Alt-Media Sites 'Listed' as Kremlin Agitprop by Faceless Ukro-Trolls of @PropOrNot Threaten to Sue for Libel

Link to the 'Press Release' Put Out About @PropOrNot in Response to Widespread Condemnation Across the Political Landscape from Rolling Stone to Zerohedge

Sue the Bastards: US News Reports some Alt-Media Have Had Enough and Want to See @PropOrNot's Anonymous Ukro-Trolls and Contributors in Court

What is clear however, is that should the increasingly organized and apparently centrally planned push against 'Russian propaganda' continue to smear Americans who've never taken a kopek in Russian funding from the Kremlin or Moscow's corporations, simply because they disagree with U.S. foreign policy, there is bound to be pushback. Including private and journalistic investigations into whether some of the individuals whose 'work' was cited by @PropOrNot (but who have disavowed working with it under online scrutiny), including Andrew Weisburd and ex-US Army officer Joel Harding, have ties of their own to foreign governments targeting free speech by Americans, especially the regime in Kiev.

While both Weisburd and Harding deny being anything other than private citizens and self-appointed witch hunters of Kremlin trolls (with Harding facing amateur sleuths digging into his announced contacts with @PropOrNot), it would be interesting to see them -- or employees of the FPRI -- denying under cross examination in libel court receiving payment or instructions from the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington. Or in Weisburd's case, watching him in the dock denying knowing any 'ex' intelligence officers from a small country in the southeastern Mediterranean known for aggressively spying on American soil...

Several American news outlets are considering legal action against the anonymous person or group that last week published a widely distributed list of alleged Russian propaganda outlets and “bona-fide ‘useful idiots’” of the Kremlin.

Online publications including the influential news-aggregating Drudge Report, the primary-source publisher WikiLeaks and news outlets of various leanings made “the list” hosted on the website

The Washington Post leaned heavily on the anonymous group’s claims last week in an article reporting that “two teams of independent researchers” – including the Foreign Policy Research Institute and PropOrNot – had found a “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’” ahead of the recent presidential election.

The term “fake news” has become a flashpoint since the election, with many mainstream media outlets claiming an epidemic of bogus reporting during the election campaign, soliciting stiff pushback from independent outlets that say the term is being used in a bid to censor social media and news platforms of independent viewpoints.

The anonymous website offers no individual analysis to justify its listing of sites, many of them with political views distinct from the mainstream media, such as the Ron Paul Institute,, the finance blog Zero Hedge and the Black Agenda Report.


As we will see, there may be more than meets the eye to the hiding of PropOrNot’s secret personnel list, though. Bear with me.

I can vouch personally for Timberg’s lack of journalistic principle and reportorial effort.CounterPunch is listed on PropOrNot’s home page as number nine on the blacklist, under the headline: “Russian Propaganda Targets All Americans.” PropOrNot conveniently included two links to CounterPunch articles which it indicates make its case for including the site on their list. The first, under the heading “Review Article,” takes the reader to a page of a very similar looking site called and an article headlined: “Russia Useful Idiots Proliferate Russian Propaganda.” Below that snarky headline, the analyst Joel Harding gives a bylined analysis of the article, in which he questions the author’s qualifications to be a self-described part of the American left, since he identifies himself as a socialist, which Harding then tells the reader “isn’t exactly the normal American ‘left’, but the ‘remnants of the Soviet’ left.” Comically, Harding fails to notice that actually the CounterPunch author in this case isn’t even a US resident, but describes himself as a “retired aerospace worker living in British Columbia.”

Clearly this is not someone given to sober expert analysis as characterized by the Post’s Timberg, yet Harding is being cited here as the one declaring CounterPunch to be a Russian propaganda vehicle.

In any event, the reprint that follows Harding’s introduction, written by the Canadian CounterPunch contributor Robert Annis, and headlined “Western Media Propaganda Threatens Peace and Prolongs the Deadly Conflict in Eastern Ukraine,” which ran Sept. 2, reports quite factually, quoting such Western sources as Reuters and the New York Times, that a plurality of Swedes and Finns oppose their respective conservative government’s efforts to join NATO. Annis then goes on to quite accurately write that US reporting on the civil war in eastern Ukraine fails to note that it is Ukrainian forces that are taking aggressive actions towards the separatist regions of Lugansk and Donetsk, not separatists (or Russians) invading the or threatening regions of Ukraine to the west of those two breakaway ethnic-Russian majority provinces.

Nothing in Annis’s article sources Russian information, and there is no evidence that Annis, who clearly identifies himself in his accompanying CounterPunch bio, as a Canadian socialist and as editor of the website The New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond.

Think about it a moment. If that kind of open identification of the politics of its authors is how CounterPunch operates (and it is), it’s pretty hard to see how anyone, except for the incredibly credulous or disingenuous Timberg and his pathetic sources for his scare story could perceive the magazine as being a secret vehicle for promoting subversive Russian propaganda!

The second link in PropOrNot’s CounterPunch listing is under the heading “Absurd Pro-Russia Content.” This link leads directly to my article! Apparently in the view of the “experts” at PropOrNot, my piece is such blatant propaganda that no introduction and analysis by someone as skilled at detecting hidden bias and Russian perfidy as Harding is even required. I’m guessing it’s my lead, which refers ironically enough to the Pentagon’s own all-too real propaganda campaign aimed at Americans designed to convince them that Russia is an aggressive and existential threat to the United States.

And in fact, while our corporate media don’t talk about it, the US does run a vast propaganda operation, which includes the spawning and spreading of, guess what?, fake news stories! This kind of thing has gone on for years abroad, but since 2001, under both the Bush and Obama administrations, both the Pentagon and the US Information Agency have done away with an earlier ban on spreading such lies posing as news inside the US. Now we’re all fair game for US propaganda, which by the way the mainstream media routinely parrot. (Of course, we were already massively fed false stories by our mainstream media, from WMDs in Hussein’s Iraq to Assad’s chlorine gas attacks in Damascus, from only “moderate” Jihadi rebels being armed and trained in Syria to US hospital bombings like the one in Kunduz, Afghanistan being “accidents,” not deliberate targeting.)

In any event, no effort is made by either PropOrNot or Timberg to show how my article, which is based upon my own opinions and analysis, my own reporting, plus the excellent work of crack investigative journalists like Bob Parry, and experts like Ray McGovern, is either a piece of Russian propaganda, or a parroting of other articles that might be, in Timberg’s view, Russian propaganda.

I wrote an email to Timberg offering to explain to him how as a veteran, award-winning journalist and investigative reporter of 44 year’s experience with four critically reviewed books to my name and five years’ experience as a foreign correspondent for BusinessWeek in Hong Kong and China, I select my stories to report on and to write, so that he might get the proverbial “other side” of his story out to readers. So far, Timberg hasn’t replied to that offer. I’m sure editors at some of the sites expressly named on Timberg’s PropOrNot list — none of whom he apparently bothered to try and contact while cobbling together his article — have done the same.

What it appears we really have here courtesy of Timberg and the Washington Post is a classic piece of McCarthyite red-baiting propaganda, complete with a call for the FBI and US Justice Department to investigate those on the list for possible violation of the US Espionage Act, the Foreign Agent Registration Act “and other related laws.” Any site that is critical of US foreign policy, who says anything favorable about Russia, or who was critical of Hillary Clinton, is suspected of being a Russian propagandist.

Where things get really serious is that if this Harding character — the guy whose byline appears in the introduction on PropOrNot’s first page of evidence against CounterPunch magazine — is what he appears to be, PropOrNot could actually be a Pentagon funded operation, which would make Timberg’s Washington Post hit piece on alternative news sites particularly outrageous, and his and the Post editors’ keeping of the site’s members and owners names secret a scandal of enormous proportions. Harding, I have discovered through some research on Google, while perhaps not a high-wattage secret propagandist spotter, does appear to be a major figure in PropOrNot — perhaps even its mysterious executive director? He describes himself on his own website as having this interesting background: 35 years “working national security issues,” including enlisted soldier in a Special Forces detachment, followed by a career as a military intel officer, at information operations at the Department of Defense, and organizer of InfowarCon, which hosts meetings on cyberwarfare.

And while some might take some pause at the source, Russia Insider, which describes itself as a media criticism site put out by a “group of expats living in Russia,” the site reports that Joel Harding, a current or retired brigadier general in the US Army and a self-described NATO advisor, heads a “team of dedicated internet trolls,” allegedly on the Pentagon payroll, who “openly libel and harass” journalists and authors whom the ever-vigilant Harding perceives to be Kremlin agents. No wonder PropOrNot wants its members’ identities kept secret!

If any of this stuff is correct, it means that this whole effort to tar the country’s leading alternative news sites and leading independent journalists on left and right as Russian agents working as part of a propaganda conspiracy is really just a gigantic “fake news” story perpetrated by the government, and worse perhaps, the military — with the willing connivance of one of the country’s leading newspapers — an idea that should turn the stomach and infuriate any real American.


Joel Harding: Ex-US Army Pathological Liar and Water Carrier for Kiev's SBU Thugs

PropOrNot is getting slammed for not identifying who works there. Their attackers feel they should be open to personal attacks, it seems. Nobody has attacked their methodology, but their final conclusions are being questioned.

Many of the writers and sites attacking the list of “bad” websites claim they never were paid a cent by Russia, don’t support Russia in any way, and how dare they be associated with the publishing of Russian propaganda. The problem is there is a high correlation between the stories they write, especially the words used, and the stories on the exact same topics produced by real Russian propaganda sites. Not helping their case in the least is the presence of a majority of completely fake, false and fabricated stories written by them or published on their site.


Above: An example of lowdown dirty psyops use of Orwellian doublethink. How's it that Russian influence operations suck so badly, yet they're reaching 15 MILLION AMERICANS, and according to Joel Harding's buddy Andrew Weisburd writing for War on the Rocks, helped put Donald Trump into the White House? You idiots can't seriously have it both ways!

The above quote, claiming 'nobody' is attacking the methodology of @PropOrNot, which among other sites has laughably labeled the world beating news aggregator The Drudge Report a conduit for 'Kremlin disinformation' reaching '15 million Americans' (a number @PropOrNot appears to have pulled out of their rear ends and which Harding makes no effort to substantiate) is typical @Joel_Harding.

What kind of idiot after all, unless they know nothing about American politics because they're running their site 'outing' Putin's alleged American minions from Kyiv, thinks Matt Drudge is pro-Putin on the basis of articles Drudge links to which are mostly about 'scary Russian military moves/preparations for nuclear war' published in the UK Daily Mail? Unless of course, as we speculated in our first article about who or what is behind @PropOrNot, these particular Ukro-trolls' enemies lists happen to overlap with those of George Soros and Media Matters...

Whether or not Harding threatened pro-Donbass rebel American journalist GH Eliason with arrest and torture by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) -- a claim Harding denies -- Harding either cannot keep his facts straight or is a pathological liar. While complaining about 'Russian fakes' and alleged Russian disinformation targeting the U.S. presidential election, you never hear from Mr. Harding -- who has boasted of trying to shape Ukraine's information war strategy as an unpaid, informal adviser -- about Kiev's own active measures targeting Donald J. Trump's campaign in the Soviet tradition of dezinformatsiya, which many KGB officers of Ukrainian origin participated in (a fact, along with Soviet bosses Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev's Ukrainian origins, which always gets left out of the 'story' told by Kiev's propaganda):

Propornot is another incarnation of Stopfake or the Daily Dot. Both of these propaganda sites have been doing the same essential thing as propornot since the beginning of the 2014 Coup in Ukraine. In that sense there is nothing notable or remarkable about it. What is remarkable is the amount of press this crude website has generated and why.

The website itself is a compilation of working lists developed by different sources that now work in tandem. It’s been over 3 years in the making and propornot is just the latest side dish.

OpEdNews, Washingtonsblog, ZeroHedge, Consortium News, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, the Vineyard of the Saker, and Off Guardian are among many others listed publicly and privately to developed website hit lists. Propornot pulls its own lists from sites and contacts like these. The base model is the Ukrainian website “PeaceMaker” which gained fame in March 2015.

The people that wrote the Ukrainian information policy and developed the methods for the “Myrotvorets” or Peacemaker website did so with the sole goal of creating a clearinghouse for killing dissent and dissenters. Site’s like propornot are offspring from the 40,000+ people working on the projects. At the top of the heap the lists feed downward to feed activists workloads.


New York Times Promoted Ukrainian Active Measures Against the Trump Campaign:
The Blindly Accepted as Authentic 'Manafort' Payments List from the SBU

For example, The New York Times accepting without question in August the authenticity of handwritten documents supposedly found by the SBU implicating former Yanukovych and Trump campaign aide Paul Manafort in receiving $12 million in illicit oligarch cash. Manafort denies the payments and there's little evidence the NYT bothered to check the veracity of the scrawled notes with any other source. The story did not significantly effect the outcome of the election -- by that point Trump had decided to change campaign managers from Manafort to Breitbart News chief Steve Bannon -- but the damage to Trump's candidacy was done from a foreign government source. It's interesting to note that the SBU only bothered to produce the alleged $12 million payments note AFTER Trump earned the GOP nomination, not during the Republican Party primaries when he was competing with less 'Russia friendly' candidates such as Florida Sen. Marco Rubio or prior to Trump's statements about possibly recognizing Crimea as Russian territory.

The SBU's history of fakes and frauds, starting with its hopelessly botched 'investigation' if not deliberate coverup of the false flag Maidan sniper killings, which targeted Berkut riot policeman and anti-Yanukovych activists alike from buildings controlled by Andre Parubiy's 'Maidan Self-Defense' thugs, simply wasn't considered relevant to the Old Grey (Whore) Lady newspaper. Neither was the U.S.-backed Kiev regime's total failure to successfully try and convict a single perpetrator for arson, rioting and mass murder in connection with the massacre of anti-Maidan activists in Odessa on May 2, 2014. So much for 'European values' and the 'rule of law' in post-Maidan Ukraine. As for the NYT, they could care less about proving whether some old scrawled note produced by the known liars of the SBU is real. They had an axe to grind against Trump by linking Manafort to the Kremlin or at least pro-Kremlin oligarchs in Ukraine.

The SBU's History of Fakes and Lies, Including Obfuscating Foreign Mercs in the Donbass, Ukrainian Army BUKs in Range of MH17 on 07/14/2014 and the 'Dirty Bomb' Hoax

Other examples of Kiev's state-sanctioned lies include's claim that a crowd in Donetsk was shouting, 'Get to work!' in Russian instead of 'Blackwater!' when confronted by armed individuals suspected of being foreign mercenaries in March 2014 -- armed men who refused to speak either Russian nor Ukrainian on camera. Then there's the dismissal by Aric Toler of Bellingcat as a 'flub' Kiev getting caught in the immediate aftermath of the MH17 shoot down trying to pose Ukrainian Army BUK312 and other UAF missile launchers as THE Russian BUK which allegedly brought down the Malaysian Airliner (which is related to the total failure of the Ukrainian regime to produce credible alibis with documentation for the locations of Ukraine's SAM launchers on July 17, 2014). Kiev also pushed the preposterous story to the UK Times in 2015 that the Russian backed Donbass militia were building a 'dirty bomb' to detonate and blame on the Ukrainian government using old radioactive trash from the Chernobyl disaster. But because Joel Harding views himself as an unofficial information warrior for the Ukrainians resisting 'Russian aggression', none of these Ukrainian lies or fakes are relevant to him.

Then there were the nameless, faceless 'NATO country intelligence sources' feeding stories about alleged KGB kompromat on Mr. Trump to Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald. Might some of those intelligence officers have worked directly with the SBU? And was it a present or former SBU officer who told ex-NSA analyst John R. Schindler that the son of acting Trump National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn accepted payments from RT or any other Russian taxpayer supported source -- without presenting any evidence to support this claim?

Internet Haganah is a project of the Society for Internet Research and ‘endorses’ two other organisations: The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center and the Global Justice Group Inc. The former is run by a retired colonel in Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, and maintains an office inside the Israeli defence ministry.


Under POTUS Trump and AG Sessions, the FARA Investigations Are Coming Alright:
But for the Neocon GCC Firsters @PropOrNot Would Consider Allies

If Harding were official and paid, he'd have to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), as would Andrew Weisburd, whose work with Israeli nationals involved in the 'Internet Haganah' project to harass and defame pro-Palestinian activists as terrorists has come under considerable scrutiny from Wikispooks. As we've previously reported about Mr. Weisburd, who has been prominently promoted by the War on the Rocks website of late, in his Daily Beast story about alleged Russian spread disinfo surrounding the Incirlik Air Base last summer, not ONCE did Weisburd mention that the Turkish government had cut off electrical power to the American base for a week. That isn't just sloppy or lazy journalism, that's deliberate disinformation to steer Daily Beast readers attention away from Washington's problems with an increasingly dictatorial and Islamist NATO ally and towards the Russians -- a slick Atlanticist version of the government influenced if not necessarily directed disinfo Weisburd accuses Moscow of pushing on Americans.

At any rate, those pushing the 'Russian agents and dupes' everywhere narrative the most should be ready for turnabout and intense scrutiny of their own ties to foreign governments, particularly those like Saudi Arabia or Qatar supportive of the Syrian jihadist cause and connected to Islamist front organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). The subtext of Bloomberg News reporter (and noted neocon supporter of the 'moderate' al-Qaeda allied Syria jihadists) Eli Lake's latest article fearing 'Trump's Coming Witch Hunt Against Political Islam' is that pro-Syria jihadi think tanks could face greater scrutiny for their ties to Riyadh, Doha and Ankara.

That in turn, could spill over into U.S. Justice Department/FBI investigations of more 'respectable' think tanks such as the Brookings Institute, which maintains its Doha branch, and the Eliot Higgins/Bellingcat-funding NATO propaganda attack dog the Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council has accepted millions in donations from Mideast governments with a vested stake in the U.S. saving their jihadi proxies now losing the war in Syria. Not coincidentally, Eliot Higgins has proven to be extremely reluctant to geolocate or investigate from his couch in Leicester, England Saudi air strikes that killed scores of Yemeni civilians in the poorest country in the Arab world.

The Abundant Fantasy Life of Carbondale, IL Based Loser Andrew Aron Weisburd

There's an old expression -- those who live in glass houses should not throw rocks. It's one Msrs. Weisburd and Harding, as well as their promoters at War on the Rocks would do well to heed. As it stands, they've given the alternative media and any private investigators the potential litigants against @PropOrNot may hire -- plenty of motivation to dig into their potential relationships with governments -- both here and abroad. In the new era of American nationalism and anti-globalism that's rising, red blooded Americans are not going to be intimidated by a bunch of anonymous pissant propagandists, whether they work for Soros/Media Matters in Washington or the failing, increasingly hated by Ukrainians kleptocracy in Kiev.