American Maidan: The Sun Sets On George Soros

American Maidan: The Sun Sets on George Soros

Over the past few years, the real-life James Bond villain personified, George Soros and his Open Society terrorist—I mean Non-Governmental Organization—has been at open war with populist groups and anti-globalist governments around the world. Recent events, however, including the Brexit, the peace talks in Syria, and especially the election of Donald Trump, have caused Señor Silverback to ask himself a question: is the Soros organization on its last legs?

Ukraine and The Grand Chessboard

It is no secret that George Soros and old Ziggy “The Technocrat” Brzeziński are bosom buddies. Soros is himself a technocrat who believes that only an enlightened few are fit to lead the world toward the next stage of mankind’s development. This pipedream is frequently thrown about in globalist confabs where ample amounts of bubble forecasting and circle-jerking keeps the elites far removed from the realities of the world they think they control.

Soros and Z-Big worked closely together on the Ukraine coup, where the cookie monster, Victoria “F@ck The E.U.” Nuland, divulged over a tapped phone line that the U.S. State Department plotted to take down the legitimate government of Ukraine in the now infamous Maidan coup. [Among other things in the call likely recorded by the FSB in cooperation with then elements of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) loyal to the legitimate president Viktor Yanukovych, Nuland declared that 'Yats is the guy'. Weeks later Arseniy Yatsenyuk (whose Church of Scientology connected sister lives in Malibu, California) would be made Prime Minister of the post-coup government after Yanukovych was forced to flee for his life. Nuland's apologists in the media and foreign policy wonk community dismissed her statements supporting Yats and him subsequently becoming Prime Minister as the mere expression of a preference, rather than plotting to install a puppet government - JWS].

Ukraine plays a vital role in the globalist plan of containing Russia while providing a pivot point from which to exert control over Eurasia and even North Africa. To this very day Soros is heavily invested in Ukraine, which has turned into a giant failed state complete with warring oligarchs, narco traffickers, and human smuggling. It is a damned globalist paradise!

Soros vs. Russia

With the return of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia Soros thought it would be an opportune time to crush Russian nationalists and install a puppet regime that groveled to him and his fellow Atlanticists. Boris Yeltsin was this puppet and he failed miserably [though Yeltsin did understand, in poor health and approaching the end of his life, appointing Vladimir Putin prime minister after the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia led to his then Foreign Minister Yevgeny 'Maxim' Primakov famously turning his plane around halfway over the Atlantic - JWS]. As usual, the globalists underestimated Putin and the resolve of the nationalists that he led. 

Frustrated, Soros went on the attack, opening a full-blown offensive with his Open Society Foundation, a globalist intelligence front group that has been instrumental in taking down regimes using graft, subversion, exploitation, and intimidation. The OSF also funds various other NGOs, some of which are filled with intelligence operatives and professional agent provocateurs.

Typically, these groups descend like vultures on a target nation seeking to rally malcontents and ne’er-do-wells, as well as political far left groups, to do the bidding of their globalist masters. Most nations give in to fear and either capitulate or collapse, but Russia is not most nations. Putin moved quickly to crush the rioters by kicking out the NGOs and the Soros OSF organization. He froze their funds, called the FSB to target the heads of those organizations for arrest, and directed the finance ministry to shut down their bank accounts. On top of all this, Putin’s government launched an English-based news network called RT to provide an alternative viewpoint to that peddled by western/globalist dominated news outlets. Lastly, Putin put a cherry on the sundae by issuing an arrest warrant for George Soros himself.

Soros is a smart guy, but he isn’t in the same league as Putin, who is a master spy. When they went head-to-head Putin crushed Soros, inflicting billions of dollars in losses on him and driving his organization out of the country.

Soros and The American Left

After his crushing defeat in Russia, Soros thought he could regroup in the U.S. and lick his wounds. After all, he still had his puppet, Hillary Clinton, groomed and ready to take the White House. With her in office Russia could be made to pay for its insubordination. What he didn’t count on, however, was Donald J. Trump. When the globalists awoke on November 9th they found their dreams of a “New World Order” crushed under the landslide that was the election of Trump by ordinary, red-blooded Americans.

What now, wondered Soros. Why, foment a revolution in the United States, of course! A little more than one year ago Señor Silverback warned you, dear readers, that color revolutions like the Maidan were coming to America, led by seditious groups like and Black Lives Matter. John Perkins, the infamous former banker and author of the New York Times bestseller, Confessions of An Economic Hitman, came on the Rogue Money Radio Show in July 2016 and echoed the warning issued by yours truly. The globalists would unleash the same tactics in America that they had used against other democracies the world over.

When Trump won the election and solidified his nomination in December Vladimir Putin let it be known that the Deep State would do everything in its power to delegitimize the new President-Elect. He cautioned the world that a Maidan-style coup would be orchestrated by painting Trump and his administration as fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, and racist. Beta males would be sent frothing at the mouth into the street with minority leftist organizations and third-wave estrogen fueled feminists joining them in a bought-and-paid-for fake tizzy. This prediction – uttered by the Guerrilla, by Perkins, and by Vladimir Putin – has now come to pass. Soros has hurled this obstacle right into the lap of the Trump administration.

Soros has allies on the inside too. Establishment Republican and Democrats are working behind the scenes to undermine President Trump, putting the nation and its people at risk. They are doing all of this because the can sense power slipping from their grasp. They are selfish and corrupt in the extreme.

Some may view this opposition as a challenge that Trump could not have seen coming. Others might argue that the globalists are winning and that Trump will never be allowed to push through his agenda. The Guerrilla does not share these beliefs. He proposes instead another view …

The Centipede Lays The Trap

Have you noticed how everyone always underestimates Donald Trump? The man did not rise to the pinnacle of success because he is stupid. He rose because he is extremely astute. The clearest sign of Trump’s brilliance is that he understands he is engaged in an all out war with the Deep State. Why else would he have filled his inner cadre with men who are familiar with the ins-and-outs of command and control? Flynn, Mattis, and Kelly are immensely adept at outmaneuvering their enemy. They are the vanguard of Trump’s swamp drainers!

The most revealing indicator of the Deep State’s animus against the Trump administration are the efforts to discredit National Security Advisor, General Michael T. Flynn, who is a registered Democrat, by the way. For the CIA to attack the National Security Advisor, the very person they should be answering to, is unprecedented. Allegations of phone calls to Putin, communiques with the Russians, and outrageous tweets are all a desperate grasp for straws as the Cocaine Import Agency is faced with its eventual dismantling and re-formation. No longer will it serve as the covert black arm of the globalist Deep State. Rather, it will once again serve as the night watchman of the United States.

The CIA and the political fifth column think they smell blood in the water, but they are gravely mistaken!

Trump expected this type of a response from the very beginning. The timing and the selection of the seven Islamic countries to ban or limit migration from was in fact strategically chosen for the express purpose of bringing the fifth columnists and their Deep State controllers into the light. The seven nations mentioned in the press are terror hotbeds and semi-failed states with either weak or non-governments. They are not the same as Islamic countries like Indonesia where a simple phone can be made to begin the extreme vetting of travelers. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen are cesspools of radicalization, tribal rivalries, and non-existent rule of law. Iran is a different case. It was put on the list for merely political purposes that are not clear at this time. One thing that is certain is that Iran is NOT the biggest funder of international terrorism. That honor would go to the US/UK Deep State, followed closely by the House of Saud.

These are the same seven nations that Obama put on his list, so the move against Trump is blatantly obvious. It lit up the Deep State’s inner workings, including its flow of funds and its main actors. Attacking Trump was foolish once he had entered the White House because he is THE POTUS and has the most powerful intelligence and military apparatus in the world at his disposal.

Furthermore, General Flynn tapped into all the Intelligence agencies in the United States. He has full access to the data mining, the wiretapping, the email reading, the bank account tracking, the cell phone recording, and the information gathering apparatus of the NSA. He can now expose the activities, whereabouts, and hidden money of Deep State actors like George Soros. In any proxy war information is the ultimate leverage. It decides who remains standing on the battlefield when the dust settles. For the globalists to attack, to double down, and not go obscurely into the night shows the stupidity, hubris, and desperation of the Deep State and its corrupt allies. They will pay dearly for their arrogance.

The Road to Rothschild

The war against the Deep State will not end with middle managers like George Soros either. No, my friends, this battle goes all the way to Lord Rothschild himself. The Rockefellers have been dealt with already. David Rockefeller is ancient and possibly dead for months now, leaving only the Rothschilds and the British Royals. Both of them have been the targets of verbal potshots from Trump and Putin. Call it painting the target.

So, you see, dear readers, The Guerrilla is not fearful. He is hopeful that the patriots and populists of the world will not only succeed in wiping the cobwebs out of the dark cellar, they will kill the very spiders that wove them!


The Guerrilla, AKA Señor Silverback