2017 View From The Wolf’s Den

It’s time for those year ahead business/economic prognostications.  First a quick look at the news, and the fact that it appears a positive prediction is coming true for once.   Good or bad, it appears that a portion of the media will die including some segments of the alternative media.  Good is all I can say, and it is happening right now.  The term “alternative media” offends me, and it should you as well.  Meanwhile the msm is clearly dying.  About time!  But, Wolf why do you feel that way about the alternative media?

The alternative media is like the government, divided by some good guys vs. some bad guys, while the msm seems to be comprised entirely of bad guys.  The alternative media’s version of bad guys are the over emotional idiots, hell bent on sensationalism.  It seems to me it would be a good time to change the term “alternative media” and the current ideas that define it (now it is basically that they are not the msm).  Instead let’s have a complete revamping of the “title.”  Put simply, it needs to be changed to the “Truth Media,” one that identifies the speculations vs. the realities.  

First 2017 Prediction:  By the 3rd quarter of 2017 the msm will be reeling from failure, and the “TRUTHFUL” elements of the alternative media will gain in positive status.  Non-truthful elements will go the way of the msm dodo bird.  This prediction will come naturally as a consequence of the “WTF happened” moments to be seen in the first half of the year.

Speaking of truth in the media, it can’t be force fed.  Did you hear that Mr. Zero?  Apparently not, check this link out……


1984 and George Orwell, or Ayn Rand anyone?   “Truth” will naturally emerge in 2017 by hook or crook.  Think “Truth” isn’t needed?  Then check out these two headlines, printed just 7 minutes apart…….


Seven minutes later this hits the headlines......


Are we confused yet?

                                      News on the way to the 2017 Predictions

First up, and this stuff is entirely repetitive to anyone who has the attention span of a gnat.  


Wait, is the headline above a 2001 redux, or is it 02..03..04..05..06..07..08..09..10..11..12..13..14..15..16.. 17…???   Snore…snore…snore.  The paper price worshipers are speaking once again.   My prediction for some time now has been that the western paper pricing systems will die, or at least I hope they do.   As detailed in the last installment, what is the real price of gold or silver?   The COMEX listing or the price between a willing buyer and seller in the physical markets based on the size or quantity of the purchase.  Truth is coming, hopefully soon, predictions below………..

So what about the rest of the system? Has it entered any stage of pricing collapse?   I say yes, but check the chart out in the next link (tip of the hat to my Hat Trick Letter subscription)….


The system will break eventually with this sort of pricing discrepancy.  Just check out the west to east pricing difference on silver in the above chart.

Next, it would appear that Michael Snyder is getting a whiff of the confusion the Wolf Gray has expressed.  Check out this next link…….


This prediction is a lock: The egos to be smashed will be epic.  A visit with the Wolf’s favorite “ego” shaman was required over the New Year (see further below).

Next we have a great follow up to the Michael Snyder article…….


Summation of the above link, “you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.”  The situations that the new US president faces this time around is nothing remotely close to anything faced in prior history.  Just my humble opinion.

Speaking of chicken salad and chicken shit comparisons, how about this next one by Steve St. Angelo as he hits a home run with respect to the GDP numbers represented by the US economic wizards….


I can’t give up on this disinformation crap, check this next item out……


Yep, it certainly appears that all's well in the residential real estate world, and that also appears to be the case with a super over the top sets of sales numbers on existing home sales as well.  I have to say I am starting to love Dave Kranzler as he puts some hard questions to the statistic manipulators in the following link.


I am at a loss for words to properly explain this stuff.  Best to not stoop to the msm level, but I am glad sources with the cajones to present the truth like Mr. Kranzler aren’t going quietly into the night.  Personally, I will let Porky do the talking about the futures of the msm and lying side of the alternative media…..Porky should be singing this toon by the 3rd quarter of 2017...

Meanwhile I am proud to say not all the WG 2016 predictions fell on their collective faces, check this headline out…..


Regarding the above link, my only error was that I predicted the auto business collapse to be in full view (media wise that is) by the end of last summer.  I was just a bit early to the media party, but not to the reality party.

Regarding the LACK of capital formation (opposite being: positive growth on the black side of the ledger) the micro world is merging with the macro corporate world, check out this next link……


Meanwhile, my final nail in the coffin indicator, the drying up of the “neat gal & neat guy markets,” is clearly drawing it’s final breath due to the same lack of capital formation, and/or fear of using credit.  And the recent Christmas season didn’t change that category’s direction. WG

The debt time bomb rhetoric is seeing the macro and micro worlds run in tandem these days.  Check this link out…..


Referencing the above link: based on history,  pensions have a desire to guarantee some safety of principal tied to their incoming cash (sometimes they are prospectus or model plan document constrained as well).  Therefore they tie their incoming cash anchors to the superb federal debt markets.  Superb, YEAH RIGHT!  Can you say, "UH OH!"  Make no mistake, what you see above is just one of many disasters that are indicative of a debt train wreck, it's not just the upcoming disasters in federal programs.  There are oodles of ancillary financial programs tied to the Federal debt train wreck to come.

In 2017 ancillary debt bombs will pick up pace dramatically, continuing to go off all across the western landscape as......The train wreck isn’t coming anymore it is ongoing, as discussed over & over by yours truly and the rest of Team RM. WG

Speaking of debt, I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot of disgruntled paper traders when they tally their books at the end of the first quarter of 2017.  Check out this heavy betting…..


If you are looking for “on the ground” evidence that says, the first quarter of 2017 will be challenging when it comes to reviving the US business landscape, then consider this next link…….


Oh yeah, baby, nothing like being the owner of an overvalued home based currency in a glorious paper inspired global economy.  Plenty of blame to go around, but names like Prez Billy-Bob comes to mind.  And in a more current venue, the over valued King Dollar will not make relocating "globally structured businesses models" to the US an easy task for Mr. Trump.

Speaking of the benefits of being tied to a non-performing world’s reserve currency, check out the next link……Keep in mind the words of Dr. Jim Willie, and “The Guerrilla” as you read the detailing of China’s penetration into the US land based non-performing business markets…


I don’t know about you, but as a US resident, when I read links like the one above, I ain’t too worried about who got the first word out on the above sea change in business leadership.  Instead, I am more worried about my own situation, and the proper methods to protect my financial arse.  Gold & silver bars & coins anyone?  Once again it appears that the solutions for protection against these changes to normality aren’t that complicated, but apparently getting off your arse and doing something about it is very complicated, if not impossible, for most US Sixpacks.

2017 prediction aside:  Getting off your arse to do something outside the paper normalcy will be very trendy to discuss at the work water cooler by mid-year.  So will complaining! WG

In the next video with Bix Weir courtesy of “Reluctant Preppers,” Dunagun Kaiser nails it and Bix agrees.   And “yes yes yes so do I!”……..Quit apologizing for a collapse, it’s coming one way or another, so let it happen GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

Note the 22:45 mark for the beginning of a brilliant discussion that runs congruent with a view WG has had for a long time (expressed over a year ago on the pages of RM).  After all, there is no need in being bashful about an upcoming painful beat-down when you know it is the only way to cure a problem.  Just bring on the pain, and let's get it over with already.  Good stuff, and please note the entire interview is worthwhile as well.

Next up is a link to a very, very long winded, yet very detailed article.  It makes most of mine look short, but I have to admit this person is pretty sharp, and provides some great detail.  


This closing excerpt from the above link lays out some serious wisdom:

As I’ve said previously, I have no dog in this hunt. I don’t trust these rigged markets or the Wall Street shysters rigging them. Once the magical 20,000 is achieved and Trump takes office in January, all bets are off. The establishment is pretending to play nice with Trump, but there is nothing like a 20% crash over a two week period to show him who’s really the boss. I’m not predicting anything, but it sure looks like something wicked this way comes. TBP

                                                   Primary 2017 Predictions

Thus far this installment has only touched on some fairly minor, but still important 2017 predictions.  Time to discuss what I perceive to be the “heavy shit!”  The driving forces to the coming year’s western paper economic collapse.  

First let me add that the Wolf Gray mind works differently than the average canine, and many times music or movies help with the clarity of a confused idea.  Enter one of the better bankster movies starring Clive Owen (the moral after the 2nd clip is slick).  Owen stars as an Interpol regulator trying to take down banksterism, by going toe to toe with one of the biggest of the big boys.  In the following scene the past visits the present day, as he is questioning a dude who used to do what he is doing right now……Attacking the bad guys!

The key thing I take from the above clip is that the character issue isn't any different in the micro vs. the macro world either, nor is it time dependent.  A crook is a crook is a crook, no excuses really work.  This scene caused an ego issue to be stirred in the Wolf’s den, resulting in an immediate consultation with my shaman friend for greater clarity. (see below)

Sticking with the same movie for illustration purposes, note this great great clip (at least I think it’s great).  A clip with the ever intrepid Interpol agent played by Mr. Owen who meets with a high level business man running for political office.  A scene that amazingly isn’t that far from reality (just needs a change in the nations playing the bad bankser roles).

The moral:  The banksters want total control of everything, via handling "THE DEBT OF EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE".....Great scene and to the Wolf Gray's way of thinking spot-on...!  And to button up the ending to the bankster lack of morality, what is it that happens to the honest politician?  

Interesting that this movie came out in 2009, post the 2008 Lehman events.  The Wolf has always said the timing of events between the macro and the micro economic worlds aren't that far apart at the extremes of an event’s timing.  Alluding to the timing of a failure or collapse versus the rebuilding phases of a “societal renaissance” for example.  WG  

Danger lies ahead in the face an equity market running on liquidity fumes while supporting inordinately high PE ratio’d stocks.  True stupidity in the face of a system in failure.  A worship of the system, pure and simple, because “We in the USA never lose!”  Also, be sure to recognize that the equity indices may continue upward, but I would be willing to bet that it will not be at a pace that is faster than the decline in your purchasing power of real goods and services.  Redneck summary, “THEN IT AIN’T REALLY GOING UP BUCKO!”

The following 2017 prediction is a continuation of a thought that started 2 years ago.

The first quarter of 2017 appears to be the time frame to initiate the first major shoe to drop on the western paper system’s charade.  In the spring of 2015, my stance was the elections of 2016 or the first quarter of 2017 would finally be the intersection of “WTF happened?”  This was mentioned on V’s radio shows of the past, and in several past installments.  Of late, everyone seems to be avoiding the “timing boogey man” in the GSBC (gold & silver bars & coins) hard asset forecasting world.  A symptom of arses kicked far too many times before, including mine, btw.  I for one will keep my face in front of the “timing boogey man.”  Might as well, from a timing perspective I have been wrong going on 5 years now.  Thus there is no need in being bashful.

For years now the “non-paper system trapped minds,” like the readers of “roguemoney.net,” have believed a recognizable paper system failure event for all the masses to see has been just around the corner.  WG will stick by his guns, with the forecast that the first quarter of 2017 will come around the corner firing “failure” from both barrels.  Manifested in what form WG?  This answer is key: it will come from the leaders within the system.  

Leaders who are still (soon to be WERE) entrapped within the paper system mindset.  These leaders, who are about to step outside the box for once, will likely come from the “free market business leadership communities.”  Their first quarter angst will spread to the less informed US citizen, as the belief in arrogant self determination, and self control comes under question.   The Wolf Gray’s long standing premium prediction, “EGOS EMERGE IN FEAR, AS CONTROL IS LOST!”   This year, during the first quarter, and spreading to the masses by mid to late summer 2017. WG

BTW, I am tired of hearing the bullshit alternative media excuses, mostly from guys like me who have been wrong on timing. Their over bloated egos can’t stand being wrong.  Thus you will hear statements like, “the banksters may carry this pounce scheme as long as they can and let it go to it’s grave naturally.”   Why the hell would the banksters honestly give a crap?  They ain’t going to be blamed, Trump will be.  And besides, the longer they tarry, the more real assets China scarfs up.  You and I may know who created this calamity, but the sheeple will never have that deep an understanding of the root causes of their paper failures.   I think they (sheeple) will understand the basics, “paper is not money.”  And it is my prediction, they will understand it this year, but don’t hold your breath for the true culprit’s faces showing up on wanted posters on the USPS walls.  Personally I smell a bunch of alternative media analyst who are pansies, with egos smashed as well.  Economic omnipresence in failure mode.

Analyst Disclaimer:  I personally favor the experts like those in my “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation.”   People humble enough to admit their errors, and to not let it dissuade them from the primary thesis in their analysis.  Folks with some “balls,” guys like Clif High……..

A News Years day conversation with an ego master “The Shaman”:  It’s 11:30 a.m. on New Years day, and a phone call to a “black belt” in ego analysis is required.  Though I am somewhat convinced I am right about my 2017 first quarter timing, it ain’t the item that troubles me the most.  Instead, it’s something much much larger.  It’s the upset to the perceived control by a US populous whose egos believe control is a birthright.  I have mentioned him in prior installments and for reference his primary thesis revolves around the belief that throughout history man’s greatest difficulty is “false perceived control that satisfies the human ego.”  A truly misguided concept.  BTW, I concur with him.  

He felt that I was somewhat on target with my 2017 predictions, though that is not his area of expertise.  With that in mind, he asked about my real concerns.  I used an analogy.  A football player and his teammates can lose all their games, which should logically require them to practice something new in order to get back on the winning track.  Ironically the controlling system still remains in tact though.  They may have had a losing season, but they feel they are still in control, because they are working to improve within the very constructs of the playing field and the rules of the game that they play.  THE SYSTEM!  The system itself helps to contain and to provide a false sense of protection for the human ego.  

So my question to him was, what happens when the system is false, and the only way answer to successful survival is to step outside the system’s rules and boundaries for an honest rebuild?  Yielding a need for constructive practice followed by playing and then followed by successful competing?   Stepping outside literally everything you were taught, and everything that made you “feel” safe.   His answer went around in circles a bit.

He said that his single spirit guide had "very" recently advised him he was going to have a second spirit advisor enter his life.  A second advisor to assist with the the additional traffic trying to cross over.  I am a bit confused and impatient at this point, and say WTF partner?   The short answer for the next 40 minutes of the conversation can be summarized very simply, “the ego’s loss of life’s perceived control from within the system will cause physical failures.”  BINGO!

Before getting back to the 2017 “financial” predictions, I have to reiterate that the “Big One” will very likely be the ego beat-down to come in 2017 which will test everyone.  To find safety people will be forced to breach the system's walls.  He didn’t say that, but I am, and that is why I called him to see if my Cherokee hunches had any merit. 

Please prepare yourself…you will be tested.  You have been warned once again, now back to the rest of the program in the more predictable and controllable financial world. WG

My holiday encounters proved beyond a shadow of a doubt (tell me if you saw something different) that the equity markets are the lone positive hopes of a western paper worshiping world.  It appears that everything else, though not entirely understood, is coming under doubt.  Even to the US sheeple minds.  Since everything else has pretty much failed, the news outlets only give reports on the equity markets, hoping to give it’s western viewers a “warm and fuzzy feeling.”  I suspect it will be brief in 2017.

Meanwhile in the real world, let’s reaffirm. Trump can’t stop what is coming, so it is the Wolf Gray’s opinions that the “free market business leadership communities” will start the “Truth” ball rolling.  Rolling in the first quarter of 2017.  After all, “WE” outside the system thinkers ain’t putting a meaningful dent in the minds of the corralled, inside the system sheeple.  Wolf Gray & yourselves, anyone.

In addition, I suspect that 2017 will usher in a precious metals pricing failure.  It will gradually become a front and center news piece by mid summer, as the real, on the ground leaders cause the sheeple to question what they were being told via the media outlets.  In the descriptions surrounding the chart for the second link in the above “News” segment, I mentioned the pricing of metals will break down.  It is WG’s opinion that by mid 2017, the paper pricing metrics will be virtually irrelevant as premiums and/or the full cost to obtain true physical possession of GSBC’s will be many many multiples of the listed spot price.  The “western” spot price may become an afterthought.  Thus, the true pricing may now hit the small quantity buyers over the head with a sledge hammer.  The average Joe & Jane Sixpack.  Egos to be chewed up and spit out as they will be late to the “outside the box lower GSBC’s pricing party.”   The ego beat-down issue will be everywhere as control is lost.  EVERYWHERE! WG

By the 2017 second quarter I suspect the masses will start wondering how the equities can still be numerically (if they haven’t totally cratered) buoyant, yet their purchasing power is in a decline.  All the while weakening debt markets and currency markets start making headlines, though not entirely understood by the standard “Ego-in-rapid-decline USA sheeple.”  

In the later half of 2017 I suspect a dumb arsed quick about-face for the westerners with the more positive paper portfolios, as they look to convert to the standard bearer of great long term hard asset value.  Real estate.  The look will be very, very brief, as many real estate markets will be starting toward a new pricing standard bearer, a 90-95% decline that is (a prediction from many moons ago by WG).  I think it begins to show up by the third quarter, if not sooner.

Time for a repeat tip:  If you hold a stash of metals and are in the market for new “digs” (housing), hold out for a while (probably no more than 2 years) to buy at a discount with the true bargaining power in your “stacks.”  Another long standing WG forecast.  And, if you must move right now, negotiate rental rates with that soon to be panicked seller.  And later, close a deal by laying out a “monster box” or a few tubes of “yellow” in front of the shattered ego of the now totally panicked real estate owner. WG

Barter & trading Tip: Don’t succumb to your own emotions.  Especially emotions that have a history of “western paper system norms” behind them, when you are discussing any future monetary decisions.  Why?  Simple, the system norms will be broken.  And so will the bargaining positions of egos in paper decline.  The owners of real money will be holding the “real chips” at the negotiating tables, so we best act like we been there before.

Folks, it is my view of 2017 that “needs” will finally supplant “wants.”  Thank God!  If adapting to change seems horrific, then you may want to consider a Martian address.  Change is about to be the new normal.  Gird your ego’s loins.  Preparations in advance will smooth out the bumps in the transitions.  Transitions happening right now for those that are awake and with “eyes alert” viewing outside the paper system.  Alternatively, these transitions will be almost inconceivable for those with their eyes shut.

It will be an exciting time to be alive.  Especially for those that are prepared in advance.  They will be the ones to enjoy the greater odds of having a smile on their faces, with an ego that doesn’t get totally trashed.  Congratulate yourselves.  BTW, ole’ WG is in pretty good company on some of his prognostications.  Get 'ahold' of the ALTA report from Clif High for January 2017 (I highly recommend it).  It yields web chatter right in line with the WG’s two year old timing forecasts.  Like the generic western paper precious metals pricing failure, along with an old WG real estate pricing collapse.  You guys might want to be be aware, or proud.  After all, ya never know, maybe we are/were on the web providing the linguistics of the future, and maybe the cerebral Mr. High was reading us as well.

Speaking of which, check out this excellent interview with Clif and the Watchdog!  Please note, I recognize the fact that “The Professor” has already put up this video in his most recent post on ‘roguemoney.net’…That being said, I still want to go into the details on a few of the points in this video as they may bolster some of my prior forecasts.  I need all the help I can get.  

The following are a few key points that perked the Wolf's ears a bit from this interview with Clif High......

@ 14:15...Clif feels the end of February will mark the point of the Trump euphoria ending, and a turning point with regards to the populous in the US or western world recognizing that all is not well.  As I mentioned in my 2017 forecasts, that turning point will be courtesy of the leaders in the business communities waking the hell up, with the sheeple quickly following their lead (following as sheeple do)…

@ 14:50...Clif's data sets indicate a a dollar weakness, but the interest rates (assuming to be describing the 10 yr. bond or mortgage rates here) will possibly revolve in or around 9.5% and up……Now that’s a pretty quick move folks, because he is talking about this year.  Real estate will be trashed.  Speaking of which…..

@ 17:25…Clif tells Greg Hunter that by mid summer the US sheeple will be able to look back at the real estate market and go wow, look how bad things really are. 

@ 18:45...Clif reaffirms that liquid holdings will be king (paraphrasing) in the trading for goods and/or property.  There will not be any surprises if real estate takes a 90% hit.   I agree except I would say near term the ability to negotiate with a handful of real money GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins) could result in even greater discounts, whether that equate to 90% over the near term a.k.a couple years is anybody's guess.  The Wolf Gray's guess is 90% or more and fairly soon.

@ 23:40...Clif reiterates the very near term data sets "Pre-inaguration" indicates that the currencies will be in chaos!   Once again this is worthy of a quick WG review (I have beat it to death): the currency & debt markets are far far far more important than the over glamorized equities.   Reasoning is very simple here, the eyeballs glued to their “picture boxes, and quarterly statements” don’t understand the currency & debt markets.

@ 25:50...Interestingly Clif says he is keeping "Bitcoin" on the radar as a real time indicator of the financial market upheavals.  Note the next couple minutes in Clif's analysis of just how important "Bitcoin" will be to the Chinese population.  Also in the same vein……

@ 29:00...Clif states he will also be using "Bitcoin" as his key indicator of the “emotional” turning points of the financial markets.  Pretty interesting indicator theory in my humble opinion.

@ 29:50…Here Clif addresses the trends in his data sets for the dollar...gold...& silver….A couple minutes into this segment he states silver starts heading upward in a pretty big way.  As in immediately.  For the record, as RM regulars know, I am a big promoter of owning physical GSBC's with a heavy weighting in silver.

@ 35:00...Clif feels the premiums for silver will be into 3 figures, and the numbers for physical silver shows up with 2 new near term numbers repeated in the data sets 125 and 345.  But very quickly he hits on something I have been expecting from the Wolf's den, and preaching here at RM for over a year, silver going no offer, OR DARK.  Another WG 2017 prediction, and gold will most likely follow the same pattern!  Paper pricing goes to it's proper position in the "Trash Bin of History!"   Clif's data sets say by August of this year.  Time will tell, but I suspect it will be a near term date.  I hope to heck so!

@ 36:45...Clif's data sets point to the summer solstice and into autumn that there will be total financial chaos with no offers in many items like GSBC's.

@ 38:33...One of Clif's markers for gold is that an ounce of gold will be able to buy the Dow, and that could show up in autumn 2017 or shortly thereafter.

@ 39:30...Very soon the "Truth Bombs" will start coming out or into the main stream of news.

@ Last Ten Minutes...Revolves around the Antarctic and the "Big Discovery," and why have all these world dignitaries been traveling to the globe’s southern most points.  Interesting chatter, but over my head at this juncture (even greater analysis is provided in Clif’s Jan. 2017 report), though I did discuss it heavily with my shaman friend.  Nothing substantive came from our discussion, as I was curious if the spirit world was beating any drums on the subject.  He said none that he knew of.

                                                      Final Thoughts on 2017

If you are a US resident and think some of the above predictions are too extreme or too far afield from reality, may I suggest a review of the prior installment and the definition of a “3rd World Country.”  Your western perceived realities, or more specifically your US based realities are being orchestrated, while the “Truth” is pushed aside.   In 2017 not only will life find a way, “Truth” will be leading the way.  “Truth” will be demanded…and it’s about damned time!

2016 was appetizer (for the informed minds), 2017 will be the main course (for the entire dining room), and 2018 will be desert (available only to those who are prepared in advance)!  Buckle the Hell Up folks, and if your “Ego” is totally tied to your Western Paper Systems, I suggest some prayer, put on a fire suit and tighten the chin strap on an ego proof crash helmet as well!  And you might as well forget the desert. WG

                                                             Hard Asset Tip

This one is political and very generic, but for the moment it is positive.  I just don’t know how it will shake out.  That being said there are quite a few Trump appointees and close associates that apparently understand the value of real money and/or GSBC’s.   Check this out……


Time will tell if these positive signs gain any traction at the higher offices of the US landscape.  Wolf Gray’s common sense red neck take, “who cares just own the darn stuff!  One way or another, 2017 will be serving up the financial main course to a completely filled dining hall, but only to those who can pay with real money!”

                                           Happy New Year from the WG Family


                    God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                   Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, The Wolfpack, Dr. Jim Willie & “The Hat Trick Letter”, The Shaman, Clif High & The Watchdog, Bix Weir & Dunagun Kaiser, ZeroHedge, Michael Snyder, Infowars, ‘investingnews.com’, 'theburningplatform.com', ‘thesleuthjournal.com’, Steve St. Angelo, Dave Kranzler, 'averybgoodman.com', King World News, Porky Pig, The International (movie)