The Winds of Change are Howling & The Reckoning Approaches a Crescendo!

On April 13th of 2016 I posted an installment on the winds of change, and the economic reckoning that are aimed at the US.  Based on intel from key sources, followed by guidance from some of the astute members of the Wolfpack, it certainly appears the winds are still howling & a final reckoning could be reaching a crescendo.  Supported by a recent conversation with an important member of my “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation,”

Over this past weekend I had a rather interesting conversation with my friend Paul from the UK, who is the head honcho of “The Sirius Report.”   My conversation with him was to confirm a bombshell of a revelation from his “Sirius Report.”  Key points were that the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution” will likely get dusted off (with a Trump victory that is) and restored;  the US will default on it’s debt leading to the largest redistribution of assets in world history; and the US will potentially be divided, at the right point in time, into various regions (been discussed in the past) or countries if you will.  That last point makes it the right time to revisit the Wolf Gray theory on “sovereignty.”  In this case, a “ghost sovereignty” for someone who farms out more than 50% of their debt.  Many other points were discussed but I only feel comfortable outlining the above issues.  I am going to dig into this one rather hard with some Wolfpack business think tank highlights, but first a review of some interesting news……


                           Critical News that Meshes with the Titled Subject Matter

Did someone say the US economy is on the mend?  If so, they may want to have a word with ZeroHedge for posting this blatant lie……

Next, in a follow up to a prediction made long ago here at ‘,’….Zero Care is going to “blow up” and if not, it will blow us up.   Seems that other experts are throwing their hats onto the ‘UCA sucks’ (unaffordable care act) band wagons.  But now they are predicting “riots,” which is always the standard reaction to real capitalism, oops or is that fascism?

The next couple of news items lead nicely into the titled subject matter.  First up, what is that we are hearing about “inflation/deflation”….?  Check these stats out…..

Based on the link above the things you may actually need are sky rocketing.  Things you don't need, ain’t.  But not to worry, our Federal government is looking out for your price inflation to your ego based wants items, and that feeds your false belief systems that…..all is well!   Meanwhile, electricity, education, food, healthcare, childcare, and housing are going up up and away.  As a supplement to the “deflation/inflation” argument, Dr. Jim Willie will add some superb analysis below.  

No “interest rate” debate would be complete without a quick look at the “Treasury Markets”…..In this case I will defer to one of my “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” (WGFSPC) team of advisors, Mr. John Hussman…

In the above “free” weekly update from Mr. Hussman, the following excerpt caught my attention…..

Far Beyond Double
Current valuations cannot be "justified" simply by appealing to low interest rates. To see this, we can think about the response of risky securities to Fed-suppressed interest rates as having a “justified” component and a “speculative yield-seeking” component. Stick with me - this is important.  J.H.

Once again it is worth noting that all informed ‘individuals/countries’ with an eye towards the future are doing what?  They have been dumping US Treasuries at warp speed (noted recently by the entire RM Team).  And even though the yield has moved up slightly, the yield has not yet attempted to move in a commensurate fashion to the upside.  Behind the scenes monetary chicanery is still afoot.  But it appears to me that the signs are starting to indicate it will not matter.  Mr. Hussman so rightly said, “Current valuations cannot be justified.” Now there is an understatement.  Let me add to that, unless financial chicanery is involved.  A blow torch of change cometh, and we will reap the ego beat down whirlwind.  The odds of a FED rate hike are near zero, unless they have been ordered to blow torch the system ahead of schedule.  Don’t bet on it!

Next Dr. Willie throws some food for thought to all those trying to read the ‘tea leaves.”

@ 21:45Dr. Jim Willie in a recent interview with Elijah Johnson had this to say, he is hearing that the new dollar will not be green in color it will be multicolored.  Thus, you will probably be given time limits in which to turn in your greenbacks.  This just makes common business sense, and when it comes to fruition, it might do you well to have already converted your existing greenbacks into “real money/GSBC’s” because of the uncertainty surrounding the future of green paper.  Then, once the conversion is complete, might we possibly see the devaluation?  I would bet my favorite silver eagle that the sequence described above makes sense since the corralling will be completed.  

Just of note, I am on record of agreeing with Dr. Willie that we will have a devaluation or collapse of purchasing power on imported goods.  So if this happens, there is a “physical/color” paper business transition that has to be recognized.  Again, it just makes common sense that the conversion process has to have a physical form.  Once completed, all kinds of chicanery could take place to save the big banks and corralling it all, or you all.  With $3,000.00 SAR’s limits (suspicious activity reports) to aid the banksters.  After all, the banksters can’t have too many legal US citizens trying to flip their new devalued multi-colored dollars for foreign based higher valued dollars.  Just one simple reason for the need for a physically different appearance to the former King Dollar.

And if you don’t think some of the above could happen, then you don’t have your “we have exported most of our manufacturing” thinking caps on.  When we rely on others for a good portion of our needs based products, we can’t demand that they take a huge economic hit for our screw-ups.  So we will have a disruption to the value of the King Dollar domestically.  And it ain’t going to be to the upside!  Sadly, it also doesn’t appear we have the physical assets to cover the problems that have burdened our “trade partners/creditors.”  When you have well over 50% of your paper outside your borders, your sovereignty has been compromised.  No election can correct this problem without including the citizenry taking a big monetary “HIT.”  More on the sovereignty and divisions to the nation creating multiple nations in the final thoughts segment.

General takeaway, the less US paper you have the better off you will be.  GSBC’s anyone?

@ 34:05Here Elijah Johnson (WG thinks this young fellow is a great interviewer) asks if we will we have deflation first then to be followed by inflation?  Catch the correct answer from Dr. Willie, “They run concurrently.”  Take that Harry "Daffy Deflation" Dent.  And listen to Jim’s entire explanation, no need in me glossing over it.  In the background the engines of inflation made it into the mainstream media headlines yesterday.

@ 36:15...Per Dr. Willie and his sources, we have been over estimating our GDP by a huge margin by underestimating our inflation.  It has been a major WG thesis that we haven't factored in some “phony” black items on the balance sheets that should have been on the red side of the ledger.  Hello counting the tax on ZeroCare as a plus on the GDP ledger.  Again, as RM regulars know I promote the theory the ESF (exchange stabilization fund) has it's fingers on the balance sheet chicanery.

Next up we have Greg Hunter & the Watchdog interviewing Clif High.  Cliff’s data sets in this next interview yield some amazing information that leads perfectly to the changing winds and how a reckoning crescendo might be just around the corner.

@ 5:25...Here Clif states a long running Wolf gray thesis that the election and it's results from an economic perspective will not change anything, in fact the election will be the initiator of things.  From a time perspective I feel that a Trump presidency will at least provide an opportunity at a much quicker "honest rebuild."

@ 6:55...Clif's version of the real presidential polling numbers.   Get this, Trump is ahead 25 to 1.  Can you say, "landslide?"

@ 14:58...The polls are 100% phony regarding the election probabilities.

@ 19:16…Clif maintains that the elites know that it is a blow out.

@ 20:30...Other big name prognosticators have been saying for some time that this next economic collapse is the "big one."  Clif’s data sets say the flames to the US systems, both economic and political, start on the 9th. 

@ 23:12...Greg asks Clif if his data sets show an economic nose dive on the 9th of November 2016.  His answer proves why I like this guy, he says we are already in a depression.  Bingo, a WG long running theory or belief, that we are living within a paper bubble blowing machine that is about to POP!  Clif follows by saying the delusions that things are rosy will finally start falling apart on the 9th!

@ 27:25…Here Clif hands out some real negative news, that the election may be lopsided, but does it matter if the "deep state" comes out with a totally bogus result?  But this time around he feels that no one will just "go with the flow" and buy into the results, especially if Hillary is declared the winner.  Will the "deep state" back off rigging the election and society's boundaries?  Clif thinks not.

@ 32:28...Clif is asked about paper assets burning.  He agrees with my theory that GSBC's will go up with the inflation that will soon be center stage for once on most “needs” based products, but to an even greater degree than in the past.  He also states that between 2019 to 2024 silver becomes the metal to have.  This is due to innovations in energy that need silver's capabilities with respect to a new wave of innovated technologies.  Per Clif, silver becomes a big player in the energy arena.  Note how he confirms last week's installment that oil soon becomes a net energy loser.

@ 36:07...Clif forecasts real energy innovations that are close to "zero point"....

Some market price analysis occurs next, but note the 40:00 mark where Clif says silver could sky rocket only to be literally unavailable for trade in some places due to it's huge value as a strategic metal.  Please take the time to listen to Clif's explanations on the pricing of precious metals when "officialdom vs. free markets" handle the burden of pricing.   Good stuff.

@ 41:45...Clif says gold may go "no offer" and silver might not be found anywhere....!  Listen to his examples (examples found on his data sets/linguists) of buying products, like cars with gold and silver.  Though the examples he highlights might seem like a fantasy, don't discount it as being a potential reality.  This is economic supply and demand finally coming front and center, especially for individuals in the know about the real value available with gold and silver as they become the go-to source for transactions.  Do I see this as plausible?  Absolutely, what other choice is there, especially when you have an outgoing currency that has crapped all over the world’s monetary landscape?

@ 45:00...An indication by Clif's data sets indicates that this is the critical juncture where society knows something is wrong, and this is why Trump is so popular.

@ 46:10…Here Clif indicates that he feels like most of Team RM, major world wars are probably not in the future cards.  This scenario just does not show up in his data sets.

                                                         Final Thoughts

As a lead into the titled subject matter, this article from F. William Engdahl is very instructive regarding a “big picture” view of the shift to the east that is unstoppable at this point.

This excerpt is “on point”…

The totality of the strategy behind Xi Jinping’s Eurasian One belt, One Road rail, sea and pipeline initiative, which is moving quietly and impressively forward, is transforming the world geopolitical map. In 1904 a British geographer, Sir Halford Mackinder, a fervid champion of the British Empire, unveiled a brilliant concept in a speech to the London Royal Geographical Society titled the Geographical Pivot of History. That essay has shaped both British and American global strategy of hegemony and domination to the present. It was complemented by US Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan’s 1890 work, The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, which advocated “sea power,” stating that nations with domination of the seas, as the British Empire or later the USA, would dominate the world.
The One Belt, One Road, by linking all the contiguous land areas of Eurasia to the related network of strategic new or enlarged deep-water ports of OBOR’s Maritime Silk Road, has rendered US geopolitical strategy a devastating blow at a time the hegemony of America is failing as never in its short history. The Eurasian Century today is inevitable and unstoppable. Built on different principles of cooperation rather than domination, it just might offer a model for the bankrupt United States and the soon-bankrupt European Union, to build up true prosperity not based on looting and debt slavery. F.W.E.

Drawing from an older installment from 5/30/2016, this excerpt seems to be appropriate as well…….

And why is this important to the little guys in the USSA, and by little guys I mean almost anyone with less than a 9 figure net worth (might need to be north of that to boot)?  This group which comprises over 99+% of the western populous will be left, “To Fend for themselves, for an unknown time period!”  We are the sacrificial lambs in the LBO (leveraged buy out) of the USSA.  Our side of the negotiating table is manned by a bunch of limp wristed numb nutzes, pounding their chests like Tarzan, but deep down knowing nothing can change things for the moment.  Time has to play itself out on this business chess board.  We aren’t always the good guys….I suspect I will piss off many of you by the end of this installment……

Whether this theory is accurate or not matters not, as the western business/economic foundations will be upended.  And are in active upheaval now with no return trip yet in sight.  We gave away the advantages of God given bounty, while tending to these gifts with no respect…no respect whatsoever.  That will change, and soon, if we are to survive.  WG

The theory in that installment was that reluctant western PPPTB elites will be “forced” to work with the new “big hitters” at the world’s negotiation tables, “The BRICS & Associates.”  I think we may have just been witnesses to that with Hillary being brought up on charges once again.  Same basic venue, but this time around we are to being told it is at a worse level.  Kind of like being forgiven for speeding 35 mph over the posted limit, only later to be brought back to court, as it was actually 135 mph over the limit, not 35.   A WEEK AND A HALF BEFORE THE ELECTION….!  Instead of cheering, one WG was asking, “why and why now?”  I fully suspect someone with real clout appears to be saying, “be gone gutter trash!”  “Hear hear!”  On that same day (extremely early the next morning actually), my brain got flipped upside down, when I listened to a podcast from one of my favorite WGFSPC advisors (recent add on), Paul from the UK, the brains behind “The Sirius Report.”  Sink your teeth into the next few items......

The Sirius Report’s podcast series for 10/29/16 stated the following (just a few of many points with my phrasing):
***Paul just confirmed with his higher level key sources that the US will be divided into 4 to 5 separate regions or nations.  Many of us have heard this many moons before.  But usually with “Fema Camp” referenced locations.  This is way different, as it is based on mapping divisions with “native american” tribal locations throughout the nation.  Don’t panic….
***He also said the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be restored, and the global trade community will welcome the US ingenuity and entrepreneurship.  Clearly someone must envision Trump as the new ‘prez’, as that will not be the case with Hitlery in office.
***The last point I will mention of many in his report, is that the US will default on the debt.  Nothing really new there as V and other team members at RM have stated this is the plan.  But Paul added something new that sunk in deep to the ole’ WG brain stem.  The inevitable dollar failure to follow, will cause the US, as it’s is constituted today to completely dissolve.  Why?  It is the dollar hegemony that holds it together.  This will therefore lead to the US regional divisions, and restoration of the Bill of Rights & the US Constitution.   He didn’t say the last line, I did, based on business logic......
Paul @ '' w/a dash of WG

All The Sirius Report daily podcasts are good, but this one blew me away, and I immediately engaged Paul in a personal conversation for further verification on a variety of the associated stories involved.  My understanding of his intel is that the transition to a new economically efficient society in the US will be a work in progress.  A rebuild with banksters on the run, maybe on the outside looking in, as we get back on track.  Again, good news! 

After talking with several key Wolfpack members regarding this news from Paul, we came to one key conclusion.  From a business perspective, if the US truly restores the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, then a boat load of government agencies that aren’t provided for in the language in the constitution will “Get Fired!”  Once again the Wolf Gray’s sense of smell detects a President named Trump, as last Friday’s legal play tells me some well heeled players made a move on the election.  But if Hillary gets in, all bets are off.  That ain’t the end of the Wolfpack theories, or more specifically WG’s theories……

Sovereignty (per the software in my Mac):
• the authority of a state to govern itself or another state: national sovereignty.
• a self-governing state.

Based on the above definition, can the US, from a business and national perspective, have true sovereignty with the bulk of it’s manufacturing and it’s "needs" based products being imported?  Can it have sovereignty with a reputed two thirds of it’s debt in the hands of foreign entities?  “No!”  And this goes back to an installment written over two years ago that asked the following question, using my example of my neighborhood business.  If I own a local business and farmed out it’s manufacturing to other neighbors, and I had the majority of my business debt held by those same neighbors, do I have “a self governing state,” as per the definition above?   Not exactly, would be an understatement.  So as my friend Paul noted, if the US dollar finishes where it deserves to be, in the dust bin (and it will), will the US dissolve?  Getting back on a proper course will be one hell of a rough ride.

A ride with a different colored “legal tender unit,” a ride possibly within different regional home locations, a ride within a wage base that will most likely be lower (another Wolfpack think tank theory), but hopefully a ride with a restored Constitution and Bill of Rights.  A ride that will not be entirely confined to “coach” seating, but one with great potential, especially for those that wisely prepared in advance. WG

Be careful what you wish for folks, you may get it.  And even though I am speaking of a worthwhile productive result, some serious growing pains are likely to be in store for anyone who hasn’t prepared accordingly.  As Paul, the Wolfpack and I agree, there will be some growing pains.   Better to have “growing pains,” than just “pains.”  Be gone Hillary.

                                        Time I always need more time
                                        to figure what I've lost
                                        to learn what I should find
                                        Soon always hoping soon
                                        I'll figure what to add
                                        I'll learn what to remove
                                        New sunrise, new sunsets
                                        New stories I haven't lived through yet
                                        With you
                                        It's always been you
                                        There's never been good days
                                        There's never been bad days without you….Collective Soul
                                      It ain’t about Trump or anyone else. It’s always been
                                    about you, and “him,” and the freedom given. Act on it! WG

              The domestic dollar will collapse. I plan on continuing to take action, what about you?



                                                         Hard Asset Tip

The greatest opportunity to enhance your hard asset collection comes from actionable knowledge.  With that in mind, something utilized by myself needs… updating……the “WGFSPC”…..Take the time to work on your own team…

“Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation”……..Let me introduce you to my corporate advisory staff.  My corporate advisory team consists of the likes of Wolf Gray Senior & grandpa Wolf Gray (common sense solutions team), James the Russian Analyst (eastern geopolitics), “The Economic SilverBack” &/or Jim Willie (the overall geopolitical economic trail w/“W” in the background), Rob Kirby (debt & paper corruption trails), James Wesley Rawls (survival techniques), Ken Schortgen Jr. & John Hussman (economic minutia), and last but far from least the WolfPack, which now includes “You” the RM commenters (on the ground business sources).    The aforementioned are the original advisory staff, formulated almost two years ago, but…..

Note recent additions: The remaining balance of Team Rogue Money: Deb “The Bankster Slayer” & “The Prince,” add in John Williams of Shadow Stats, add in David Stockman, add in “The Sirius Report”…and it might be time to throw in Clif High.  As long as Clif is delivering the “truth” behind his data sets, his information is quite valuable.   

Some of the above star studded information wizards also have additional services beyond the free web based releases, and for my money they are worth it.  Having relied on my “Sirius Report Premium” membership to assist me with this installment, it might be proper to provide a link…..

Knowledge is the most important tool for implementation of a worthwhile “Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio.”  Thus in the recently released “Rogue Report” my self devised “DHAP” ratings system placed “How to Sources” at #1.  That’s right, in the top position...!   Knowledge is always number “1”…!  If you don’t think so, just sit back and take a long look at the accomplishments of indoctrination via the wrong sources.  Need I or anyone else say any more???....WG

Meanwhile back at the ranch, learn to change your own auto oil, and have some extra oil & filters on hand.  Also at this time of the year it can’t hurt to learn the ropes on natural heating skills.  Get ahead of the "savings curve" by having your chimney (if you have one) cleaned thoroughly by a “sweep” to take advantage of "old school heat" if necessary.   

For sometime now I have advised people to maintain 5 to 10 thousand dollars within arms reach.  Based on the recent revelations by Dr. Jim Willie and Paul of “The Sirius Report,” my business sense says it may be time to reduce that figure.  You might want to reduce your “on hand” cash holdings, as possibly having to return your cash to the system for conversion to the “new dollar” might be an exercise in frustration.  Frustration tied to tighter withdrawal restrictions, restrictions like SAR’s at 3,000 dollars.  I don’t like being corralled, neither should you, and that is what will be coming regardless of the election’s outcome.  Time to further enhance your DHAP, probably in the form of GSBC’s.

                       Fear Profits You Nothing, but Advanced Preparations are Another Story

               God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                               Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, The Wolfpack, Dr. Jim Willie & Elijah Johnson, Greg Hunter & Clif High, Paul & '', ZeroHedge, F. William Engdahl, John Hussman, Collective Soul