After FBI Director Announces Re-Opened Investigation of Hillary's Classified Emails, Democrats Accuse FBI of Siding With...Who Else? Vladimir Putin

Unfortunately for these Dems, it doesn't look like the electorate outside of a few neocon fanatics and hardcore Hillary partisans is buying their 'Russians!' war cry. Not only did we document the mocking of Hillary's obsession with confronting Russia from the message boards of the AltRight-influenced 4Chan/pol this week, but RogueMoney also accurately reported Putin's rhetorical questioning whether the U.S. has devolved from a superpower into a banana republic whose elections are so easily swayed by alleged Russian hacking and dirty propaganda misrepresenting the poor Mrs. Clinton's emails (which is essentially, what Social Justice Cold Warriors/Russophrenics such as Robert Caruso and Casey Michel are admitting in trying to make the election a referendum on...Vladimir Putin).

Not only is the mainstream media led by The Wall Street Journal and even the house organ of the Democratic-leaning Establishment The New York Times seemingly turning on Mrs. Clinton, but there are signs Hillary's camp is giving up on winning Florida and Trump is outperforming in early returns from Ohio. This despite Reuters polls that claim to show Clinton with a comfortable lead in early voting, but are not based on actual returns but are based on exit polling data. It is precisely this thin reed upon which the Clinton camp may attempt to cry foul and 'the Russians hacked the voting machines!', should a shocking Trumpslide emerge ala the stunning Brexit result.

However, with enough vigilance from Roger J. Stone's team at Stop The Steal monitoring polls for thin foot and bus traffic where turnout magically exceeds '100%' in places like Philadelphia or Cleveland on November 8, as well as secretaries of state and county election officials clarifying that their voting machines aren't linked to the Internet, 'the Russians stole the election for Trump' and massive vote-machine rigging can be challenged if not defeated. The key is going to be having enough secretaries of state, county officials or sheriffs willing to challenge the likes of Crowdstrike, the Democrats' 'blame the Russians for everything' IT firm, or a politicized U.S. Department of Homeland Security, should they try to come into a state where the counting is still taking place on November 9 ala Florida in 2000 with a 'Russian hackers' pretext. 

Many intelligent people, after observing the debacle of voting machines owned by a company that donated $200,000 to the Clinton Foundation switching straight ticket Republican to Democratic votes in Chambers County, Texas, remain worried about the oligarchy stealing the election for Hillary -- and accusing anyone who decries the massive voter fraud of repeating 'Russian propaganda' and 'fakes' as proof of it. One of them is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former government insider as President Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury:

Word has reached me from Washington that the FBI has reopened the Hillary case of her violation of US National Security protocols, not because of the content of the new email releases, but because voter support for Trump seems to be overwhelming, while Hillary has cancelled appearances due to inability to muster a crowd. The popular vote leaves the FBI far out on the limb for its corrupt clearance of Hillary. The agency now has to redeem itself.

I myself do not know what precisely to think. Having been at the top of the Washington hierarchy for a quarter century, I have seen many mistaken judgments. At one time I had subpoena power over the CIA and was able to inform President Reagan that the CIA had misled him. He took note and proceeded with his policy of ending the Cold War with the Soviets. On other issues I have been mistaken, because I assumed that there was more integrity in government than actually exists.

However, FBI director Comey did not need to reopen the case against Hillary simply because some new incriminating emails appeared. Having dismissed the other incriminating evidence, these emails could have passed unremarked.

The problem for the FBI, which once was a trusted American institution, but no longer is, is that there is no longer any doubt that Donald Trump will win the popular vote for president of the United States. His appearances are so heavily attended that thousands are turned away by local fire/occupancy regulations. In contrast, Hillary has curtailed her appearances, because she doesn’t draw more than 30 or 40 people.

Americans are sick to death of the corrupt Clintons and the corrupt American media. The Clintons are so completely bought-and-paid-for by the Oligarchy that they were able to outspend Hollywood on their daughter’s wedding, dropping $3,000,000 on the event.

Nevertheless, I don’t underestimate the power of the Oligarchy. As Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury I experienced the Oligarchy’s power. If I had not been backed by the President of the United States, I would have been destroyed.

Indeed, the Oligarchy is still trying to destroy me.


However amidst such pessimism there is plenty of room for 'blue pilling' optimism against the 'black pilling'. Not only is The Donald doing very well in early voting returns from many Florida, Nevada and Ohio counties and drawing tens of thousands to his rallies in the Sunshine State, but Hillary and her veep choice Tim Kaine have been cancelling events due to poor turnout after Kaine gathered barely thirty people to a campaign stop there last week. The enthusiasm gap on the ground and the increasing breaking of independents and even some Democrats for Trump has the #NeverTrump ers and globalist pirates left on her sinking ship in a panic.

The neocon Daily Beast is publishing articles from British EU-rofanatics warning that they didn't see the Brexit coming either in June, driven by people who in many cases hadn't voted in years that were overlooked by the pollsters. Of course, Donald Trump has dubbed himself 'Mr. Brexit' in striking up a campaign trail friendship with the UK Independence Party's dynamo Nigel Farage. Adding to the Establishment/Dem MSM complex unease are artificial intelligence algorithims that have successfully called the last few presidential contests and which measure online enthusiasm for a candidate across social media platforms such as Twitter that exceed those for Mr. Obama in 2008 are calling the race for Mr. Trump:

The Russia Analyst's point, already shared by many RogueMoney commenters on our previous post, is that something has shifted in the media and body politic in the last 48 hours. Social psychologists call such changes when they happen a 'preference cascade', widely popularized under the title of a Malcolm Gladwell book The Tipping Point. Clearly not everyone may be embracing Mr. Trump or his campaign -- but the shift against the Clinton Crime Family is palpable and gathering momentum towards a crescendo on November 8.