U.S./Russian Jets Have Another Close Call Over E. Syria, #DraftOurDaughters for Hillary's WW3 with Russia Meme Goes Viral


The Latest Reported U.S.-Russia Eyeball to Eyeball Incident in Context:
Carving Out a 'Salafist Principality' is the Globalists Plan C in Syria

According to the account released by the Pentagon to NBC News, the Russian jet that disturbed a U.S. plane with its jet wash was escorting a Russian Air Force spy plane (a TU-214R?) over northwestern Syria. While the Pentagon account casts aspersions on the Russians professionalism by claiming that the Kheimmim delegation admitted over the 'deconfliction' hot line set up last October that the Russian pilot didn't see his American counterpart in the dark, the question remains why the U.S. jet got so close to a big radar target like a TU-214R or A-50 AWACS aircraft in the first place. Furthermore, the fact that this latest close call occurred not over northwestern Syria which is in close proximity both to the Russian base at Kheimmim/Latakia and the American base at Incirlik in Turkey, but over eastern Syria raises some awkward questions.

After the globalist mouthpiece The Economist openly advocated that the U.S. allow ISIS terrorists to escape the Iraqi Army siege of Mosul to fight another day against Assad in Syria, Russia has likely stepped up its efforts to bomb Daesh convoys flowing from east to west. The TU-214R reconaissance plane with a ground monitoring radar and array of sophisticated antennae to detect terrorist radio and cellular transmissions would be a critical part of a Russian Air Force effort to blast ISIS truck and 'technical' convoys rolling into eastern Syria from the Iraqi side of the border. Moscow has also announced its coordinating intelligence with Baghdad and pro-government Shi'a miltias known as Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs) have vowed to interdict the escape of the Daesh terrorists from Mosul.

Bringing this back story to the latest close call between U.S. and Russian aircraft, it seems possible the American jet had been tasked with closely following if not intimidating the TU-214R's crew from doing their job of monitoring the  route of Daesh terrorists who weren't being touched by U.S. bombing. And that the Russian jet escorting the TU-214R responded by getting a bit closer and more personal with the American, 'not seeing each other at night' being an agreed upon public excuse for the near altercation. The Economist's advocacy for permitting Daesh safe passage from Mosul to fight the Syrian Arab Army in Deir Ez Zor meanwhile, shows how fake much of the Anglo-American war on ISIS really is. As with the Turkish Army's 'liberation' of the ISIS held border town of Jarablus in Syria, what's happening in Mosul is less of an intense battle and more of a negotiated withdrawal as  the local Sunni tribes evict some members of ISIS while others melt away into the populace.

The urgent need to carve out what a leaked 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo called a 'salafist principality' in eastern Syria to partition the country and create a highway for Saudi/Qatari oil and gas pipelines to Turkey remains a globalist objective. The problem is the SAA garrison besieged for two years at Deir Ez Zor by ISIS and the Russian Air Force are still in the way. Electing Hildabeast and having her unilaterally and in gross violation of international law imposing a no fly zone to aid an ISIS or 'sons of ISIS' assault on Deir Ez Zor, in the minds of leading neocons, can remove these obstacles. And do so without the slightest resistance from the Russians, because they really wouldn't dare shoot back after the U.S. bombs their troops embedded with the Syrians, would they?

Neocons Really, Really Hate the #DraftOurDaughters Hillary for WW3 Hashtag

Kyle W. Orton, a supposed British expert on the Mideast employed at the UK based Henry Jackson Society 'think tank' (with the emphasis, given its large contributions from defense manufacturers selling to Saudi Arabia among other clients, on the in the 'tank' part) really hates the #DraftOurDaughters hashtag on Twitter. So much so that he's seizing upon it as the latest proof that the AltRight movement on the Internet meme feed are working with: who else? Putin and the Russians:

The fact that war with Russia isn't all that popular and many of its leading advocates look like they've never so much been in a fistfight without soiling their lanky little Trotskyite frames hurts Kyle. We get it. Maybe that's why your buddy who was formerly employed by the Henry Jackson Society, the Salafi-Trotskyite Michael D. Weiss, tweeted 'do you even lift bro?' to you. Because there's nothing like urging on some deplorable Trump voter's kid from flyover country to die in wars demonstrating who's still the top dog global hegemon while you sit comfortably in London or the upper west side of Manhattan. Never fear neocon nudniks, Snopes.com has your back -- and Hillary's -- as always.