Merkel and the Atlanticists (Globalists) Declare War on Breitbart, But Stasi Tactics Can't Stop the Trumpening of Europe in 2017

Germany on Friday reacted to an unsubstantiated news report published by American right-wing publication “Breitbart” that claimed a “mob” chanting “God is great” in Arabic had set fire to a Dortmund church on New Year’s Eve.

Under the headline “Revealed: 1,000-man mob attack police, set Germany’s oldest church alight on New Year’s Eve,” the news site claimed that “more than 1,000 men chanted ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ launched fireworks at police and set fire to a historic church.”

However, local newspaper “Ruhr Nachrichten” said that parts of its reporting on New Year’s Eve had been taken out of context and distorted to produce “fake news, hate and propaganda.” “Breitbart” reported that the men seen in a video posted by “Ruhr Nachrichten” reporter Peter Bandermann had amassed “around the flag of al-Qaeda and ‘Islamic State’ collaborators, the ‘Free Syrian Army.’”

However, the flag seen in the video is widely used by various elements of the Syrian opposition [who fight alongside Al-Qaeda — quit lying DW— JWS], and dates to Syria’s independence from French occupation.


Was Breitbart Set Up to Run a #FakeNews 'Hate' Story?

First, as a member of the 4th estate, the Russia Analyst must admit Breitbart screwed up -- and based on some of our sources, we can't say they were not warned that this could happen. Breitbart ran a story -- no longer visible on their Breitbart London or main pages but still searchable in the archives by typing in 'Germany' in the search box -- about Syrian migrants rowdily celebrating in the streets of Dortmund during the Christmas/Sylvester holiday. According to the original source of the story, the Syrians were happy about the ceasefire in their country. There seems to have been some legitimate confusion about whether fireworks set off by the migrants may have scorched a church roof in Dortmund (which is definitely not the oldest in Germany, that being in the 2,000 plus year old ancient Romans-founded town of Trier), or just charred some scaffolding around it with firefighters quickly putting out the sparks.

Where the story gets more troubling is the claim -- backed up by German journalist Peter Bandermann's footage -- that some of the migrants were shouting, 'Allahu akbar', which has been a battle cry for many of the Syrian jihadists in the war-torn country. After the Russian and Iranian-backed government turned the tide against the jihadists 'moderate' and otherwise, many of them shaved their beards off and fled to Germany through Turkey to claim generous taxpayer benefits as 'refugees'. Some of the Syrians in Dortmund were waving the flags of the so-called 'Free Syrian Army', the umbrella banner of allegedly moderate, CIA/NATO sponsored groups fighting Bashir al-Assad's government (as Breitbart correctly stated) alongside Al-Qaeda. The aloha snackbaring and rumors about damage to the church roof from fireworks were enough for Breitbart to irresponsibly run their sensational clickbait headline.

Unfortunately, without its own reporter or stringers on the ground to verify what actually happened that night with eyewitnesses, Breitbart appears to have stepped on a rake. But that doesn't mean, judging by the furious denunciations of Breitbart across the German and Atlanticist media spectrum, that somebody didn't put the rake in their path. Meaning: Breitbart needs to get more savvy about the strong possibility that various Muslim migrant 'outrage stories' will be created with the intent of them being picked up by Breitbart, only to turn out to be debunked. The goal? Obfuscate in the media actual crimes committed by migrants, such as the mass gropedowns of New Year's Eve 2015-16 across Germany, and make accounts of true outrages less believable using the boy who cried wolf effect.

Sadly, the Russia Analyst knows for a fact Breitbart's senior management were warned that Merkel's government would resort to such tactics to discredit them, and appear to have been caught off guard anyway. Perhaps having learned their lesson Breitbart's senior editors responsible for their expansion into France and Germany will remember the old joke about a Klan meeting nowadays being just a bunch of paid idiot FBI informants in sheets. Breitbart's team should not only bolster their opsec through encryption (and there are plenty of specialists in Berlin who could get them started), but also familiarize themselves with the 'hate speech' laws provocateurs will try to get them to violate as a pretext for censorship. They should also read up on the history of Germany's domestic security service the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) paying  neo-Nazis to infltrate groups it doesn't like in order to discredit them, as well as paying 'anti-fas' who routinely riot causing thousands of euros in property damage around peaceful PEGIDA marches.

Here's an excerpt from a message sent to Vietnamese American writer Linh Dinh for the Unz Review, from an anonymous friend in Frankfurt about the GLADIO games the country's security services have played in the past and suspicions about the Polizei's incompetence related to recent terror attacks:

Welcome to the madhouse, a country suffering from dementia and denial, and therefore poised for big, big trouble…

With Berlin, we just had the first major terror attack in Germany (after several small ones: a guy with an axe tried to chop a Chinese family to pieces on a train near Würzburg; a suicide bomber killed himself and wounded ten people at a concert in Ansbach; in Hamburg, somebody stabbed a teenager to death while ISIS claimed responsibility; at a Munich shopping center, an Iranian shot and killed ten people, but he was aiming for foreigners because he hated them, he said, so perhaps this was a right wing attack? Everything is possible these days…).

Back to the topic: a 16 year old girl rammed a knife into a policeman’s throat, having been inspired by the Islamic state; a guy in Reutlingen stabbed a Polish woman to death with a knife; we had several failed attempts to plant bombs by loony Jihadists, the last a 12-year-old boy who tried to blow one up at the Christmas market in Ludwigshafen. One of the bright future kids of Germany? I doubt it. Now, we had the attack in Berlin, where 12 people were killed.

As for murders or attempted murders of foreigners by these evil Nazi scums we’re constantly warned about: none for 2016!

It doesn’t take a genius to predict that 2017 will be much, much worse… I guess we will see terror attacks with hundreds, maybe even thousands of deaths, but people will do nothing against it, because, as I said, the German psyche is suffering.

Like a patient in a mental asylum, Germany is not able to see and therefore to get things straight. Having been told for decades that foreigners are good and nationalism is bad, Germans can’t come to the conclusion that open borders serve not only trade, but also terrorism.

Caveat: we always need to consider the possibility of the secret services’ involvement when it comes to terrorist acts. We now know that several past attacks were instigated by various secret services. There is a great journalist in Deutschland, Wolfgang Eggert, who is an expert on the topic. For example, he debunked the official story of attacks by the National Socialistic Underground.

NSU was a rightist extremist organization held responsible for the murders of nine Kurds in Germany between 2000 and 2006, and also for the killing of a female police officer in 2007. While we’re constantly told that it was the NSU, and that there is such a great danger from the right, Eggert could show, in several articles and interviews, that the official story just stinks.

Of course, you’ll only find this truth in the alternative media. In a few decades, the mainstream press may reveal it, when it won’t matter anymore. Same with the Red Brigades attacks in Milan in the 60′s. Now, we know that a NATO secret organization named Gladio was responsible.

Thanks to a whistleblower, we also know that the Munich Bomb attack during Oktoberfest in 1980, blamed on Neo-Nazis, was actually instigated by the German Secret Services.

But hey, that was 36 years ago, so it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it?

With the recent terror attacks, we can assume that at least some of them may not have happened quite in the way we are told. For example, the police informed us recently that an identification paper of the Berlin suspect was found inside the truck!


The Russia Analyst has already seen these tactics used in the Ukraine conflict, where false accounts about a boy being crucified in the city of Slavyansk by Ukrainian troops were used by Washington and Kiev to dismiss real, credible reports of kidnapping and torture of suspected separatists and deliberate shelling of civilian infrastructure committed by Ukrainian government forces. In the aftermath of the MH17 shoot down, Russian TV channel Rossiya/First Channel foolishly picked up a too good to be true satellite picture of a Ukrainian SU-27 downing the Malaysian airliner. While RT wisely avoided taking the bait, the damage was done to Rossiya's reputation and further served the CIA's goal of discrediting any air to air shoot down theories regarding the plane.

Stasi Tactics to Defend Inoffiziel Mitarbeiter Angela M In the Name of Atlanticism!

What's clear is that despite or because of its former CEO Steve Bannon having moved on to the Trump White House, Breitbart indelibly linked in the minds of Merkel and her aides to the new U.S. Administration. But even before Merkel and her aides smarted at Trump's criticism of her open borders policy as disastrous for Germany while reassuring themselves The Donald couldn't actually win, Berlin was actively working with Facebook to censor posts critical of the Merkel-welcomed migrant immivasion, and the crime wave among idle young men it has ushered in:

An organisation run by a former Stasi agent has been recruited by the German government to patrol Facebook in a bid to stamp out “xenophobic” comments. Those caught posting material that the government disagrees with are likely to face criminal prosecution.
Germany is set to welcome one million new immigrants this year, a move that has not been without controversy. Determined to see his fellow Germans embrace their new multicultural homeland, Justice Minister Heiko Maas has decided to crack down on those citizens who criticise the influx, especially those who take to their own private Facebook accounts to do so.

Maas has recruited the help of an organisation – Network Against Nazis (Netz Gegen Nazis, or NAN) – to aid him in his crackdown. NAN was founded by, and according to it’s website works in partnership with, the Amaedu Antonio Foundation, run by Anetta Kahane, who between 1974 and 1982 worked for the Stasi under the code name ‘Victoria’.

Last week Maas wrote to Richard Allen, Facebook’s public policy director, who is based in Dublin, to complain that not enough was being done to root out “xenophobic” comments on the social media site, Deutsche Welle reported.

The implementation of community standards “can apparently not be relied on,” Maas said, “even though many posts contain comments that constitute the criminal offense of incitement to hatred.” He reminded Facebook of its legal obligation to delete posts which fall foul of the law.

Haas insisted that he did not oppose free speech, but went on to add: “The Internet, however, is not a legal vacuum in which racist incitement and criminal utterances can be spread in an uncontrolled manner. In the case of internet users who propagate xenophobia and offensive racism, we must not mistakenly apply tolerance.”

Haas has been backed by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who last week told reporters: “When people practice sedition under their own name on social networking sites, not only must the state act, but Facebook should also take action against the comments.”

On Monday Facebook sent a delegation to meet with Haas. According to Bild, the meeting was a success, with Haas and Facebook declaring that they intend to create a joint task-force to combat “hate messages” on the internet.


U.SA., Czech Republic, and Germany: Ministries of Truth to Fight 'Russian Created' #FakeNews Are Sprouting Up All Over After Trump's Historic Victory Over the Establishment

The German Interior Ministry has announced its intention to combat so-called “fake news” on social media by setting up a “defence centre against disinformation,” ahead of next year’s federal election.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has expressed concern over what the government deems to be “fake news” ahead of the federal election next year. The ministry has made what some may consider to be a Orwellian proposal to counter the issues.

A new arm of the ministry will be created to defend against fake news, with one member of the ministry saying the defence centre against disinformation “should be negotiated very quickly,” Der Spiegel reports.

According to the Interior Ministry, the rise of fake news could directly influence the federal election and some even claim the presidential election in the U.S. had been heavily influenced by the spread of rumours on social media platforms. “The acceptance of a post-fact age would be equivalent to a political capitulation,” the ministry officials said.

According to the ministry, the most susceptible groups to false information and rumour are those from the Russian-German community and those living in Germany with a Turkish background. Earlier this year, Russian-Germans were outraged by a report that said a 13-year-old girl had been raped by an asylum seeker, and while there have been multiple cases of asylum seekers sexually abusing underage children over the past year, the girl admitted the story had been made up.

The crackdown on free speech in Germany, particularly on social media, has already been met with controversy. The government was criticised by many after it was revealed they were partnering with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation whose head Anette Kahane was a former spy for the infamous East German intelligence service the Stasi.

Communist political oppression academic and Stasi expert Dr. Hubertus Knabe was one of those who slammed the government for working with Ms. Kahane saying she was unfit to lead any task force charged with censoring speech online.

The proposal by the Interior Ministry comes after German Chancellor Angela Merkel remarked last month that she suspected the Russian government would try and influence the 2017 federal election through social media propaganda. “We are already, even now, having to deal with information out of Russia or with internet attacks that are of Russian origin or with news which sows false information,” she said.

The enforcement of so-called hate speech laws online has also had a direct impact on the lives of many ordinary Germans. Raids have been carried out by police across the country on homes of those suspected to have written negative comments online about asylum seekers which have led to fines and even prison sentences.


You and What Army of McCainiac/Mrs. John McCain Lindsey Graham Backed EUro-Trolls Are Gonna Stump the Trump Mr. Mujanovic? Good Luck With That

Ironically, this week an early 1990s memoir written by a Stasi official who bragged about his intelligence service's ability to 'play' elements of the West German press received a great deal of re-tweets, amidst the CIA/Demopublican-manufactured hysteria over 'Putin hacking the U.S. elections for Trump'. The notion that much of the media hysteria over Putin putting his finger on the scale for Trump when no evidence of any actual vote machine hacking or tampering in Trump's favor exists could be driven by a CIA Operation Mockingbird 2.0 network (much of it 'progressive' as during the first OpMockingbird which recruited leftist journalists and cultural figures to work for Langley in the 1950s and 60s) is beyond this crowd. Many of these same tweeters have insisted that Angela Merkel is the target of the vastly influential Kremlin troll army now, and that perhaps a large number of the tweets slamming Merkel after the Berlin Christmas market truck atrocity committed by a migrant were by Russians posing as Westerners (not that they have proof of that). 

Reality is far more complex. Russian propaganda is capable of picking up and magnifying themes that already existed domestically in various countries, but if the grievances didn't already exist they could not be exploited. Contrary to the Establishment's wishes the Russians are not ten feet tall, they do not have mind control waves, and they cannot create the discontent sweeping Germany, the rest of Europe and the deplorable parts of the USA from whole cloth. Even if we accept the absurdly thin and DNC/Crowdstrike-dependent 'evidence' for Russian hacking this year, Putin could not make millions of working class Americans who cast their votes for Barack Obama or who didn't vote at all turnout for Donald Trump. Similarly, Putin did not put a gun to Angela Merkel's head and force her to accept over a million migrants from Turkey, Afghanistan and North Africa, the majority of them young Muslim men without families, in a colossally reckless act.

Nothing could empower Russian narratives about Germany being an American colony run by the U.S. military/Deep State since 1945 (not the President of the United States or his aides) more than American-taxpayer funded media such as RFE/RL smearing all challengers to Merkel's insane open borders policy as Nazis and SVR/GRU run 'Putinversteher' (as we're reporting in an upcoming piece, the Trump White House is looking into RFE/RL and VOA's massive bias against The Donald during and after the election). The insistence that Merkel should not have to pay any political price for what she has done is what we see across the Atlanticist/legacy media spectrum, from the supposedly highbrow New Yorker and The Atlantic to the hipsters of Buzzfeed news and the Atlantic Council-sponsored fake (Security Service of Ukraine and Syria jihadi generated) OSINT autistes of Bellingcat (aka #Bellingcrap).

How a Trump Administration is Likely to Fight Back Against Stasi-Style Censorship of Nationalist Voices Opposed to Merkel's Open Borders Policies

As this Twitter feed by a Balkans academic threatens, Berlin has 'sticks' it can use against the Trumpening of Europe. Exactly what those would be, and how Berlin would avoid the blowback from wavering states like Greece, Hungary or Italy, and allegations that the EU had stripped off its nice internationalist mask to become the 4th Reich many British euroskeptics always insisted it was, is not something Jasmin Mujanovic has contemplated. Nor apparently has it occurred to him that a Trump Administration, while maintaining a proper distance between Mr. Bannon and his former employees at, could nonetheless threaten to revoke Deutsche Welle's press credentials at the the White House, in the event Mutti's Office of the Defense of the Constitution Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) shuts down for alleged 'hate speech' against Muslims.

At any rate, as Der Spiegel has admitted this past week, Merkel's people are still barely coming to grips with the fact that Trump, not Hillary or McCain, is shaping the executive branch's foreign policy and the people of Arizona did not appoint their Senator the American proconsul for Europe and the Middle East. Der Spiegel like the rest of the press presents Merkel as the voice of reason and liberal values, but many around Trump no doubt including Steve Bannon see her for what she is: a preening failure, propped up by a dying legacy media as some type of stateswoman who betrayed the people of Germany. 

Is it the Globalists' Turn to Experience the Rollback the Communists Faced in 1989?

The actions of European politicians following the US elections really remind me of this kind of collective therapy: they cry together, grieve together, convince each other that everything will be fine, but don’t come up with anything concrete. In the interview with the French prime minister, it is difficult to find any kind of concrete action plan. The statement that “France and Germany should be the leaders of Europe” is not an action program. France and Germany have already long since been the leaders of Europe, and the problem is once again that many European don’t like where they’ve brought them. The English and part of the English political elite disliked this situation to such an extent that they voted to leave the European Union. Even Manuel Valls already suspects that Britain won’t be the last country to ask to disembark from the European Titanic.

The prime minister of France suddenly realizes that the EU is faced with the problem of migrants. This is big progress, but with whom is he going to solve this problem? With Merkel? With the very same Merkel who has flooded Germany with migrants and whose approval rating is collapsing for this reason?

There is the theory that France’s prime minister went to Germany to give Frau Chancellor much needed moral support. Western analysts have declared Merkel the “savior of the free world,” but she is the last person who would fit this role, and she herself is not very comfortable in it. Western analysts are at least correctly writing that Merkel does not have the charisma, army, or economy to be the “leader and savior of the free world,” and the EU is falling apart. — PolitRussia’s Ruslan Ostashko, on Merkel and the EU(SSR) that even George Soros admits could go the way of its predecessor the Sovietsky Soyuz


Mr Soros said that the EU is “on the verge of breakdown” and likely to follow a similar path of the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.


Hubris and bitter resentment over their powerlessness to stop at least some detente with Russia  is driving many Atlanticists to an increasingly fanatical posture towards any threat to Merkel's reelection to a 4th term. But they are not only fighting the so-called American deplorables, but crazily smearing millions of Germans who resent Merkel's illegal and unconstitutional opening of the floodgates to young Muslim male migrants as Kremlin dupes, if not Nazis. When Atlanticism strips its mask off to reveal the fangs of globalism, however, the so-called 'liberal order' is shown for what it really is and falls apart -- just as the Soviet bloc failed economically long after it became ideologically bankrupt. In the so-called 'West' the opposite is happening, and the Establishment's economic failure/implosion of the former middle class is driving a great red-pill awakening.

In 1989, when Angela Merkel was rapidly bolstering her dissident credentials after working for the Stasi to spy on her fellow Lutheran activists, East Germans taunted Communist border guards with shouts of 'Gorby!'. In 2017-18, will the nationalists of PEGIDA taunt BfV paid informants playing the skinhead part in their midst, as well as Merkel's officials, with shouts of, 'We are the people (Wir sind das volk)''Merkel Stasi Traitor!' and 'Trump!'?