#Malheur Acquittal Jurors' Middle Finger to Feds/BLM, Social Justice Cold Warrior @CJCMichel Hardest Hit

Having a jury of their peers refuse to convict Bundy family members and friends represents a tremendous blow to those who had accused the family of being domestic terrorists. It also eats at social justice warriors who wanted desperately for the full force of the federal government to come down on the Bundys Ruby Ridge-style for engaging in non-violent civil disobedience at Malheur.

One of those individuals is Central Asia 'scholar CJ Michel, who weve previously mentioned here at RogueMoney is a promoter of #TinFoilHillary Clinton's vast right wing Kremlin conspiracy speech seeking to 'link' the online #AltRight movement to Moscow:

Like other Social Justice (Cold) Warriors (SJCWs)/neocon hipsters, Casey Michel (pronounced 'Michelle') thrives on irony, but can't see any irony in seeing Russian agents everywhere behind Trump or the alt-right that has endorsed The Donald (but not, as with the John Birch Society's endorsement of Ronald Reagan for Governor of California, the other way around).

Who is Really Trying to Turn the Power of the 'Deep State' Against Dissidents/Political Opponents in America, Trump or Hillary? Consider the Following State Sponsored 'Conspiracy Theories' and Three Letter Agency/Democrat Party/MSM Convergence:

Hillary's proponents, including prominent 'ex' Deep State-rs like former Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell (what the Russians would call Amerikansky siloviki) and not Trump's, are depicting their political opposition as willing tools of a hostile foreign power; it's Democratic operatives, not Trump surrogates, who bragged of shutting down political rallies through violence and intimidation, and it is Hillary, not Trump, who is 'shaping the battlespace' of mainstream media to #BlameRussia n hackers for her shocking defeat on November 8 (or any challenges to massive voter fraud that could barely get her over the top). Because even after Brexit, the polls couldn't possibly be wrong. If Trump wins, he cheated, the Rooskies hacked the machines for him (and any Republican Secretary of State who says the voting machines aren't even linked to the Internet is lying)! Pay no attention to those Trump rallies drawing 20,000 plus people in Florida while Tim Kaine cancels events after getting barely thirty people to show up!

Ultimately what ties CJ Michel's hostility to Trump together with his support for Cold War 2.0 isn't Trump's stated desire for detente with Putin. No, the roots run much deeper, and have to do with the fact that the same Soros machine that co-funded the Maidan coup in Kiev among other 'Colored Revolutions' worldwide also helped bankroll Black Lives Matter violence and the suppression of a Trump rally in Chicago. But hey Casey, look on the bright side. At least after Hillary loses following the latest bombshell dropped on her flagging campaign by FBI insiders sick of her lawlessness and Director James Comey letting her skate, you can always say that James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is a Russian agent to burnish your Soros-prog cred for a job amidst the post election layoffs of SJWs at VoxBuzzfeed or The Daily Beast.

To turn the tables on them using their favorite phrases, SJCWs such as @CJCMichel are just the useful β€˜progressive’ idiots and Washington-approved tinfoil hat wearers...

— http://www.roguemoney.net/stories/2016/8/26/tinfoilhillary-grand-godfather-altright-putin

UPDATE 8:00 p.m. Eastern 10/28/2016: Casey Michel has responded to our post on his Twitter acount, dismissing RogueMoney as 'some conspiracy site'. Which is hilarious, coming from a 'conspiracy theory for me because the Rooskies and white nationalists are gonna take over oh my but not for thee, peasant' hipster.

Again, these Soros sock puppets are too smug to realize THEY are the #tinfoilhat crowd now. @CJCMichel's 'tweep' @SarahKendzior, another 'expert' on the authoritarian regimes of Central Asia, is calling Mother Jones a white supremacist web site for publishing an article on 3 Percenter militiamen (and their 'scary' but legal activities) who patrol the U.S.-Mexican border. Um ok Sarah, if you're this triggered now...you're probably in for a rough  November 8: