London Paul on RM Radio, 02/06/17: Geoeconomics On the Trump Train

Announcing @TheSiriusReport RM are collaborating on a weekly show Mondays 10 AM EST/3 PM GMT

— ROGUE MONEY (@theroguemoney) February 5, 2017

Black Pots and Kettles by @BanksterSlayer. Only pedophiles need apply in UK Parl.

— ROGUE MONEY (@theroguemoney) February 6, 2017

Kiev's acceleration in shelling Donbass is because they are under the deluded view that the Trump administration intends supporting them.

— The Sirius Report (@thesiriusreport) February 5, 2017

Keep #Troll ing #Trump, @KalenskyJ@EuvsDisinfo, Amb. @TedMalloch is Coming to #Brussels#EUSSR

— ROGUE MONEY (@theroguemoney) February 7, 2017