EU(SSR) Parliament Passes Resolution Against 'Russian Propaganda', @EUvsDisinfo Smears Radio Host @RealAlexJones as a Kremlin Mouthpiece

The real decisions in the post-national, undemocratic superstate are made in Brussels by unelected bureaucrats of the so-called EU Council of Ministers. And they are already funding an operation, the East StratCom Task Force, which since March 2015 propagandizes against both EU and U.S. citizens opposed to the policies of Cold War 2.0 and US/NATO provocations toward Russia. Strangely enough, the latter group of Americans smeared as purveyors of 'Kremlin disinfo' by Czech eurofanatic Jakub Kalensky and his team at @EUvsDisinfo includes one Alexander Emmerich Jones (@RealAlexJones), the Austin, Texas-based host of

If an EU resolution against the Russian media is implemented, Moscow will take retaliatory measures, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has stated. “We hope that the resolution will not entail practical steps on curbing the work of the Russian media,” the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova told journalists at a briefing.

“There is hope that such steps will not follow, because the adoption of such a document caused massive uproar, for one, in the EU itself.

“If this document is applied and implemented to curb the activities of the Russian media on EU member states’ territories, then we will of course take measures in response,” Zakharova added.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted on a non-legislative resolution which urges the EU to “respond to information warfare by Russia,” with RT and Sputnik news agency branded the most dangerous “tools” of “hostile propaganda.”

The document shows “political degradation” regarding the “idea of democracy” in the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded, adding that while “everyone tries to lecture” Russia on democracy, Europe wants to implement a policy of restrictions.

Zakharova branded the document as “paranoia” and part of “the ongoing demonization of Russia,” adding that it is filled with “made-up messages, myths,” and reflects “the ideology which has been cultivated towards Russia recently.”


Why does James "Winston" Smith the Russia Analyst, an American, mention the peculiarity of Jakub Kalensky, a Czech citizen, choosing to smear a fellow American in Alex Jones as a Kremlin disinfo asset? Because we believe it cuts to the heart of whether the European Union (EU) is defending free speech and democratic nations from misinformation peddled by Russian media outlets -- or if the EU(SSR) is simply acting as a tottering supranational evil empire, attacking anyone who dares criticize Brussels. Especially when those critics don't live in the European Union, or happen to be American citizens, like Charles Bausman the publisher of Russia Insider, living in Moscow.

However let me be the first to warn them, if @EUvsDisinfo is bold enough to attack the likes of 'King of Conspiracy' Alex Jones with his microphone and YouTube channel listened to by millions every week, that eventually some prominent person in the U.S. is going to tell Mr. Kalensky and his colleagues where they can stick their EU flags. Perhaps while in the company of UKIP champion 'Mr Brexit' Nigel Farage, who (sadly) has denied he's moving to the States (but seems rather fond of Trump Tower and visiting the U.S. frequently anyway).

Although we weren't alive for the worst of the Red Scare in the 1950s, we don't think anyone was this exercised about Radio Moscow which any American with a short wave receiver could listen to (along with the chirping of the so-called 'Russian woodpecker') at night during the first Cold War. Throughout Cold War 1.0 it was the Soviets who had to jam signals from the Voice of America (which the Russia Analyst's Soviet Union raised father in law can still recall listening to in secret), and force their citizens into reading banned samizdat in the shadows, not the confident 'free world'. It was the Soviet dominated East Germans, not the West Germans or Americans, who had to build a physical wall to keep their people from fleeing the 'workers paradise'.

It was the Nazis and later the Soviets, who had to ban the 'forbidden fruit' of jazz or rock and roll. If you make the moral teachings of 'mad' Russian monks or the Eurasianism lectures of Alexandr Dugin dangerous 'bad think' instead of laughing them off, you only increase their appeal, alongside the views of newly minted Russian citizens Jeff Monson and Steven Segal. What we see today in the (post)Western world is a rising authoritarian globalism masquerading as 'freedom and democracy'.

As Yasha Levine, the son of Soviet Jewish emigres writes:

Maybe Russia has the means to “hack” America’s elections, but it’s hard to talk about it without real evidence.

Sure, Russia’s been getting into the psyops game much more lately — with fake and biased news, comment trolls and Twitter bots. It’s cheap and effective, and good at exploiting people’s increasing lack trust in their country’s institutions and political process. But in reality it seems to have very little penetration of America’s media landscape. Let’s face it: life is miserable and getting more miserable by the day for most Americans — and no one in power seems to care one way or another.

Americans don’t need a Russian Twitter bot to undermine their trust in the Democratic Party [and Greeks, Spaniards, Italians and other EU citizens don’t need Russian propaganda to tell them Brussels promises of economic growth and stable management of migration flows are lies - JWS]. And anyway, this kind of propaganda psyops isn’t anything that the United States isn’t doing at this very moment against Russia on a much bigger level — just look at Tor, Internet Freedom and Radio Free Europe.


Today somehow RT and Sputnik International, which just a few years ago we were confidently told no one but cranks living in their mothers' basements read or listened to, are considered by a European Parliament majority to pose serious threats to the survival and stability of the supposedly largest economic bloc on the planet? How weak and pathetic and close to USSR-style dissolution is the EU admitting itself to be? It's as if Brussels were to catch a whiff of Russian propaganda with a cold, it would die of pneumonia and 5 Star Movement driven Italexit and lira-printing heart failure the next day.

There's also the amusing irony that an official EU mouthpiece which claims not to officially speak for the Eurocrats in Brussels is attacking Alex Jones, thereby confirming the Infowars' talk radio host narrative of fighting globalists. What could after all be more globalist than professional trolls like Mr. Kalensky being paid with EU or even U.S. (via State Department grants or in-kind promotion) taxpayer money to attack American and European (Dis)Union nation state citizens as Kremlin stooges?

Dear Mr. Kalensky of @EUvsDisinfo, why won't you look at those you smear as Kremlin disinformation agents in the eye like a man?

If we were in Mr. Jones' shoes (and no we don't know him personally), we'd take Mr. Kalensky's throwaway 'drive by media' line: "Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is running the pro-Kremlin outlet, explained to his viewers that the US (which he claims is controlled by George Soros) has already declared war against Russia (" from the November 8, 2016 issue of Disinformation Review, and print it out in large letters. Then we'd tape it to a gun range silhoutte target featuring an EU flag, take it to Red's Guns shooting range outside Austin, and blast away at it with an AR-15 while filming the whole thing for Mr. Kalensky and his EU Stratcom team's enjoyment on YouTube. Then on camera, we'd invite Kalensky or one of his similar eurocrat pansy colleagues to come to Austin for some cold Shiner Bock beer, Stubbs BBQ and hotel stay at my expense to see for himself whether FSB/SVR agents are roaming the halls of Infowars headquarters (as opposed to a single young female Russian translator, likely married to a Texan), supervising all the supposedly pro-Putin messages being disseminated therein.

Hey Jakub --can you sing the lyrics to "Country Boys Can Survive!" in Czech? Or have you ever heard an Alex Jones listener good ole' boy who didn't want to elect Hillary explain to you the finer points of a 1930s-40s Brno works 9 mm parabellum or Vz24, and then offer to take you shooting with one here in 2nd Amendment loving America? Or ask for your opinion of Ivana Trump as the next United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic?

We'll come back to the issue of -- ahem -- naming and shaming the yelping attack dogs for the dying European Union/Atlanticist globalist empire in a separate post, addressing the Washington (Com)Post's promotion of the ludicrous website. But first, let's look at the broader context. Why of all weeks since the start of Cold War 2.0 with the U.S. sponsored Maidan coup d'etat followed by the Russian Spring and return of Crimea to Russia did the European Parliament's Russophobes decide to have their hissy fit this past week?

Could it be due to the failure of both Kiev and EU produced propaganda to sway Americans not to vote for Donald J. Trump, after The Donald promised "getting along with Russia" in speech after speech? Could the EUrocrats be terrified that with the winds of change blowing from a Trump White House after January 20, 2017 their and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's diehard position of no compromise on anti-Moscow sanctions will look increasingly isolated and ridiculous? What about, as the Russia Analyst mentioned in a previous post, the distinct possibility of @EUvsDisinfo or for that matter U.S. taxpayer funded RFERL raging when 'radical right wing pro-Russian' parties they've demonized like France's National Front and Germany's AfD have their spokeswomen Marion Maréchal-Le Pen or Frauke Petry invited to Washington (if not the White House) as guests of the President's adviser, Stephen Bannon?

Perhaps that sound of screeching you hear coming from the European Parliament and the EU Stratcom Task Force offices is just that: the wails of those who will soon be irrelevant, ignored by their own European nations' business lobbies rushing to restore trade with the Russians -- and those whose opinions already have been ignored by the electoral majority that put Donald Trump into the White House. And which will soon God willing send Marine Le Pen to the Elysee Palace:

And as an added bonus for the Eurocrats, we have this 'thank you card' from PolitRussia and 'Putinist' Ruslan Ostashko:

Today I want to, following President Putin, congratulate the journalists of RT and Sputnik for their great moral victory. The European Parliament has adopted a resolution on counteracting Russian propaganda which de facto equated such to ISIS. This is a success.

Let’s recall the joke that we have only two competitive products: the world’s best ballet and the Kalashnikov rifle. But now we can say that we have the best propaganda in the world, and this fact has been confirmed by European deputies’ resolution. If they laughed at our propaganda, if it was ineffective, or if it did not have a real impact on European public opinion, then there would never have been this kind of resolution.

It should be noted that the European Parliament chose the most defeatist path possible. The resolution adopted had a mere recommendatory nature which contains a lot of criticism of Russian propaganda and Russia’s “negative impact” in general, including even the role of the Russian Orthodox Church across the wonderful European Union. The Eurodeputies didn’t have the strength, means, nor political will to implement real censorship.

What is the result? Everything is clear: RT and Sputnik have received a free, ideal promotion and advertisement on the level of the EU’s main legislative authority. This is simply a fantastic strengthening of our image as counter-cultural and anti-system players on the information market. This is great!

European deputies should be paid for this, and I am speaking absolutely seriously. After all, they have done a whole PR move for Russian propaganda for free! I think that yesterday RT and Sputnik offices opened bottles of champagne. After all, it’s not everyday that one gets free gifts.

I perfectly know that there is nothing better in terms of advertising than banning something. Forbidden fruit is sweet and forbidden fruit is sought after. Forbidden fruit is even paid for, and it is even better in the case of Russian propaganda, because this forbidden fruit is free. Consumers are ready to search for forbidden fruit despite all the obstacles and difficulties. Want to make a book popular? Ban it. The same mechanism is at work here.

Regardless of nationality or wealth, people like to prove to themselves and those around them that they think freely and are not the slaves of an official system of politically correct discourse. Now the European Parliament has shown them a free and pleasant way to do so - you just have to watch RT. How can you make political media fashionable and even attractive to young people? When evil, stupid, and unloved adult bureaucrats from the European Parliament ban something, then the fashion and attractiveness of such will come by itself.

Does this remind you of anything? The behavior of the European Parliament reminds me of the Soviet nomenklatura’s behavior in the period when it finally became detached from reality and felt that information warfare could be waged by bans. This ended in total defeat in the information war as the bans themselves became clear signs of the ideological bankruptcy of those who introduced them.

To this day, there are still freaks in the European Parliament who believe that they are fighting against communism when they try to ban Russian propaganda in the EU. These people put the Russian Orthodox Church and ISIS on the same list and have demanded that the former’s devastating effect on European unity be stopped. I don’t understand how these approaches coexist in the heads of European deputies, but it is obvious that they have finally detached themselves from reality.

History teaches us that such operations cannot last long, and that they usually end with the painful collapse of the political system attempting to close the mouths of its critics and shut the ears of its citizens.