Seven Days in January: Trump Claims to Canary Trap Leaking ODNI/CIA Briefers, Calls CNN 'Fake News' Buzzfeed 'A Pile of Garbage'

“Trump conducts his own sting operation to ensnare intelligence briefers – and says he caught them leaking

President-elect Donald Trump described a sting operation he says he conducted after becoming infuriated by a series of leaks about his own classified briefings

He says he decided to tell no one about a particular secret briefing, shielding even his longtime scheduling aide, Rhona Graff, to rule out the possibility leaks were coming from his staff

When word got out anyway, Trump concluded it was the intelligence community who was putting out information

He described the operation he conducted after suggesting intelligence officials leaked a fake dirty dossier of information about him”


We had a great News Conference at Trump Tower today. A couple of FAKE NEWS organizations were there but the people truly get what's going on

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 12, 2017

Identity Of "Former Intelligence Officer" Who Prepared The Trump Dossier, Has Been Revealed

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 11, 2017

The British Invasion: Why Is the BBC Trying to Prop Up the Credibility of the Dodgy Dossier Produced by an 'Ex' MI6 Man Based off Extremely Dubious 'Sources' Including Potentially Eastern European Spooks (from Ukraine Cough Cough) With Vendettas Against Trump?

“A “D-Notice,” essentially a gag order, is a “peculiarly British arrangement, a sort of not quite public yet not quite secret arrangement between government and media in order to ensure that journalists do not endanger national security,” according to The Guardian.

The notice relating to Steele says that “in view of media stories alleging that a former SIS officer was the source of the information which allegedly compromises President-Elect Donald Trump, would you and your journalists please seek me for advice before making public that name. Irrespective of whether or not the stories are true, the public disclosure of that name would put the personal security of that individual directly at risk.”

At least one British-based news organization, The Telegraph, appears to have deleted its story on Steele, while another, the Financial Times, does name the former spy in its report.

But the notice was later lifted and British outlets have published Steele’s name.”


Tip for Russia hacks/watchers: before googling "Christopher Steele" set your adult content filter on "high."

— Bryan MacDonald (@27khv) January 11, 2017

The BBC's Washington D.C. correspondent Paul Wood gave an interview to BBC Radio on January 11 to prop up the sagging Narrative. In his remarks embedded above, Wood admits nameless, faceless intelligence officers cannot be taken at their word but that CIA agents communicating with him through intermediaries claim that there aren't one, but two Russian blackmail videos of Mr. Trump from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the material is of a sexual nature. The problem being that Mr. Wood's alleged CIA sources as well as CNN are being contradicted by other anonymous intel officials who tell NBC News and Fox News that in fact, Trump was NOT briefed on the alleged existence of the kompromat material last Friday. So clearly someone's been lying -- and given their track record of publishing totally bogus stories about Trump, we think it's CNN:

“The phrase: “When media reports, on media reports, the concentric circles of self-serving narratives expand to the infinite horizon of nothingness”…never held more validity than what was witnessed over the last 24 hours between CNN and Buzzfeed.

In an NBC interview with Chuck Todd earlier today Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith stated: “the only reason we published the 35 page dossier was because CNN was reporting on it”

In an attempt to obfuscate, CNN’s Jake Tapper attempted to create distance between their action, and the action of Buzzfeed. Both the CNN report and the Buzzfeed report have now been proven to be entirely false, as earlier stated by the Trump team and verified by NBC News”


.@jaketapper PEOTUS states -and NBC confirms- a briefing addendum never existed, & content never discussed. So, how'd you make up a story?

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) January 12, 2017

In other words, even though CNN is defending itself by claiming it had sources other than the chock full of errors and lies dossier published by Buzzfeed News, the core of the C(IA) News Network story was false. No wonder a furious Trump refused to take a question from a sniveling CNN reporter at his Wednesday press conference, dismissing the network as 'fake news'. The fury of Trump's put down of a spluttering CNN reporter led Fox News Shep Smith (whom we've tagged as an Establishment shill since he cut the live feed to a South Ossetian witness to Georgian bombing during the 08/08/08 war), to accuse Trump of being unfair to the press:

Now we know where Eichenwald got his preposterous xenophobic "scoops". What a vile fraud

— Mark Ames (@MarkAmesExiled) January 11, 2017

Clapper Tries to Save Face for the Intel Community's Sock Puppets at CNN While Appeasing a Furious Commander in Chief Who Accused ODNI/CIA of Violating the Law

But wait! CNN's defenders will cry: the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, issued a statement Tuesday night stating that Trump was briefed concerning the 'private security document' but the ODNI in no way shape or form vouched for its reliability, which of course didn't stop CNN, Buzzfeed or the BBC from setting off a media crapstorm over a 35-page fake in the first place by insisting the 'US intel community' had given it and its ex-MI6 author 'credibility'. If you're confused by this doublethink, welcome to the world of the disavowed leak and media citing other media circle you know what-ing: 



January 11, 2017

DNI Clapper Statement on Conversation with President-elect Trump

This evening, I had the opportunity to speak with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss recent media reports about our briefing last Friday. I expressed my profound dismay at the leaks that have been appearing in the press, and we both agreed that they are extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security.

We also discussed the private security company document, which was widely circulated in recent months among the media, members of Congress and Congressional staff even before the IC became aware of it. I emphasized that this document is not a U.S. Intelligence Community product and that I do not believe the leaks came from within the IC. The IC has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable, and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions. However, part of our obligation is to ensure that policymakers are provided with the fullest possible picture of any matters that might affect national security.”


Fortunately there are honest -- even if not always pleasant -- journalists left like Glenn Greenwald who call BS on this incestuous shell game between the backstabbing spooks and Trump hating presstitutes:

“At some point last week, the chiefs of the intelligence agencies decided to declare that this ex-British intelligence operative was “credible” enough that his allegations warranted briefing both Trump and Obama about them, thus stamping some sort of vague, indirect, and deniable official approval on these accusations. Someone — by all appearances, numerous officials — then went to CNN to tell them they had done this, causing CNN to go on-air and, in the gravest of tones, announce the “Breaking News” that “the nation’s top intelligence officials” briefed Obama and Trump that Russia had compiled information that “compromised President-elect Trump.””


Clapper's Words Are Those of a Bureaucrat Who Already Perjured himself Before Congress Fearing Justified Legal Action or At Least the Firing of ODNI Subordinates Who Might Not Want to Take a Fall for Their Boss

As to the 'credible' author of the dossier itself, since he's no where to be found by the press and claims to fear Russian retribution (as opposed to being called a bullshitter and fraudster to his face), what we do have are the opinions of people who used to write intelligence analyses for a living -- both present/former CIA who are joining Clapper's damage control campaign, and independent individuals like my former Swiss analyst friend The Saker:

“When I first read the document my intention was to debunk it sentence by sentence. However, I don’t have the time for that and, frankly, there is no need for it. I will just provide you here with enough simple straightforward evidence that this is a fake. Here are just a few elements of proof:

The document has no letterhead, no identification, no date, no nothing. For many good technical and even legal reasons, sensitive intelligence documents are created with plenty of tracking and identification information. For example, such a document would typically have a reference to the unit which produced it or an number-letter combination indicating the reliability of the source and of the information it contains.

The classification CONFIDENTIAL/SENSITIVE SOURCE is a joke. If this was a true document its level of classification would be much, much higher than “confidential” and since most intelligence documents come from sensitive sources there is no need to specify that.

The allegation that “The dossier is controlled by Kremlin spokesman, PESKOV, directly on PUTIN’S orders” is beyond laughable. Clearly the author of this fake has no idea how the Russian intelligence and security services work (hint: the Presidential spokesman has no involvement in that whatsoever)

On page 2 there is this other hilarious sentence “exploit TRUMP’s personal obsession and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable ‘kompromat’ (compromising material) on him.” Nobody in a real intelligence document would bother to clarify what the word “kompromat” means since both in Russian and in English it is obviously the combination of the words “compromising” and “materials”. Any western intelligence officer, even a very junior one, would know that word, if only because of the many Cold War era espionage books written about the KGB entrapment techniques.

The document speaks of “source A”, “source B” and further down the alphabet. Now ask yourself a simple question: what happens after “source Z” is used? Can any intelligence agency work with a potential pool of sources limited to 26? Obviously, this is not how intelligence agencies classify their sources.

I will stop here and submit that there is ample evidence that this is a crude fake produced by amateurs who have no idea of what they are talking about.

This does not make this document any less dangerous, however.

First, and this is the really crucial part, there is more than enough here to impeach Trump on numerous grounds both political and legal. Let me repeat again – this is an attempt at removing Donald Trump from the White House. This is a political coup d’etat.

Second, this documents smears everybody involved: Trump himself, of course, but also the evil Russians and their ugly Machiavellian techniques. Trump is thereby “confirmed” as a sexual pervert who likes to hire prostitutes to urinate on him. As for the Russians, they are basically accused of trying to recruit the President of the United States as an agent of their security services. That would make Trump a traitor, by the way.

Third, within one short week we went from allegations of “Russian hacking” to “having a traitor sitting in the White House”. We can only expect a further Tsunami of such allegations to continue and get worse and worse every day. It is interesting that Buzzfeed has already preempted the accusation of this being a smear and demonization campaign against Trump by writing that “Now BuzzFeed News is publishing the full document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.” as if most Americans had the expertise to immediately detect that this document is a crude forgery!

Fourth, unless all the officials who briefed Trump come out and deny that this fake was part of their briefing with Trump, it will appear that this document has the official imprimatur of the senior US intelligence officials and that would give them a legal, probatory, authority. This de-facto means that the “experts” have evaluated that document and have certified it as “credible” even before any legal proceedings in court or, worse, in Congress. I sure hope that Trump had the foresight to audio and video record his meeting with the intelligence chiefs and that he is now able to threaten them with legal action if they now act in a way contradicting their behavior before him.”


You all are missing the real story here: super-spy Steele got the Kremlin to give up its deepest secrets with cold calls from strangers.

— Jubal E. Harshaw (@alimhaider) January 12, 2017

Regarding The Saker's 4th point, Clapper's statement disavows that the US IC had anything to do with the 'ex' MI6 man Steele's 35 page of lies, rumor and BS, but at the same time gives CNN enough wiggle room to claim to have not lied or misrepresented their spook sources regarding the 'credibility' of the document and its source. However, we don't think even a slithery bureaucrat like Clapper is going to escape at least some consequences from this. While Chucky Schumer gets to threaten PEOTUS with the US IC having 'six ways from Sunday' to 'get back at you' for their Commander in Chief accusing them of being politicized, there is more than enough crap from Clapper's time at ODNI to bite him in the rear end on his way out.

For his part, the president elect said during Wednesday's press conference that he set up a kind of 'canary trap' -- a meeting only a handful of people in the US IC were privy to -- in order to prove that leaks about the briefing to the press came from the spooks, not from his staff. Without access to FISA court warrants or being able to give orders to FBI counterintelligence to open an investigation, there is not much else legally Trump can do until being sworn in to hammer CNN's sources and humiliate Brennan and Clapper for lying about their leaky staffs and the selfless, depoliticized non-partisanship of the US intel community.

Ukraine waged influence operation, using kompromat dumps, to manipulate US elections and elect Hillary Clinton

— Mark Ames (@MarkAmesExiled) January 11, 2017

However if Trump does take those steps, one of the potential fruits of a full blown investigation will be how a document produced by a foreign national was used by various parties attempting to influence the election, and whether MI6 man Christopher Steele's 'Eastern European/NATO allied intel agency' sources included the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington (which used 'pro bono' unregistered foreign agent and Democratic operative Andrea Chalupa as a lobbyist) and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The involvement of Atlantic Council fellows like The Daily Beast's Syria #fakenews peddler Michael D. Weiss, and certain ex United States Naval War College professors, as well as former CIA agent Evan McMullin in promoting disinformation produced by foreign powers that feared and hated the consequences of a Trump victory just might expose how globalist psyops/media manipulation are run.

@LouiseMensch Reminder that Louise Mensch is a crazy ex drug user that wants to start WW3 over groundless claims.

— Eire McCall (@EireMcCall) December 12, 2016

London Calling @LouiseMensch: Is a Trans-Atlantic Pseudo-Intel Network of Globalists Colluding with CIA Soft Coup Plotters on this 'Russian Kompromat' #FakeNews?

In our previous post on this subject, the Russia Analyst pointed out that certain 'psyops' networks have been waging Cold War 2.0 and pushing talking points on the NSA's behalf since the Edward Snowden leaks. In the months after Snowden appeared in the public eye, the trolling of NSA critical Congressmen and Senators like Rep. Justin Amash and Sen. Rand Paul appeared to have been coordinated with Business Insider reporters out of the United States Naval War College (USNWC) by two of its professors, John R. Schindler and Tom Nichols.

In response to Schindler and Nichols apparently having so much time on their hands to troll on Twitter while contracted to teach at a Department of Defense institution, independent journalists and Schindler critics such as Wayne Madsen and Breitbart News have accused the them of violating the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act and the Department of Defense regulations based off it are supposed to bar federal employees from using taxpayer resources and paid time to work on partisan political causes. The law does not, however, overly restrict the 1st Amendment rights of most federal employees to participate in politics on their own time and dime.

In August 2014, Schindler was forced to resign in disgrace from the USNWC when several intimate selfies of his appeared on Twitter, posted by a female groupie and would be affair partner who remains anonymous (but active on Twitter) to this day. At the time Schindler supporters like Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, a translator for the Interpreter which has since been absorbed by taxpayer funded RFE/RL, claimed that Schindler had been the victim of a Russian 'honey trap' scheme. No evidence of course, for this argument was ever produced and Schindler acknowledged his mistakes in a public mea culpa before resigning.

@CatFitz's Interpreter Colleague James Miller -- the 'Russia expert' funded with your taxpayer dollars and mine who's never been to Russia

Actually @Millermena, the "Russia expert who's never been to Russia" you did wonders for my career & profile. But you upset my mother.

— Bryan MacDonald (@27khv) January 11, 2017

Since leaving the USNWC, while Schindler had told his would be paramour that his wife 'is not poor', it isn't clear what type of work if any @20Committee has taken. Could Schindler be getting paid by some of the same people who are paying GOPe political consultant @TheRickWilson for anti-Trump 'dirt'? The two men both share Florida residences, and Schindler's former USNWC colleague Tom Nichols has been in frequent contact with @TheRickWilson on Twitter, including after Wilson made a perverted joke about Ann Coulter's willingness to perform a particular sex act for Donald Trump (that Tom Nichols, always with the highest of moral and ethical standards USNWC expects of its faculty members -- see below):

Tom is 57. So you think Nixon had 14 year old staffers or is @radiofreetom desperate to pretend he's something he never was? Pathetic.

— =^..^= (@LibertyLynx) January 1, 2017

Wilson, for his part, denied today that the entire MI6 dossier began as 4Chan stunt trolling him and other #NeverTrump fanatics back in October, but aspects of the made up story screenshot-archived by 4Channers still seem to have either seeped into the #PeeGate claims or share the common scatological element of urinating on a bed Obama slept in. How could some random guys on 4Chan have had access to the dodgy dossier which was circulating months before Buzzfeed decided to take one for the MSM team and risk a libel suit to publish it?

During the Twitter wars over NSA, ex-rock groupie/party girl turned former British Conservative Party Louise Mensch was a frequent contact of Schindler's on Twitter. Could we be seeing coordination between these trans-Atlantic Cold War 2 propaganda networks, the ex-MI6 spook Mr. Steele, and the BBC/CNN with a little bit of help from the CIA (and Langley's franchisee the SBU in Kiev)? 

Trump's nemesis John McCain kicked off 'Kremlin memo' scandal by handing dossier to FBI | Daily Mail Online

— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 11, 2017

FARA Game: Going After the Neocon Propaganda Networks Through Their Foreign Donors

Connecting all of these dots all of these dots is beyond the Russia Analyst's present resources. What we can say is that just as Twitter has allowed greater ease of communication and information 'swarming' tactics in Cold War 2.0, it has also allowed journalists like ourselves to or California-based microblogger @LibertyLynx to carefully note who's tweeting to whom over a period of months if not years. As the excellent Conservative Treehouse blog noted several days ago, it is no accident that Sen. John McCain, who has championed the Syrian jihadist cause and met with several activists who seem to have served as go-betweens to Al-Qaeda or ISIS before the Islamic State's rise, is leading the charge to discredit Trump as a Russian stooge before The Donald can take office.

Not coincidentally, McCain is also at the center of many Atlanticist think tanks and organizations funded by foreign governments that fear a Trump presidency will mean less resources or support for them -- starting with Ukraine, but by no means limited to them. While people like Andrea Chalupa doing all the activities of a registered foreign agent lobbyist on behalf of an embassy but claiming it's 'pro bono' to get around FARA laws are easy pickings for a Trump Justice Department, there are much bigger targets of potential investigations. Including members of Sen. McCain's own staff who participated in meetings inside Syria or Turkey with jihadist terrorists on watch lists, think tanks like the Brookings Doha center or the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri center that have dodged having to register as Saudi/Qatari agents under FARA, and so much more. Still the Russia Analyst's friend The Saker is not optimistic, despite Trump's early impressive defiance of the neocons' dictates that he declare war on Russia, that DJT can follow through even if he sincerely wants to:

“ if Trump ever makes it into the White House (I write ‘if’ because I think that the Neocons are perfectly capable of assassinating him), his first priority should be to ruthlessly crack down as hard as he legally can against those in the US “deep state” (which very much includes the media) who have now declared war on him. I am sorry to say that, but it will be either him or them – one of the parties here will be crushed.

[Sidebar: to those who wonder what I mean by “crackdown” I will summarize here what I wrote elsewhere: the best way to do that is to nominate a hyper-loyal and determined FBI director and instruct him to go after all the enemies of Trump by investigating them on charge of corruption, abuse of power, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and all the other types of behavior which have gone on forever in Congress, the intelligence community, the banking world and the media. Deal with the Neocons like Putin did with the Russian oligarchs or how the USA dealt with Al Capone – get them on tax evasion. There is no need to open Gulags or shoot people when you can get them all on what is their normal daily behavior :-)]

I sincerely hope that I am wrong, and I admit that I might be, but I don’t have the gut feeling that Trump has what it takes to hit hard enough at those who are using any and every ugly method imaginable to prevent him from ever making it into the White House or to have him impeached if he tries to deliver on his campaign promises. I cannot blame him for that either: the enemy has infiltrated all the level of power in the US polity and there are strong sign that they are even represented in Trump’s immediate entourage. Putin could do what he did because he was an iron-willed and highly trained intelligence officer. Trump is just a businessman whose best “training” to deal with such people would probably be his exposure to the mob in New York. Will that be enough to allow him to prevail against the Neocons? I doubt it, but I sure hope so.”


Conclusion: McCain's Master Soros (G)NGOs Getting Booted Out of Hungary A Sign That the Global Trumpening is Much Bigger Than One Deplorable President-elect

It is far too early to think the dirty Deep State is winning their war of leaks, intimidation and smears against The Donald. The use of a dossier the MSM had to admit was chock full of lies and too ridiculous even for The New York Times and CNN to actually publish, has exposed further deep state desperation. If these people leaking from the US IC are all fine upstanding patriots who believe in checks and balances and Congress' ability to reign Trump in, what are they so afraid of? If they have nothing to hide in terms of criminal conduct or arming jihadist enemies of the United States in Syria, why do they fear Trump so? Because Trump's a 'Russian agent' at the say so of super duper spies like John R. Schindlers and Christopher Steeles of the 'ex' intelligence world?

#Soros to Be Booted out of His Native #Hungary, all his NGOs in the country about to be banned.

— Enrico Ivanov ☦ (@Russ_Warrior) January 11, 2017

These are the questions the shills and sock puppets cannot answer, and the early returns from Hungary cracking down on George Soros (G)NGOs' to many mainstream media figures critical Trump nonetheless denouncing this type of screw job suggest their masters are indeed, running out of time to stump the Trump, before their crimes and corruption are exposed.