Sorry liberals, but most Arab Americans and Muslim majority states don't care about Trump's new immigration ban

Perhaps the biggest irony regarding last weekend's Executive Order signed by President Trump in which he ordered a temporary ban on incoming visitors and refugees from certain Middle Eastern states, was that the majority of protesting and outrage came from people who actually have no skin in the game when it comes to the vetting of foreign individuals.

In fact, the compulsion that was seen in the streets on Saturday and Sunday by liberals to use this Executive Order as a means to increase division between Americans was simply hypocrisy in the highest order since all President Trump did was actually implement a plan created by President Barack Obama when he himself had at one time designated these seven Islamic war torn countries for greater examination.

But for ideological buffoons such as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat New York Senator Chuck Schumer, hypocrisy was never something that they let get in the way in their quest to create mountains out of mole hills once they no longer had any real power, and after the American people had sent them packing to the back of the bus.

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By now we understand that the mental illness known as contemporary American liberalism cannot be categorized by logic or reason, but instead it is something that is emotionally based... like the reactions from a child who isn't allowed his toys.  And as such their opinions are meaningless in any debate, especially when they flip-flop at will dependent upon if their party's leader is or is not in charge at the time.

No, the reality is that the only ones who have a voice on this issue are the countries and sovereign nations listed in the Executive Order, and whether or not they will respond in kind to the decision made by the President of the United States.

Iran has already made it clear that they intend to attack the dollar in reaction to being listed on the immigration ban, but this is only a minor backlash since they had already started down this path following their release from U.S. sanctions last year.  But one other Muslim country, and one that was not part of this list, is alright with the U.S. implementing a ban on determined war torn and terrorist associated countries.

US President Donald Trump’s order on immigration is the country’s sovereign right and is not aimed at representatives of any religion, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan said Wednesday.

”Without doubt, countries have the sovereign right to make decisions to ensure their sovereignty. The US president used this sovereign rugt. There are attempts to claim that this decision is aimed against a religion, but it is not aimed against a specific religion, this is a temporary decision, it is important to take these points of view into account,” Nahyan said.

— Sputnik News

The bottom line is that temporary bans on immigration are frequent, and done by nearly every nation in the world at one time or another.  And this was especially not an issue of consequence five years ago when President Barack Obama did this in secret against the nation of Iraq.  But more than anything, the fake protests over the weekend point to even greater problems emerging, and those are the futility of the Democratic Party to be of any real consequence, and the levels in which liberals will go to make mountains out of mole hills as a way to bring about attention to themselves as MAGA passes them by.