2016 Presidential election outcome being seen by some in same light as Y2K

One of the most interesting times in our history took place at the turn of the 21st century where not only were there potential threats coming from technological, financial, and political (Constitutional) perspectives, but the public itself started to become awake to the point where the phenomenon known as Prepping became mainstream.

The first and main specter was of course Y2K, and the chance that all computer systems built upon two digit date algorithms would suddenly fail, or reset in an endless loop.  And from this spawned several alternative black swan theories such as the end of days regarding biblical prophecy, martial law, the complete collapse of the economic system, and civil unrest on a scale never before seen.

But as we know, Y2K ended with a dud, and may or may not have been an issue despite the hundreds of billions of dollars spent in re-hiring retired mainframe programmers to update millions of systems and applications.  Yet in the end, the paranoia of Y2k would become a prelude for a decade of crisis that was just beginning.

On the financial front, 2000 saw the nation go into a major recession following the bursting of the Dot Com bubble.  And this downturn would remain so until central banks opened the spigot of cheap money and used housing as the catalyst for the next great growth engine.

Lastly 2000 also saw one of the most highly contested Presidential elections take place in American history, where recounts and lawsuits required the Supreme Court to make a judgement call and give the Presidency to George W. Bush despite the fact that Al Gore won the popular vote, and lost in Florida by just a few hundred votes.

Fast forward now 16 years later and America is once again experiencing a potential breakdown in three categories, with one of these being significantly different than that of Y2K.  As instead of a technological crisis being the catalyst bringing fear to each and every person, Y2K has been replaced with the frequency shift against globalism, and revelations that the government has indeed been infiltrated in every core of its being by an 'Establishment' of elites.

And just like in 2000, more and more people are becoming awake to the potential that civil unrest, or a government crackdown, will emerge following the elections coming on Nov. 8.

“The 2016 election year is bringing out the worst among some elements of society. From vandalism to physical assaults to large scale race riots to terrorist bombings and mall stabbings, social disorder has become a more prominent feature of life in a polarized America.

It’s easy (and politically convenient) for the establishment media to blame Donald Trump for inflaming the political divide. In reality, Trump supporters have far more often been the victims rather than the instigators of political violence.

Moreover, the forces driving social unrest have been building for years. And they are being encouraged and funded by far-left organizations.

The riotous “Black Lives Matter” movement has received more than $100 million from leftist foundations including billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Surveys show that large numbers of Americans – including Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites – agree that race relations have worsened under President Obama’s watch. The nation’s first half-African president has repeatedly sided with racial agitators and refused to denounce antipolice riots. His attorney general, Loretta Lynch, has given legal legitimacy to vicious racial narratives that have little to no basis in fact.

In addition to leaving the country with fresh new racial wounds, the outgoing Obama administration will leave America with a doubling of the national debt to nearly $20 trillion, a historically low rate of workforce participation, 20 million more people on food stamps, and a shrinking middle class whose earnings aren’t keeping up with surging costs of things like health insurance.

People are frustrated, restless, angry. And officially, we aren’t even in a recession yet. Officially, the inflation rate remains below 2%. What happens when the economy and stock market start tanking? Or when costs for fuel, food, and other consumer goods start taking off again?”

— SHTF Plan

In the past 10 days we have seen historic events and revelations that not even the most rabid conspiratorialists could have concocted in their wildest dreams.  And the establishment that was forged in the aftermath of the JFK assassination is being brought to the surface in massive 'dumps' that provide a window to how every single institution in America is part of this grand cabal that controls, or seeks to control everything we see, hear, consume, and do.

The 1960's was a time of civil unrest pushed forward by a frequency shift that touched nearly every part of society.  From Civil Rights protests that pushed forward policies intended to improve the lives of blacks, women, and homosexuals, to even one where the largest Christian institution in the world (Catholic Church) was forced to create new reforms (Vatican II) that ceded their antiquated beliefs and traditions to those of societal changes.  And once a shift like this begins to take place, it is impossible to fight going against these currents of change.

In just two days an event will take place that is very much tied to a new frequency shift occurring that was stifled in its early days with the crushing of Occupy Wall Street, but is now reaching a crescendo with the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  And whatever the outcome on Nov. 8, the Pandora's Box of this decade has already been opened, and the bouncing ball of destruction is a Y2K event that this time won't be a false flag, but will re-shape America for decades to come.