Bond markets and dollar strength screaming for a savior to usher in a currency reset

It is a fascinating thing where the propaganda media has achieved a two-fold deception on the American people over the course of the past 15 years.  The first deception involved the spinning of political beliefs and their being able to program whatever they desired in framing who were the good guys, and who were the bad in the annals of Washington.  And that was accomplished very well in 2008 and 2016 when they facilitated a black man with no experience or job record at all to move into the White House.

The second deception however involved changing how people saw the economy, and using the stock markets as their primary showcase to make Americans believe that the economy was doing well when in fact it is now worse off than during the financial crisis of eight years ago.

And sadly, just as we are seeing now when half of America is going through the absolute shattering of their believed media created paradigm that Donald Trump is a horrible choice as leader of the Union, so too are the people of the United States about to get hit with an even greater truth bomb as both dollar strength, and the bond markets, are signalling a coming crash at the same time the manipulated stock markets are daily reaching new all-time highs.

With US Treasuries the most oversold since 2007, Bloomberg reports that bonds around the world are headed for their steepest two-week loss in at least 26 years as President-elect Donald Trump sends inflation expectations surging.

The Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index has fallen 4 percent in the period through Thursday.

It’s the biggest two-week rout in the data, which go back to 1990. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen fueled the decline by saying Thursday an interest-rate hike could come relatively soon.

— Zerohedge

Many alternative financial analysts predicted that the inevitable financial crash was in a race to occur either before, or after the next President was elected.  And it has not taken long for signs of a global meltdown to begin to show, especially when Donald Trump still has two months before he is to even take office.

In 2008 the Credit Crisis primarily struck the United States and Europe, with larger economies such as China actually prospering after the collapse and becoming even stronger as a world economic power.  However, as we are now seeing with the RMB, the Yen, the British Pound, and the Euro, dollar strength to a 13 year high does not forecast confidence in the reserve currency, but a rush to get out of dollars as nations across the globe sell their bonds to deal with their own monetary problems.

On Friday, the US dollar rose to a 13-year high against a basket of major world currencies on expectations of a hike in interest rates and growth in budgetary spending under President-elect Trump. Russian financial experts are concerned that the strong US currency threatens to destabilize the global economy.

The dollar index, a measure of the value of the US dollar relative to a basket of foreign currencies, hit 101.48, its highest level since April 2003, on Friday, Reuters reported, noting that the currency had risen over 4% in the last two weeks, following a steady climb through most of this year.

According to finance analyst and contributor Anna Koroleva, while the strong dollar may seem like an indication of the revival of the US economy, the reality is that “such a meteoric rise of its currency could undermine economic growth in the US,” and poses a threat to the world economy as well.

— Sputnik News

For well over two years, statistician Dr. Jim Willie has been preaching that the dollar would eventually rise, rise, and rise some more before it simply disappeared to be replaced with something that would have to be devalued over 50% in the short and medium terms.  And for the most part, this prognostication was not looking so good until just after the U.S. election where the dollar has since soared in two short weeks from 94 on the index to nearly 102.

Additionally Dr. Willie reported that back in late 2013, over 120 nations signed an agreement that would call for, and institute some form of currency reset that would try to settle down economies that were engaging full strength into a global currency war.  And interestingly enough it was the United States that broke this agreement before it even began by choosing to go after Russia through their funding and planning of the Ukrainian coup.

Now three years later the U.S. is in even worse shape, and the currency wars that started around 2011 have just about reached terminal velocity.  And ironically, a new article out on Nov. 18 suggests that with the election of Donald Trump as President, the chance for talks on a currency reset are once again gaining traction, and this time with a leader who understands the power of default and debt.

Russia, China and other emerging market economies have intensified the sale of holdings in US government bonds. Russian financial experts suggest that if the selloff continues, and President-elect Trump moves forward on his spending promises, Washington, Beijing and Moscow may end up holding talks with creditors on restructuring US debt.

— Sputnik News

The bottom line is that the days of the dollar as the global reserve currency are numbered, and the debt that the United States has been allowed to accrue is coming home to roost.  And Washington has many hard decisions to make in the coming days, weeks, and months on whether the transition away from dollar hegemony will be just difficult, or if they will attempt to fight the inevitable where the outcome will instead be catastrophic.