Will the Trump White House Take on the Viciously Anti-Trump Neolibcon Propagandists Entrenched at VOA, RFE/RL?

It's Not Just BBG Watch that's Noticed the Problem:
The Russia Analyst's Source Confirms the Trump Transition Team Was Looking at the Ridiculous and at Times Vicious Anti-Trump Bias at RFE/RL and VOA in November

Congress recently changed the management structure of the government-run propaganda arm, igniting Democratic fears that Republican President-elect Donald Trump will use the federal news arm as a version of “Trump TV,” according to a Monday report from Politico.

The Voice Of America is part of a media empire controlled by the bipartisan Broadcasting Board of Governors, and includes Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, and the Middle East Broadcast Networks.

The VOA was created during World War II by the “office of the coordinator of information,” and created pro-American news throughout the globe. The Cold War created the VOA that exists today, as the operation grew to combat the “more dangerous propaganda of the Soviets.”

The recent passage of the National Defense Authorization act disbanded the board of governors, instead paving the way for a single CEO the president appoints. That key change, coupled with the fact that government-owned media is allowed to broadcast inside the borders of the United States as of 2013, has Democrats afraid of what Trump will do to the organization designed to promote a pro-American government viewpoint in the world.

The board of governors oversees a massive operation that serves an audience of 278 million individuals across 100 countries. The Board of Governors has always consisted of 4 Republicans, 4 Democrats, and the secretary of state.

“There’s some fear among the folks here, that the firewall will get diminished and attacked and this could fall victim to propaganda,” an unnamed Republican official told Politico. “They will hire the person they want, the current CEO does not stand a chance. This will pop up on Steve Bannon’s radar quickly. They are going to put a friendly person in that job.”

— http://dailycaller.com/2016/12/12/dems-fear-trump-will-turn-govt-propaganda-arm-into-propaganda/#ixzz4SzgU0du8

Trump's Neighbors and Allies Inviting Marine Le Pen, the 'Kremlin Stooge' RFE/RL's Been Denouncing for Months to Trump Tower? Yeah, Awkward, and That's Just the Beginning -- FN, AfD, Geert Wilders' Friends and Viktor Orban's Fidesz Are All Coming to Washington Next

Alarmist headlines at Politico and other Democrat Party-leaning outlets asked in December whether President elect Donald J. Trump will put his chief counselor Steve Bannon or one of Bannon's former proteges at the conservative nationalist Breitbart News in charge of America's state funded media. So far, the answer to those questions has been 'no'. But the ever mischievous Bannon's fingerprints were seen on the recent gathering in support of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen at Trump Tower, even if no Trump-LePen meeting officially took place (unofficially, it would be hard to keep such a meeting of deplorable enemies of the Establishment a secret).  

Nonetheless, as soon as Trump was elected, the Russia Analyst foresaw a collision between a Trump White House's political appointees tasked with reforming the thoroughly incompetent bureaucracy of the former Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and many employees who hysterically loathe both President Trump and Bannon's nationalist partners in Europe, describing the latter like Le Pen as Putin's puppets. A RogueMoney source in Washington D.C. close to members of the Trump transition team told us in mid-November, well before the Politico story ran (and the BBG Watch blog has confirmed) that team Trump is looking at the anti-Trump bias of RFE/RL and especially VOA leading into the election. For their part, BBG Watch, a non-profit advocacy group that includes former RFE/RL and VOA employees upset about the decline in journalistic standards and impartiality at these institutions, had this to say:

To all appearances, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and the Voice of America (VOA) have given in to the temptation to take up the agenda of only one part of the American political spectrum and allow that single perspective, in violation of the VOA Charter, to seep into and dominate its program content along with the demeanor and temperament of some of its VOA newsroom employees. (There are VOA English newsroom and VOA foreign language journalists, both Republicans and Democrats in their private political life, who are absolutely opposed to the current level of partisanship in VOA program content.)

Let’s make one thing very clear:

We are opposed to partisanship of any kind, Right or Left, in Voice of America US taxpayer-funded programs. The VOA Charter, which is US law, is quite clear. But the VOA newsroom has not been a paragon of journalistic virtue under the current Broadcasting Board of Governors and Voice of America leadership. Unprecedented bias and spectacular partisanship have been observed in VOA program content in recent months. Nothing shows it more clearly than this video.

— http://bbgwatch.com/bbgwatch/let-hysteria-ring/

Note the Ukrainian language subtitles on this video of celebrities denouncing Trump:

How RFE/RL Lies By Omission to Downplay/Spin Atrocities Like the Odessa Trades Union Massacre and Assists Kiev in Hiding Thousands of Ukraine's KIA from the Donbass War

While some Democrats and neocons fear the new Trump Administration could somehow threaten the supposed editorial independence (ha ha) of RFE/RL and VOA from towing a White House line, the Russia Analyst's concern is that Trump's team won't go far enough in challenging the increasingly globalist and anti-detente with Russia agitprop coming out of RFE/RL's 'Prague Palace' in the Czech Republic. If anything, unless Trump's people are ready to take on complaints from aides to Capitol Hill neocons like Sens. John McCain or (Mrs. McCain) Lindsey Graham, the shoddy standards, lying by omission behalf of the corrupt Kiev government.

For example, not challenging the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's ludicrously low casualty figures or the impunity for the mass murderers of the May 2, 2014 Odessa Trades Union state sponsored progrom linked to Ukraine's Interior Minister Arseniy Avakov; taxpayer funded smears of any European nationalists not on the Cold War 2 reservation; and Twitter tantrums against the leader of the free world by RFE/RL employees will continue.

Combine RFE/RL's major bias (together to be fair, with that of the non-taxpayer funded legacy media) against Trump and any sort of detente with Moscow with the sense of impunity to libel Americans EU funded propagandists like Jakub Kalensky enjoy (Mr. Kalensky would seem to welcome any prospective challenge or State Department event blackballing from team Trump as good self-PR) and you have the makings of an imminent fight between globalists masquerading as Atlanticists in these institutions and the new Administration's allies, both in Washington and in Europe. Especially when many of the people employed by RFE/RL are not only hysterically anti-Trump, but have clearly been hired for ideological reasons as they're demonstrably incompetent in their areas of supposed journalistic expertise.

RFE/RL's 'Prague Palace':
Where Ideology, Not Competency/Journalistic Integrity Determine Hiring Decisions

For example, why did RFE/RL decide to bring on board The Interpreter, a publication that had been previously funded by anti-Putin criminal oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, when Khodorkovsky's foundations seem to have run short on cash in January 2016? Why is someone like Providence, RI-based James Miller a writer and taxpayer salaried 'expert' on either Russia or Syria when there's no evidence Miller's been to either country, and speaks neither Russian nor Arabic? Miller does seem to enjoy harassing RT contributors who aren't even Russian but Irish, like Bryan Macdonald, according to the tweet below:

Another member of The Interpreter crew and one of the few who actually speaks Russian and translates for it, NYC/Manhattan-based blogger Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, was accused of harassing a young American man dying of AIDS, initially claiming that he faked his infection. Ms. Fitzpatrick was also part of a fanatical fan club for ex-National Security Agency analyst John R. Schindler. After Schindler was forced to resign from the U.S. Naval War College over conduct unbecoming a Navy institution professor in August 2014, Fitzpatrick claimed on her blog that Schindler had been the victim of a Russian security services linked 'honey trap'.

How exactly a reported 35-year-old waitress in Nebraska, as the supposed would be paramour of Schindler got recruited by the FSB/SVR/GRU to entrap Schindler involved a great deal of convoluted reasoning on Ms. Fitzpatrick's part. If 'privacy for me but not for thee' is Fitzpatrick's charge against libertarians and the NSA critical crypto community, then 'tinfoil hat for me but not for thee -- because Russians!' would appear to be Fitzpatrick's unofficial motto (FWIW, Fitzpatrick apparently has a bit role in pro-Trump filmmaker Mike Cernovich's documentary Silenced).

Michael 'Daeshbag' Weiss and Team McCainiac/McMullin/Kinzinger Connections to 'Moderate' Syrian Jihadists They Met With Inside Syria and in Erdogan's Turkey in 2012/2013

In terms of content, the Weisses of this world are a dime a dozen. So why “expose” yet another neocon propagandist?

Because he is also very nasty, and very dangerous – as Richard Silverstein’s comprehensive profile of Michael D. Weiss, just published at The Unz Review, convincingly argues.

So far as (functional) psychopathy goes, he really is one of a kind in the world of journalism.

And if pushing kompromat up the Google rankings makes at least a few people think twice before associating with him too closely, then the effort will be worth it.

— http://www.unz.com/akarlin/michael-weiss-the-neocons-neocon/

The curly haired, CNN-promoted David Koresh-resembling leader of The Interpreter crew, and the one who has made a career out of ass-kissing and neocon ideology, Michael D. Weiss, is the most obnoxious of the bunch. Weiss is well known and perhaps feared in some circles for his Trotskyite tendency to hold grudges and doxx or 'out' perceived enemies who operate under pseudonyms. Last June he or his pro-'Syrian revolution' minions were accused by longtime critic @LibertyLynx of doxxing her real identity as a northern California based female Jewish semi-retiree. Weiss loves to play the anti-Semite card against his critics and show off the hate tweets he gets from Alt-Righters, but seems to have no problem smearing actual Jewish women if they count among his online detractors. Weiss also lied for months on Twitter about @LibertyLynx being a sock puppet for University of Houston Prof. Craig Pirrong or the Canadian citizen Sputnik France writer Rachel Marsden. Such scummy behavior of course, is no obstacle to continued double dipping employment between RFE/RL and the neolibcon rag The Daily Beast

To quote The Conservative Treehouse article from September 2016 connecting the dots between prominent neocon #NeverTrump ers like Rep. Kinzinger -- an Illinois Republican whose mostly rural district skirts the periphery of the Chicago exurbs, and McInsane/'Mormon (CIA) Mafia' McMullin:

Well lookie there. During a trip to Turkey in 2014 to discuss arming Syrian rebel groups, under the auspices of fighting ISIS, you see Representative Adam Kinzinger appear. Oh yeah, and who’s that other fellow circled in the meeting? ….why that’s our anti-Trump candidate Evan McMullin.

Huh, fancy that.

Spotting Evan McMullin conspicuously standing there in the picture made us want to go back to the CNN file footage from the time and see if he was actually visible in the report they filed from Turkey. Yup, he’s there alright.

Watch and spot him in the background during quite a bit of the footage:

— https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/09/28/the-emerging-connections-between-the-muslim-brotherhood-and-never-trump/comment-page-2/

Notice by then 'ex' CIA cueball Evan McMullin hanging out in the background of this CNN footage? Or Rep. Kinzinger pushing talking points attacking Sen. Rand Paul's argument that Assad has defended the Christian and other minority populations of Syria? What makes a former Air Force officer from a rural Illinois district a neocon champion of 'moderate' Syrian jihadists anyway? If you can answer that question, you may find those who've been promoting Michael D. Weiss career at RFE/RL through the BBG's adoption of The Interpreter as well

Like his and The Interpreter's likely patron Sen. John McCain, Weiss snuck into Syria in 2012 to meet with supposedly 'moderate' rebels who fought shoulder to shoulder with Al-Qaeda and jihadists, some of whom strongly resemble key ISIS leaders. The connections between Weiss, McCain ally 'Syrian revolutionary' Mouaz Moustafa, and Sen. McCain as well as Evan McMullin and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who came into the picture later were the subject of a very interesting article by The Conservative Treehouse blog that debuted earlier this month. Other elements of the same story have been covered by U.S. special forces veteran Jack Murphy in a recent SOFREP.com piece:

Some of the Conservative Treehouse points, admittedly, are rehashes of previous allegations including from a U.S. Marine veteran (see video below) that McCain committed treason by arming jihadist terrorist enemies of the United States in Syria. The standard of proof for treason is of course very high, as is the ultimate penalty for it after a fair trial. If McCain persists in stunts like promoting the so-called Moscow hookers #PeeGate 'dodgy dossier' to the FBI and the press, however, we can expect more serious investigations by the FBI and other agencies of his recent history of advocacy on behalf of foreign powers (Saudi Arabia/Qatar cough cough) and their pet jihadis in Syria.

We expect more to come out soon about how McCain and his fellows in Congress  deliberately turned a blind eye to CIA aid for takfiris who handed their Langley-supplied TOW missiles to the super terrorist army. TOW missiles which ISIS recently used against the NATO member Turkish Army troops at al-Bab). McCain has already had the 'close call' of meeting with a jihadi who looked very much like future ISIS chieftan Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, even if McCain's spokesman and his 'moderate rebel' intermediary Mouz Moustafa fiercely denied any ISIS connection to the man or McInsane's other jihadi buddies:

On Aug. 19, the same day that ISIS released an Internet video depicting the beheading of James Foley, an American journalist, the group VoteVets.org asserted that Mr. McCain’s demands for strong action against ISIS was hypocritical. In a fund-raising email, the VoteVets chairman, Jon Soltz, an Iraq war veteran, wrote that while Mr. McCain had visited Syria, “he paused for some photos — including some with ISIS militants.” The senator’s office reacted angrily, calling the assertion an “obviously false smear.”

Mr. Soltz could not be reached on Thursday for comment, but a representative of the group responded by referring to Mr. Soltz’s emailed statement at the time to The Arizona Republic: “When we say he took photos with ISIS fighters, we mean that he took photos with representatives of forces that he supported, many of which later became ISIS. It’s frightening to think what ISIS would be today, if John McCain had his way, and if we had sent even more weaponry their way.”

Mr. McCain’s efforts to blunt the impact of the photographs took another unforeseen twist a few weeks later, when American intelligence officials confirmed that a 33-year-old Minnesota man named Douglas McAuthur McCain, an ISIS recruit, had been killed by a rival Syrian insurgent group. To the rumor-driven Arab media, the coincidence of the surname was a smoking gun.

“The stuff was already irrationality in motion,” said Mr. Moustafa. “Then a guy actually named McCain joins ISIS. It added fuel to the fire.”

— https://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/12/world/middleeast/try-as-he-may-john-mccain-cant-shake-falsehoods-about-ties-to-isis.html?_r=0

Michael 'Daeshbag' Wei-SIS: A Hardcore Pro-Jihadi Neocon Ideologue Collecting U.S. Taxpayer Funded Paychecks Since 2016, Who Cheers for ISIS Attacks on the SAA/Russians

Whether an FBI investigation can determine if Weiss knew or has known since that the 'moderate rebels' he met with in 2012 were linked to Al-Qaeda in Syraq or its 2013 announced offshoot the Islamic State, his Twitter cheerleading for Daesh whenever it's attacked Syrian 'regime' or Russians is bad enough. It also contradicts his claims that since the Assad government is forced to buy oil and gas from territory Daesh took over while the U.S. did absolutely nothing to prevent their advances in 2013-15, that Damascus and perhaps even the Russian security services themselves are the real patrons of ISIS. If ISIS after all is secretly funded by Assad, Iran and the Russians, why cheer them on when they attack Russian servicemen or take back Palmyra in an embarrassing setback for the Syrian Arab Army to 'avenge' the Daeshbags' Saudi/Qatari sponsors' humiliating loss of Aleppo to the SAA?

Never mind the publically available boasts from Saudi princes that they funded the super-jihadi army as a counterweight to Iranian influence in Iraq, for Weiss the Main Enemy is always Moscow. Any serious U.S. military effort to crush Daesh alongside the Russians as the incoming Commander in Chief Trump appears to want is anathema to Weiss and his neocon 'kryshe' or 'roof' in the Congress like Senators McCain and Graham.

Weiss: Cheerleading for War Between the U.S. and Russia in Syria Because It Would Be a Cakewalk, and Anyway Everyone Knows the Russians Are Actually 'ISIS Air Force' Even When Moscow Bombs and Kills Thousands of Daesh Fighters

When challenged on Twitter regarding his affiliation with the Atlantic Council, a 'non-profit' think tank in Washington that accepts money from many foreign governments including Daesh funders Saudi Arabia and Qatar (who also fund his pro-Syrian rebel 'ally' Charles Lister), Weiss denies receiving any Atlantic Council salary. However Weiss's tweets are carefully crafted and may not cover the full extent of his financial relationships to the AC, or other non-profit organizations like the McCain Institute which may have funded his international travel, journalistic 'fact finding' or otherwise. This may be because Weiss wants to deflect allegations of a pro-Riyadh/Doha bias in his 'journalism' for The Daily Beast, or possibly because even a supremely arrogant individual like him is aware that some on Capitol Hill would like to go after the Saudi/Qatar 'moderate' Syria jihad lobby in Washington's think tanks, perhaps expanding the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) to include think tankers.  

Shameless Bullshit Propaganda of the Type Former BBG Governors Like Matthew Armstrong Would Insist Only the Russians, Not BBC or RFE/RL State Media Would Engage In:


Epilogue: Expect More Scandals at RFE/RL and Team Trump Investigations of the Rotten Bureaucracy/Cronyism/Waste of Taxpayer Resources at the Prague Palace Soon

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts reaching out via email to Prague-based RFE/RL commentator Brian Whitmore and Kiev-based reporter Christopher Miller to ask them for comment on the anti-Trump bias issue, neither saw fit to reply after several days and repeated emailed inquiries. However, we have tweeted this post to War on the Rocks contributor and former BBG governor Matthew Armstrong. Armstrong and RFE/RL employees including Ms. Fitzpatrick are free to comment on our story below. What we can confirm for them and RogueMoney readers is that members of Trump's team are most definitely aware of BBG Watch's allegations of systemic anti-Trump bias and incompetence at RFERL/VOA, and they may very well do something about it soon.