Sue the Bastards: @PropOrNot Promoters at WaPost Are Facing Potential Litigation for Libel from Naked Capitalism

Smile Clint, you're likely going to be deposed if the lawsuit against the Washington (Com)Post over its pathetic and defamatory @PropOrNot story you participated in goes forward...

To any RogueMoney readers who watch C-SPAN weekday mornings -- Clint Watts aka @SelectedWisdom of the neocon Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) think tank will be a guest on Tuesday December 6 8:30 to 9:15 a.m. to discuss 'fake Russian news'. We imagine there will be plenty of rear end covering on his part and boilerplate language from any lawyer FPRI may keep around if he faces awkward questions about 21st century McCarthyism from Joe Q. Public:

One amusing angle on the news media broadside about Russia “hacking” the US election is the failure to mention - or even imagine! - that the US incessantly and continually runs propaganda psy-ops against every other country in the world. And I’m not even including the venerable, old, out-in-the-open propaganda organs like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe (reminder: the Iron Curtain came down a quarter century ago). Do you suppose that nobody at Langley, or the Pentagon, or the NSA’s sprawling 1.5 million square foot Utah Data Center is laboring night and day to sow confusion among other societies to push our various agendas?

The main offensive started with The Washington Post’s publication on Nov 26 of “The List,” a story calling out dozens of blogs and web news-sites as purveyors of “fake news” fronting for Russian disinformation forces. The list included Zero Hedge, Naked Capitalism, and David Stockman’s blog. There were several whack-job sites mixed in the list for seasoning — The Daily Stormer (Nazis), (Evangelical apocalyptic), GalacticConnection (UFO shit). The rest range between tabloid-silly and genuine, valuable news commentary. What else would you expect in a society with an Internet AND a completely incoherent consensus about reality?

Pretty obviously, the struggle between mainstream news and Web news climaxed over the election, with the mainstream overwhelmingly pimping for Hillary, and then having a nervous breakdown when she lost. Desperate to explain the loss, the two leading old-line newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post, ran with the Russia-Hacks-Election story — because only Satanic intervention could explain the fall of Ms. It’s-My-Turn / I’m-With-Her. Thus, the story went, Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC), gave the hacked emails to Wikileaks, and sabotaged not only Hillary herself but the livelihoods of every myrmidon in the American Deep State termite mound, an unforgivable act.

Also interestingly, these newspapers and their handmaidens on TV, were far less concerned as to whether the leaked information was true or not — e.g. the Clinton Foundation donors’ influence-peddling around arms deals made in the State Department; the DNC’s campaign to undermine Bernie Sanders in the primaries; DNC temporary chair (and CNN employee) Donna Brazille conveying debate questions to HRC; the content of HRC’s quarter-million-dollar speeches to Wall Street banks. All of that turned out to be true, of course.


The Naked Capitalism Suit Could Expose the Networks of OpMockingbird 2.0

Speaking for ourselves, if not the entire RogueMoney team, we're disappointed didn't make @PropOrNot's WaPost touted black 'list', even though the Russia Analyst's friend The Saker made it, as did our acquaintence Charles Bausman and his team of Moscow-based expats at Russia Insider. On the other hand, should the proud tottering tower that is the Washington (Langley) Post fail to do the smart thing and yank their story with an apology to those smeared, Yves Smith's lawsuit is rife for a class action, with RM gateway drug site's principals joining in. That could lead to a remarkable opportunity for those in the alt/new media community to expose what we've long seen traces and hints of: the 21st century Operation Mockingbird 2.0. What the Russia Analyst has dubbed the Lowdown Dirty Psyops networks that have sprouted like mushrooms since Congress quietly eliminated the Smith Mundt Act in 2013.

Thierry Meyssan, a dissident Frenchman based in Damascus with very good sources in the Assad government (who is apparently unaware the Smith Mundt Act was abolished) is on the right track, in formally asking the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) whether any of their employees were involved in PropOrNot. The Russia Analyst gleaned from the story by The New Yorker's Adrian Chen, who previously investigated the Russia's infamous 'St. Petersburg troll farm', that at least one former State Department official has advised the @PropOrNot crew.

The U.S. Naval Twitter War College Moonlighting Social Media Psyops Model

Since we, unlike The Washington Post, have high journalistic standards, we won't guess by name who that ex-DoS figure is, but we imagine it rhymes with 'Raul Noble'. We don't think of course, that the BBG/VOA would be so stupid as to have employees -- most likely of Ukrainian or other Eastern European origin -- working for @PropOrNot from their taxpayer funded offices at 330 Independence Ave SW in Washington. But we do have strong reason to suspect at least some people closely affiliated with D.C.'s relatively narrow Russophobic 'clans' are doing the work moonlighting from their federal employment -- a model we've already seen proudly claimed from the #TeamNSA and #NeverTrump Twitter trolling campaigns run out of the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Indeed, in some respects @PropOrNot merely represents a cruder and clumsier version of the more polished propaganda produced by the Atlantic Council and its 'independent' open source 'sleuths' aka NATO sock puppets at Bellingcat -- who've also disavowed any connection to @PropOrNot.

NATO's Center for Information Excellence in Riga:
Trolling Americans for the Alliance and Against Detente with Russia?

From its creation, NATO’s Centre of Strategic Communication incorporated a service of the Atlantic Council, the Digital Forensics Research Lab. A Manual of Strategic Communication was drawn up by NATO. It was intended to co-ordinate and replace the old system in terms of Public Diplomacy, Public Relations (Public Affairs), Public Military Relations, Operations on Electronic Communication Systems (Information Operations) and Psychological Operations.

Inspired by NATO, on 23 November 2016, the Polish ex-Minister for Foreign Affairs and now European Deputy, Anna Fotyga, forced through the European Parliament a resolution about «Strategic Communication of the Union aimed at countering propaganda directed against her by third parties» [10]. Once again the target had been displaced - it was no longer a case of countering the dispute over 9/11 (now 15 years old), nor that of the war against Syria, but to create an amalgam between the contesting positions on the events in Ukraine, and Daesh. So we had come full circle – according to NATO, those who contested 9/11 were attempting to rehabilitate al-Qaïda, and those who were playing Russia’s game were attempting to destroy the West, like Daesh. And so what if NATO supports al-Qaïda in East Aleppo?


While we cannot substantiate Mr. Meyssan's claim that he was subject to death threats before adopting exile from his native France, we can say we've noticed many of the same patterns in Atlanticist (dis)information operations from the start of the second Cold War in early 2014. The furious if flustered activity since the election of Donald J. Trump -- which Andrew Weisburd in his 'conspiracy theory for me but not for thee' mindset from his attic in Carbondale, IL claims Russia played a major part in -- would appear to represent the dirty Deep State and Congressional neocons' desperation to block Trump's promised detente with Moscow. 

Operation Mockingbird and Uncle Sam's History of #FakeNews:
When the BBG's 'Active Measures' Come Home as Anti-Trump Propaganda

So yes, if we see Clint Watts of FPRI or his nominal partner in Twitter trolling now seeking to distance himself from PropOrNot Andrew Weisburd getting deposed under penalty of perjury in court, get your popcorn ready folks -- we may find out at least some of which dirty Deep State (if not foreign government/transnational) actors or at least slush funds are paying for this garbage. Perhaps these individuals will have to plead the fifth or plead with the judge that they not be made to answer questions under cross examination concerning any foreign influences or paying think tank donors that they represent. Which could include the [CIA/State Dept. run] government of Ukraine, which has already been credibly accused of creating FAKE documents about then Trump adviser Paul Manafort in order to influence the U.S. election.

Call it the 'Streisand effect' of psyops, unintended but hilariously lampooned by Yves Smith's team at the parody site If the CIA has historically been concerned that the Soviets would plant Active Measures aka fake stories in media abroad to eventually influence people in 'the West' (for example the theory that the CIA created AIDS in a lab), it's fair for a modern day Sen. Frank Church to ask: at what point does agitprop planted abroad by the CIA and State Department in places like Kiev come home to roost, in the form of vitriol and Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) fabricated lies directed against President-elect Trump?

Trust our sources in Washington Msrs. Watts and Weisburd, there are members of the Trump transition team asking serious questions regarding the management and vicious anti-Trump bias at RFE/RL and VOA today. Maybe after January 20, 2017 they're going to get around to asking questions about who in the federal government via the BBG/NED/NRI networks is funding YOU.

As the Russians say, you're only as good as your kryshe if it leaks -- and leak it will. Happy Holidays!