thinking, but WG, it appears Trump will not waste time on those folks who take unfair advantage of the system.  

I agree, except for one thing, the system, as we now know it, will not exist.  And even those who are hard workers, those that don’t take from the system, will very likely get beaten unmercifully by this paper take down.  It is very possible he will have very little choice but to lend a hand in unanticipated ways, unless you are one of those “Real-Americans” who took personal action for your own financial protection. WG

Stay on your toes folks, the trend has changed and the point of recognition for all seems near.  And if you are really working on clearing (and you should be) those contracts that settle in paper dollars, and are in dire need of a near guaranteed winner in the up-&-coming-trends, check out the next link highlighting hot deals in a hard asset……

The signs for “high-demand-trends” point to growth in energy, point to growth in medicine, point to growth in electronics, and point to a need for real monetary transactions, and all roads leading to Ag.  It might be “WG installment repetitive,” but “back up the truck and load up on Ag.” WG

Talk is cheap, so just be sure to act.  Don’t freeze up due to fear of the unknown, the unknown that is always tied to a new unfamiliar system.  After all, paranoia is a big destroyer…..

                            Dr. Dr. help her please I know you'll understand
                            There's a time device inside of me I'm a self-destructin' man
                            There's a red, under my bed
                            And there's a little green man in my head
                            And said you're not goin' crazy, you're just a bit sad
                            'Cause there's a man in ya, knawin' ya, tearin' ya, in to to
                            Silly boy ya' self-destroyer. paranoia, they destroy ya'
                            Self-destroyer, wreck your health
                            Destroy friends, destroy yourself
                            The time device of, self-destruction
                            Lies, confusion, start eruption … The Kinks
                        Paranoia has nothing to sell to the “Well Prepared” …. WG

           There’s Something Bigger than Us out there, Yet It’s Largess still Hides within Each of Us.


               God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                 Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, The RM commenters in this case Gene & Jerry5, The Wolfpack, London Paul & '', Clif High, Dr. Jim Willie, Dave Kranzler & Wolf Street, Steve St. Angelo, ZeroHedge, ‘’ & Eric DeCarbonnel, ‘’, The Police & The Kinks