Where are You on the Ladder of Honesty vs. Crapitalism

Over the weekend our forms of law and order proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are an overrated banana republic, looking for how we will soon fit into the 3rd world.  I spoke with a key Wolfpack member over the weekend and his wisdom cut to the truth instantly.  A gent who in my view has a special level of mental toughness with a deep connection with the spirit world.  I told him my view is that even if Trump (we can only hope) gets in, we are still going much further down the ladder.  His response, “It will be even worse than you think WG!”  With that in mind there is still some good news, this installment will finally be a short one.  It really is, for once.

Last week’s installment said we are at a point of reckoning, a reckoning that is about to reach a crescendo.  Amazingly I got some back up on that theory courtesy of some really deep thinkers over the weekend (interviews below).  For the record, I respectfully don’t agree with some of my RM counterparts.  As I think 2018 is way too late for the US economic calamities, and way too damned late if Trump is president.  For the record, we are "probably" completely done if Hillary cheats her way in.  My view is, if US fiat failure isn’t recognized before 2018 we will have no chance at recovery, as we will be stuck in a 30 year old playbook formulated by a group of way overrated satanic pieces of shit.  I can’t accept that outcome, neither should you.

It is also time to blow up the alternative media’s “fact” that the Federal Reserve isn’t Federal.  Sorry to disappoint you folks, but it really is.  Just wait till I throw this installment’s theory at ya before you say I am full of it.  And finally, will we actually stop as we go down the economic ladder, or drop all the way to the bottom?   The answer to that is another question, will we have the courage to go back up before we hit bottom?  First a brief news review….


Any surprises in this next link?  I think not.  Let’s move on quickly.


My friend London Paul (note the link below) says that when Trump gets elected he will probably have to set the record straight about things like the BLS numbers of 5% unemployment.  As it is more than likely around 25+%. 


WG suspects if Mr Trump is elected, he may very well deliver many more messages that revolve around the fact, that we have been lying to ourselves about our supposed economic vitality.  Like we ain’t number one on the world’s economic stage, and in order to rebuild we have to accept the defeat and get back on the practice field.  More after the rest of the news like this next one that details our superb economic fundamentals……


In this next link we have an advisor from the Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation “WGFSPC,” David Stockman telling CN’BS’ that he has washed his hands of everything but cash and gold.  I agree with that strategy except for one thing, I would ditch as much of the cash as possible.

In this next superb article by Ken Schortgen Jr., it would appear that the road to fascism is hitting the state government level as well.   Way to go MoonBeam!   Guess you can’t keep a good ponzi scheme down.   It seems that the theory is, if it works for the big boys, it will work for us too.  Actually, it is save your arse with the only tool you have left in the fascist tool box, "print/steal!"


Moving on to some more fundamental signs of failure instead of the acclaimed theoretical…..


Oh yeah, class 8 truck sales falling apart over & over year after year, that always happens when things on the uptrend.  You betcha!  Business is clearly grinding to a halt.

Time for a new theory on the Federal Reserve not being Federal.  And on paper it ain’t of course.  Wait a second Wolf, everybody knows the Federal Reserve isn’t “Federal!”  Indeed, but…… On the other hand, how is that possible, especially if the alternative media admits to fascism in the US?  It ain’t possible, that’s how.  A quick review, fascism is what?  The merger of state and corporate powers which would especially include banksters in this instance.   Additionally they are all one big pile of shit.  Just seeing this next scumbag in the following link made me think of how upside down this is.    


Yeah I got it now, when you have the merger of state and corporate powers, you don’t end up with fascism, you end up with SHIT.  My eyes are crossed, as the lines are blending together.  The banks run the government or is it vice versa?  Anyway you slice it, the Federal Reserve would be better off, if it was truly separate from the Federal government.  But in this case it can’t be based on the very definition of fascism.  Right?  A true mutation of sorts, especially when it involves banksters. WG

Next up we have Greg Hunter in a superb interview with Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair.  BTW, these guys may have to be on my “WGFSPC” line up as well.  Especially since they seem to see it the exact same way I do (note the 57:00 summary).

@ 1:40...Greg Hunter gives his historical perspective of how the msm got corrupted.  He provides details from his days as an employee/journalist, and how "Good Morning America” was corrupted long long ago, not just of late.  This is from a real media insider, and very revealing to be sure.  

@ 51:33...Listen to Jim Sinclair's description of the stock exchange floor’s “vacancy rate.”  Basically empty!  I haven't the ability to verify his statement, but would you doubt it?  Pure fraud, bankster/wall street style.  These guys are awesome, knocking it out of the park.  Guess everyone will be going “street name” now, especially after this note from Bill Holter, where he says that it now costs 500 dollars to obtain a stock certificate.  Holter is of the opinion that if the company behind the stock certificate, or the "street named" entity doesn’t have a business model tied to tangible efforts, then it could easily disappear in the coming western economic debacle.  Not hard to believe that either folks.

@ 57:00…Here they all feel that confidence in the Western systems break, and on a personal note this video uses the WG term "Crescendo" from the prior installment.  I wish I could claim they used my verbal template, as it would be an honor, but it is most likely a coincidence.  Alternatively, they didn't publish it until 11/05/16, which means I didn't steal it from them (the last installment was 11/01).   But it is really cool when guys I respect like these 3 gentlemen verge onto the same future theoretical trail as one Wolf Gray.

Please take the time to read the in-depth article on the importance of precious metals submitted on 11/07/16 by Jim Sinclair on his site (see the link below)………


Final Thoughts

I try to not get too religious in my explanations in each installment, but I am going to cut loose just a wee bit on this one after a quick review of this interview with Dr. Jim Willie……

@ ...In the first 40 seconds of this video Dr. Jim Willie lays the dollar devaluation on the line.

@ 12:00...Dr. Willie feels Deutsche Bank can not be fixed, what will happen to it is anybodies guess at this point.

@ 16:00...Dr. Willie highlights that the Italian bond & the US Treasuries should be trading at an interest rate that exceeds 10%.....Hear hear and then some I suspect

@ 17:09…Here he is of the opinion, and rightly so, if you takeaway the central bank's infusions of money the big banks would be D.O.A. (dead on arrival).

@ 18:30...Dr. Willie believes that the biggest banking institutional investors in the Italian banking system are the French banks, not the Germans.  This is news to one Wolf Gray, but I tend to trust Dr. Willie.  Alternatively who is it that has a big share of French debt?   The Germans.  The crap as usual flows downhill.   

@ 59:25...Dr. Willie defines terrorism from the US viewpoint perfectly, "The US has a monopoly on defining what terrorism is!"  I love it!

@ 1:03:09...Time to reintroduce Zero's boyfriend Michael courtesy of Dr. Willie.  This stuff is good no matter how many times you hear it.

@ 1:11:15...Dr. Willie thinks Trump will be careful how he states things, so he doesn't become another version of JFK wanting honest money, D.O.A. as well.  A transition to honest money will have to come about, but Trump will work it out over a one year to two year period. 

@ 1:15:55...Here Dr. Willie says when the King Dollar losses it's status as the world's reserve currency the US Sixpacks will suffer tremendously.

@ 1:17:58...Dr. Willie details how his top sources say that a deal has already been struck, and the domestic dollar will suffer devaluations sequentially in the following amounts; 30% initially with a statement of, “all’s well, it is one and done,” only a few months down the road, it will be followed by another 30%.  This will happen as a part of the natural laws of business or economics until we get our trade deficits in order.  Think Venezuela.  Retailers will be more empty as we try to export more of our products to end the trade imbalances.  Within the US borders, staples, a.k.a "needs,” will go well up in price. (somewhat of a repeat here at RM)

@ 1:24:52...The question is asked, what happens to government entitlement programs, and items like social security?  Jim says, the Fed's will be on a national emergency initiative to cut the federal deficit.  Additionally, he feels the entitlement programs, at a minimum will be cut in half.  This could get very sticky considering the fact that many of these programs like social security were funded "totally" by the tax payer.  Now the truths exposed about it's balance sheet will be worthy of some bonafide riots.  He and the Wolf Gray fear we are going to see civil disorder.

@ 1:29:15…Here Jim is asked what happens to the Federal Reserve?  He thinks that they have a functional role right now, but not an official role.  Meaning the Federal Reserve changed hands in ownership, and are now officially bankrupt and will not be around much longer.  Right now the main function for the Fed. Reserve is printing money and buying Treasury bonds, like any 3rd world nation would.  The BLICS will be shut down, the exported QE outposts of Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, the Caymen Islands, and Switzerland.  Jim makes a brilliant point, what will be the need for the FED if the dollar loses it's global reserve status?  They will not be needed, and it is just another sign of honest money entering the trading picture.  “Honesty” the theme of this installment…..

@ 1:36:25...Here the eventual significant point is that the negotiations in Basel, Switzerland will lead to a "temporary" gold price of $5,000 and ounce.  “Temporary” was significant wording for my money, as I read that to mean the gold price will be headed higher.

@ 1:41:33...The dollar is at the end of it's rope, Jim says, we are in climax/end game mode right now.  The dollar is at it's death bed right now, it is only the details that have yet to be finalized.  I agree!  And in fact, back to WG's thoughts……..

Some of the most informed people I talk to, with really superb abilities to connect the dots of the future, think that the US is not in control of it’s destiny.  I agree 100%, with one caveat.   Timing, honesty, and how far down the ladder of economic success we will fall.  If Trump is elected he must expose the phony western economic world.  For example, unemployment stats that are littered with a back drop of common sense disclaimers, like nearly 95 million able bodied working age folks not working in a population of 300+ million (including non working aged folks).  He has to knock us down the expectations ladder fast and hard, with a huge reality check.  I have used the following comparison many times before, but……

The other team comprised of the”BRICS/RICS Alliances” are winning the global trading super bowl.  Period.  That’s the way it is folks.  And the score is about 72-3 in their favor with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter.   It doesn’t matter to them how fast the game ends, as they have won.  And if we had any sense we would recognize that we lost, call no time outs, and run the clock out.  So we can get ready for the rebuild ASAP (as soon as possible).  We ain’t number one folks, hell, the Chinese claimed it per our media in the summer of 2013, and amazingly we quickly popped back up to the top spot.  ‘BS’ as usual.  

Time to recognize the loss, even though the game isn’t over, time to fire the old management and regroup, time to asses what rung of the ladder we are on, and move on to the rebuild immediately.  Once again, this is the very reason I disagree with my associates at RM (from a timing predictions standpoint), if Trump doesn’t collapse things by sucking the QE out of everything, and firing unconstitutional departments of the federal government immediately, WE MAY NOT RECOVER.  Or he wont anyway.  

If it goes to 2018 before we have a recognizable economic collapse in the USA, which would be a full year and change after Trump has been actively trying to change things, then the short memory abilities of the US sheeple will come to the fore.  Guess who will be blamed?   And in my view, for once, they would be right, since Trump would have been ill advised or too damned dumb to recognize the fact that the pain needs to be dispensed with ASAP. WG

If we are headed to similar bottom rungs of the economic ladder, no matter when we recognize our defeat, then why wait for the final scoring analysis and statistics?  Get on with it already, sugar coating be damned.  BTW, the longer the image of defeat is delayed, the lower the rung of the ladder that we finally get our footing.  Once again, get on with it already.   I am convinced that from this election on, we will only witness bad economic announcements for the next year or more.  The sooner they are finished, the better we all will be.  I agree with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter, (I guess I have to since I said the same thing) we are at a crescendo and from here on, any and all moves will definitely be downward in the short run.  With Hillary, all bets are off as there will not be enough rungs at the bottom of the ladder, we will hit the bottom.  

Yes, the east will be the winners and in control of the final score of this game.  Actually they have already won.  But with some effort they will not control you, and they will not control me.  Unless we are totally unprepared.   Neither will some satanic pieces of crap that have a template of evil based on timing and calendars.   Let’s get on to the rebuild, as “honesty” will have it no other way. WG

Honesty, by the power of nature’s way will make a come back.  A level of honest money, which leads to honest business.  Not to speak for God, but maybe it will be God’s way as well.  Eventually it will prevail, it always has.  Most will not want to worry over the character of the person they are trading with, they will let the money do the talking, honest money that is.  And what has history proven that to be, over and over and over?  Gold & Silver Bars & Coins.  Ditch the paper shit, load up on some “honesty!”  Back up the truck, and meanwhile go where your mind finds the power to win and rebuild…….If you want to avoid the religious slants to the finished message then avoid the music interpretation below…..You have been warned over and over. God Bless and be well.

                                       I've been a walking heartache

                                       I've made a mess of me

                                       The person that I've been lately

                                       Ain't who I wanna be

                                       But you stay here right beside me

                                       Watch as the storm goes through

                                       And I need you

                                       'Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs

                                       God gave me you for the days of doubt

                                       For when I think I've lost my way

                                       There are no words here left to say, it's true

                                       God gave me you, gave me you .. Blake Shelton

Every “You” keeps circling back to one thing God gave me…WG


The preparation of your DHAP can have some general finality to it, the preparation of mind & spirit never ends.  Prepare yourselves accordingly.WG

Hard Asset Tip

This entire "Tip" is western in it's focus, and it is also a bit of a repeat, but worth repeating….. Diversify your business pursuits into a business that produces real assets or to a direction of service related businesses that cater to the manufacturing of tangible assets.  I seem to be assuming you are in a service business.  Why would I assume you and I are very likely in the services related business?  Because that is all we do in the US these days.  

Unless your service business has a superb market penetration that focuses on the commercial market, I would recommend that you move out of service oriented businesses folks.  For example; auto mechanics service hard assets, and are likely somewhat safe, on the other hand residential lawn mowing businesses don’t service the making of a tangible asset (in this case the mower), they service the laziness of some of the populous.  That doesn’t mean lawn mowing businesses will not be needed, it just means they will be on a decline to be sure.  And if you are in a services business that caters to the upper end "wanna-be's," I would start making adjustments immediately, as I suspect your positive cash flow days are coming to an end.

Make the proper adjustment in your own lifestyles.  It’s just common sense.  Get ahead of the curve with good ole’ fashion horse sense.

             God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

                           Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, The Wolf's best friend, Team Rm, ZeroHedge, 'thesiriusreport.com', David Stockman, Greg Hunter & Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter, X22Report & Dr. Jim Willie, Blake Shelton