Marine Le Pen Visits Trump Tower, Supposedly No Meetings With Team Trump

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was seen at Trump Tower on Thursday, but a spokesman for President-elect Donald Trump said she did not meet with him or his team.

”No meetings with anyone,” transition spokesman Sean Spicer said. “It’s a public building.”

Le Pen, whose National Front party holds anti-immigrant and anti-European Union views, was seen entering an elevator at the building, according to a Reuters witness, but she did not speak to reporters gathered there.

George Lombardi, a Trump friend who lives in Trump Tower, told reporters that he had coffee there Thursday with Le Pen, who he said he has known for 20 years. He said Le Pen did not request a meeting with Trump.

A day earlier, Lombardi said, they attended a party with people they believe might raise money for her campaign, including business people and diplomats.

”This is a perfectly privately encounter that she had with some friends of ours,” Lombardi said. “Some people had been asking to meet her a long time ago, and she just happened to be here because I happen to live here.”

Le Pen, who is currently projected to lose a runoff with conservative former prime minister Francois Fillon in next May’s election, has struggled to raise money for her campaign both in France and abroad.


Nigel Farage, the Trump supporting former UKIP leader who is now a radio and TV host who's been a frequent visitor to Trump Tower, was not seen in the building at the same time.

However, the timing of Le Pen's visit is most definitely interesting, as is the non-denial denial of the Trump team that anyone of their members met with her. Mr. Lombardi is of course, an unofficial proxy for The Donald, and breaking the wall of non-financing in order to ensure Le Pen doesn't have to turn to Kremlin-connected banks for funding the FN would go a long way toward a victory for her party this summer. A Trumpening of Europe prospect that of course, fills the globalists posing as Atlanticists like The Washington Post's Anne Applebaum, @EUvsDisinfo bureaucrat Jakub Kalensky or his fellow Czech McCainiac Jakub Janda with despair. As my Swiss/White Russian friend The Saker writes, the normal course of post-WW2 affairs whereby an American president sets the tone which Europeans are expected to follow has been broken, and now we read pathetic articles about ex-Stasi agent and open borders hag Angela Merkel being 'the leader of the free world'.

As I have written it many times, instead of the Ukraine becoming like Europe, it is Europe which became like the Ukraine: simply unsustainable and doomed to failure. The European crisis is a massive and multi-layered one. It is, of course, an economic crisis, but that crisis is made worse by a political one, which itself is compounded by a profound social crisis and, as a result, the entire EU system and the elites which used to run it are now facing a fundamental crisis of legitimacy. As for the European politicians, they are far more busy denying the existence of the crisis rather than dealing with it.

The United States — which for decades carefully fostered and nurtured an entire generation of spineless, narrow-minded, neutered and infinitely subservient European “leaders” is now facing the unpleasant outcome that these European politicians are as clueless as blind puppies and that they simply have no policy and no vision whatsoever as to what to do next: they are all locked into a short term survival mode characterized by a quasi total tunnel vision which makes them oblivious to the environment they are operating in. A continent which produced the likes of Thatcher, de Gaulle or Schmidt now produces vapid non-entities like Hollande or Cameron. Trump will thus inherit a de-facto colony completely unable to manage itself. And, just to make things worse, while that colony’s comprador “elites” has no vision and no policy, at the same time it is deeply hostile to Donald Trump and in full support of his Neocon enemies. Again, this is a situation which no American President has ever faced.


As the Russia Analyst predicted this summer, with Le Pen's visit to the U.S. and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's party vowing to shut George Soros (G)NGOs down in Soros homeland, a nationalist international is rising. This nationalist constellation is ready and eager to challenge the European vassals of Washington's globalist deep state, who cannot stomach a president who wants to 'get along with Russia'. And who imagine, like Kalensky, that their friends in D.C. such as Sens. McCain and Graham will give them impunity for insulting the 'leader of the free world' as a Russian agent on Twitter all day long, without any consequences to their bottom line in terms of U.S. taxpayer funding or pointed disinvites from the State Department (not to mention reporters from Breitbart mocking them). But Bannon's wink and nod at Lombardi to host Le Pen and invite Lombardi (and by extension, Trump's) European businessmen friends to support the National Front is a clear signal -- screw you guys and your war on Breitbart, we've just started #Winning.

To Msrs. Kalensky, Janda and other assorted chicken necked EUrocrats and Trump haters -- the old warmonger McCain and Ms. John McCain do not speak for the vast majority of Americans, no matter what they say while junketing to your conferences or blathering on Capitol Hill. Your insults and lame attempts to stump the Trump citing washed up, junk pics selfie emailing super spy losers will not go unanswered. Today Madame Le Pen visits Trump Tower and has a coffee. Next time she comes to the United States for a café au lait, it will be to the Trump White House.