Perception vs. Reality: "What Will Happen?" vs. "What To Do?"

Everyone keeps saying so much is happening, so much is going on.  WG doesn’t entirely agree, unless you are speaking of the actual frequency of events.  From a solutions perspective, most of it is starting to bore me to tears as the solutions remain the same.  But that being said one thing stands out, “the signs still read the same.” They are now showing up more often and in bright flashing neon!   An interview (posted below) with two of my favorites “London Paul” & “The Economic Great Ape” triggered my cerebral activity to warp speed.  Amazingly they helped connect the dots to some notes accumulating dust on the WG note pad from the past couple weeks.

Yep, all the signs on this long journey are just getting bigger with no real changes in sight.  And I suspect the final one will read, “No Vacancy Unless You Can Pay With Real Money!”  Additionally, and of note, anti-Trump noise is now showing up even from guys I respect.  Good.  I am glad to see it…!  If you want to know why, it is healthy folks, it’s just healthy.  The blind worship was getting tedious.  In fact, for some healthy skepticism on the Trump road to glory, try this article on for size from the James Howard Kunstler….

In a prior installment I stated that the sharpest and most valuable tool in Trump’s tool shed is the positive frame of mind of the US populous.  Those valuable tools need to have some healthy skepticism to stay properly tuned, and Mr. Kunstler brings up some great points to consider.  Ones that have reached the Wolf’s den many times before.   Do I concur with all of the theories and observations in the above link?  No.  In fact, the last paragraph is way off the Wolf reservation, as I don’t think China’s banking system or it’s economy is nearly as fragile as the US’s.  In fact, I like the opposite viewpoint made on China's economic health via my ‘’ membership (London Paul in charge), which actually served to inspire the following WG rant..……..

Rant:  Per the ’’ podcasts, China’s economy has embarked on a strong promotion of “entrepreneurship,” which I feel is a true business foundation building block.  They are now doing so with a heavy emphasis on innovation in tech driven industries.  Gee, there’s a novel concept.  Sounds like something I grew up with in the 70’s & 80’s right here in the USA.  Remember links highlighted in prior WG installments that show the US’s level of entrepreneurship on a percentage basis is at an all time low.   Sounds like we need to get back on the “small business creation” program to me…Another tidbit from the many in this 01/12/17 podcast is that China utilizes a 5 year plan in it’s R&D (my words not his) and their new 5 year period started in 2016.  

This deserves closer analysis as it amazingly coincides with a WG notation in several prior installments. A general observation: The planning stages that are typically detailed in the quarterly earnings conference calls for most western companies traded on the secondary markets (equity markets) will stop short of highlighting anything beyond 5 years (anything beyond that time frame is hidden behind the R&D doors).  Business is business, and it typically isn’t that much different from one location to another, except for one thing.  Paper fantasy markets courtesy of the “Triple Headed Hydra” (my phrasing) “Brokerage/Banking/Insurance” do not deserve any long term planning.  Not even 5 minutes!   The usage and development of your natural resources does……END of Rant!

Though "perceptions vs. realities" haven’t run into each other yet, the US Sixpacks remain unaware of their directionless paths, the true meanings are still out of sight.  A great Jim Willie article will be brought to the fore in the later part of this installment to highlight this aspect of western thought.  Or lack thereof.  We need to purposely guard against the belief of having blithely entered a new playing field for the “Hegelian dialectic” of the political parties.  Unless it is viewed properly with the new opposition taking center stage.  “The Elite vs. The Trump” taking our attention off the important fact that economic cures will be few and far between until a true form of honest weights and measures is introduced.

This week’s cerebral trigger point for a light bulb WG moment, courtesy of V & L.P., brought to mind visions of pre-business meeting jitters among major competitors.  With additional visions of pre-event jitters for the masses as well, all waiting to see what the post meeting results are.  What meeting, you ask? “The Economic Reset” meeting.  Symbolic, or in reality, it will happen in form and function.  It is underway in function now, with the final arrangements yet to be determined by jittery pre-meeting big wigs.  The visions of the preparations prior to this meeting triggered two big questions:

                                                     What Will Happen?

                                                      What To Do?

The answer to one is simple, the answer to the other is gut wrenching.  The answer to one is important, and the answer to the other can be seen as irrelevant.  “Simple = Important” & “Gut Wrenching = Irrelevant!”  Speaking of irrelevant/gut-wrenching/Simple/Important……Let’s check the WG note pad of News briefs……

                                        News or So They Want Us To Think It Is

This next link needs a serious “come on man?”  The headline should read, “That’s probably a dude, or at the least someone with far too many internal testosterone tendencies!”

Sticking with the comical.  You can’t fool those wizards at Yahoo Finance.  They have the differences between perception & reality well in hand.

Speaking of the mighty Zero and his economic mastery, check this next link out…..

Regarding the above link, ZeroHedge needs to get on-board the “Zero-Train.”  Forget the unimportant 95 + million able-bodied dudes & dudettes not working, stick with the sub 5% “wink-wink” unemployment numbers.  Now that is a legacy builder you can depend on.

In this next link I don’t see what all the ruckus is about, except for one thing, this is now our primary industry in the US.

The good news with respect to this titan of industry is that it doesn't suffer from “globalization,” and thus the inherent problems with exchange rates due to "take-out" orders outside the King Dollar's home base.  The problem of dollar strength is solved with a move to this form of “industry.”  Especially since international takeouts would be extremely overpriced, and difficult to keep “crisp & fresh.”  I sure hope this titan will make a come-back from it’s downward trend, but as RM regulars know by this point, it ain’t likely to happen.

And speaking of the US economy it is apparent that reality is hitting the ground running of late, check this out…..

It is not just the rejection of US paper for payment in the shipment of imported goods (see past installments), it is the actual fall in the consumption of goods at the retail level.  I know, maybe that is wise trend for the moment. Unfortunately, when your economy is primarily based on consumption in the form of applying a dose of heavy debt as needed (note debt went up in the face of falling retail consumption), any down trends might cause one to start looking for the bankster reaper coming to the door for payment.  It’s a given. WG

No problem though, as CN’BS’ doesn’t see any problems anywhere.  Check out the following link and the interview attached from a retail expert…..If you can stomach it.

Here’s some logic and reason in the face of the msm dullards via the writings of Charles Hugh Smith….

I know I am beating the same drums, and the same signs as described in the first paragraph of this installment, but Charles Hugh Smith brings up some valid points with respect to the markets in this link.  Crux of the article: real business and real numbers matter…..As stated in the last installment, I suspect the final recognition of a standard of living beat down will be served up as the main course in 2017.

This next one is worthy of a laugh except that it brings one thing to mind.  How can anyone believe anything in the news these days???

I have to admit that I own several GM products, but they were all bought prior to Zero becoming the CEO.  Don't tell me "no" to that, after all, GM did become “Government Motors.”  But Wolf, they bought their way out of that tax payer sponsored debt.  OK, maybe so, but the above article from ZeroHedge clearly indicates some pandering to the new Trump favoritism among US blue collar potential auto buyers.........Or did it?  Is it the truth, or not?  I really am starting to question everything I read......

                               No matter the view I can't make common sense of this stuff...!

From some common sense grounding enjoy the video below, with WG input, from the “Watchdog & Bill Holter”

@ 1:05...What does Bill see for 2017?  Bill says it will be "the year of the truth bomb!" 

@ 3:00…Here Bill comments on what Trump is facing.  Which, in his view, he will be presiding over the bankruptcy of the United States of America.  He also feels that the average American will soon come to the recognition that their lifestyles will be stalling or going into decline.  Again, it is my view per a prior installment, that by definitions set forth courtesy of the west, the US is already a 3rd world country in denial of their world status.  As always, it is the WG theory that history will be the final arbiter of this viewpoint.  In any case I feel perception hardly coincides with reality.

@ 6:05…Here Bill lays out some brilliant analysis that when the world credit dries up, so will distribution.  Thus, the supply chain gets hampered drastically.  I, for one, totally agree.  A FEMA camp discussion follows, a discussion I am not going to pretend to know a lot about.  Worthy of a listen though.

@ Next 6 minutes of the interview revolve around the "Russian Hacking" claims.  Again, I don't want to go too deep there as I don’t consider it entirely meaningful with respect to the momentum of the economic train wreck coming.  For me, it is peripheral noise and serves as a distraction for those looking for quality solutions.

@ 13:12…At this juncture Bill says the world's debt is too large to be paid back, thus we are all heading toward a default or a dramatically devalued currency.  “Mark-to-market,” call it what you will actually matters, as hard assets are what will count most (my wording).  Let the true accounting begin, and paper need not attend!  If you have no real asset or hard assets, then you are in "DEEP WEEDS MY FRIENDS!"  The curtain will be raised on the 'un-real" items hiding on the sheeple's “portfolio-unbalance-sheets” masquerading as something worth value on mystical quarterly statements.

@ 17:30...Trump's 35% tariff is discussed, and the possibility of a trade war.  Bill hits on a Wolf Gray and Team Roguemoney sticking point, we don't make anything in the "needs" based arena anymore, therefore a trade war could be problematic to say the least.  Speaking from a US point of view, we lack a position of strength.  Bill adds that it will result in a non-traditional version of inflation due to price increases.  I figure the 35% tariff is noise, and that behind the scenes Trump is doing other things to make deals with China......If you are a US resident we can only hope so.....BTW, my friend London Paul of the '' says to ignore the noise regarding China and the US fighting it out in trade. Trump may be making more positive, behind the scenes moves than most realize.  Again, I hope so.

@ 21:15..."Time" will not be easy on you if you aren't prepared.  Bill agrees and goes into the fact silver should be a greater part of your gold & silver bars & coins portfolio.  Ditto from my desk….

@ 24:00…Here an interesting business point is brought up…..Countries may consider funding mines for "reserves”…..sort of a means of investing in the goodies in the ground.  Followed by a discussion of confiscation of GSBC's, and the idea of cherry picking certain forms or types of precious metals for confiscation.  For the most part they feel, “it ain’t likely to happen."  Ditto from my desk……

@ 27:15...They address the idea of, "What will 2017 look like?"  Bill throws out a belief that a "bank holiday' could take form in 2017.  I assume he is primarily speaking of the US or the western world.  He expects a possible version of "caveman days."  Certain locales could very well be defined as such, time will tell.  2017 calendar time I expect….

And after listening to one of my favorite analysts in the above interview, it segues nicely into the following public article by Dr. Jim Willie.  If you are wanting to arm yourself for those pesky “know-it-alls,” Dr. Willie offers up the following 10 questions to stump the dullard western financial “know-it-all-minds”……


These questions remind me of the following words of wisdom from Alice Cooper…..

                              I got no friends 'cause they read the papers.
                              They can't be seen with me and I'm feelin' real shot down
                              And I'm gettin' mean.
                              No more Mister Nice Guy,
                              No more Mister Clean,
                              No more Mister Nice Guy,
                              They say he's sick, he's obscene….Alice Cooper

Personally,  I am a fan of Dr. Willie’s #’s 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 for the more neanderthals among us with respect to common sense business.  Serve number 6 up with the image of farming out 60+% of your debt to your neighbors, and then expecting them to kowtow to your every desire.  

In truth, I would tread lightly on these items as I suspect it will be advantageous to have more hard asset friendly neighbors, and insulting the overly arrogant western mind is normally ineffective with respect to increasing the numbers of converts (least it has been for me).  Like I said a couple months ago, lead them along to the truth arguing seems to be useless.

                                                   The Obverse View on Trump

One of my favorite analysts seems to be less enamored with Trump than many in the alternative media community.  Note the following excerpt, and it is from the first paragraph to boot…..

About 30 days into Obama’s first term I predicted that, “Obama will eventually go down as a worse President than W, which is hard to do because W might be one of the worst Presidents in U.S. history.”  I am making the same prediction of Trump:  he’ll go down as a worse President than Obama.  D.K.

So Mr. Krnazler is negative.  In my view I don't think it matters.  Say what, WG?  Pure and simple, we are at a turning point where life finds a way or it dies, period.  If Trump is on board with the proper “Rebuild-America” mantra, with real money and honest trade, that's great.  If will not matter as life will still find a way, it just will take longer if he isn’t on board.  We are at the the intersection of “Total Failure (or) a Down-Turn Followed by Modest Success.”  Make no mistake, with respect to my near term views, regardless of the turn chosen at the intersection, it will not be supportive of the current US lavish standard of livings. 

In truth, the US’s robust standards of living are a perception, not a reality. Especially if the blinders are removed for proper viewing.  One way or another, life will find a way, or temporarily dive into a modern day version of the dark ages, only to find a way several generations later.  This wisdom comes straight from key Wolfpack cohorts and one WG as well.  I still like Dave Kranzler, even though I don't entirely agree that Trump will be worse than Zero.  Shit, I don’t even know how that is possible.  After all Zero-is-Zero……

For additional “Trump is Screwed & so are We” evidence, I give you the following article from another of my favorites Steve St. Angelo.  Again please note, I feel it is always worthwhile to keep an alternative view in sight, thus the reason for posting these opinions….Check out this excerpt from the second paragraph…..

Matter-a-fact, President-elect Trump will likely precipitate the collapse quicker than a Clinton regime.  Why?  Because Trump has no idea just how much the U.S. financial and economic system are propped up.  When Trump starts to open the massive “CAN OF WORMS” in the U.S. government, this will likely cause serious dislocations in the entire system. S.A.

I, for one, agree with that paragraph, it is only the degree of which "Trump has no idea" I question.  But where Trump is concerned, it ain’t the down-fall I am truly worried about.  Instead will he be on board with restoring the rule of law, and joining in a proper rebuild backed by real money?  Enjoy the rest of this article from Mr. St. Angelo, and don’t avoid the final segment titled…“2017 Will Be the Year BRAIN DAMAGE Goes Into Hyper-Drive” it is pretty darn good.

Though the Wolf Gray voted for the guy, and wishes him the best, it doesn't change the fact he is powerless to stop the oncoming US economic train wreck.  We are not in control of everything anymore.  We haven’t been for a while. it’s a Sheeple/Sixpack “Perception vs. Reality” thing….!

                                                           Final Thoughts

The insights from the upcoming link from the desk of Hugo Salinas Price would appear to be better suited to the above segment subtitled “The Obverse View on Trump.”  Instead, I felt it was appropriate to write down some of his key "final thoughts" as they were very insightful, even though the first paragraph reads like I should have placed the link in the prior segment……

The president elect of the US, Mr. Trump, does not know what he is doing when he proposes protectionist measures to encourage the reindustrialization of the US and bring home again, the American industry that emigrated to foreign lands. H.S.P

This next excerpt, which represents the second paragraph, really caught my attention as well….

The US lost their industry as a result of the Bretton Woods Agreements, which were signed (under pressure) by representatives of the allied countries and of the countries conquered by the US in World War II.  Those Agreements established the world's monetary system for the post-war world, after the victory of the Allies, which was already in sight in 1944. H.S.P.

In the interest of brevity, the gist of the entire article deserves a Wolf’s touch.  In order to create dollar hegemony, and help it to accumulate in foreign banks as reserves, the US would need to be the primary purchasing source of a good portion of the world’s goods and services.  And in order for that to happen with any hope of efficiency, then foreign goods had to undercut the prices of US domestic made goods.  I would still recommend reading the above article, in it's entirety, it is brilliant. 

Additional Redneck explanation: There can not be any foreign control and positive “vig” to be made on any US paper if it doesn’t pile up in foreign hands.  De-industrialization wasn’t the most important “globalist-show” on display.  Instead somewhat hidden from view, it was a centuries old Rothschild axiom: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”  All the banksters needed was a receptive US audience foolish enough to believe that it is a birthright to “shop until they drop in order to keep up with the Jones’s.”  Ironically, it became fashionable.  Problem…….

The problem is, as stated many times before, even though there is an extremely positive side of being the world’s reserve currency it still has a time limit.  A limit we are at the end of.  And once time runs out, all of the positives go with it.  And that introduces the following downside for the resident citizen slaves of the world’s reserve currency, the introduction to a really big problem, one with a negative multiplier tied to the currency's inflation/devaluation in some form or fashion.  But there is a head above the crowd winner…..

And the winner is….GSBC’s…..“Gold & Silver Bars & Coins”….

One final excerpt from this fine article from Hugo Salinas Price:

Choking on dollar scarcity, because exports to the US decline or are eliminated, the world will not remain in paralysis. Another alternative to the dollar as the world's currency will be sought, simply because finding an alternative becomes a matter of life or death. H.S.P.

Life and death in business that is, and life finds a way eventually!  Even in business.  It just makes perfect sense, after all the only way for the eastern leaders in the anti-dollar movement to gain a chance at freedom is to lay out a proper foundation for future transactions.  Need I mention the evidentiary trail with the creations of... "The New Silk Road... CIPS... The AIIB... The NDB... The EEU... A bitch slapping to the dollar masters for admittance into the IMF, and let's not forget the failure of the TPP.... oops and one more item needs to be mentioned the massive purchasing of hard assets including "Gold & silver Bars & Coins."  That is just a partial listing, and just where is the US and most of the western world during this massive transition?  Renewing their memberships in the PPOS, "Paper Piles of Shit" fan club (P's may be interchangeable: Piles of Paper Shit works as well).  If you haven't already, please don't renew your PPOS memberships.  They are worthless pieces of paper collecting dust on your desk, and in most brains as well.

Any questions?  If so hold on to your questions, and take a listen to “V & London Paul” the inspiration to my light bulb moment……

This interview was superb, but one point caused that huge light bulb hovering over my head to explode (don't just listen to this one segment please listen to it all).  With that in mind please note the following specific time segment........

@ 33:00...Starting at this juncture, Paul leads the conversation with regard to "an economic reset.”  It is his view, it is not something that anyone could state is truly ”set in stone.”  Wow, the Wolf suffers from a “Light Bulb Explosion.” 

Immediately an image of nervous confused business leaders going to a vitally important "economic reset" meeting comes to mind, with each representing multiple business/economic powerhouses.  Does anybody really think a meeting happens where there aren't multiple plan options, ones that state:  Well if China does this we will propose option A, but if they don’t, and Russian does this, we will use option B, but that is only if Germany agrees, and on and on and on....! 

This is the human factor that enters the typical negotiation rooms, and therefore no one is exactly sure "what will happen, or what to do.”  Except for one solo operation…YOU/US…!   WG, how the hell could I, Joe Sixpack, a.k.a. a simple Sheeple, know what is going to happen?  Folks I would suggest you can't know with absolute certainty "what will happen," but "what to do" is light years different than "what will happen"...! 

Nice...the headline of this installment courtesy of the minds of London Paul & “The Guerrilla”…!

Don't let your eyes cross, because the answer to the "what to do" in this instance has a universal answer, and by now you know where I am headed with this point.  The answer to the all important "what to do" question yields the same solutions regardless of the combination of ”what will happen" questions within the big-wig negotiation rooms.  All roads, and all “what to do’s” lead to, ‘drum-roll’…. a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolios) with a hearty portion of GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins).

If you think I am wrong, then you are not opening your eyes and looking at the total business/economic landscape.  What is it Russia and China and the new paradigm of world leaders, hopefully the US soon to join in, are doing at this very moment?  Prepping with a DHAP...!  They don't know the specific answers regarding "what will happen” next, but they sure as hell know "what to do," as prepare accordingly.  At this point, so should all of us, as the evidence is…in our faces!

By the way, you have to love the brilliant energetic mind of “The Guerrilla” contrasted and working in concert with the calm demeanor of the well connected and equally brilliant mind of London Paul.  Take the time to listen to the whole interview if you can.  And of note V plans on doing more with London Paul on a weekly basis (Monday with a target day).

“Who…What…When…Where…Why…How,” they are never a sure thing!  Nerves will be very frayed this time.  Even after the supposed well thought out final agreements are ironed out among a bunch of hot shots having nervously exited the negotiations.  Rarely do the answers to those 6 questions hit on the same clear cut “What To Do” answer.  That is until now.……… No guess work necessary………WG

                                          Don't insult my                                           Don't insult my "What To Do?" intelligence...

                                           I've seen dark skies, never like this.
                                          Walked on some thin ice, never like this.
                                           I've told you white lies, never like this.
                                           Looked into true eyes, never like this.
                                           It's in the way that you use it,
                                           It comes and it goes….Eric Clapton
                                        Words that will apply to all of us…WG

DHAP & GSBC’s.  They are the “What to do” answer to all the mystifying business/economic “What Will Happen” questions.  “Reality” is about to pass/wreck and spin out western “perception.”  A few simple “What to do’s” will help to avoid the wreck, and protect you from the prior misguided wisdom of world leaders.  It also allows you the luxury of investing in lots of “Orville Redenbacher” and to sit back and safely enjoy the show.  I enjoy, and also get bored with, the brilliant minds analyzing the economic landscape.  That being said, their noise is a necessary component of informed decision making, and not one of them has changes one damned thing in my mind with respect to, “THE WHAT TO DO’S!” WG

                                                  Health & Hard Asset Tips

Sticking with the theme in the title, how about this link from ZeroHedge with multiple graphs, pay special attention to the last one….

Perception seems to be trying to get away from reality, but as I said, a crash is coming.  This year, it is my view that the wiser unconverted (to hard assets) Sixpack viewers will start catching on to the truth in the first quarter.  Which leads me to a very important tip, or WG opinion on a “hard asset to be avoided.”  Check out the next link…..

I mentioned it on “V’s” webcast Friday night, avoid real estate, for it is one of the banksters best friends.  A friend obliged to entrapping you with forms of imagined hard asset strength, while you are trapped in a source of multiple paper “vig” profit centers for the bankster cabal.  Trapped in an asset that will very likely tumble in true “mark-to-market” value, unless you are a very, very astute buyer.  And if it is personal, not business property, I would suggest just exiting stage left or right.  WG

At the risk of being redundant there is a better hard asset choice, GSBC’s.  I keep mentioning this because there is this retarded belief in the US that real estate always goes up.  WRONG!   A near 90% down trend from the current pricing structures could materialize.  Especially in the US.  

                            In the beginning, I believed every word that you said
                            Now that you're gone my world is in shreds
                            Oh you loved me and left me
                            You took all the things that I needed so bad
                            I'm standing here wondering where is the love that I had oh
                            Give me silver, blue and gold…Bad Company
                            Don’t know about the blue, give me Silver & Gold..WG

And the real estate falsehood leads to this installment's redundant semi-rant…..

Semi-Rant:  The majority of the US populous has dropped it’s guard against potential chaos.  I would prefer not to succumb to their belief that “the dust has settled and all’s well, or the the growing idea that the social backdrop is not nearly as bad as we had expected.”  Folks, let’s say a Mad Max scenario is avoided.  OK, I can possibly buy into that one, but it doesn’t matter with respect to the “What to Do’s.”   If you have supplies that are usable or consumable in some fashion or another, what have you lost?  Nothing!  

If you live in the US or the western world, try singling out one analyst with any credibility who is calling for prices of “needs” based goods to drop in price relative to the dollar’s buying power.  The names will be few and far between.  Thus a well thought out accumulation of DHAP items does what…….?  It creates a “Point of no more shopping for a while!”........... 

A very powerful tool indeed.  After all you can afford to quit shopping, you already bought at a discount.  Curtail spending on any “TP” or “soap” or “canned goods” or any other “needs” based product to help support your standard of living.  For example: “Honey, from this point forward, if product X goes up from it’s current $10.00 per unit to $13.00 per unit we will start using up our supplies at home to fill that need.  We ain’t going to get caught paying-up when we don’t need to.”  Real “needs” based goods bought at a discount eventually payoff.  It’s a lock!

On to the health front.  This one is a bit risky, as I didn’t consult my homeopathic wizard Manfred Mueller on this segment but……I think he would approve, as I think it might soon be relevant to all of us.

Reground yourself to the earth, and continue with this grounding as a program of regular routine maintenance.  Say what WG?  It is my firm belief, Cherokee bloodline not withstanding, that each of us in the west especially in the US needs to get away from the machine/technology when we can.  Take the time to get back to the earth bound frequencies.  That’s right frequencies.  Meaning, for better health, reconnect with nature.  

I recently read an interesting article on this subject.  I agree with the theory in the above paragraph, and I have an official example of this (at least where I am concerned as well as some of the Wolfpack members).  Ask yourself, when have I felt the best of late?  Your “when” answer may involve simple outdoor oriented activities.  At the ripe old age of “61” I was hand-splitting a 30 inch hickory tree.  If you are interested, do a quick google on one of the toughest woods to split, and you will find hickory over and over, and in many cases the words “avoid trying on anything above 24 inches by hand.”  That said, I loved it, and wish I could do it each and every day.  Why?  I felt better, much much better.  Hell, recently I have called tree cutters begging for uncut 10 to 15 foot long rounds (trunk segments), but I have had little luck.  Guess I need to find some land and start “harvesting for health and the fireplace.”  Humor aside, get away from the gadget devices, and don’t think that the sterilized gym environment (though it is better than nothing) will get the job done with long lasting benefits (been there done that), instead get out and enjoy.  It is worth a try.

Reconnect with nature.  In an off hand way it kind of coincides with reconnecting with real goods and real assets.  No ranting lecture here, do as you see fit.

              God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                            Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team Rm, London Paul & '', The Wolfpack, James Howard Kunstler, ZeroHedge, '', CN'BS', Charles Hugh Smith, The Watchdog & Bill Holter, Dr. Jim Willie, 'silverdoctors' & Dave Kranzler, Steve St. Angelo, Hugo Salinas Price, Alice Cooper & Eric Clapton & Bad Company