Southfront Trump-Trolls MSM With 'Red Alert 3' Theme

At this point, it’s functionally impossible to differentiate between social media claims made by the Trump administration, the Kremlin, the Wikileaks-Greenwald axis, and the Alt-Right. Now that Moscow has taken up the Nazi-frog meme beloved by the Alt-Right, any propaganda line between these groups has been erased altogether. - John R. Schindler aka @20Committee aka the @20CONmittee, who’s tweeps with ‘ex’ Swedish neo-Nazis fighting under the Wolfsangel rune flag of Hitler’s 2nd SS Das Reich division for the neo-Nazi led Azov Battalion in Ukraine, but thinks a frog cartoon is racist


Obviously if you believe ex-NSA operative John R. Schindler or MSM, you needed super secret National Security Agency wiretaps to uncover very hard to obtain intel of Russians celebrating Trump's win (or more accurately, Hillary's humiliating defeat) like this - JWS